15 Most Romantic Propose day Quotes to Speak Your Heart!!

Love is the beautiful feeling that needs to be expressed most romantically. So, now when the week-long Valentine celebration has begun and its Propose Day next on the list, you need to brace up and tune into the most romantic of you and make an eternal love confession on this Propose Day!GAL Banner

We understand that making the most romantic love confession is not an easy thing for everyone. But, yes what everything desires is to make the most romantic love proposal to the special one. So, here we have come up with some most romantic Propose Day quote. No wonder, you will definitely find the ideal quote for the Propose Day, from here below:















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9 Interesting Facts about Gifts that Many of Us Don’t Know!

Do you know men are likely to wait for the last minute than women to buy a gift? You didn’t know that isn’t it? Well that is because no one discuss about such facts behind gifting. Though, gifting is one of the universal rituals that are followed by everyone of every age but still people are unaware of many interesting fact about gifts. So let us make you aware of some very interesting and unknown facts of gifting.BannerGifting is an amazing way of confessing love, affection and care. Also, people find gifting as one of the best ways of conveying their hearty feelings to their near and dear ones during special moments of life. Unlikely, people are not aware about many interesting facts about gifts and the act of gifting, such as:

Gift is not a matter of Spending Money on Someone

The ideology behind gifting is not just spending money on someone or to showoff; it’s a concept of lots of depth. Gifting is the way of expressing heartfelt feelings, making someone feel loved, amaze someone dear, greet someone or to make the receiver feel cared. It’s a special gesture of kindness done for the special ones.

Women make better gift selection than men

Yes, that’s true! In compared to men, women prove to be better selector of gifts. They can easily figure out as what can be that perfect gift for the dear one, irrespective of his/her age, likes and dislikes, occupation and other aspects than men. It is quite likely to seem men of every age feel baffled over the idea of gifting.better gift selection

Personalized gifts are the most trending option these days

The range of gifts is extremely vast with uncountable number of gifts available in different patterns. In such a huge gifts variety, personalized gifts have turned out to be the most trending and preferred gifting options these days. Apart from enabling people to get it customized as per wish with a photograph, text or quote, personalized gifts are considered to be the most affectionate gift.trending option

Around 50% Recipients don’t like the Gift been received by them

It’s another interesting fact about gifts that is a bitter truth for many to know. Despite of all the efforts been made by one to buy a gift for someone dear, it’s likely for the recipient to not find the gift good enough. This happens because many time people fail to analyze as what can be the perfect gift for their dear one. Therefore, giving useful gifts is considered the best way of winning the like of the recipient for the gift been gifted.Recipients

Men typically have liking for useful gifts than romantic or captivating ones

Unlike women who are usually romantic and emotional by heart, men are quite practical in nature. May be this is the reason that they have typical liking for useful gifts than any other attractive or romantic gift. You can truly impress a woman with an attractive decorative item but to impress a man, you must prefer something useful. romantic or captivating

Red is the favourite gift wrapping colour

Wrapping a gift with an attractive packing paper is the act of beautifying a gift in the eyes of the receiver. And as per a survey, red colored wrapping paper is the most favourite of many people. Basically people in India prefer beautifying the gift box by wrapping in bright colors like red, blue, green, golden and other.wrapping colour

Women prefer gifting more gifts than men

The act of gifting is the generous way of showing affection to someone or to surprise any special one. But surprisingly, women understand the joviality behind gifting much better than men do. This is the reason that more number of women of different age buy gifts than men.gifts than men

There are many songs dedicated to gifting

In India and across the globe, the kind act of gifting is been praised by poets. This is the reason that many song writers also preferred dedicating a song on gifting or a gift. Who doesn’t remember the famous ‘Tohfa… Tohfa…’ bollywood song in India and other popular melodies like ‘The Sweetest Gift’, ‘A Gifts of Love’, Gift of a Friend and more. All these songs and many other songs on gifts are special dedication of on this generous act of giving.

