Some Out-of-the-Box Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters to Bank Upon!

Raksha Bandhan is the time when you can wear your heart on sleeves, and showcase the feelings of love to your sister. Sisters do everything to make their brother feel special, and brothers must understand their obligation to reciprocate in the similar manner.


As a brother, you have promised your sister to give her all the love and Raksha Bandhan is the time to keep those promises. The promise is all about making her feel happy, loved and joyous. A perfectly beautiful Rakhi return gift would be a perfect thing to make her feel that way.

Raksha Bandhan 2018 is going to be celebrated on 26th of August, and it is only a few days away. With only a few days left for the occasion, sisters/brothers must be wandering to find a speedy way of delivery. And, thankfully, the online Rakhi portals like have got into the shoes with their Express Rakhi Delivery services to help its customers.

And, we have jotted down some interestingly out-of-the-box Return Rakhi gift Ideas for sisters. You can hardly find such out-of-the-box return Rakhi gift Ideas anywhere. Just read through to find them all one by one……

1. Her favorite Dress

This Raksha Bandhan, take a moment to contemplate and find a beautiful dress for your princess sister. The best idea to check on her choices is to check on the items she has added to her kart, on her favourite online shopping portal. She will love this amazing way of surprising her! In most cases, males don’t think too much when it comes to gifts, and your sisters will feel great to see their brothers being that much thoughtful.


2. A Pearl designed Jewellery

Pearls have always been women’s favorite! And, for your brother a pearl designed set of Jewelleries will never fail in making her feel pleasantly surprised. This will be one of the best Rakhi return gift ideas for sisters that she will love to wear and flaunt. Choose something that can easily match with every type of dress. There are online stores like Rakhi Bazaar where you can easily find surprisingly attractive Jewelleries at affordable prices.


3. Spa Gift Box

To rejuvenate her – A spa gift box would definitely be great ways of letting your sister feel relaxed and rejuvenated. She can use this spa box to get herself rejuvenated at home! On this Raksha Bandhan, make her feel special by choosing a spa gift box.


4. Get her personal Space Decorated

What’s a better idea for a Rakhi return gift for your brother than getting her living space decorated the way she has always wanted to? Make it a complete surprise making it in a way that she discovers it in a magical way. Make space for keeping her favourite items like books and musical equipments beautifully.


5. A Beautiful Kitchen for your Married Sister

Especially if your sister is married, her kitchen is quite an important part of the entire home. And, what can be a better way of surprising her on Raksha Bandhan than reworking her kitchen beautifully? Explore about the colours and patterns of her choice beforehand, so that you can incorporate them all.


So, these are some of the out-of-the-box Rakhi gift ideas for sister that she will love for sure. On this Raksha Bandhan, try making some positive changes into your relationship by gifting her, your immense love, affection and a sense of care. This is going to be the perfect celebration!

Is your Brother a Foodie? 5 Delectable Rakhi Gift Combos to Make Choice for!

Every sister who is blessed with a brother knows how to make him happy and delighted every time. And, if its food that makes your darling brother happy then you need not think any other gift then delighting Rakhi with sweet combos.

Raksha Bandhan celebration every year gives some serious gifting goals. And, this time you are tested with your skills of gifting and delighting your most loving buddy who is your dearest brother or sister. And, if the moment is to delight a brother who is every time mad about food, Rakhi sweet combos comes as rescue for sisters. Thankfully, online Rakhi shopping portals or gift stores had made it easy for sisters to buy as well as send Rakhi to USA, Canada, India, Australia and places around the globe. Thus, one can easily send Rakhi gifts online to brother residing in any corner of the world.


Now for the sisters totally perplexed over the idea of gifting and delighting a foodie or sweet loving brother, here are some very amazing options to make choice for. Well, these are –

Rakhi with Rasgulla

One sweet option that most preferred for gifting or delighting loved ones is Rasgulla sweet. The spongy sweet balls are loved by majority of Indians. Thus, surprising brother with Rakhi with Rasgulla gift combo is definitely a heart winning idea of making brother happiest on this Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi with Rasgulla

Rakhi with Kaju Katli

For all those sisters who wish to impress a foodie brother but with a low sugar sweet then Kaju Katli is the ideal choice. At, one can find a vast variety of Rakhi with Kaju Katli combo to buy online. Also, there are plentiful options for sisters to choose and select one option to send Rakhi to UK (, USA, India, Canada and worldwide with kaju katli sweet.

