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Why Gift Vouchers are Perfect Diwali Gifts for Employees?

Why Gift Vouchers are Perfect Diwali Gifts for Employees?

It’s festive season in India, also the season to start thinking about what to get your employees for Diwali.

Companies from Fortune 500 giants to small-scale startups the Diwali festival is time to show the building blocks of their organizations (employees) how much you appreciate their effort, their hard work they put in all through the year. But just what types of Diwali gifts for employees should you choose?


It’s of utmost importance not to hold back on festivity like this. You might think buying something for your employees on Diwali isn’t necessary, but remember even a small token from the management will signify your care for their dedicated long hours’ hard work. This is why every commercial sector in India gives their employees some form of gift on Diwali.

May be your company’s treasure lacks sufficient funds to buy every employee a luxurious gift. But there is something apt for your budget to raise morale around the festival of lights for your workers. Here is an apt Diwali gift idea for your employees to show them how grateful you are for their hard work.

Gift Vouchers the Latest Gift Idea

Gift cards or gift vouchers have seen tremendous popularity lately among employers as an incentive tool. They are also called motivational or incentive tool- set out as paper-based tokens, given to employee to use at their prudence at leisure or retail outlets, or even for festive seasons.

You can commonly give them out via motivational schemes, although there are many workers who receive vouchers via flexible benefits or voluntary benefits schemes.

These days, apart from paper vouchers, still popular, there are also voucher cheques, electronic gift cards, e-vouchers, & even voucher-codes given via text messages.

Irrespective of their formats, the escalating use of gift vouchers suggests that companies find them as an effective way of engaging as well as motivating their employees, offering a reward of tangible monetary value.

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So, choose which gift voucher will suit your employees’ requirements and give out as praiseworthy tool on Diwali celebration.

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