‘Gifts’ and ‘Presents’ do not mean the same

Yes that’s true but amazingly most of us use presents and gifts as synonym to each other. According to recent study and many online dictionaries, when you give anything to dear one on any occasion or ceremony then it’s a present. Therefore, one must say birthday present or wedding present. However, use of the word gift can be used as ‘Life is the precious gift from God’. Gift is the thing that is given with generous heart despite any special occasion.Gifts and Presents

Gifts share happiness and love but surprisingly there are many facts of gifting that we are unaware of. Hope you found it interesting to know many unknown facts of gift and gifting. To let gifting convey affection and care, let GiftaLove.com help you with best gifting solutions for every time.

5 Healthy Eating Gifts to Reflect Your Caring Side

Gifts convey love and affection. In fact, the sheer essence of gifting is sharing happiness and love. In addition to this, gifts hold the power to conveying your feelings of care to the receiver. Therefore, one must keep on the act of gifting going to make special ones feel loved, happy and cared in different moments of life.

Understanding the fact that gifts convey emotions, feelings of love and care, selecting that one perfect gift for the receiver becomes a tough task. Especially if you are looking for gifts to convey or show innermost feelings of care to the receiver then it becomes a quite challenging thing to come up with the best one.

To help you in this regards, here we have come up with this exclusive list of 5 wonderful Healthy Eating Gifts that perfectly reflects your caring side.

These are —

Basket of Fresh Fruits

The best and quite appreciable idea of a caring gift is a basket of fresh fruits. Apart from its easy availability, this gift is easy to make at own. You can buy different types of fruits selecting the ones that are actually healthy to consume for the receiver and get it beautifully placed in a basket. Else, you can simply choose the basket of fresh fruits available in the market areas. No wonder receiving a basket of fresh fruits will definitely make the receiver feel loved. It can be a great housewarming gift, baby shower gift, birthday gift or definitely an excellent get well soon gift.

Healthy Cooking Oil

Healthy eating starts with healthy cooking. Thus, it’s essential for everyone to cook food in healthy oil like Olive Oil. Thus, to express your caring side to your dear one, gifting a basket of different types of healthy cooking oils proves out to be a great idea. You can simply buy different healthy cooking oils in different quantities and gift wrap it as you wish and surprise the dear one. No wonder as a farewell gift, birthday gift, baby shower gift, housewarming gift and as festive gift, it’s an appreciable gift idea.Healthy Cooking Oil

Bowl Full of Dryfruits

Another very healthy thing to relish is dry fruits and you can get it anywhere at the local grocery store in different varieties and quantities to choose from. You can either prefer gifting different types of dry fruits to your dearest one whom you want to see healthy and happy. Else gifting mixes dry fruits in a decorative serving bowl will be a great idea.Bowl Full of Dryfruits

Basket of Sugar-Free Products

If the receiver of your gift will be a diabetic then here is the healthy eating gift choice to make. You can buy different types of sugar-free eateries like sugar-free cookies, sweetener, candies and things alike. You can also make additions in the hamper with other eateries that are good for diabetic patients.Basket of Sugar-Free Products

‘No Preservative’ Juices

Another very healthy gift to surprise someone with is this one. As a birthday gift, farewell gift or get well soon gift, a basket of different types of ‘No Preservative’ juices is a great option. Just avoid gifting juices with added preservatives as they do no good to health. Rather choose juices with zero preservative percentage to gift someone a healthy treat and show some care.Juices

The way of showing care to dear one with a gift is very appreciable. So, be it anytime or moment of the year when you wish to express your inner feelings of care, love, thankfulness, grief or even happiness, choose a gift as the apparatus of convey emotions and spreading happiness with everyone. And, to help you in finding the best token of love, GiftaLove.com is always there for you with its extensive range of gifts, cakes, and flowers.

Feeling Sorry? Make Everything Better with these 6 Wonderful Sorry Gift Ideas!!

There are those awkward moments in life when you feel sorry. It’s basic to be sorry when you are wrong at any point of time. Expressing your apology those 3 words can bring things to normal but to make things better than before; you simply need some thoughtful Sorry Gift Ideas!Banner

Just like those 3 magical words of expressing love to someone very dear, ‘I am Sorry’ are 3 magical words of apology to make things better all again. You never know that when you fall in a regretting situation, sometimes willingly or sometimes unwillingly. Well, whatever is the state expressing your apology is the best thing to overcome the happening and making things well again.

