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8 Eco-Friendly Plants to Gift This Diwali 2020!!!

8 Eco-Friendly Plants to Gift This Diwali 2020!!!

Eco-Friendly Plants

With another festive season of the year is here, the gifting world will be soon taken by storm. Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in India that is celebrated with great pomp and show by the people of all the religions. They would soon begin searching for wonderful gifts for Diwali to surprise their loved ones and send their best wishes and love.

With the popularity of eco-friendly gifts during the Diwali festive season to promote healthy living and healthy environment, plants make perfect gifting options to include in your amazing Diwali gifts. They not just amplify the indoor atmosphere of your home during festivities, but also make them look more comforting and warm with their bright colors. Purification of indoor air is one thing which they naturally do, but they also bring freshness and good vibes in your homes as well. So, here we bring a list of some wonderful and cheerful indoor plants for Diwali to bring vibrancy and promote the message of well-being on this Diwali 2020.

1. Peace Lily

Well-known for its beautiful appearance and mind-blowing benefits, peace lily as a houseplant is a perfect Diwali gift for your near and dear ones. Be it about gifting it to your family, friends, relatives, or colleagues, this low maintenance plant makes an incredible choice for anyone on the Diwali festival. Being a natural stress buster and a great air purifier, send it to your loved ones and boost their home or office decor.

Peace Lily

2. Money Plant

No matter whether you decorate your home with this climber as a wall hanging or just keep it in a pretty clay pot on the side table, a money plant will spruce your home or office to a magnificent amount. Known to bring some amazing benefits to the receiver of the plant, this indoor plant makes an excellent gift for friends and clients. The bright green heart-shaped leaves of the money plant infuse positive energies and fresh air in the surroundings and are believed to bring financial benefits.

Money Plant

3. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Everyone is aware of the wonderful benefits a lucky bamboo plant brings to the people. Being one of the most popular indoor plants among people, a lucky bamboo plant is a great choice of plant to be gifted in the blissful occasion of Diwali. The plant is known to bring positive vibes, happiness, prosperity, and good luck to the recipient. Keeping this plant in the south east direction brings wealth.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

4. Bonsai

Renowned for their miniature tree-like appearance, bonsai plants enhances the living space with their attractive looks. The plant is well-known to purify indoor air and reduce stress in homes. Bonsai plants make thoughtful gifts for Diwali as they bring great amount of advantages to the recipient and promote peaceful life in times of stressful busy lives.

Bonsai Plant

5. Snake Plant

Popularly known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plant is another popular choice for Diwali gifting. This plant is known to bring good fortune in homes and protects the homes of your loved ones from negative energies. It absorbs harmful gases and substances from the indoor air and purifies the air in homes.

Snake Plant

6. Spider Plant

Being a popular indoor plant with alluring health benefits, a spider plant makes a healthy choice for the loved ones for the festival of Diwali. Being an indoor plant which perfectly adapts in various climatic conditions, it also signifies long life. Spider plant increases the oxygen levels in homes and promotes healthy breathing. People can decorate their house with this plant as a wall hanging or placing it anywhere in the house. Moreover, it is absolutely safe for pets.

Spider Plant

7. Syngonium Plant

Not just blessed with amazing appearance but also some stunning health benefits, syngonium plant act as an anti-pollutant in homes. It cleanses the indoor air and reduces harmful effects of pollutants in homes. Gifting this plant to your loved ones on the auspicious festival of Diwali will bring incredible benefits to them and their families.

Syngonium Plant

8. Jade Plant

Naturally decked with white or pink flowers, jade plant is a healthy houseplant that brings some mind-boggling benefits to the people. According to Feng Shui, the houseplant is known to bring mental benefits by increasing positive energies. Jade plant is also a symbol of great friendship, wealth and prosperity in lives.

Jade Plant
The Final Words
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Health is the biggest and the most prized possession in the human lives. As Diwali is the festival which provides opportunity to people to express their love and affection to their loved ones, you can send Diwali plants online to them through and bless them with happiness, prosperity, and good health.

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