A Quick Sneak Peak Into Birthdays of Bollywood Celebrities in November 2019

The bigwigs of the Bollywood never miss a chance to grab the eyeballs of the paparazzi with something or the other. Whether we talk about their airport looks, dinner outings, or big birthday jamboree, their glorious lifestyles and their ultra-modern, classy demeanour never fail to surprise their fans and media. There is strong keenness noticed among people for their favourite celebrities to have a constant sneak peak in their personal and professional lives, and making them constantly stalk their social media accounts for the latest updates. The month of November was quite a special and exciting one due to the birthdays of some very popular Bollywood personalities. From the flashy parties to the ritzy celebrity gatherings, these celebrations in the tinsel town captured the limelight of all the media houses making them cash millions in just a month.

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Express Your Affable Emotions to Buddies with These Friendship Day Messages

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell

The definition of true friendship encapsulates three things – immense love, unconditional support, and everlasting bond of togetherness. A friend is the one who holds your hands when everyone shook their heads and shows you their backs. In the darkest of days in life, a friend is that one person who becomes your guiding light showing the right path to righteousness and self-realization. They are secret keepers of your dark secrets and tolerate all kinds of nonsense with bright smiles on their faces. This Friendship Day on 4th August, express your love and gratitude to all your buddies for never leaving your side and staying with you in all walks of life.

Friendship Day Messages

Although, it is difficult to find the right words to convey heartfelt emotions to friends, we have brought an amazing line up of messages for Friendship’s Day that will perfectly say what you have never spoken before.

1. Your friendship is like rays of morning sun bringing new hopes of a new day in a life filled with despair. Happy Friendship day my dearest buddy…

2. Kitni choti si duniya hai meri, ek main hu aur ek dosti teri…

3. Tu mera dost nahin, meri jaan hai…
Tere hone se hi meri pehchaan hai…
Happy Friendship Day!!!

4. A F.R.I.E.N.D. is an abbreviation of “Few Relations In Earth Never Dies”. Love you friend!!!

5. We are like Chandler and Joey, INSEPARABLE & INVINCIBLE…

6. The idiotic fights we had,
Those feelings make us sad,
The fun gossips all night,
Helping with all the might,
For every support you gave,
Thank you to my sweetest friend,
You mean a lot to me,
Happy Friendship Day!

7. The mad selfies we took together,
Those boastful stories so true,
All the happy moments that I share with you,
All the loving memories old and new,
I am so lucky in life,
To have found a buddy like you,
Happy Friendship Day!

8. Friendship is the source of power in life,
Which make things really great,
Having a good friend in life,
Is also a thing of fate,
Thank you, my friend, for being there,
Happy Friendship Day!

9. Friendship is the ray of light,
It is the most beautiful sight,
Friendship is a real gem,
Which shines forever and never ends,
Happy Friendship Day!

10. Friendship is about sharing good vibes,
Sharing good memories all through life,
A little nagging with lots of fun,
Some weird moments with lots of buns,
Friends are for life and that is true,
With you, it feels so awesome and new,
Happy Friendship Day!

11. For all the love and happiness in life,
For all the things that have got to strive
I know you are always there for me
For that, I appreciate you to thee,
Thanks to my honey bunny cutie friend,
Happy Friendship Day!

12. True friends are like a soul of life,
Without them, it is tough to strive,
Thanks to my friend for always being there,
With you life is awesome I swear,
A very Happy Friendship Day!

13. My friend, you are my strength in life,
You are my only smile,
With you, life is so easy,
All the way and all the while,
Wish you a very Happy Friendship Day!

14. A friend like you is so very special
A friend like you is so real
Can’t express it more coz I am so lucky
To have found a friend like you,
My bestie I love you
Happy Friendship Day!

15. Friendship is the way you are there
With that silent concern and care
Friendship makes the world so bright
You feel so good and you feel all right
Friendship is forever in the heart
From the start
Happy Friendship Day to you!

16. When I want inspiration
You are the one I think of my friend
With you my feelings are so very pure
As there is nothing to pretend
A good friend like you is worth a gem
Happy Friendship’s Day to you!

17. Friendship is a promise between two people
To stay together in every condition
To be together in every situation of life
Friendship is a true promise to stay
Thanks for everything my friend
Happy Friendship Day!

