7 Ultimate Ways of Saving on Christmas Gift Shopping!

It’s obvious to feel joyful and excited about the upcoming Christmas festival celebration. Thus, you won’t want to fall into a situation of any financial crunch during this cheerful festivity. It’s great to become Santa for others and especially for the needy ones on this Christmas but before you head start with Christmas Gifts shopping, some ultimate ways of saving will definitely help you enjoy the time to your fullest.


Be it Christmas gift shopping or buying Christmas decoration items, clothes, lights, eateries and other things alike, the list is long and definitely holds the potential of making you run out of your budget. Thus, despite all the excitement and willingness of celebrating the festival with a blast, it’s important to make some points on saving funds as well. Not only this will help you in cutting your expenses but will also help you in saving money for some last minute wants.

While focusing on how to save money during Christmas, you must think smartly about listing Christmas expenses at first. Here are some amazing ways to cutback your expenses for festivity like-

  • Make use of last year’s decoration items then buying new ones again and again.
  • Despite buying new lights for Christ decoration at home, take in use the previous year lights again this time.
  • Cutback cost on new serving plates and bowls by spending on less expensive disposable cutleries.
  • Bake the Christmas cake at home than buying the expensive ones during Christmas shopping time.

And, when comes the major cause of expense during the festivity that is on gifting, you definitely need to consider these 7 ultimate ways of saving on Christmas Gift shopping such as –

1. Give a Thought to Re-gifting!

One of the most preferred ways of saving on gift shopping during X’mas is by considering re-gifting your way out. There might be plenty of gifts you had received from your loved ones which didn’t used. Well it can be a coffee mug, a painting, a book or anything that you can pass on to your loved ones on this Christmas and save money on buying new stuffs.

Give a Thought to Re-gifting

2. How About Baking Little Christmas Cakes at Home?

The idea of gifting Christmas cakes during the festivity and wishing everyone Merry Christmas with small cakes is the perfect way of bringing smile to the face of loved ones. Also, you save a lot on spending your money on expensive cakes available at bakeries or nearby cake shops. You can even tray baking Christmas special cupcakes and gift a set of 4 cupcakes to every loved one of yours.

Christmas Cakes

3. See what is Still Novel at Home to Gift Someone

Another way-out to save some money on Christmas gifts is by searching for things at home that are never used and are novel things to pass on as Christmas gift to loved ones. Well you can see if there in any painting at home that you might have but never placed on the wall. See if there are any decorative pieces at home that didn’t fit your needs. A cushion or coffee mug, a jar of chocolates or anything that is in novel state can be an excellent Christmas gift. No wonder, this will help you in saving a lot on buying a new gift online or offline.

Novel at Home to Gift Someone

4. Look up for Inexpensive Yet Delightful Eateries for Gifting

Despite looking up expensive Christmas gifts, make smart choices by looking up for inexpensive eateries that can be ideal Christmas gifts like jar of cookies, box of assorted chocolates, Christmas special snacking items, Jar of fruity candies and things alike.

Look up for Inexpensive Yet Delightful Eateries for Gifting

5. Consider Making Christmas Gift Hampers Out of Inexpensive Stuffs

Despite planning to gift something special or expensive to dear ones on the festive day, it will be great to be thoughtful and look for some inexpensive yet very delightful things. You can try making hampers of fruit juices, assorted chocolates and cup cakes, personalized coffee mug with coffee sachets and pack of cookies, a hamper of Christmas tree decoration items and things alike. This way you will make your gift look a little bigger and fuller without spending much on it.

Christmas Gift Hampers

6. Try Your Hands on DIY!

One of the amazing ways of making Christmas gifts for loved ones lighter on your pocket is by trying your hands on DIY projects. If you have interest in DIY things then it’s a plus point but if have never been into DIY things then first give it a try by choosing simple things and then enjoy gifting your creations to your loved ones. You can try making DIY Christmas wreath, paint plain white mugs and fill then with cookies. Else you can also create Christmas tree shaped cookies, paint plain cushions with Merry Christmas messages, paint old mason jars to create a candle lamp and things alike.