Rakhi with Kaju Katli

Rakhi with Gulab Jamun

Another very much preferred sweet delight for sisters to gift and win brother’s heart on this Raksha Bandhan is Gulab Jamun. Again at the portal there are many fabulous selections for Rakhi with Gulab Jamun combos. Also, you can find many Rakhi gift hampers containing Gulab Jamun at the portal to shop online for dearest bro.

Rakhi with Gulab Jamun

Rakhi with Soan Papdi

A sweet that is light and yummy to relish is Soan Papdi. Being one of the most loved sweet delicacies, Rakhi with Soan Papdi combos make a great Rakhi gift to impress a food lover or sweet loving brother. Also, because of longer shelf life, the Rakhi with Soan Papdi combo is considered an ideal choice to buy and send to brother in India or abroad via Worldwide Rakhi delivery.

Rakhi with Soan Papdi

Rakhi with Dodha Barfi:

This lesser known sweet is amazing to relish and give a delightful moment to the recipient. And, if it’s your darling brother then he being a recipient of Rakhi with Dodha Barfi combo will admire your thoughtfulness of gifting a beautiful Rakhi to him with such a delightful sweet delicacy. So, think no more to win your brother’s heart on Raksha Bandhan this year with this delectable Rakhi with sweet combo.

Rakhi with Dodha Barfi

Sweets are not just great gifts to delight brother but also a great way of adding sweet moments of happiness into a celebration. And, this is the reason that Rakhi with sweets combos has always been a popular choice among sisters. To find such utterly relishing and attractive Rakhi with sweet combos, has to offer a lot. Along with amazing gifts, GiftaLove Rakhi collection is full of very impressive, unmatched and beautifully crafted options. Furthermore, the portal is enabling people to send Rakhi to India and worldwide with speedy delivery services.

Top 18 Types of Rakhi for Brothers- ‘Bhai Behan ke Pyaar Ka Ehsaas’!

Raksha Bandhan 2018 is only a few days away, and sisters are busy searching for the best Rakhi for brothers. God has meticulously woven the strong thread of Bhai-Behan relationship. Immense love has been firmly entrenched into the soul of every Indian brother & Sister.


Brothers are the pillar of strength for their sisters, and the way brothers protect their sisters with all heart and soul, every time enhances credence in this heavenly relationship. The sanctity & purity of the relationship is enamoring for sisters, and they want to find the best Rakhi as per the choice of their brother.

To help sister, we have come up with this precise guide to choosing the most apt Rakhi as per the choice of your brother. Provide a strong anchoring to your relationship by reading below your type of Rakhi for brother.

1. Rudraksha Rakhi – ‘Bhai par Shiv Ji Ki Kripa Rahe’

The Hindu mythology is said to have great faith in the power of Rudraksha which is considered as a part of Lord Shiva existence. And, sisters generally tie this type of Rakhi to make sure that their brothers be in the close protection of Powerful Lord Shiva.


2. Lumba Rakhi – ‘Bhabhi Ko Pyaar’

The way you can share your heart with your Bhabhi is just incredible and no one can be a better secret keeper for you than her. Making selection for an aesthetically rich Lumba Rakhi is the best way of making confession of your love for her. Choose an online Lumba Rakhi for her that she can carry well both with Ethnic as well Western attires.


3. Bracelet Rakhi – ‘Fashionable Bhai ko Pyaar ka Bharmar’

Your fashionable brother must always want to get dressed up in a way to complete his dapper look. And, he will only be happy to wear a Rakhi that can add on to his looks! In that sense, a bracelet Rakhi would be an apt choice to make.


4. Kids Rakhi – ‘Apane Choote Ustad Ke Lie’

Your chhotu Ustaad, your cute little brother must be the apple of your eyes and you want to gift him something that can make him happier than ever before. And, the great thing is that there are plenty of shopping portals where you can find online Kids Rakhis in different cartoon character shapes.


5. Silver Rakhi – ‘Sone Jaise Bhai Ko Pyaar’

If your brother has love for Jewelleries, he will definitely love to wear a Silver Rakhi! These days Silver Rakhi is loved by most brothers because they go well with any type of look. They are available in different designs and shapes, which can easily be bought from various online stores.


