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Five Creative & Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend!!

Five Creative & Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend!!


Birthday gifts certainly gave a great impact on most people and if it is your girlfriend’s birthday then you have to select a really special present for her. The easier & convenient thing to do is to go to any gift shop and pick any ordinary stuff then wraps it to present to your girlfriend. But this may be not impressing and heart touching to your girlfriend. Your girlfriend is more likely to appreciate something that would reflect your thought, extra time and creativity behind choosing that gifts. Thus, personalized and thoughtful birthday gifts for girlfriend are the best choice indeed.

1. Personalized Handbags

Designer handbags are a great choice of gift for your beautiful girl, but you may not know what kind of designer bag she would like. So, rather than buying a handbag of wrong colour and design why not to personalize the handbag with lovely text, her best images or message. Personalized handbags allow you to show a number of creative ideas. You can just select a nice sturdy bag and get imprinted her picture, family photograph or even a romantic/humorous text on it. Just remember get the designs on the bag with high definition prints, so that it will have 3D look on the bag.

2. Personalized Calendar

If you are looking for an innovative birthday gift that can be used throughout the year by your girlfriend, then personalized calendar is a perfect gift idea. Select 12 different pictures of your girlfriend and a lovely text for each month’s page of the calendar. Design the front cover with a remarkable image & a caption. It means you need to compile total 13 special pictures of your girlfriends to make this personalized keepsake. This kind of gift would truly reflect your creativity at the best.

3. Personalized Blankets

This is a bit cozy but a super romantic birthday present for your girlfriend. If you want to stay close to your girlfriend while she sleeps then personalized blanket is the right gift idea. Select a beautiful picture of two of you (since blanket makes a bigger template, you can also make collage of 6-10 pictures) and get it inscribed on a blanket or blanket cover. Make sure the fabric of the blanket is of good quality, soft and comfortable. What would be the most cute and romantic birthday gift than this one for your girl?

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4. Personalized Books And Albums

Another wonderful way to show off your creativity & thoughtful ideas is to make a photo album. Albums are always being used as long as we click pictures. With the passage of time, there are many beautiful looking cover books & albums available in the market. It is easy to personalize an exclusive album or a leather portfolio/book. Get the pictures of your choice & print directly on each pages. Also use a special photograph to personalize the cover page.

5. Photo Cushions

Nice and cozy cushion where your beautiful lady can keep her head or (even tightly hug) after a tiring day. Get a super soft cushion for your delicate girl. Personalize it with any photograph or a romantic message. Get the base colour of the cushion in her favorite colour. For a greater effect, you can get pictures imprinted on the two sides of the cushions.

So these are some of the thoughtful and innovative birthday gifts idea. Any of these personalized gifts can never ever fail to impress your girl. Log on to and check out vast array of birthday gifts for girlfriends.

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