18. Friendship is not about fights
But the laugh after the same
Friendship is not about the blame
But, remembering the name,
Friendship is sweet just like you
I can call you mine and lovely too,
Happy Friendship Day!

19. A friend gets happy on your past
Makes your present a moment to live by
And makes your future look so bright
This is to my best friend forever,
I love you so much
Happy Friendship Day to you!

20. With you, I can stay in silence
With you, I can talk my heart
With you, I know that I am ‘myself’
You let me have that perfect start
With you, I feel so good
I wish that this friendship remains forever ‘Touchwood’…
Happy Friendship Day to you!

With these affectionate messages, order Friendship Day gifts online for your loving and caring friend and celebrate this wonderful day dedicated to pure ad true friendship with magnificence and happiness. Have blast guys!!!

21 Mother’s Day Messages to Say – ‘Thank You Momma for Everything’!

Now it’s just a matter of couple of days for us to celebrate Mother’s Day for honouring and thanking her for unconditional love, undying efforts in raising us with best morals and for continuous support. So now when you are done with the idea of Mother’s Day gift, you need that special message to convey your feelings the right way to her and make her feel loved the most.


To make Mother’s Day, most special and memorable for our darling momma, we plan a lot. We buy Mother’s Day gift, flowers, hampers, cakes and lot more to make her feel overwhelmed on the special day. And, for the ones who delayed the right time to order gift for mother, GiftaLove.com also offer Express Mother’s Day Gifts Delivery service too.

To help all those who are planning to convey heartiest feelings of love to mother with a gift, here below are some heart-touching messages to convey thankful feelings to momma. Here we start-

I remember holding your hand and I remember you combing my hair.
And my heart will never let me forget the happiness we’ve shared.
So, because I can’t be there this Mother’s Day
To open the door for you to walk through or pull the chair out for you to sit down,
I am sending you my written love in hopes that happiness will abound.
Happy Mother’s Day Maa…

You always put others before yourself.
I am so grateful to have grown up
with your example of unselfish love and care!
**Happy Mother’s Day**
You’re the best Momma in the world!!

There is nothing I am not proud of…in my mother…
Highly inspired by your strength, passion, your determination
And most of all your unconditional love…
–Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mom–

1I have never felt vulnerable or doubted myself.
You have always been around to push me
pass those doubts and fears…
and kept me going.
Happy Mother’s Day to my pillar of strength.

In your arms, you held us.
Little did we know but you have given us
the greatest treasure that will never fade
in our heart and that’s your love.
**Happy Mother’s Day Momma**

M is for Marvelous
O is for Open
T is for Trustworthy
H is for Honest
E is for Elegant
R is for Reliable
–Happy Mother’s Day momma–
I love you the most

A mom like you I could never replace.
Your actions and words are full of such grace.
You’re truly a treasure, so I’m writing to say
I wish you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!
I love you forever, Mom!!

mothers-day-images-wishesAny woman can be my mother
But it takes someone special like you to be my mom.
Have a fantastic Mother’s Day Mom!
You are World’s Best Momma!!

I marvel in your beauty, even as a seasoned woman.
You are still so very lovely with your sophisticated ways.
Happiness is a blessing that shows upon your face,
You inspire so many to become better.
Our wish for you on this Mother’s Day is a continual stream of
Little hugs from those you touch each day.

Today being Mother’s Day, I want to use this day as an opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the immeasurable care, support and love you have given me throughout my life. Thank you so very much, Mom. I wish you a fabulously Happy Mother’s Day. May you always have a smile on your beautiful face.

Nothing can be compared to the love a mother has for her children.
Your love is incomparable, unconditional and inseparable.
No matter where I go or what I do,
At the end of the day I always find myself finding solace in your advice.
I love you too Mommy.
–Momma wishes you a very Happy Mother’s Day–

Thank you for teaching me
And helping me to become the best version of myself
I am so proud to be your child.
**Happy Mother’s Day Mom**

Mom, since I was born, you’ve done over a billion wonderful things in my life, and there’s absolutely no way I could ever repay you for all the wonderful things you’ve done in my life. So on Mother’s Day, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all your sacrifices.
Thank you, Mom for everything you’ve done in my life.
I love you, and do have a very happy Mother’s Day celebration.

