7 Ideal Summer Gifts that will be Loved by Everyone as a Special Surprise!

Summer is here with an abundance of sunshine and lot of warmth. It’s quite necessary for every one of us to understand how to beat the heat and stay hydrated and healthy during this summer time. Well, this summer care can be shown to the loved ones as well in the form of gifts. Yes, we are talking about the summer gifts that are ideal and definitely very purposeful token of love during the summers.


No wonder, it becomes very confusing sometimes to find that perfect gift for someone. And, when its summers, it’s obvious to feel very much in dilemma. But, thankfully you are here on this page where all your worries about the perfect summer gift are to end in the right way. So, you need not be worried anymore. All that you need is to go through these awesome summer gift ideas below:

Summer Drinks Hamper

Despite looking for anything that will just stick to one corner of the house, it’s better to make choice for a gift that can actually help your loved ones beat the summer being chill. And, that when you must think of gifting a hamper of summer drink syrups, mix or juices. Your dearest one will love it the most to enjoy the summer season.


Insulted Bottle:

For all those who are leading a busy lifestyle definitely need to carry insulated water bottles with them during the hottest days of summer. You can show care to all those loved one of yours by gifting an insulated water bottle to them during this warm weather. It can be a great birthday gift as well.


Trendy Sunglasses

The most essential accessories of summer are sunglasses of cool shades. You can also gift yourself or someone a pair of trendy sunglasses. Apart from looking trendy with summer outfits, sunglass will definitely protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.


Natural Aloe Vera Soap:

If you are looking for an unconventional summer gift that can actually express the caring side of yours to the recipient then this is the ideal gift choice to make. Natural Aloe Vera soaps are highly recommended to use during summer bath. Unlike chemical based menthol soaps, natural Aloe Vera soaps are much more soothing and safe on skin.


Basket of Fresh Fruits:

To revitalize your body after getting irritated with hot weather, fruits are healthy rescue. Thus, when you need to show some care and love to someone dear of yours, this is definitely an ideal gifting option to make choice for. You cannot go wrong in expressing your caring side for the receiver with a basket of fresh and juicy fruits.


Air Inflatable Bathtub:

For the family or dear one, go enough space at home, this is an ideal gift option to think for gifting and surprising this is the gift option to win their heart and give them a cheerful summertime enjoyment. You can get an air inflatable bathtub in very attractive and colorful patterns and shapes. It can be an ideal gift for babies during summer.


Attractive Ice Cream Moulds:

If you are not in a mood of spending much on a gift then here is the best option for you to choose. An attractive Ice Cream mould will definitely give some relishing ice cream making goals to your loved ones and enjoy the summer with chilling homemade ice creams. You can try out finding ice cream moulds in attractive shapes that are unique and interesting too.


Hope, these summer gift ideas helped in planning a summer party or surprise your loved ones with your caring side of a useful summer gift. Well, if you want some ideas on gifts or want to buy gifts online, GiftaLove.com is always there just a few clicks away. The best thing is about the portal is its swift and on-time services for gifts delivery in India and across the globe.

20 Best Birthday Messages to Convey ‘Happy Birthday’ Wishes!!

Wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ with a greeting card or a birthday gift is an ideal way of creating special memories for the special one’s birthday but you cannot miss to send birthday message to the special one. Apart from all the arrangements you planned for your dear one on his/her birthday, that mid-night or early morning birthday message will mean a lot. And, to convey the most heart-touching birthday wish, you need some best Birthday Message ideas from this blog.


A heartwarming message of love can easily convey affectionate feelings of love in a magical way that can ever last in the memories. Despite all those birthday gift surprises, a cheerful and heartwarming birthday message or birthday wish is what the special one needs on his/her special day. Thus, considering every different need, we have come up with some very thoughtful Birthday message for mother, friend, sweetheart and many others. Just make sure to pick the apt Birthday message for congratulating or wishing Happy Birthday to the dearest one.


1. Our childhood memories are a treasure to me.
I cherish each and every moment with you.
You were always there for me and supportive many times.
Happy Birthday to the greatest inspiration of my life, my best childhood friend.
Hope we will be celebrating together for the years to come…
Wish you loads of happiness and good health!!

2. Someone whom you can be yourself with,
Someone who you can have pointless conversations with,
Someone who still likes you even when you’re weird,
Someone who forgets to buy you a birthday gift…
That’s why I came up with this.
Happy birthday my best friend!

