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Convey Your Heartfelt Message with Various Types of flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Convey Your Heartfelt Message with Various Types of flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Flowers

Flowers have a very close pertinence with love and so with Valentine’s Day! There are a dozen of flowers that people can choose to gift to the love of their life and make them feel special. Red roses are often considered as the emblem of love and romance and are preferred by people in love to give to their partners. Nevertheless, there are many other flower options other than roses and so people can pick a flower of their choice after a bit of research. While selecting the best flower for the most important part of their life people must choose a flower whose meaning in itself can convey what is there on their mind. It’s an amazing way of expressing the words of love written on ones heart for their partner. Let’s explore the meaning of some of the Valentine’s Day flower to help people in fulfilling their coveted heartfelt feeling of love.

1. Red Roses: The historical evidences from many last years have proved that red roses are believed to be a symbol of enduring romance and love. Time and again it has been used by many ardent lovers to express their love. So, a Valentines bouquet must have a plenty of dark red rose to showcase your love in the best possible way.

2. Daisies: Purity and innocence is represented by daisies! Isn’t it innocent, looking at the young couples plucking the petals of the flower to find out if their partner loves him/her or not? The vibrant colour of Gerbera daisies which represents jocundity and joy is another great option if somebody is looking out to gift to their friend.

3. Orchids: These flowers represent beauty, strength, glamour, love and luxury! Those who are little wilder with love than a person who gifts a dozen roses to show their love, will prefer to offer orchids. These flowers can hold up longer both in pots and bouquet.

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4. Tulips: One interesting thing about Tulip is that, like roses they change their meaning with changing colour, for instance a Purple Tulip represents royalty whereas Pink Tulip symbolises care. Exploring further white rose means exoneration, a red Tulip represents love and yellow shows that you are head over heels for the person to which it is given.

5. Carnation: Carnations are absolutely apposite for Valentine’s Day and can be quite charming if offered in right kind of arrangements! People can go for different coloured Carnations to put into words different messages. Whereas white symbolises recollection yellow is for merriment and pink for gratitude.

6. Hydrangea: Those who want to show to their loved ones, their doggedness and perseverance can offer these flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s specifically is a great choice for long standing couples and the message that they hides makes them perfect choice for weddings.

7. Mums: Mums are the perfect gift for somebody’s crush! A yellow chrysanthemums gifted to somebody will tell them that you have been secretly admired by the person. On the first date, people often go for bronze mums as they convey the zeal and excitement of being in love.

8. Peony: This flower is the national flower of China and it symbolises beauty! Peony represents good luck and riches and so are mostly preferred by newly engaged couples or for couples who have been married for long.

9. Daffodils: These represent graciousness and can be the perfect gift to a man’s best female friend. The yellow coloured daffodils bring the feeling of spring.

10. Lavender Roses: Though it’s an eccentric choice but not an inappropriate one! People can say to their loved ones that he/she is the ruler of their heart by gifting them a purple rose, for it symbolises royalty.

If you are looking out to wow your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, by choosing for them the best kind of flower which could convey absolutely perfect message of your heart then you can make visit to the exclusive range of Valentine’s Day flowers at, which has an assortment of choices for the customers.

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