If in case, just feeling sorry is not enough, you simply need some of these wonderful Sorry gift ideas that are never to let you down.
Here we go…

Sorry with Beautiful Flowers: Let Flowers do the Talking!

Whenever you regret for messing up the things with anyone very close or dear to you, this is undoubtedly an exceptionally best sorry gift choice to make. Flowers express the feelings of heart in the best way. Thus, a flowery apology is sure to create wonders in making thing seven better than before. For this, you can choose most beautiful flowers with a Sorry note.???????????????????????????????????????

Win Dear One with ‘I am Sorry’ Coffee Mug

Personalized gifts like a coffee mug give you endless ways of expressing your heartiest feelings as nothing else can. It can be a quote, image, text or anything you feel like to get printed on a coffee mug. Thus, sorry texts printed on the coffee mug prove out to be a useful yet an expressive apology gift.Coffee Mug

Melt Heart with Sorry Chocolates

Sorry with something sweet and utterly delicious is never to fail in making things work better, in fact, better than before. These days you can buy alphabetical chocolates to frame I’m sorry text for your dearest one. No wonder the deliciousness and sweetness of chocolates will turn the moments sweet and loving all againSorry ChocolatesI am Sorry Cushion

Another wonderful way of showcasing your gratitude for being sorry is gifting a cushion with I’m Sorry text printed on it. You can also choose a quote and get it printed with a photograph or image on it. There are plentiful wonderful ways of saying sorry and this is one of the best ways to do so.Sorry CushionSorry Card with Flowers and Teddy for Cute Confession!

Want to make a cute apology to sweetheart, friend, sister, mother or anyone dear, well then this is what you need. A little hamper of cute and adorable teddy with a Sorry greeting card and flowers is sure to help you win his/her heart all again.Sorry Card with Flowers

Sorry Greeting Card

When you want to make the most expressive apology confession, just go ahead with a sorry greeting card. No wonder the magical words on the greeting card are sure to make everything better. Apart from buying a greeting card, you can also show your caring and thoughtful gesture by making a sorry card on own with simply creativity.Sorry Greeting Card

Relationships are very delicate like a thread. Little moments of disagreement can turn everything worse. However Sorry is the word that can actually help you overcome the regretting situations. And when apologies made with heart and a gift then it is sure to turn everything better. To find such amazing Sorry Gifts, GiftaLove.com is always there to spoil you with amazing gift choices.

The Ultimate Wedding Season Gift Guide: To Perk the Bond of Love for Newly Weds!!

A couple steps into the most amazing phase of life when commits to get married.” It can be a complete roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs for a coupe to experience after tying the knot of forever togetherness. Thus, on their wedding they definitely need good blessings from near and dear ones. And, what will perk up their start to this new phase of life will be their wedding gifts. So, when selecting wedding gifts for a couple, you need to be thoughtful. Else read the blog further to know 8 amazing wedding gift ideas to greet the couple with wishes of ‘Happy Married Life’.2

Now when wedding season is on, you might be in very perplexing situation of what to gift every couple who are soon to tie the knot and kick start their married life. There must be lot of things going in your head that you can think of gifting and congratulating the couple. But, remember you need to be thoughtful while selecting that perfect token of love for the newly wedded couple.

Let me help you out! How about gifting…

Set of 2 Personalized Wine Glasses with Name Initials

There will be moments in their life when they will enjoy wine together on a romantic date or anytime at home. To that every moment memorable for the couple, this is the perfect gift option. Simply get a set of 2 wine glasses personalized with their name initial s and if possible then with their wedding date too.Set of 2 Personalized Wine Glasses

Couple Perfume Set

To let the couple smell good and feel good, here is this attractive gift option to make choice for. All that you need is to choose the couple Perfume Set from a renowned brand. These days in fact, you will get plentiful choices for couple perfume gift set from renowned brands.Couple Perfume Set

Aromatic Candles of Different Shapes and Colors:

To make their romantic moments more memorable and romantic, you definitely need to buy aromatic candles of different shapes and colors. They will love to rejoice their special moments of togetherness by lighting aromatic candles. Even they can try using those candles for arranging a candle light dinner at home. And each time they will light those candles, they will remember you for the thoughtful idea.Aromatic Candles of Different Shapes