3. Happy, Happy Birthday!
You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs…
And happiness today
Enjoy your day my dearest friend!
–Wish you a very Happy Birthday–

4. Dear Buddy,
May this birthday of yours
Comes to be supremely mesmerizing as you are
And fulfill all your dreams and desires.
Wishing you many happy returns of the day!
Stay healthy, stay young.

5. Nothing but lovely moments
And a bright day is my wish for you
On your special day.
We all know that today all the delicious cakes
Are meant to be eaten with you and the rest of the gang


1. Maa… I will always be thankful
For all the care and love
You have showered on me
Since I was your little baby.
You are truly wonderful
And the best gift God gave me.
Wishing you a very Cheerful Birthday Maa…

2. To the most special mom in the world,
I wish you the happiest of birthdays!
You are the light on my darkest of days.
Thank you for being here for me always.

3. Happy birthday, mom!
I have so many memories celebrating my own birthday with you as a child.
I am now incredibly honored to be planning a celebration for you.
You have earned it!!

4. My heartfelt gratitude and warmest wishes to the greatest Mother in the world.
Wish you a happy birthday, Mother.
May you always smile be the healthiest forever…!!

5. Wishing the greatest Mother on Earth a super Happy Birthday!
I love you with every beat of my heart.
Stay blessed and healthy momma…


1. This is your special day…
And I hope you see this day
As more than just a reminder
That you are getting older,
But as an amazing opportunity for you
To gather with great friends, have fun
And relive all the amazing memories of the previous years!
Happy birthday to you, dear!!

2. The nice part about gaining another year is that you know you’ve been around long enough to make a lot of wonderful memories.

3. On your special day,
I wish you good luck.
I hope this wonderful day
Will fill up your heart with joy and blessings.
Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate the happiness
On every day of your life.
!!Happy Birthday!!

4. May your heart always guide you to find the truest form of happiness- because you deserve it all!!
Happy Birthday dear!!

5. Cheer up and hurray!
Make the most of today Dance and party all the way.
Happy Birthday dear one
Have a blast on your special day!!


1. Believe it or not,
I never thought I would love anything more than chocolate,
Until you walked into my life…
Happy birthday, my precious one!

2. Happy Birthday to the most incredibly precious person of my life,
A true gift from God, my dearest one
Have fun filled and fabulous birthday like every year.
Thanks for being my best and loving one.
I wish to be graced with the pleasure of relationship with you for years to come.

3. A wish for you on your birthday,
Whatever you ask may you receive,
Whatever you seek may you find it…
Whatever you wish may it be fulfilled…
On your birthday and always!!
Wish you a very Happy Birthday my special one!!

4. Several years ago, I made a wish upon seeing a falling star.
That wish came true when you decided to spend the rest of your life with me.
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person in my life!
I will love you forever!

5. I could lose all my possessions,
And I wouldn’t bother at all so far as I have you by my side.
That is how much you mean to me, dear.
May this special day of yours be filled
With things that make you smile and laugh…!!
Happy birthday, my dear!

Heartfelt birthday messages are what one needs to convey special feelings of love and warm wishes to dearest ones and make them feel loved and cared for their special day. Here at GiftaLove.com, you get an exclusive range of Birthday gifts, father’s day gifts, friendship day gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, attractive flower arrangements and much more. People can also send gifts to India relying on the wide delivery network of the portal.

Gemini Gift Guide: Interesting Things to Make Your Gemini Person Jump up Joy on Birthday!

The affectionate, kind-hearted, passionate and creative people belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign are soon to celebrate their birthday. But, before you head to your nearby gift store for that perfect birthday gift, you need to get a brief knowledge about the traits of people born under Gemini zodiac sign. And, for the best birthday gift ideas, this is the blog to read.


For people born in between May 21st to June 20th, this is undoubtedly an exciting time of the year as they will be celebrating their birthday very soon. So, all those who are planning to surprise their Gemini friend, daughter, sister, brother, mother, wife, husband, father, colleague or anyone dear, it’s high time to plan the birthday surprise. However, if you are badly perplexed with the idea, then you must know that Gemini people are most humble, lovable, expressive, talented, passionate and very artistic people known. They live their life to the fullest and are known for being the promoters of ‘Positive Thinking’.

Therefore, the spectrum of gifting ideas definitely gets bigger when its birthday of a Gemini. However, few very as Birthday gift ideas for Gemini are:

Electronic Reader

Since, Gemini people are usually passionate for reading. If you know one such Gemini whom you love and adore, Electronic Reading Device is what you need to shop for him or her. These days, Electronic Reader of Kindle is much in demand and preference of people. These devices are already available with many pre downloaded books and also offer ease of reading books online anytime, anywhere. These are feature loaded reading devices revolutionize reading with great ease.