Wondering what gift to get you to represent how much you mean to me
…coming over with kids to share hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter
… Let’s celebrate a very happy Mother’s Day together


Recalling my fondest memories with you this day…

Thank you Mom for the warm welcome you extended to me.

–Happy Mother’s Day Maa–

The warmth of your love, the tenderness of your embrace, the inexhaustible intelligence of yours can never be found anywhere else.
Love you mom.
**Happy Mother’s day**

In my darkest moments of life, when all seems lost, you’re always there
To support and encourage me to never give up
Thank you, Mom, for playing such a wonderful role in my life.
I love and cherish you so much, Mom.
!!Happy Mother’s Day!!

Today, we celebrate the amazing love and care you’ve shown us throughout our lives.
–Happy Mother’s Day–
May you have a day full of beautiful happenings!!

Mama you are my Angel,
Sometimes my partner in crime,
My broken heart healer,
My best problem solver,
My doctor in pain,
My heart and soul!!
**Wishing you a joyous Mother’s Day Momma**

Wishing my beautiful and loving mother an extremely happy Mother’s Day!
Mom, may all the things that you dream of in life always find their way to you and
Fill your heart with pure happiness.
I love you so much, Mom.

Mom, I can confidently say that without your love, guidance and support,
I won’t be where I am today.
I just want to use this special day to say a big thank you
To you and tell you how much I appreciate your immeasurable sacrifices for me.
**Happy Mother’s Day my darling Momma**

Hope, you found all Mother’s Day messages relevant and heart touching enough to use for greeting your momma and expressing your thankfulness to her with best words. However, to make Mother’s Day gift shopping at this last moment, GiftaLove.com is there with same day Mother’s Day gifts delivery as well as with Mother’s Day express gifts delivery. Hurry to order gift for mother before it becomes too late.

3 Interesting Facts about Beautiful Blue Roses

God’s most beautiful creation which is mesmerizingly beautiful is undoubtedly a Rose! This flower species holds the power of fascinating the sight with enchanting hues. Also, this beautiful flower possesses the magical power of expressing love. Another very interesting thing about roses is the availability of it in the most loved Blue Color, which is can definitely satisfy the desire of many.


No wonder, color blue is the universally loved shade from the wide color palette. In fact, several beautiful and natural backdrops can be said God’s way of painting the nature in Blue. This ultimate love for Blue among people has urged the need for witnessing the most beautiful flower in the blue hues. And, we finally got Blue Colored Roses!

But wait… is Blue Rose really nature’s magic? Read these 7 interesting facts about beautiful blue roes and find out.

Here we start…

Blue Rose is not Naturally Grown!

Ya… that’s true! A Blue colored rose has never been discovered in nature. In few flowers like pansies and geraniums there is the presence of delphinidin which is a plant pigment that gives a flower, a true blue color. Plants that do not contain this pigment cannot naturally develop a blue flower. Since, in rose plant as well, this pigment is not present, thus there are no blue roses grown in nature. Also, blue roses cannot be produced by any crossbreeding methods or traditionally.


A Rose in Blue Colour Represents Too Many Meanings

Just like any other flower of any specific color, blue roses also symbolize many meanings. Some consider Blue Roses as the symbol of prosperity, immortality, and love according to the ancient literature. Also, in accordance with many cultures, a blue rose is believed to associate royalty and royal blood. Moreover, a rose of blue in color is said to represent glory and majesty.


Roses are Excellent Gifts too!

For those who wish to gift the most beautiful flower but in a unique color, Blue Rose is the answer to it. For occasions like the start of a venture, new journey or trip, birthday and other special moments of beginning in life, a bouquet of Blue Roses is an excellent gift choice. However, a bunch or bouquet of blue roses may not be a suitable token of love for someone planning for a new relationship in life.


The imagination of the beauty of a blue rose has been the reason for its creation. Though nature has not blessed people with Blue roses but the strong desire of blue roses has made its availability among us. However, the most loved rose color is the red which symbolizes love as no other gift can. To buy roses online that are majestically beautiful and holds the mesmerizing fragrance, GiftaLove.com is definitely an excellent medium. Along with beautiful rose of every shade, the portal enables people to send flowers online and give a heartwarming surprise of cheerfulness and thoughtfulness.