Couple Wrist Watches for Him and Her

An amazing way of making the moment of their wedding unforgettable for the couple is by gifting them a set of Couple wrist watches. A classy wrist watch for him and one classy timepiece for her will definitely make them a happy a lot. Moreover, they will love to flaunt their timepieces a lot.Couple Wrist Watches

A Decorative Lucky Plant

The thought of blessing the couple with a gift that can bring prosperity and happiness in their life is really a commendable idea. It will reflect caring side of yours to the couple. A beautiful or decorated Lucky plant is the perfect gift idea in this regards. You can try to make it impressive for the couple by tying a note with plant and put into words your hearty wishes and blessings for the couple on their start of the new venture of life.Decorative Lucky Plant

Set of 2 Passport Kits

If you are aware of couple’s planning of honeymooning to an exotic foreign destination just after tying the knot then dear, this is simply the best gift to think of gifting them on their wedding day. Set of 2 elegant Passport kits will help them keep their air tickets, passports and other such documents safe and organized while travelling. And, sure they will love the gift.Set of 2 Passport Kits

Personalized Couple Cushions

For those comfy moments of togetherness or during their silly pillow fights, a personalized cushion will definitely make their life cheerful together. Just make pillows special and memorable for them by getting them personalized with their memorable pictures printed on it.Personalized Couple Cushions

Pair of Matching Night Suit:

A funky wedding gift like a pair of matching Night suit is great to make the couple feel happy. They will definitely love to wear matching night suit and have fun. Also, this gift option is quite trending these days.Pair of Matching Night Suit

Well… well… well… now when you know as what can be the perfect wedding gift to surprise and wish the couple who are soon to start their life of marital bliss, just wait know more to buy gifts online or from the nearby gift store. However for convenient and amazing shopping experience, GiftaLove.com has to offer an exclusive collection of online Wedding Gifts for couple to buy online.

6 Wonderfully Unique Birthday Gift Ideas to Win Little Kid’s Heart!!

No wonder, the sight of a kid getting a gift is so amazing. The expression of happiness is indubitably the best thing to witness. After all that’s the expression of real happiness. So, if you are soon to give that cheerful expression on a little one’s face on his/her birthday then this blog is sure to give you some awesome Birthday gift ideas for Kids.Birthday gifts for kidsBirthday is undoubtedly the most special day of the year for everyone of any age. And, for kids birthday is the best day of the year. It’s gift and hearty wishes of loved ones that makes birthday, the most special day for them. So when it’s time to make choice for the best Birthday gift for a little one, you definitely need to make choice for something very exciting and cheerful. Well if the idea is confusing you a lot then here is what you need to do. Just scroll the page to go through the blog and get wonderful choices for Birthday gift ideas for Kids.

Colourful Teddy Bag:

Little ones are too cute and they everything that is as cute as they are. Therefore, you can choose a colorful teddy bag for your little one. All that you need is to choose a colorful teddy bag that will fascinate the little kid a lot.

Flying Plane with Remote:

If it’s a birthday boy who is soon to celebrate his Birthday then no wonder a flying plane with remote is sure to the help you win his heart. No wonder if the little one is already having a one but the new one with new specifications and color is sure to make a choice for.

Colouring Book and Colour Kit:

If the little baby is 3-7 years old then it’s definitely an excellent gift choice to make. All that you need is to choose a big Coloring kit with different coloring objects in it. undoubtedly, the little one is sure to fall in love with his/her new coloring kit bag and coloring books that will help him/her paint his imaginations the best way.

Portable Basket Ball Set:

If the little one is more than 5 years old or more then this is the perfect thing to surprise the little one with. Be it for little one’s body growth or as necessary activity, a portable basket ball set will definitely be a perfect gift choice. Also, the little baby will definitely will love it for sure.

Pillow & Blanket Set:

The best way of making birthday of very little one, a comfortable and cozy one is by the gifting him a set of Pillow and Blanket. The little wont just love sleeping in the blanket and pillow but will also find it too comfortable to feel happy about. Even parents of little one will love your this useful gift.

