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Blackforest Mini Cake
Blackforest Mini CakeRs. 499.00USD 7.68
Birthday White Forest Cake
Birthday White Forest CakeRs. 799.00USD 12.29
Choco Fantasy Cake
Choco Fantasy CakeRs. 849.00USD 13.06
Ferrero-Choco Cake
Ferrero-Choco CakeRs. 1099.00USD 16.91
Anniversary Photo Cake
Anniversary Photo CakeRs. 1399.00USD 21.52
Vanilla Photo Cake
Vanilla Photo CakeRs. 1399.00USD 21.52
Photo Cake Pineapple
Photo Cake PineappleRs. 1399.00USD 21.52
Chocolate Photo Cake
Chocolate Photo CakeRs. 1399.00USD 21.52
Baked for Beloved
Baked for BelovedRs. 845.00USD 13
1/2 kg  Special Blueberry Cake
1/2 kg Special Blueberry CakeRs. 1049.00USD 16.14
Choco Ferrero Cake
Choco Ferrero CakeRs. 1399.00USD 21.52
1 kg  Chocolate Drips Cake
1 kg Chocolate Drips CakeRs. 1249.00USD 19.22
Delightful Blackforest  Cake
Delightful Blackforest CakeRs. 1499.00USD 23.06
1 kg Rich Choco Cake
1 kg Rich Choco CakeRs. 1199.00USD 18.45
The Dark Fantasy Cake
The Dark Fantasy CakeRs. 1599.00USD 24.6
1 kg  Fruit Forest Cake
1 kg Fruit Forest CakeRs. 1549.00USD 23.83


Special occasions give a thousand reasons to be in a jolly mood and so to relish yummilicous treats! No one can resist savouring something sugary, syrupy on special occasions. When we talk about sugary treats, the first word that strikes our mind is…….. CAKES!! Yes, Cakes!!!

Buy Cake Online- To Proffer a Memorable Sweet Surprise to Love Ones!

Cakes are the bigwig & show-stealers of a celebration like birthday bash, anniversary party, wedding, or any formal to informal occasion. In fact, a scrumptious cake with creamy toppings is the one perfect thing to turn any simple day into a grand celebration. It is the sweet treat without which, celebrations are impossible to wonder about.

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  • Designer Cakes
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So, here comes a tremendous catalogue of yummy, creamy and flavorful cakes for you that is full of tempting and relishing options to help you buy cake online for special moments of celebrations. Our widest selections of online cakes offer you to buy cakes online for any celebratory moment as well as to the send cakes to India and worldwide as well. The prompt services for online Cake delivery in India and worldwide assures the reach of creamy cakes to loved ones residing any part of the world. A Home to Delicious Creamy Cakes!

Yes, it is! Apart from wonderful gifts online, Giftalove is a home to many delicious creamy cakes. The online store offers an unmatched range of Creamy Cakes that are hard to find anywhere. So, revel every occasion by sending your sweet love in the form of a cake right. To help you in finding your favourite flavour cake or to order cake online of any specific pattern, the portal offers wide Cake catalogues to go through.

To help you enjoy each and every special moment of your life with family and friends, we are here to bring a zing of flavoursome cakes. Our line-up of sugary treats includes Eggless Cakes, Pineapple Cakes, Half KG Cakes, Personalized Cakes, Layered Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Butterscotch Cakes, Photo Cakes and a lot more. We also send cakes to India including all major cities as well as far-flung areas.

Order Cakes Online to Make Special Moments Memorable Forever…

Gone are the days when cakes where just a part of Birthday celebrations. Today a scrumptious creamy cake completes any celebration. So, be it the wedding, housewarming, baby shower, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, cakes for any time is there at the portal to buy online. So for exclusive searches of Anniversary Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Valentine Cakes, Mother’s Day Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Baby Shower and alike, the range offers plethora of ultimate cake choices to explore in the exclusive range. The facility of online cake delivery will ease you to send cakes anywhere to delight anyone.

Send Cakes Online with Amazing Cake Delivery Services in India!

Whether you wanna sweep someone off his/her feet on their birthday with a midnight cake delivery right at their doorstep or want to surprise someone on their special occasion with a zing of deliciousness, we are there for you. With our extensive range of lip-smacking cakes, you’d be spoilt for choices. And most importantly, here you will get the ease to give the sweet and memorable surprise to your dearest one with Same Day Cake delivery, Mid Night delivery and Express delivery services.

This offers you the chance to send Chocolate Cake online, send anniversary Cake online or any other variety of cake to dear one residing anywhere in India within a matter of few clicks. Thus, via online cake delivery, you can send cakes to Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur and other places across the country. All that you need is to choose the best Cake online at GiftaLove to order cake online.

Send Cake Worldwide with GiftaLove!

Well to send cakes online to dear ones, you need not restrict your limits with the geographical boundaries as Giftalove offers you the ease to avail online cake delivery worldwide. So to surprise anyone on a celebratory moment, send cake to USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and other places across the globe. Also, the wonderful cakes of wonderful flavours and icings offer a whole range of scrumptious creamy cakes before you to make a choice from.

So, revel in sheer deliciousness of a sugary treat with your family or friends on those moments that hold greater significance in your life!

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