8 Health Tips for a Carefree & Exuberant Holi Celebration Ever!

The flamboyant festival of colors of Holi is just a short distance away. So, it’s time to get ready with the water guns, colors, gujiyas, and thandai to have a blast! But, it is also necessary that you take some precautionary measures in order to have a safe and healthy Holi as its better to prevent the consequences rather than facing one!

Health Tips

India is a land of vibrant festivities and each one of them is commemorated with their unique ways of celebration. Holi is one such festival celebrated with enthusiasm and exuberance all over the country. What makes this festival unique and cheery is the colorful Gulals, Holi songs, delectable delicacies, and the yummy thandai after a blasting performance on the dance floor. Gulaals implying different meaning are splashed on each other with big bright smiles with some fun Holi-themed music is blared from the speakers.

During this time people get so drenched in the joy of the Holi celebrations that they forget about their health as well as of others. The adrenaline rush in the bodies make them forget everything and make them indulge in a fearless Holi celebration ever. So, here we have compiled a list of precautions that you should follow in order to have a safe and healthy celebration of Holi 2019!

1. Use of Herbal Colors

There are lots of gulal being sold in the market that are formulated using chemicals. When such colors are being applied on the skin, it reduces the quality of the skin making it rough and patchy. At the time of playing Holi, we often ignore the repercussions, but the colors may cause skin infections, irritations, rashes, and other problems. So, it is always best to use herbal or natural colors to play during this Holi.

2. Make Your Own Colors

Earlier, when chemical colors were not manufactured, people used to play Holi with flower petals as well as some kitchen ingredients. If you want to have a healthy and safe Holi, then you can do the same. You can use marigold flowers and turmeric powder for yellow color, roses for red color, etc.

3. Protect Your Hair from Chemical Colours

Before playing Holi outdoors, make sure that you oil your hair or cover your head with a bandana or dupatta. This way your hair will be guarded against the harmful chemical colors that can make your hair frizzy, rough, and damaged.

4. Guard Your Skin against the Sun

Holi is played outdoors under the sun. So, apply some sunscreen before you go out to protect your skin from dryness and tanning. You must also apply moisturizer to protect your skin against the chemical based colors as it may cause breakouts, eczema, and rashes.

5. Avoid usage of harsh soaps

After playing Holi with your friends and family, you may be drenched in colors from head to toe. You must not use soaps and other chemicals to remove colors as it may cause a reaction on the skin. Stay safe and use natural ingredients which are more effective in removing colors. You can make a paste of gram flour with curd and rub it on your body to remove colors.

6. Keep Snacks Away from Colors

During the exuberant festival of Holi, apart from playing with colors, people also munch on yummy festive-themed snacks such as Gujiyas and namkeens. So, you must make sure that these tasty treats are kept away from the colors and you must also touch it after washing hands so that you don’t consume the harmful chemicals present in it. You never know what problems it may arise, so it is better to take preventive measures.

7. Stay Hydrated in the Sun

Since you will be playing Holi all day out in the sun, chasing people to color them as well as being chased for the same purpose, you must keep yourself hydrated by having a glass of water every hour. You would not want to lose energy and let this put a stop to your Holi party.

8. Protect Your Eyes

On Holi, the entire atmosphere is covered in colors. As soon as you go out, you can see color powders being spread in the air. So, you must cover your eyes from these colors. You can wear sunglasses for protection against the chemical colors and if you wear contact lenses, then don’t go out before taking them out as it may also get infected because of the colors.

We hope that the above Holi health tips will help you for a safe and healthy Holi. If you want to shop for some herbal colors for Holi, Gujiyas or maybe some Holi Gift Hampers for your close friend and relatives, then visit GiftaLove.com where you will find a wide range exciting gifts for Holi. You can also send Holi gifts to India with so much ease when you choose this website.

17 Dazzling Jewelries to Turn Oneself into a Fashionable Diva

“All you need is love. But a little jewelry never hurt anybody.” – Ally Lowery

If there is anything that can make a dolorous woman into a cheerful one is a piece of jewelry. These mood elevators are certainly every woman’s love which they love flaunting to the world. The prosperous jewelry industry is cashing millions and billions just due to the fact that women love jewelries. With the simple punch line “Diamonds are forever”, DeBeers urged thousands and lakhs of women worldwide crave for the sparkling crystals like never before.

And, their urge for jewelry is not just limited to the glittering diamonds, but, all kinds of jewelries. A woman may belong to any part of the world, but her desire for jewelry is universal to all women folks. Be it a real gold or gold plated, white gold, diamond, rose gold, platinum, or even silver, a lady will never say no to jewelry.

Nowadays, jewelry is not just about the regular necklace and earrings sets, but has transformed into innumerable varieties and patterns especially designed to embellish every woman from head to toe. Be it about the gorgeous maang tikas or the beautiful tiny toe rings, every piece of jewelry is curated to enhance her physical attributes with perfection. You can either go for magnificently studded jewelry pieces or the subtle and elegant ones, the choice is yours.

So, all the beautiful ladies out there, we have assembled a list of 17 really flamboyant jewelry ideas which you can buy to stack your jewelry boxes or should we say mini jewelry wardrobes. Choose the ones according to your taste and style, and be picture ready in your next stylish avatar!