Gardening Kit

For the gardening lover Gemini, this is an ideal birthday gifting option. You can explore a wide range of Gardening Kits online or offline at local shops to find that one perfect Gardening toolkit for your dearest one. These days a lot of trendy gardening tool kits are also available online for people to shop and gift as a birthday gift for father, husband, wife, grandparents and to other loved ones.


Camera Stand:

One of the traits that match a Gemini born is photography. If your Gemini friend or dear one is a passionate photographer, you can add to his/her happiness of clicking awesome pictures by gifting a useful Camera stand. No wonder, this thoughtful birthday gift will make him/her jump off the floor in happiness.

Zodiac Sign Printed Coffee Mug:

If you are willing to gift something very special and relevant to your dearest one on his/her birthday without spending a lot on it then this is the gift option, you must look upon too. Online at GiftaLove.com or offline at local gift stores, Gemini Sign printed coffee mugs are available in wide varieties to choose and shop. You can turn this gift interesting by filling the coffee mug with chocolates.


Trendy Backpack:

For the passionate traveler born under this zodiac sign, this is the gift option to consider. A trendy backpack with multiple pockets will definitely become a useful thing for impressing the dearest one on his/her birthday. In fact, he/she will love to carry essentials in that trendy backpack while traveling anywhere. It’s an unconventional yet a very useful gift for a Gemini person.

Artwork Painting:

Since most of the Gemini people are artistic and creative; a contemporary artwork painting will definitely make him/her happy the most on birthday. You can think of gifting an artwork painting as a housewarming gift for the Gemini born you know. If he/she loves to decorate home a lot, this gift will just be the best.


Lucky Bamboo Plant with Lord Buddha:

Last but not the least is the option of Lucky Bamboo Plant with Lord Buddha idol. A Gemini person who will be celebrating, his or her birthday very soon this is the gift option to make choice for. You can simply buy Lucky Bamboo plant with Lord Buddha idol and bring in peace and harmony in his wrist.


Hope, you loved the ideas and found it relevant for impressing your Gemini born dearest one his/her birthday. To buy such wonderful Birthday gifts online, GiftaLove.com is the right online gift store to be at. You can find most wonderful and unique gifting options online at great price point. Also, the portal enable people to buy and with utmost send gifts to India and across the globe to surprise loved one on Anniversary, Birthday, Raksha Bandhan (https://www.giftalove.com/rakhi) wedding, festive and other special time of the year.

Top 6 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents – Useful and Heart Winning Suggestions!

Its anniversary of your loving parents and you are totally perplexed with the idea of Anniversary Gifts for parents, right? Well it is nothing to worry about as there is lot many things that can be thought of gifting them and winning their heart. Whether it is their 25th Anniversary of 30th Anniversary or any other yearly completion of their togetherness, they deserve the most special token of love on their special day.


Ideas can be infinite when you wish to make your mom and dad feel loved and cared on their anniversary with a thoughtful gift. However, you need to be little thoughtful in making the selection for the best anniversary gift for parents. After all, it will be the box of happiness and love for them which will last in their memories forever. Thus, here we are to help you with some awesome and Top Anniversary gift ideas for parents (https://www.giftalove.com/anniversary/for-parents), such as:

Couple Wrist Watch Set:

Despite all the wrist watches they have in their collection, a new set of Couple wrist watch will be loved by them to wear and flaunt together. These days, vintage leather strap wrist watches are in trend which they will love to wear. Else you can consider their personal choices to buy couple wrist watch set of their choice.

Wrist Watch Set

Personalized Wall Clock:

Anniversary of your parents is the years of their togetherness well spent. Thus, they have spent many jovial and unfavorable moments together. A personalized wall Clock with multiple picture slots will definitely work wonder in taking them back to some very memorable moments of their life. You can choose any wall clock for them that display time and also displays many memorable moments of their life with multiple photos tagging on it.

Personalized Wall Clock

Mr. and Mrs. Cushion:

A comforting yet a very quirky Anniversary gift idea for parents is this one. These days Mr. and Mrs. printed cushions are very much in trend. No wonder, they will laugh loud on getting such a witty anniversary gift which both can use to relax together.