20+ Heart Winning Anniversary Messages to Express Your Love to Beloved

No wonder the special day of Anniversary is rejoiced a lot by every couple. They share love, care, memories and romantic or thoughts gifts with each other. It’s the amazing way of expressing love and care for each other on the day of celebrating their togetherness. To help a couple send the most thoughtful and heart touching message or anniversary quote, here this blog will definitely help a lot.


The moment a couple confess their hearty feeling to each other is the most special one. Another special moment for a couple is their anniversary. This is the day of celebrating their year of marriage and togetherness. Couple spends time together, share memories together and makes each other feel loved with exchange of anniversary gifts.

But, the least important is given to exchange of heart wining anniversary message or quote. Thus, here we have come up with thoughtful and romantic 25+ Anniversary messages and quotes to share with beloved and express hearty feelings romantically.

Here we start:

For Husband

He is your Mr. Right who loves and cares you. It’s time to show him some love on this anniversary with heart winning messages and quotes like-

Since I met you, my life has never been the same.
Thanks for making it better and happier.
I love you and Happy Anniversary, hubby!
I thank God for giving me the best husband!

Another year to create precious memories together
Another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other
Another year to strengthen a marriage that defines forever
Happy anniversary husband

Our anniversary is not just a celebration of our wedding day.
It is the celebration of every day of being married to an awesome guy like you.
**Happy anniversary my darling husband**

My heart was forever stolen on the day we got married but the only thing different in this robbery is that I knew the robber. I knew he would take good care of it… forever and ever.
–Happy anniversary, to my handsome thief–

I have never met a man like you.
You are the real treasure, sweetheart,
and I thank God for your existence.
I’m so happy to be your wife.
Congratulations on our anniversary!

Sometimes I think that you have magical powers, because only you are able to brighten cloudy day, to warm me up on a cold winter’s night, to heal me with your tender smile. Only you’re able to make me happy, darling. Congratulations on our wedding anniversary!

Biology says that a man’s behavior changes as he ages.
But you have proved that wrong because
You’re still as romantic and charming
As you were when we started dating.
–Happy anniversary my love—

To my honey…
To my precious one
To my lover
To my everything
I love you. You know I always do.
I’m just happy we’re in this together.
Happy anniversary

To our relationship…
I bring madness, while you balance it with stability.
I bring cuteness, and you coat it with elegance.
I bring smiles, which you convert to endless happiness.
**Happy anniversary**

To my husband on our Anniversary – one simple message: I LOVE YOU!
The happiness wedding brings is unmatched except for every day I spend with you.
Many years ago, I gave you my heart. You’ve given me so much more. I love you always.
It’s been no labor of love to be with you – It’s as easy as pie!
Wikipedia should have a photo of you in their “Perfect Husband” listing.
Our date to remember has a 60’s theme – that’s right, it’s a love-in!

What more can a woman ask for with a man like you by her side.
You love has been timeless and endless.
You have loved me in my good moods and loved me even more in my worst side.
Thank you for being the best of the best husbands. Happy Anniversary dear!


She is your beloved of lifetime who definitely deserves to get wished or congratulated with a special anniversary message like-

It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been married
because I always feel in love with you.
I know that there are days when we just fight and can’t seem to get along
But when the anger subsides and we have both calmed down,
There’s always plenty of love left to make things okay again.
I’m so happy that you’re my wife because you just understand me.
I love you…
!!Happy anniversary!!

All the words in the world could not even begin to describe how deeply I am in love with you, from the first moment I saw you until the never-ending heartbeat you have given me. You are not only my love, but you are my soul.

Our house would never have become a home without you.
Our kids would never have understood the meaning of family without you.
I would have never experienced love without you.
–Happy anniversary—

It doesn’t matter whether it is our first, fifth, tenth or fifteenth marriage anniversary.
What matters is that I will always love you and you will always love me.
##Happy anniversary darling##

Some husbands dedicate songs, some dedicate a Facebook page and
Some dedicate gifts to their wives on a wedding anniversary.
I have kept it simple and dedicated my whole life to you, sweetheart
–Happy Anniversary–

Our anniversary reminds me
That there is someone who
Loves me, Support me,
Understands me, Caress me
Take care of me, Stand by me
364 days in a year!
How lucky can I get?
Another 365 days is coming up!
Brace yourself, wifey!
Happy Anniversary!

My wife, you are so loving, beautiful, romantic, tender, kind and caring.
Words are not enough to express how much you mean to me.
Thanks for being there for me and for another lovely year of marriage.