6. Designer Rakhi – ‘Mere Handsome Bhai Ke Lie’

You definitely love your brother to Moon and back, and you want the best for him, in all the aspect of life. And, the best thing is, you can easily send Rakhi to India of your choice, to different parts of the World, making sure your brother has all the reason to be happy about Raksha Bandhan.


7. Fancy Rakhi – ‘Fashionable Bhai Ke Lie’

Slowly the world is moving towards being more fashionable, and it has become an important part of human existence. And, that is why, to make your brother feel being in tune with the contemporary world, a Fancy Rakhi would be an apt choice to make.


8. Mauli Rakhi -‘Bhai Ki Khushi Ke Lie’

The Mauli thread is considered very auspicious in Hindu mythology and in every type of Puja this pious thread is used. It provides a special power to those who wear it on to their wrist and you definitely want that power for your brother.


9. Kundan Rakhi – ‘Ek Khoobsurat Rishte Ke Lie’

Raksha Bandhan is the time to strengthen this pure bond that brothers and sisters share. The selection of Rakhi in that regards is very important! A beautiful gift to enhance the beauty of this relationship would be a great thing. Be thoughtful, act smart!


10. Pearl Rakhi – ‘A Pearl ke Lie’

The great thing about a pearl Rakhi is that it will always look great when worn in any form and wearing a pearl Rakhi thread is not an exception. These days it is easy to browse and look through thousands of choices with the advent of a number of e-commerce portals like that of Giftalove.


11. Toy Rakhi – ‘ Chhote Bhai Ke Lie’

Children are particularly fond of toys in any form! They will not be able to get connected to your emotions, but yes they get enticed by things like cartoons, toys, and other very trivial things. A Toy Rakhi can be in the shape of a kid’s car, train, doll or anything like that.


12. Golden Rakhi – ‘Bhai Ke Royal Look Ke Lie’ –

The great thing about Golden Rakhi is that people in our country love wearing Gold, be it male or female. Sand, therefore a golden Rakhi would definitely do its magic! Your brother will definitely go head over the heels after wearing a beautifully crafted Golden Rakhi.


13. Zardosi Rakhi – ‘For your Perennial Love’

Zardosi work is loved by most people for the kind of intricate designs and crafting! And, therefore Zardosi Rakhi is one of the most in trend Rakhis, which cannot be a bad choice to showcase the feelings of heart to your brother.


14. Beaded Rakhi – ‘Motio Se CHamkte Hue Rishte Ke Lie’

Beads enhance the beauty of anything it is put in! Most Rakhis have the embellishment of beads without which it looks incomplete. And, if you want to convey your heartiest love to your brother then a Beaded Rakhi is something important to opt for.


15. Evil Eye Rakhi – ‘Nazar Se Bachane Wali’

Do you want to protect your brother from all the evil eyes around? Do you want the magic wand that can always keep him happy and shielded? Choose a beautifully designed Evil eye Rakhi or Feng Shui Rakhi, for Raksha Bandhan 2018, for your loving brother. It will keep him safe!!


16. American Diamond Rakhi – ‘Bhai Ki Kalai Sajane Ke Lie’

Who does not like diamonds and American diamonds are something that looks incredibly beautiful? An American diamond Rakhi will look extremely beautiful, tied on your handsome brother’s wrist. You can also buy online Rakhi designed with American diamonds, available in different shapes, and designs.


17. Ganesha Rakhi – ‘Bhai ki Sampti Badhane Ke Lie’

Lord Ganesha is supposed to bring in happiness, prosperity, and joy in a person’s life, and you definitely wish all that for your brother. Tying a Ganesha Rakhi would ensure to bring around the sprint of happiness and prosperity in your brother’s life.


18. OM Rakhi – ‘Bhai Ki Zindagi me Khushia Lane Ke Lie’

Enchanting the OM Mantra is powerful and it can ward off any type of negativity from the environment. This Raksha Bandhan, make sure that your brother feels that positivity around him after wearing an OM Rakhi. This is going to be perfect for the apple of your eyes!


So, these are some of the latest collection of fancy Rakhis! All you need is to choose thoughtfully and make your brother feel loved and cared for. Everything else will be done by the online store that you will choose. Even if, you have been late for placing your order, portal’s Express Rakhi delivery services will make it possible.

Choose wisely, Choose thoughtfully…..and strengthen your serene bond!!

Top 9 Rakhi Gift Ideas to Amaze Your Health Conscious Brother!