Mr. and Mrs. Cushion

Pendants for Momma and Papa:

If you are planning to make anniversary of your parents, extra special for them then you can go for this wonderful gift option. It’s a thoughtful anniversary gift that will make your momma and papa jump up in joy. So, if you can afford then there can be nothing better than wishing them ‘Happy Anniversary’ with a Pendant set for both.

Pendants for Momma and Papa

Blanket Set for Him and Her:

One of the most useful gifts for parent’s anniversary is the set of Blankets for both. You can also choose to gift a quit set for both if there anniversary falls during winters. You can consider their preferences for separate blankets/quilts or double bed blanket or quit. If they are bored of using the old quits then they will definitely love this useful anniversary gift a lot.

Blanket Set

Travelling Bags for Both:

If you are blessed with parents who are in love with travelling and exploring places around then here is an excellent gift suggestion for you. It can be a travelling carry bags or travelling briefcases that you can buy for your momma or papa separately.

Travelling Bags

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21 Mother’s Day Messages to Say – ‘Thank You Momma for Everything’!

Now it’s just a matter of couple of days for us to celebrate Mother’s Day for honouring and thanking her for unconditional love, undying efforts in raising us with best morals and for continuous support. So now when you are done with the idea of Mother’s Day gift, you need that special message to convey your feelings the right way to her and make her feel loved the most.


To make Mother’s Day, most special and memorable for our darling momma, we plan a lot. We buy Mother’s Day gift, flowers, hampers, cakes and lot more to make her feel overwhelmed on the special day. And, for the ones who delayed the right time to order gift for mother, GiftaLove.com also offer Express Mother’s Day Gifts Delivery service too.

To help all those who are planning to convey heartiest feelings of love to mother with a gift, here below are some heart-touching messages to convey thankful feelings to momma. Here we start-

I remember holding your hand and I remember you combing my hair.
And my heart will never let me forget the happiness we’ve shared.
So, because I can’t be there this Mother’s Day
To open the door for you to walk through or pull the chair out for you to sit down,
I am sending you my written love in hopes that happiness will abound.
Happy Mother’s Day Maa…

You always put others before yourself.
I am so grateful to have grown up
with your example of unselfish love and care!
**Happy Mother’s Day**
You’re the best Momma in the world!!

There is nothing I am not proud of…in my mother…
Highly inspired by your strength, passion, your determination
And most of all your unconditional love…
–Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mom–

1I have never felt vulnerable or doubted myself.
You have always been around to push me
pass those doubts and fears…
and kept me going.
Happy Mother’s Day to my pillar of strength.

In your arms, you held us.
Little did we know but you have given us
the greatest treasure that will never fade
in our heart and that’s your love.
**Happy Mother’s Day Momma**

M is for Marvelous
O is for Open
T is for Trustworthy
H is for Honest
E is for Elegant
R is for Reliable
–Happy Mother’s Day momma–
I love you the most

A mom like you I could never replace.
Your actions and words are full of such grace.
You’re truly a treasure, so I’m writing to say
I wish you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!
I love you forever, Mom!!

mothers-day-images-wishesAny woman can be my mother
But it takes someone special like you to be my mom.
Have a fantastic Mother’s Day Mom!
You are World’s Best Momma!!

I marvel in your beauty, even as a seasoned woman.
You are still so very lovely with your sophisticated ways.
Happiness is a blessing that shows upon your face,
You inspire so many to become better.
Our wish for you on this Mother’s Day is a continual stream of
Little hugs from those you touch each day.

Today being Mother’s Day, I want to use this day as an opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the immeasurable care, support and love you have given me throughout my life. Thank you so very much, Mom. I wish you a fabulously Happy Mother’s Day. May you always have a smile on your beautiful face.

Nothing can be compared to the love a mother has for her children.
Your love is incomparable, unconditional and inseparable.
No matter where I go or what I do,
At the end of the day I always find myself finding solace in your advice.
I love you too Mommy.
–Momma wishes you a very Happy Mother’s Day–

Thank you for teaching me
And helping me to become the best version of myself
I am so proud to be your child.
**Happy Mother’s Day Mom**

Mom, since I was born, you’ve done over a billion wonderful things in my life, and there’s absolutely no way I could ever repay you for all the wonderful things you’ve done in my life. So on Mother’s Day, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all your sacrifices.
Thank you, Mom for everything you’ve done in my life.
I love you, and do have a very happy Mother’s Day celebration.

Wondering what gift to get you to represent how much you mean to me
…coming over with kids to share hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter
… Let’s celebrate a very happy Mother’s Day together


Recalling my fondest memories with you this day…

Thank you Mom for the warm welcome you extended to me.