To the beautiful woman who has given me the most beautiful life, a very happy anniversary!
I want to thank you for everything you do for me and the kids.
I know that it’s not easy managing our home,
Taking care of the kids and having a career,
But you make it look so easy.
You look so beautiful doing it, too.
How did I get so lucky? I love you, honey.
!!Happy anniversary!!

My dear wife, you will always be in my heart,
Because it beats only for you
With you, I’m the happiest man on this earth.
Thank you for the previous years, let’s do it again.
Happy anniversary sweetie!!

My dear wife, there are a lot of things I am incredibly grateful for to you:
For your sweet morning smile,
For your delightful dinner which is cooked even if you’re extremely tired,
For your kind and understanding heart,
For your support at a critical time
And for your endless love
Congratulations on our wedding anniversary!

In times of either troubles or happiness.
I know you are always with me and stands by my side.
You are everything that i could ever ask for.
Here’s to another year of our lives together.
**Happy anniversary my sweetheart**

The day that celebrates the years of marriage is very special and romantic. Apart from making each other happy with anniversary flowers and gifts, spend some time to express it in words and honor each other’s inevitable presence in life with a heart touching anniversary message or quote. And to help with gifting, GiftaLove.com has extensive range of anniversary gifts, flowers and anniversary cakes to shop online with never before ease.

15 Thoughtful and Best Holi Messages to Greet Your Loved Ones!

Apart from preparations of making delicious gujiyas, delectable sweets, thandai, filling colored water balloons buying water color Pichkari and other preparations for Holi, you cannot miss conveying your wishes to close and dear ones. And, to convey the most heart winning and thoughtful Holi wish to all your near and dear ones, you definitely need to go through this blog.BannerHappy Holi wishes is something that everyone wishes to convey close and dear ones. But, you definitely need to pick the most thoughtful Holi message for wishing your loved ones to convey your heart felt wishes in the best way possible. Thus, to help you out, here we have come up with an exclusive blog having the most thoughtful and Holi messages like:
















Hope, you found this Blog on Holi, quite helpful to greet your loved ones. So wishing you and your family a very Happy Holi!!

What to Write on a Gift Card: 15 Thoughtful Messages…

The selection of a heart winning gift is never an easy task but the way to impressing a dear one with a gift does not ends with the right gift selection, it ends with a thoughtful message on the gift card. In India people often forget completing their gift box with a tag of message. With 20 thoughtful messages, we are giving you some inevitable reasons of not missing the gift card from the gift you give to your dear ones.

A gift not only brings the joy for the receiver but also for the giver too. It’s the core elation of making someone happy. And, to make this gift, a box of happiness and affection for dear ones, we often do a lot of hard work on finding the best gift and to wrap it in the most beautiful manner. But, one thing that most of us forget is to place the gift card on the present.

Just like wrapping it beautifully with an attractive paper and tying it nicely with a colored ribbon to amplify its beauty, tagging the gift with a gift card containing a thoughtful message is equally important. It’s the way of expressing your inner thoughts behind the reason and happiness of gifting. Even if you have missed putting a gift card on the presents you gave your loved ones, you can now onwards brace the idea of completing a gift with a gift containing a thoughtful message.

For Festive Time:

  • The festive time is here… so conveying you our hearty wishes for prosperous and happy festive time.
  • This festive time let our hearty wishes be conveyed to you and your family with this little token of love.
  • Time of Merriment is here. Hope this little token of love can add into the joviality of this festive time.For Festive Time

To Simply Convey Affection with a Gift:

  • You are special and the one we adore. So, sending this little box of surprise for you…!
  • Someone special like you deserves the best. Tried a bit to give you a little yet best surprise with this gift!
  • Love and affection fonder with little jovial moments! Hope this little token of love can bring jovial moments in your life.Convey Affection with a Gift

Those Special Day Wishes:

  • On your special day when you are suppose to feel the most special in the world… here is a little effort of mine to make the day special and memorable for you.
  • May this special day you be blessed with prosperous and happy life. May this little token of love add into the merriment of this special day.
  • A gift of happiness…. a gift of love… a gift of peace… is here for you. Hope this little effort of mine turn this day into a special one for you…!!Special Day Wishes