1. Gold plated pendant set: Sounds a bit traditional, but this piece of jewelry is still most of us favorite. Speaking of just gold in every corner, the gold plated pendent set is all about elegance while keeping the look subtle and pretty.

Gold plated pendant set

2. Pearl necklace: Pearls are certainly one of the prominent picks by the jewelers owing to its amazing sheen. Pearl necklace is an embodiment of grace and sophistication, and goes well with all kinds of outfits. Today, pearls are not just about the whites, you can go for neckpieces made with colored pearls.

Pearl necklace

3. Antique earrings: Have you decided to wear a heavily embellished Anarkali suit in your sister’s engagement ceremony? Well, pick a pair of stone or beads studded antique earrings that goes well with your dress. When ethnicity is your style, antique earrings make the best compliments.

Antique earrings

4. Swarovski Crystal: The term “Swarovski” is becoming popular in the jewelry markets. Jewelries made with shiny Swarovski Crystal are wonderful ideas if you want to please or propose your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. You can either go for a ring or a jewelry set embellished with these crystals depending upon your budget. No matter where you go, you will certainly grab everyone’s attention with this gorgeous jewelry.

Swarovski Crystal

5. Amber Ring: Looking for a jewelry that epitomizes quality along with luxury? Well, ring with amber stone studded in the sterling silver is definitely this kind of jewelry piece. The amber ring comes in variety of colors like yellow, orange, green, red, and even blue and in ample number of shapes such as square, chunks, domed oval, and teardrops.

Amber Ring

6. Name pendant: Very much in trend, this kind of jewelry is a great personalized gift that adds another charm to your personality. A sense of confidence gets imbibed in you while donning this name pendant. Go for the golden ones as they look more exquisite and elegant.

Name pendant

7. Beaded jewelry set: If ethnic is your dressing style, then a set of beaded jewelry is surely a perfect jewelry piece for you. Goes well with all kinds of ethnic dresses like suits and sarees, these pieces of jewelry comes in variety of designs and colors which provides an option of mix and match according to your dress.

Beaded jewelry set

8. Gold Plated Gota Patti floral jewelry: Donned by most of the girls on the occasion of their haldi and Mehendi ceremony, the gold plated gota patti floral jewelry is a popular jewelry piece on wedding occasions. If your wedding celebrations re on the cards, then, do make them a part of your different ceremonial attires in matching colors.

Gold Plated Gota Patti floral jewelry

9. Gold plated bangles: These clinking pieces of jewelries look extremely stunning when worn on a designer saree on special or festive occasions. The golden color impart them a royalty and the intricate designing gives them an eye-catching and traditional look. Based on your taste and attire, you can either go for the simple gold plated bangles or the stone studded ones.

Gold plated bangles

10. Silver jewelry: Nowadays, silver jewelry has become every woman’s favorite owing to its simplicity while being utterly gorgeous. This jewelry suits every girl and woman of any age group, and goes well with all the attires worn by them. Sterling silver enjoys a timeless look and can be donned at any time in the future without worrying about the latest fashion trends.

Silver jewelry

11. Anklets: Though a symbol of married Indian women, anklets have now become the most loved ornaments of every woman owing to its captivating looks. The appealing sound of the tiny bells attached on the anklets is very soothing to the ears as well. With an array of designs available in the market, pick your preferred one based on your taste.


12. Chokar sets: Remember the majestic necklaces worn by beautiful Deepika Padukone in Padmavat? Well, those were fancy choker sets having a royal impression. Highly trending among women folks, these fanciful ornaments that tightly covers the entire neck area. Complete your festive look with a charming choker set on your designer saree, dazzling salwar suits, or stylish lehengas.

Chokar sets

13. Cuffs: Wearing a stunning dress but don’t have anything to wear on your wrists apart from a watch or a studded bracelet? Empty hands flatten your entire outing look. Hence, pick a beautiful cuff for your wrist that goes well with your stunning outfit. They are elegant, stylish, and come in variety of shapes and sizes.


14. Tiara maang tika: Magnificently looking Tiara maang tikas is a modern version of the traditional maang tikas worn by women on ethnic attires. Very nifty in looks, this jewelry pieces ornaments your forehead and head and goes well on fashionable gowns and Lehengas. Available in great variety and prices, choose the one that best suits your ethnic attire.

Tiara maang tika

15. Toe rings: These impeccable ornaments beautify your feet and impart them a gorgeous look. There are silver and gold variants of toe rings available in the market from which you can make a choice. These pieces of ornaments today are not just limited to the married women, but can are worn by all girls and women. Don’t forget to apply a bright colored nail paint to complete the look.

Toe rings

16. Hand Harness: Although worn by the brides on their D-Day, but the fashion world has grasped this wonderful jewelry piece to include it in the glittering festive attires for amazing looking hands. Owing to the popularity of hand harnesses, there are multiple versions of these ornaments available in the market to pick from.

Hand Harness

17. Waist Band: For the woman, who just love to flaunt their beautiful and sleek waistline, don’t forget to include this attractive piece of jewelry to your jewelry box. Be it a lehenga or a saree, don a striking waistband to complete your look.

Waist Band

Astound to see such remarkable jewelries here in this list? If you lack anything from these stunning ornaments, then quickly order those online for that complete attractive look on festivals or special occasions. Giftalove.com is one such site offering a great collection of jewelries online at really affordable prices. So, is your shopping cart ready?

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