Sheer affection… secret keeping… silly fights… caring each other and much such emotions nurture the affectionate bond of brother sister love. Upcoming Raksha Bandhan celebration will bring in the time of celebrating the brother sister bond with auspicious rituals and memorable moments of happiness spent together. And, to make the day extra special for brother who is health conscious, some amazing ideas about Rakhi Gifts for Brother will definitely help.


Having a health conscious brother around is quite helpful. You can always get some useful and handy tips about healthy living. However, when it’s Raksha Bandhan, it can be bit tricky for a sister to find the perfect Rakhi gift for brother who is fitness freak. But, worry not as here we are with some thoughtful gift ideas to delight brother during celebration of Raksha Bandhan 2018.

Fitness Band

Well if you are looking for something really very heart winning and thoughtful for dearest brother then a fitness band is the ideal gift option to make choice for. No wonder, your brother may instantly fall in love with this fabulous Rakhi surprise and will be very thankful to you for gifting such a thoughtful present.


Bowl Full of Homemade ‘Sugar Free’ Sweets

When it comes to winning health conscious brother’s heart on the festive day, it can be nothing better than delighting him with a bowl filled with homemade sugar free sweets. Men of every age love to relish sweets and when it’s one of the biggest Indian festival, sweets are irreplaceable with any delight. You can express your thoughtfulness for him by specially preparing his favourite Indian sweet delicacy with low calorie sugar substitute or with little sugar.


Insulated Bottle

On this Raksha Bandhan, show some care to your darling brother with a gift as thoughtful as this. An Insulated Bottle of any quantity or shape will be an excellent Raksha Bandhan gift for dearest brother. He will take warm water or his regular green tea in the flask to his workplace or anywhere he wants to. He can even carry his regular cold shakes, juice or any other drink with him in it.


Dryfruit Platter:

If you want to simply convey your emotions of care to your dearest brother, dry fruits platter is an ideal Rakhi gift choice to make. You can make choice for a box or platter of dry fruits. Also, Potli of dry fruits are impressive way of gifting this thoughtful gift to dearest brother.


Green Tea Hamper with Healthy Snacks:

For the brother who is very careful in what he eats, drinks and does in maintaining a good and healthy life, a Green Tea Hamper with healthy snacks will be an ideal Rakhi gift to show some care on the day of Raksha Bandhan 2018. You can buy green tea hamper online or offline and let your brother know that how much you love and adore him.


Sandwich Maker:

To let your fitness freak brother enjoy healthy sandwiches as breakfast in the morning or as snack during anytime of the day. This is an ideal gift option to think about gifting and surprising him on the day of Raksha Bandhan 2018. No wonder, he will also love your thoughtfulness about gifting him such a wonderful Rakhi surprise.


Green Coffee Hamper

If you are also willing to see your brother fit and healthy then a green tea hamper is an excellent gift choice to make. Just like green tea, consumption of green coffee is known for many health benefits. Thus, a hamper of Green Coffee Hamper will prove to be an amazing gift option.


Hamper of Dried Fruits and Nuts

An ultimate Rakhi present to express emotions of care to health conscious brother can be a hamper or box full of dried fruits and nuts. With his regular oats or corn flakes breakfast, dried fruits and nuts will prove to be an excellent gift Raksha Bandhan gift for dearest brother. In fact, it will be a thoughtful and unique gift choice to impress brother on the auspicious day.


Juice Maker Bottle:

For sisters who have seen her brother snacking with juice quite often, a Juice Maker Bottle is the ideal gift option for her to make choice for and show some care to dearest brother. Such juice maker bottles can be operated with USB port cable to grind and make juice of solid fruits or vegetables. The filter in such bottles allows one to sip the juice extracting the pulp in the bottle. No wonder, your brother will love to carry the bottle with fruit or vegetable inside and enjoy the juice anywhere.


The bond of brother-sister love and care get revived and reinforced every year on the day of Raksha Bandhan celebration. It’s the special day for every Hindu Indian brother and sister Jodi. Understanding the importance of gifting during the festival, has launched its exclusive line of Rakhi gifts for brother, Return Rakhi gifts for sister, Rakhi gift hampers and much more. Additionally, the portal is reckoned for offering impressive Rakhi selections like Silver Rakhi, Designer Rakhi, Bracelet Rakhi, Kids Rakhi, Rudraksha Rakhi, Lumba Rakhi and more. Also, the portal offers ease to send Rakhi online to brother in India and worldwide.