Send Gifts to Philippines

delight Senses
delight SensesRs. 6399USD 98.45
Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Ultimate Chocolate CakeRs. 3150USD 48.46
Triple Trenderness
Triple TrendernessRs. 7200USD 110.77
For Your Love
For Your LoveRs. 9450USD 145.38
Special Box
Special BoxRs. 6399USD 98.45
DedicationRs. 8100USD 124.62
Ube Cake
Ube CakeRs. 3150USD 48.46
20 Roses n Ferraro
20 Roses n FerraroRs. 8100USD 124.62
Teddy Bear Surprise
Teddy Bear SurpriseRs. 3960USD 60.92
Blackforest cake
Blackforest cakeRs. 3150USD 48.46
Passion love
Passion loveRs. 3060USD 47.08
lindt_lindorRs. 2199USD 33.83
Tender Elegance
Tender EleganceRs. 5349USD 82.29
CelebrationRs. 5099USD 78.45
Contessa -PIL
Contessa -PILRs. 2499USD 38.45
redribbon_ccreamRs. 3199USD 49.22
Love Roses
Love RosesRs. 8190USD 126
Valentine Box
Valentine BoxRs. 6399USD 98.45
Roses in vase combo
Roses in vase comboRs. 8280USD 127.38
Cookies Basket
Cookies BasketRs. 5499USD 84.6
Sunny Day-PIL
Sunny Day-PILRs. 2599USD 39.98
Assorted Tulips
Assorted TulipsRs. 10149USD 156.14
Perfect Hug
Perfect HugRs. 4299USD 66.14
Amoure-PILRs. 2549USD 39.22
High Tea
High TeaRs. 3899USD 59.98
Captivating -PIL
Captivating -PILRs. 2599USD 39.98
Pacificana-PILRs. 2549USD 39.22
Heart of Gold (Red)-PIL
Heart of Gold (Red)-PILRs. 5549USD 85.37
Hope-PILRs. 2999USD 46.14
AphroditeRs. 5849USD 89.98
Magical -PIL
Magical -PILRs. 2499USD 38.45
Vibrant blooms
Vibrant bloomsRs. 7650USD 117.69
Redhot Delight-PIL
Redhot Delight-PILRs. 5349USD 82.29
Red Heart Chocs
Red Heart ChocsRs. 5899USD 90.75
Taste of the Orient-PIL
Taste of the Orient-PILRs. 2599USD 39.98
Toblerone Tower-PIL
Toblerone Tower-PILRs. 2499USD 38.45
Heart of Gold (Pink)-PIL
Heart of Gold (Pink)-PILRs. 5349USD 82.29
Twin Hearts-PIL
Twin Hearts-PILRs. 2649USD 40.75

Make Your Loved One Feel Special By Sending Gifts to Philippines Online

For all those who are willing to send their dear ones in Philippines, a gift to greet them on their special occasions, here is an amazing range of gifts that you can send them now with maximum ease. Our range of Send Gifts to Philippines is just to help people who are willing to send their dear ones residing in Philippines a token of their love and warm wishes. Be it any occasion or any sort of celebration, when you are wishing to greet them with a gift, we simply have gift for every such occasion.

Just you need to go through the wide collection of gifts that we offer into the range that includes plethora of options to choose from. Few of them are Passion love, Ube Cake, Perfect Love, Ultimate Chocolate Cake, All Twinkly and Bright, Toblerone Tower, 20 Roses n Ferraro, Vibrant Blooms, Triple Tenderness, Teddy Bear Surprise, Sunny Day, Deep Blush, Classic Mrs. Fields Tins, For Your love and many other such options. So place your order right now!