–Happy Mother’s Day Maa–

The warmth of your love, the tenderness of your embrace, the inexhaustible intelligence of yours can never be found anywhere else.
Love you mom.
**Happy Mother’s day**

In my darkest moments of life, when all seems lost, you’re always there
To support and encourage me to never give up
Thank you, Mom, for playing such a wonderful role in my life.
I love and cherish you so much, Mom.
!!Happy Mother’s Day!!

Today, we celebrate the amazing love and care you’ve shown us throughout our lives.
–Happy Mother’s Day–
May you have a day full of beautiful happenings!!

Mama you are my Angel,
Sometimes my partner in crime,
My broken heart healer,
My best problem solver,
My doctor in pain,
My heart and soul!!
**Wishing you a joyous Mother’s Day Momma**

Wishing my beautiful and loving mother an extremely happy Mother’s Day!
Mom, may all the things that you dream of in life always find their way to you and
Fill your heart with pure happiness.
I love you so much, Mom.

Mom, I can confidently say that without your love, guidance and support,
I won’t be where I am today.
I just want to use this special day to say a big thank you
To you and tell you how much I appreciate your immeasurable sacrifices for me.
**Happy Mother’s Day my darling Momma**

Hope, you found all Mother’s Day messages relevant and heart touching enough to use for greeting your momma and expressing your thankfulness to her with best words. However, to make Mother’s Day gift shopping at this last moment, GiftaLove.com is there with same day Mother’s Day gifts delivery as well as with Mother’s Day express gifts delivery. Hurry to order gift for mother before it becomes too late.

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas! Hurry to Know What Can be the Best Gift for Your Mom

Now when the year is slowly pacing towards the celebration of Motherhood, it’s obvious to find people busy in Mother’s Day gift shopping. But, just heading to a gift shop will actually work? Simply picking up anything for dearest mother won’t work at all. Your mother is the most special person of your life, who deserves a very special token of love. Thus, you need some ideas on top 10 Mother’s day gifts.


No wonder, your darling mother is the only one who loves you unconditionally like no other can. She is the one to bring you in life and to take all the pain and sacrifices to make your life joyous and easy. In fact, she is the only one to make you happy and feel motivated whenever the entire world is against you. It’s time to make mother feel loved and cared the same way as she has always loved you unconditionally forever. It’s time to pay honor to her motherhood because it’s time to celebrate Mother’s Day.

A gift of mother’s day will be that token of love which will help you confess your heartiest emotions of respect, love and care to mother which she always deserves from her child. However, finding that right person is never an easy task. You need to figure out that one perfect gift to say I love You Mom in the most special way. Feeling confused? Well, you need not to as here are top 10 Mother’s Day Gift ideas for you.

And, here we start…

1. Basket of Natural Cosmetic Products:

To show some care and affection to mom, choose to gift a basket of natural cosmetic products. You can try making your own basket at home by filling it with natural cosmetic products that won’t be harsh on her skin or won’t possess any side effects.


2. Personalized Bottle Lamp:

You can never go wrong in winning mother’s heart with a personalized bottle lamp. Apart from being an attractive table side lamp, this personalized bottle shape lamp with mother’s photograph printed on it will definitely make her feel loved and cared.


3. Mother’s Day Flowers with Cake Combo:

To celebrate Mother’s Day with your loving momma, this is an ideal gift option to make choice for. You can buy Mother’s Day Flowers online (https://www.giftalove.com/flowers/mothers-day) and get it clubbed with a cake of mother’s favourite flavour. It will definitely make mother’s day celebration memorable for her.


4. Trendy Box Clutch:

A useful yet a very trendy accessory for your mom can be a box pattern clutch bag. She won’t just love to carry a box clutch in style but will also love your thoughtfulness for gifting it to her.


5. Basket of Healthy Snacks:

The best way to show care and affection to momma on this Mother’s Day 2018 is the idea of gifting a Basket of Healthy Snacks to her. Tell her to switch all unhealthy snacks she has in the kitchen from this basket of healthy snacks. It’s a very thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea.


6. Personalized Wooden Plaque:

Show some love and affection to your darling mother with a Personalized Wooden Plaque this time. It’s a unique personalized gift for mom that can be customized with a laser engraved image of your dearest mother on it. You can also get an affectionate quote or text personalized over the wooden plaque of any shape.