7. Wrap Christmas Gifts at Home

Another additional way of saving on Christmas gifting is by wrapping the gifts at home then get them packed by a nearby stationary or gift store. Especially if you bought gifts from any other reliable store at affordable prices and planning to get them wrapped from another store then just for wrapping the gifts you will be charged a lot. So, buy wrapping papers at home and show your creativity.

Wrap Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifting is the real way of conveying happiness and affection with everyone. To make this act of gifting and sharing festive greetings with loved, a joyous thing for everyone, above were some ultimate ways of saving on Christmas gift shopping. To know what are the ideal Christmas Gifts to make choices for, explore the elite Christmas Gifts range here at GiftaLove.com. The portal will also help you send Christmas Gifts to India and worldwide via efficient delivery network.

6 Must Have Things for Fabulous Christmas Home Decoration Ideas!!

Now when Christmas is just few days to go, you are soon to be on with your Christmas home decoration mode. But for the beginners who will be decorating their home on their own for the first time, it might become quite worrying task. But, we won’t let you bring any sort of worrying thoughts during the jovial time of Christmas. And, to help you in this regards, here we are with amazing Christmas Home Decoration Ideas with just 6 must have things.BannerDespite of holiday season, the task of Christmas home decoration is quite hectic and requires a lot of effort. If you are one of those who wishes for home decoration just like fairy tales but cannot spend a lot for that, just arrange these 6 must have things for fabulous Christmas Home decoration. These are:


The thing that cannot be missed from Christmas celebration is the Big Christmas Tree. No wonder how you plan to decorate your home on Christmas, the big tree decorated with balls, Christmas gifts box, sweets, stockings, stars, lights and more cannot be missed as it holds the essence of the festival. You can either go for big Christmas tree inside and one big tree at outdoors or you can decorate the entire home with little decorated tress all over.



Having lots of candles in different shapes and designs can simply work wonders in accentuating your home on Christmas. You can either look up for designer Christmas special candles or give a DIY makeover to ordinary candles at home. You can do candle decorations at different parts of your home like over the dinner table, on the center table, over a shelf, near the Christmas tree placement or every corner of your home.Candle


Your door cannot be ignored even when you have decorated the entire doorway of your home. A beautifully crafted Christmas wreath hanged on door can simply add more into the festive appeal for your home decoration. You can try out DIY Christmas wreath making ideas to save in buying an expensive one from nearby store.CHRISTMAS WREATH


For hosting your loved ones on Christmas dinner or feast, your dinner table should look appealing and reflect the jovial festive vibes. Apart from using your best cutlery set and napkins, you can beautify it with candle decorations in the center. Also, if you can then try decorating the lamp over the table and creating X’mas these with use of napkins with festive special designs.DINNER TABLE DECORATION


Little things that will definitely help you decorate your home during the festival are Christmas special shiny or glittering balls, stars, bells and big stockings. Apart from decorating your X’mas tree with these, you can try decorating different corner of your home with it.CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS ALL AROUND


Another thing that cannot be missed from Christmas decoration items is sparkling light. Now this totally depends on your preference and budget that how much you want to spend on lights. However, addition of festive lighting everywhere at home, simply add on to the festive vibes. Apart from outdoor lighting and Christmas tree lighting try to incorporate lights all over your home like near your dining table, near doorways inside home, window corner and other places of your choice.SPARKLING LIGHTS

Hope these little ideas helped you in imagining well decorated home of yours on Christmas 2017. These little must have ideas are sure to give a complete Christmas makeover to your home. No wonder, these ideas will definitely help you make your home dream like dream. Moreover, your guests will love your effort of bringing the right jovial and festive touch and hints in your home. You can buy Christmas gifts online, such decoration items, Christmas cakes and much more at GiftaLove.com. Also, the portal facilitates you to convey your wishes to far away loved ones with services of Christmas gifts delivery in India.

Easy Christmas cake Recipe – To Let your Loved Ones Relish a Flavorful Sweet Treat!

