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Valentine Week Gifts: Holding a Special Surprise Everyday!

Valentine Week Gifts: Holding a Special Surprise Everyday!

Planning for something special this Valentine? How about a week long Valentine Celebration? Indeed it would a very romantic way of expressing your love to your sweetheart! So here’s the blog with amazing suggestions on Valentine week gifts( ideas!

The approaching date of 14th February on the calendar is itself an exciting thing for the loving couples. And if it’s your first Valentine’s Day to celebrate together with your beloved, it definitely deserves a special celebration to nurture your special bond of love. How about celebrating the entire Valentine week together? Feeling excited? This would be in fact a perfect way of impressing your sweetheart and making him/her fall in love with you even more this time

Have a look at the suggestions to surprise your love for the weeklong Valentine Celebration.

Rose Day: On 7th February, the romantic trail of the Valentine week start up with Rose day celebration. So it’s quite obvious to gift your love a rosy surprise but how is the thing that matters the most. Thus suggestions are to look for gifting a big bunch of 50 red roses, a heart shape arrangement of roses, rose carrying a hidden slip of love message and other creative ways.


Propose Day: Here comes the most exciting day as you have to propose him/her again for a lifetime commitment of togetherness. What can be better then gifting a ring or proposing with a rose? So try it.

happy propose day sms wishes 2014 images HD awesome amazing cute

Chocolate Day: The day implies that you need to gift him/her a chocolaty surprise. But lush out old ways of simply gifting a chocolate box rather choose gifting a chocolate bouquet, Rose shaped chocolate sticks, chocolates alphabets arranged as ‘I Love You’ and in other such creative ways.


Teddy Day: Now when it is teddy day, how about a teddy bouquet to her/him this time? This would be an excellent way of surprising your beloved with lots of cute teddies. Also you can surprise her with a big, fluffy teddy too.

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teddy day

Promise Day: If you manage to find a personalized ring with a promise text, it’s awesome! If not then gifting a ring wrapped in a paper with a promise text written by you can be impressive.promise day

Hug Day: What can be more romantic to give a big tight hug to your sweetheart one this day? However if you are willing to gift something as well then gifting a pair of hugging teddies can be a great idea.


Kiss Day: I know your level of excitement to gift a soft kiss to your sweetheart! But when it’s to gift her something, a kissing cushion is just the best gift for the day!

kissday gifts

Valentine’s Day: Here comes the most awaited day that is Valentine’s Day!!! This is the time to explore much more into the range of gifts and make your beloved feel special and loved with awesome romantic gifts. So be it chocolate, personalized gifts, message bottles or any other romantic surprise for him/her just gift it and enjoy the feeling of being in LOVE!!


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