7. Chocolate Bouquet:

Despite choosing a usual flower bouquet for mother, you can buy chocolate bouquet for her and greet her with Happy Mother’s Day wishes. No wonder, your dearest mother will love the unique idea of gifting a bouquet of chocolates to her despite usual flower bouquet.


8. Designer Saree:

Every Indian woman loves to get dressed traditionally in an Indian Saree. This Mother’s Day 2018, you can make you momma happy by gifting a Designer Saree to her. You can try to know her preference of saree she desired to buy for long time.


9. Kitchen Tools:

To help in reducing mother’s efforts and time in kitchen, this is an excellent Mother’s Day gift choice to make. Just try to figure out that what she actually needs in her kitchen that can help her in cooking food but more easily and conveniently.


10. Personalized Wall Clock:

If you wish to win momma’s heart on Mother’s Day, this is an ideal gift choice to make. It’s a useful gift that works great in making this special day, memorable for dearest mother. Just get a personalized wall clock with multiple picture slots where you can place different photographs of your mother and secretly place it on a wall of her room. She will love this Mother’s Day gift a lot.


Mother is the most special person in one’s life. She deserves love and care, the most from her child. And, when Mother’s Day is around, just don’t leave the opportunity of making her feel loved and cared with a thoughtful and heartwarming Mother’s Day gift. GiftaLove.com is catering a very extensive range of Mother’s Day Gifts online at market leading prices. Hurry to order the best gift for mom and send mother’s day gift to India with free shipping.

Beat the Heat with Green Plants and Add Freshness to Every Corner of Your Home!

The approaching summer might be worrying many with the thought of how to keep home cool during these hot days of the year. Installing air conditioner or coolers may help to a great extent but for the home that cools down naturally, there needs to be the presence of nature all around. Little or big green plantation in rooms or at every corner of the home will definitely work wonders in adding a naturally cool and beauty to the place of living.


To give our home a beautiful appeal, we keep on adding numerous artifacts, designer glass vases, lamps and many other home décor products. Indubitably, the addition of beautiful things at home add into the beauty of the home décor but when summers are approaching and you desiring to make your home cool and soothing vibes, planting green plants work wonders.

So, here are some cool tips for giving a cool and fresh vibe to your home décor:

Big Plants at Both Ends of your Sofa:

The best way of adding the green factor to your living room is by placing big green plants at both the ends of your sofa. No wonder this green addition in this part of your home will definitely help you in breathing the fresh air always. Moreover, the green planters will definitely add into the appeal of your living area décor.


Little Planters on Dinner Table

It would be a great idea to add a little green factor to your dinner table too. Along with a lovely little flower vase, you can add little decorative planters with little green plants on the dinner table. You can also buy lucky plants online that won’t just beautify the home décor but will also add prosperity and positivity at home. It will definitely give a fresh and lively charm to that area where you will be enjoying family dinner every day.


Accentuate Window of your Bedroom with Little Green Plants:

Apart from keeping little plants on both sides of bedside tables and occupying a lot of space where other essentials can be kept, you can place little green plants on the window of your bedroom. This will definitely bring a lot of positivity in your bedroom and your plants will get the required sunlight from the window.


A Shelf with Little Planters:

To add little greenery at every corner of your home, using the shelf can be a great idea too. You can simply use any of the shelves in the gallery area, lobby area or any other part of the home to place little plants over it. However, you must consider placing plants on the shelves that get sunlight from any open source.


Plants on Kitchen Wall

One of the best places to keep plants is in the kitchen. You can use the back side wall of the kitchen that gets sunlight in maintaining little greenery in this part of your home as well. In fact, you can grow some of your favorite herbs in your kitchen that can be instantly plucked and used in cooking delicious delicacies. How good and useful is the idea, isn’t it?


Green Plants all Around the Balcony Area:

If you have a spacious balcony then just live your desire of nature-inspired home to the most in this area. A balcony is just the perfect place in the home to grow plants of your wish. After all, this part of your home gets lots of sunlight and fresh air that will help plants to grow in the natural atmosphere. You can grow big as well as little flowery plant or green leafy plants a lot.


Your home is the place where you reside the most of your life. Apart from having good home décor, you definitely need to add lots of positivity, fresh air and greenery to your home by simply growing plants at any corner of the home. This is how lucky plants have become an excellent gifting option these days. It can be a natural plant, good luck plant or any artificial flower plant that can be gifted to special ones on special moments of life. To buy plants online, GiftaLove.com is undoubtedly an excellent gift store.