Willing to bake Cake on your own on Christmas this year? Well it isn’t a tough task if you really want to loved ones of yours relish homemade Christmas cake? All that you need is the perfect Cake recipe and get it executed in the same way to serve a delicious homemade Christmas cake to your loved ones on Christmas.

Christmas Cakes Recipes

A soft, sweet and flavorful bite of Cake makes on Christmas is something that everybody wants to relish with family, friends and loved ones. How about baking such a mouthwatering cake on own to serve loved ones? Well baking a cake is not that tough and tricky task as it’s on your mind. You can always pick this Easy Christmas Cake Recipe to offer a sot and flavorful Christmas cake bite to your loved ones.

Here it goes with:

•    1 cup (200g) firmly packed brown sugar
•    2 cups (300g) plain flour
•    1 cup (150g) self-raising flour
•    Melted butter for greasing
•    800g dried mixed fruit
•    410g jar fruit mince
•    1 tablespoon finely grated orange rind
•    1/2 cup (125ml) orange juice
•    4 eggs, lightly whisked
•    1 cup (160g) blanched almonds
•    2 tablespoons apricot jam, warmed
•    1/3 cup (80ml) brandy
•    250g Western Star Chef’s Choice Unsalted Butter, melted, cooled
•    2 1/2 teaspoons mixed spice
•    Select all ingredients

Method of Cooking

Step 1:
At first preheat oven to 150°C and then grease a deep round cake pan of 22cm with melted butter. Also line the base and sides of the pan with 3 layers of non-stick baking paper that can extend 5cm above the edge of the pan.

Step 2:
Now combine everything from dried fruits to orange rind, orange juice and fruit mince in a large saucepan to cook over medium-low heat. After cooking and stirring for 10 minutes or till the fruits softens, remove the pan from heat and keep it aside for 30 minutes to cool down. Then add brandy into it and stir to combine it.

Step 3:
It’s time now to add butter and sugar to the fruit mixture and stir it to mix it well. Then make addition of all the combined flours as well as mixed spice into it to stir well.

Step 4:
In the mix, now add eggs and stir well to mix everything nicely. Then into the prepared pan add everything and smooth the surface with a spoon. It is important to lightly tap pan on bench top so that mixture settles down nicely. You can then arrange or sprinkle almonds over the top of the cake.

Step 5:
Now Bake the cake in the preheated oven for 3 hours 15 minutes or till the skewer inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. You can cover cake loosely with foil if over browning appears.

Step 6:
Remove from oven. You can brush hot cake with apricot jam and then cover the cake with foil. Then after this you can wrap cake in a large tea towel and keep it aside overnight to cool down completely.

Step 7:
Now turn the cake onto a serving platter to serve your loved ones.
Following all these steps carefully will definitely help you bake the perfect Christmas cake even if it’s the first time you are trying your hands. Else you can log on to the range of Christmas Cakes at GiftaLove.com to buy Christmas Cakes online.

Fabulous Christmas Decoration Items You Must Buy to Uplift Your Home Décor & for Gifting!

It’s time to Hurray as CHRISTMAS the cheerful and the biggest festival of the world is just few days ahead. So before you start your preparations for Christmas shopping explore the online range of Christmas Decoration Items at Giftalove. Here you will find best variety of Christmas Decoration Items online to give a spectacular look to your home on Christmas. You can even buy Christmas Decoration Items to gift near and dear ones near and far.

Little Decorated Christmas tree
Home decoration for Christmas is something for which people start preparations much before the actual date of Christmas celebration. So before you start your preparations for Christmas Decoration Items, make a visit at the latest collection of Christmas Gifts at the portal. The range is vast and has to offer fabulous Christmas decoration items to give a spectacular spark and uplift to your home décor for the big day.

This is what it has to offer from its collection:

Christmas Wreath:
Either to decorate walls or to decorate door, Christmas Wreath is best. Here in this portal, there are plenty of attractive and stunning Christmas wreath choices available online. Also you can make choice for a fabulous Christmas Wreath to gift someone dear as Christmas Gift.