Personalized Milk Mug:

If the baby is enough to understand the joy of getting a personalized gift then this is the thing you must make a choice for. A coffee mug with his personalized photo on it is sure to delight him a lot to finish his/her daily milk dose.

Gifting is great fun and at GiftaLove.com, this fun doubles with availability of exciting gifts. So, when there is the need for giving a delightful surprise to a cute and little one, visit this online gift store to find most exciting gifts for a little one.

Worried? Here’s Top 5 Diwali Gifts that You Can Send via Same Day Delivery

Diwali, the festival of light, is considered one of the most important festivals of India. It is celebrated for the comeback of Lord Rama with his wife Sita along with Lakshman after 14 years of long exile. The zeal of the festival can be seen on the faces of people of all age group. This is the reason when it is just a few days left for 19th October (the day people will enjoy the festival to the fullest), it is becoming impossible to hold back all the excitement for the grand celebration for this auspicious day. Every face wanted to welcome Goddess Lakshmi with full enthusiasm. Some have already opted for Diwali Same Day Delivery to send gifts to their dear and near one and some are still confused as what to send?Diwali Same day Delivery

Below are mentioned some of the options for Diwali Gifts that this online portal offers to their valued customer who has just missed placing an order for their well-wishers or wanted to give surprises to them:


No festival is complete without Sweets. So, this Diwali, sweeten the lovely relationships that you share with your friends, family and relatives by sending Sweets online through this portal and make your presence felt in their heart even though you are away from them. This year, fill the happiness of Diwali into the box of sweet and send it online to the loved and dear one with an ease. With the help of our reliable Diwali Same Day Delivery service, it is easy to send varieties of sweets across the world irrespective of the geographical location.


Flowers are another very beautiful gift option that you are present to the dear one. A lovely bouquet of colorful flowers such as Roses, Lilies, Carnations and many others are arranged in a unique way, giving it a completing eye-catchy look. We offer flower bouquets in different arrangements, designs and shapes that can win any heart. Far or near, it hardly matters now, when we are there to help you make the dear one feel special on Diwali. Treat them with mesmerizing range of flowers available at our portal and make this festival of light a memorable one.


We understand that there are people who are calorie conscious and avoid eating sweets. So, what other gift option is left for you to give them? Dryfruits is one of the perfect gifts that you can choose and using our Same Day Delivery services, you can easily send gifts to India and other places. Giftalove.com is highly acknowledged among customers who have shown their faith and trust on us. We deliver neatly wrapped box of Dryfruits such as Cashew, Almond, Pistachio, Nuts and many other types.


The festival of light, Diwali is fast approaching and people will be celebrating it on the 19th of October. At Giftalove.com, you will find a huge collection of Chocolates and Chocolate combo that will surely win the heart of the people living far from you. So, convey your love, care and affection to kids, young and grown with box of chocolate with the help of Diwali Same Day Delivery services offered at this website.


A cake is one of the most preferred gift options when it comes to celebration. Whether it is Diwali, Bhai Dooj or any other special occasions, Cakes brings charm to the festivity. We offer delicious and mouth-watering cakes that are prepared using fresh ingredients and are offered in different flavors such as pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and others. Also, for buying Designer or Customized cakes, you need not go anywhere else; we provide cakes in different designs that meet variegated requirements of yours. It is just a matter of few clicks and your order for delectable cakes for Diwali is placed.

We at Giftalove.com offer Diwali Same Day Delivery services (http://diwali.giftalove.com/diwali-same-day-delivery-309.html) in almost all cities of India and overseas country. So, it is very easy to send gifts to India on any and every occasion and stay connected with the dear and loved one irrespective of the place.

Confused? Here are Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend to Surprise Him!

Birthday, one of the most special day of the year is celebrated with great zeal. No wonder this is the day of the year for which everyone waits eagerly. So if birthday of the most special person of your life is approaching, excitement for that day is sure to rise with each passing day. Well to help you make the day worth exciting for your boyfriend, here we have come up with exciting Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend.