For Showing Thankfulness

  • Your efforts and care means a lot to us. Thanks a lot dear…!!
  • To convey you my thankful gesture, sending you this little box of love! Hope you love this little token of thankfulness!
  • We are extremely thankful for your kind effort of being here with us on our special day. It’s a little thing to bring in happiness in your life.Thankfulness

To Give a Little Surprise:

  • You are the special one and deserve everything special. Hoping this little box of love can bring little special moments in your life.
  • May this little token of love become the reason for a cheerful smile on your face as you look best while smiling…!!
  • Special one like you is meant to be delighted with best token of love. Hope you love this little surprise.Little Surprise

Little gesture of giving a gift with a gift card to the special one is the little way of making the special one feel special too. Do it with a thoughtful message!

15 Most Romantic Propose day Quotes to Speak Your Heart!!

Love is the beautiful feeling that needs to be expressed most romantically. So, now when the week-long Valentine celebration has begun and its Propose Day next on the list, you need to brace up and tune into the most romantic of you and make an eternal love confession on this Propose Day!GAL Banner

We understand that making the most romantic love confession is not an easy thing for everyone. But, yes what everything desires is to make the most romantic love proposal to the special one. So, here we have come up with some most romantic Propose Day quote. No wonder, you will definitely find the ideal quote for the Propose Day, from here below:















Hope, you found the best Propose Day quote to confess hearty feelings of love to your beloved? To buy the best Valentine’s Day gifts, GiftaLove.com is always there with best gifting solutions and speedy delivery services.

9 Interesting Facts about Gifts that Many of Us Don’t Know!

Do you know men are likely to wait for the last minute than women to buy a gift? You didn’t know that isn’t it? Well that is because no one discuss about such facts behind gifting. Though, gifting is one of the universal rituals that are followed by everyone of every age but still people are unaware of many interesting fact about gifts. So let us make you aware of some very interesting and unknown facts of gifting.BannerGifting is an amazing way of confessing love, affection and care. Also, people find gifting as one of the best ways of conveying their hearty feelings to their near and dear ones during special moments of life. Unlikely, people are not aware about many interesting facts about gifts and the act of gifting, such as:

Gift is not a matter of Spending Money on Someone

The ideology behind gifting is not just spending money on someone or to showoff; it’s a concept of lots of depth. Gifting is the way of expressing heartfelt feelings, making someone feel loved, amaze someone dear, greet someone or to make the receiver feel cared. It’s a special gesture of kindness done for the special ones.

Women make better gift selection than men

Yes, that’s true! In compared to men, women prove to be better selector of gifts. They can easily figure out as what can be that perfect gift for the dear one, irrespective of his/her age, likes and dislikes, occupation and other aspects than men. It is quite likely to seem men of every age feel baffled over the idea of gifting.better gift selection

Personalized gifts are the most trending option these days

The range of gifts is extremely vast with uncountable number of gifts available in different patterns. In such a huge gifts variety, personalized gifts have turned out to be the most trending and preferred gifting options these days. Apart from enabling people to get it customized as per wish with a photograph, text or quote, personalized gifts are considered to be the most affectionate gift.trending option

Around 50% Recipients don’t like the Gift been received by them

It’s another interesting fact about gifts that is a bitter truth for many to know. Despite of all the efforts been made by one to buy a gift for someone dear, it’s likely for the recipient to not find the gift good enough. This happens because many time people fail to analyze as what can be the perfect gift for their dear one. Therefore, giving useful gifts is considered the best way of winning the like of the recipient for the gift been gifted.Recipients

Men typically have liking for useful gifts than romantic or captivating ones

Unlike women who are usually romantic and emotional by heart, men are quite practical in nature. May be this is the reason that they have typical liking for useful gifts than any other attractive or romantic gift. You can truly impress a woman with an attractive decorative item but to impress a man, you must prefer something useful. romantic or captivating

Red is the favourite gift wrapping colour

Wrapping a gift with an attractive packing paper is the act of beautifying a gift in the eyes of the receiver. And as per a survey, red colored wrapping paper is the most favourite of many people. Basically people in India prefer beautifying the gift box by wrapping in bright colors like red, blue, green, golden and other.wrapping colour

Women prefer gifting more gifts than men

The act of gifting is the generous way of showing affection to someone or to surprise any special one. But surprisingly, women understand the joviality behind gifting much better than men do. This is the reason that more number of women of different age buy gifts than men.gifts than men

There are many songs dedicated to gifting

In India and across the globe, the kind act of gifting is been praised by poets. This is the reason that many song writers also preferred dedicating a song on gifting or a gift. Who doesn’t remember the famous ‘Tohfa… Tohfa…’ bollywood song in India and other popular melodies like ‘The Sweetest Gift’, ‘A Gifts of Love’, Gift of a Friend and more. All these songs and many other songs on gifts are special dedication of on this generous act of giving.