Candle Holder with Candle:
Well this option is an excellent thing to light up your home décor or to make a Christmas Gift to greet near and dear ones. You can place it anywhere like on your center table, dining table, wall mounted shelf, bed side table and other places to uplift beauty of that place.

Christmas Flower Arrangement:
Another amazingly attractive Christmas Decoration item is this Christmas Flower arrangement that can be an excellent gifting option too for greeting loved ones with Merry Christmas wishes. This can be placed or kept at any empty corner of home. This beautiful and colorful arrangements of lovely flowers with two candles in it will definite light and accentuate any corner of home.

Glittery Christmas Tree & Baubles Hamper:
What a Christmas without a Christmas tree? So this time on Christmas day you can place such attractive and contemporary green glittering Christmas tree anywhere on top of a table, wall mounted shelf, center table, bed side table or any such place. However the set of colorful shiny balls can be used to decorate the big Christmas tree of your house. It’s an excellent Christmas gift option.

T Light Holder N Santa for Christmas:
For the ones looking for something cute yet beautiful to uplift any little corner of home, this is the excellent gifting option for them. You can choose this Christmas decoration item to gift as well as decorate any part or room of your beautiful home.

Apart from these spectacular Christmas Decoration items that are excellent Christmas gifts items too, Giftalove.com has to offer a lot for the upcoming Christmas Day festival celebration 2017. So what you need to do right now is to browse the extensive collection of online Christmas gifts at the portal for gifting and greeting people.

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas You Must Choose for Xmas Gifting This Year!

The long wait for the festival of Christmas is soon too over now as only few days is left for its grand celebration across the globe. Being one of the biggest festival celebrations for Christians worldwide, Christmas Day becomes the most awaited and exciting auspicious festival celebration. Thus for this cheerful festival in which gifting is of great importance, get amazing Christmas gift ideas here in this blog.

christmas gift ideas
Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians that is celebrated with great grandeur across the globe. So for this cheerful and holy festival celebration, we have come up with many amazing Christmas Day Gift ideas as gifting is one of the best rituals of the festival celebration. In fact a Christmas celebration without the ritual of gifting or giving is impossible to imagine. So when you are soon to hit the market for Christmas gifts shopping, these Christmas Gift Ideas are sure to help you win your loved one’s heart.

These are:

Set of Aromatic Candles:
On Christmas everyone loves to decorate their home. So gifts like a set of decorative and aromatic candles would definitely a great idea to make Christmas a cheerful one for your loved ones. It will indeed help your loved ones to decorate their home.

Aromatic Candles
Christmas Special Cup Cakes:
Despite of choosing a big circular Plum cake for your loved ones which everyone will be gifting them, choose to gift a set of Christmas Special Cup cakes to them. If you can find cup cakes with Christmas special icing or decoration then it would be great otherwise, you can log on to Giftalove.com to buy Christmas special cup cakes online.

Christmas Special Cup Cakes
Little Decorated Christmas tree:
It is one of the most popular and preferred Christmas gift which you can also gift your loved ones. Despite of buying a simple Christmas tree then decorating it to gift, you can buy Decorated Christmas Tree online at GiftaLove.

Little Decorated Christmas tree
Red & White Flower Bouquet:
The colors that represent the celebration of Christmas in the best way is Red, white and green. So gifting a bunch of Red, white and green flowers and petals would definitely a great idea. At Giftalove.com, you find a wide array of online Christmas Flowers to choose and buy online.

Red & White Flower Bouquet
Chocolate & Cookies Hamper:
Another very impressive gifting option for Christmas is Chocolate & Cookie Hamper. Few days prior to Christmas celebration, attractive cookie hampers are available everywhere. Also you can buy Chocolate and Cookie hampers online as well as the portal to greet your loved ones.

Chocolate & Cookies Hamper
So this Christmas you can surprise your loved ones with any such amazing Christmas Gifting option online. Else you can log on to the exclusive collection of Giftalove.com that offers a vast array of online Christmas Gifts at amazing price point. So, hurry now as Christmas is approaching very fast.