Gifting is great fun and an amazing way of articulating feelings of love. In fact, the power of gifting is way beyond imagination as it holds emotions, thoughtfulness and excitement of surprising the receiver. So when birthday of the man you love is approaching fast, you definitely need to come up with most impressive token of love that can last an unforgettable impression forever.

No worries, if the best gift idea is not striking your mind. Here comes the list of top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend that will sure to make his day memorable forever, such as:

Frame of Me & U:

The most memorable thing you can gift your dearest boyfriend is a frame of Me & U. This means a big Photo frame with pictures highlighting the most memorable pictures of you and your dearest boyfriend. No wonder this will turn into a memorable token of love for your love.Frame of Me & U

A Classy Timepiece:

For your dearest boyfriend with a classy choice, the idea of gifting a classy timepiece is simply a way of winning his heart. No wonder every loves to wear and flaunt a classy wristwatch on his wrist. So, a classy timepiece gifted by you would definitely make him happy.A Classy Timepiece

VR Box Kit: His Most Desiring Gadget

These days, a gadget that is very much in trend is VR Box Kit as it gives the experience of watching movies and videos in any theater. If your boyfriend is a movie freak then this is the gift option for you to choose and surprise him with.VR Box Kit

Bar Tool Kit with Spinning Whiskey Glasses:

If he loved drinking then this is the perfect Birthday gift option for you to bring smile of happiness on his face. Today you can find a wide variety of Bar tool kits in attractive shapes clubbed with Spinning Whiskey Glasses.Bar Tool Kit with Spinning Whiskey Glasses

A Trendy Travel Bag:

For boyfriend who loves travelling a lot, this is the ultimate gift choice. Make sure you choose a travel bag with multiple pockets and zips to help him carry his essentials with him in ease. This useful gift is sure to become a heart winning token of love for him.A Trendy Travel Bag

Box of Expensive Branded Perfume with Wallet and Belt:

Another very useful gift to bring that joyous smile on brother’s smile is a box of expensive branded perfume with classy leather wallet and belt. He is sure to find this gift box very useful.Box of Expensive Branded Perfume with Wallet and Belt

Bluetooth Speakers:

If you want to make the special day of your boyfriend a bit extra special then this is the gift option for you to think. If he loves listening to music then girl you are sure to make him immensely happy on his birthday.Bluetooth Speakers

A Grooming Kit:

For boyfriend who is lazy to take his good care and groom regularly, a Grooming kit as a Birthday present would definitely give the reason of grooming and be presentable every time. Just make sure the inclusion of branded and safe to use cosmetic products in the kit.A Grooming Kit

Shirt, Tie and Cufflinks set:

If boyfriend of yours is working in any corporate firm then on his Birthday you need not to think anymore to make his special day one. All that you need is to make this gift option your choices. Every time, he would be wearing your gifted shirt, tie and cufflinks, he will remember you for it.Shirt, Tie

A Coffee Mug with Love Quote for Him:

The simplest way of making your boyfriend’s birthday worth remembering is by gifting a coffee mug to him with a heartwarming love quote. You can make it extra special by getting a coffee mug personalized (https://www.giftalove.com/personalised-gifts/personalized-mugs-1176.html) with a love quote and a memorable photograph of you and him.A Coffee Mug with Love Quote for HimHope, these top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas have helped you plan the best Birthday surprise for your dearest boyfriend. And to buy such amazing gifts online, this online gift store is always there to cater you with the best. Gifts at GiftaLove are very impressive and heart winning that can simply be a part of special occasions to surprise someone very dear and loving.

7 Unique & Trending Mehndi Designs for Karwa Chauth 2017

All the ladies, Karwa Chauth is here again for you to revive your bond of love with your darling husband and to adorn your hands with most exquisite Mehndi designs. No wonder, every married woman holds craze to get her hands accentuated with the best Mehndi design. So, here we are with some most beautiful, unique and very trending Mehndi designs for you to decide the best suitable one to deck up on your hands.