‘Gifts’ and ‘Presents’ do not mean the same

Yes that’s true but amazingly most of us use presents and gifts as synonym to each other. According to recent study and many online dictionaries, when you give anything to dear one on any occasion or ceremony then it’s a present. Therefore, one must say birthday present or wedding present. However, use of the word gift can be used as ‘Life is the precious gift from God’. Gift is the thing that is given with generous heart despite any special occasion.Gifts and Presents

Gifts share happiness and love but surprisingly there are many facts of gifting that we are unaware of. Hope you found it interesting to know many unknown facts of gift and gifting. To let gifting convey affection and care, let GiftaLove.com help you with best gifting solutions for every time.

5 Healthy Eating Gifts to Reflect Your Caring Side

Gifts convey love and affection. In fact, the sheer essence of gifting is sharing happiness and love. In addition to this, gifts hold the power to conveying your feelings of care to the receiver. Therefore, one must keep on the act of gifting going to make special ones feel loved, happy and cared in different moments of life.

Understanding the fact that gifts convey emotions, feelings of love and care, selecting that one perfect gift for the receiver becomes a tough task. Especially if you are looking for gifts to convey or show innermost feelings of care to the receiver then it becomes a quite challenging thing to come up with the best one.

To help you in this regards, here we have come up with this exclusive list of 5 wonderful Healthy Eating Gifts that perfectly reflects your caring side.

These are —

Basket of Fresh Fruits

The best and quite appreciable idea of a caring gift is a basket of fresh fruits. Apart from its easy availability, this gift is easy to make at own. You can buy different types of fruits selecting the ones that are actually healthy to consume for the receiver and get it beautifully placed in a basket. Else, you can simply choose the basket of fresh fruits available in the market areas. No wonder receiving a basket of fresh fruits will definitely make the receiver feel loved. It can be a great housewarming gift, baby shower gift, birthday gift or definitely an excellent get well soon gift.

Healthy Cooking Oil

Healthy eating starts with healthy cooking. Thus, it’s essential for everyone to cook food in healthy oil like Olive Oil. Thus, to express your caring side to your dear one, gifting a basket of different types of healthy cooking oils proves out to be a great idea. You can simply buy different healthy cooking oils in different quantities and gift wrap it as you wish and surprise the dear one. No wonder as a farewell gift, birthday gift, baby shower gift, housewarming gift and as festive gift, it’s an appreciable gift idea.Healthy Cooking Oil

Bowl Full of Dryfruits

Another very healthy thing to relish is dry fruits and you can get it anywhere at the local grocery store in different varieties and quantities to choose from. You can either prefer gifting different types of dry fruits to your dearest one whom you want to see healthy and happy. Else gifting mixes dry fruits in a decorative serving bowl will be a great idea.Bowl Full of Dryfruits

Basket of Sugar-Free Products

If the receiver of your gift will be a diabetic then here is the healthy eating gift choice to make. You can buy different types of sugar-free eateries like sugar-free cookies, sweetener, candies and things alike. You can also make additions in the hamper with other eateries that are good for diabetic patients.Basket of Sugar-Free Products

‘No Preservative’ Juices

Another very healthy gift to surprise someone with is this one. As a birthday gift, farewell gift or get well soon gift, a basket of different types of ‘No Preservative’ juices is a great option. Just avoid gifting juices with added preservatives as they do no good to health. Rather choose juices with zero preservative percentage to gift someone a healthy treat and show some care.Juices

The way of showing care to dear one with a gift is very appreciable. So, be it anytime or moment of the year when you wish to express your inner feelings of care, love, thankfulness, grief or even happiness, choose a gift as the apparatus of convey emotions and spreading happiness with everyone. And, to help you in finding the best token of love, GiftaLove.com is always there for you with its extensive range of gifts, cakes, and flowers.