Getting confused over the kind of Mehndi design to deck your hands with is quite an obvious thing. So, here below in the list are few selective Mehndi design patterns that will deck up your wrist with beautiful swirls and curls. Choose the best one from here below:

  • Jal Pattern Mehndi Design

Love for Jaal pattern mehndi designs is rising among women of every age. These are not just intricate but awesomely beautiful and attractive. Moreover, jaal designs are quite easy to make.1 MD

  • Glitter Mehndi Designs

To add more glamour in your Mehndi, Glitter design pattern is what you must choose to deck your hands or feet with on this Karwa Chauth. How about this beautiful design??2 MD

  • Minimalistic Designs

Women of today are going crazy for this mehndi pattern as these are unique, intricate, trendy and very beautiful. If you don’t wanna get your hands accentuated with heavy designs of henna, this is the pattern you must look up for!3 MD

  • Arabian Designs

For years, this Mehndi pattern has ruled the preference among women of every age. Even today, Arabian Designs in unique pattern like this one is a most preferred choice.4 MD

  • Heavy Bridal Mehndi Designs

If it’s your first Karwa Chauth or if you are in love with Heavy Bridal Mehndi Designs then go for it and get your hand completely accentuated with beautiful and very intricate heavy Bridal Mehndi designs that will give you the feel of being a bride all over again on this Karwa Chauth.5 MD

  • Two-in-One Mehndi Designs

Fun and beautiful, this Mehndi design pattern is again a much preferred option to get both your hands decked up with similar heena curls and swirls. Choose this one to pose with both your hands just like a Bride…!6 MD

  • Floral Pattern Mehndi

Elegant… beautiful and unique…!! Floral pattern Mehndi designs are simply the best if you are looking for a distinctive henna design on your hands and feets on this Karwa Chauth. How about this one??7 MD
Ladies, hope this blog helped you in making the decision for the best Mehndi design on your beautiful hands. So go ahead to accentuate your hands and look beautiful…!!

6 Quirky yet Personalized Rakhi Gifts for Brother

The boding between brothers and sisters is something very holistic yet amazing in this world; they are like permanent buddies, though foes in seconds whenever any disagreement crawls upon. Usually siblings have a hate-love bonding.

As the festival of Rakhi is hitting upon all of us, it’s time to buckle up for something surprising. Not just sisters, but brothers do deserve their fair share of gifts. You might be pondering over certain Rakhi gifts for brother and if you haven’t found anything up to the mark, consider these ideas.

Personalized Mugs: A personalized mug is really a cool gift for brother on Raksha Bandhan. This gift is something which can be used on regular basis by your brother. Also every morning, it will bring a cute smile on his face whenever he’ll sip of coffee from it. By gifting such a souvenir, you’re really gonna make him special on Raksha Bandhan.

Personalized Caricature: It’s in fact a caricature magnet or chumbak (in general) which you can give your bro to remind him of your thoughtfulness. This souvenir can easily be stuck on fridge or any other place which is made of metal. This gift is special as it shows off the brother-sister rivalry if made onto like that or sibling love if based on a touching theme with pictures of you both on it. Add your brother’s face on it and give this gift a special look.

Personalized Photo Frame: Give this customized photo frame to your brother on this auspicious day & get the day etched in his heart with sweet memories forever. Such frames are special as they feature words, messages or even pictures of bygone era when you both had to tease each other. Your bro can use it in home décor. Besides being affordable this gift is sought-after too. There are varieties in photo frames as you can avail a single frame with a single photo or can get a collage with lots of photos.

Personalized T-Shirt: Give your bro a heart-touching message through a customized tee. A customized tee is quite popular these days and youngsters can easily be seen tucking in it. Besides augmenting style quotient, such tees offers great looks too. You style-conscious bro will not mind having such a tee in his closet.

Personalized Clock: Keep your brother informing of the time through a personalised clock. It’s really a special gift as he’s gonna see it every morning before leaving for the college, tuition or office. Quirky designs, messages and patterns are what make a boring dull clock look fabulous. I don’t have any doubt that it’s a great gift for brother on Raksha Bandhan.

Customized Cushion: Remember those days when you both had fights with pillow. Wanna live those memories? Give your bro a personalized cushion with a meaningful message, quote or even picture of him imprinted on it. He’ll find this gift really thoughtful.

Hope these rakhi gifts for brother will help you make a thoughtful choice. Keep checking our blogs for more quirky gift ideas.