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You can never have too many books. They are regarded as the windows to the world, an escape from the daily routine, a store of knowledge, and a source of knowledge. The online book store is a great shopping destination for bookworms, students, and those who love maintaining their own libraries. It is possible to buy/send books online from and get them delivered to wherever you would like, even titles not sold in retail stores in India. Online bookstores allow you to find and buy books that have been summarized, reviewed by readers, and come in different bindings. With, you can find and buy books online without hassles. We've compiled a list of all the current bestsellers and online books you can purchase. Keep reading to find out more.
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Buy Books Online at Best Prices in India –

Trying reading books can help you escape situations where you feel stuck in one place. You can definitely learn something, refresh your mind, pass the time, and be inspired to reinvent your inner sense or outlook on life from pages filled with carefully and meticulously crafted letters and words by brilliant authors. Whatever your reading preferences, you will find and buy books online from a vast collection available at, including mythology, fiction, biography, science-fiction, fantasy, classics, thriller, poetry, historical fiction, fairy tales, suspense, self-help, and academic works. People also prefer to send books online to friends, family, and relatives as books make the most thoughtful gifts ever.

As far as the vast catalog of popular books online is considered, has a lot to offer its customers. Even the literary works that have yet to be published can also be found at our online book store. The summaries, reviews, and ratings of books can also be read online before buying them. Briefly, you can choose which one to read next and take your time. You can buy books online from bestsellers, top-rated books, or pick anything you like based on the author or publication you prefer. – Your One-Stop Online Book Store

A bookstore on the Internet is the best option for you if you ever have trouble finding a book at a marketplace. Despite their charming appearance and convenience, small cozy bookstores lack a good selection of books for people of all ages. The days when people traveled far to find their favorite books are long gone. Nowadays, people prefer to buy books online. You will find an extensive collection of books, novels, writings, etc., on Gift A Love, in categories such as Fiction, Non-fiction, Biographies, Autobiographies, Fairytales, Storybooks, Religious, and many more.

There are 19 main categories to choose from, so you will find something to suit your interest. Our store is one of the best book websites that contribute publications from the well-renowned authors of all times such as Khushwant Singh, Ruskin Bond, Chetan Bhagat, Jeffrey Archer, Jane Austen, Khaled Hosseini, Arundhati Roy, Stephen Coonts, William Wordsworth, John Green, Stephan King, Oscar Wilde, Shashi Tharoor, and many more. With rapid shipping options, the company offers huge discounts on a wide variety of book collections. In some places of India, shipping is free as well.

So, if you are searching for a thoughtful gift for Book-lovers, you can definitely order books online for birthday, anniversaries, and even get-togethers.

5 Bestselling Books to Begin Book Shopping Online with has a wide range of books available for you to choose from, whether reading is your passion or you occasionally read while sipping coffee on a rainy day. In addition to making a wonderful gift for both children and the elderly, books are also an excellent option for any occasion. You can buy books online from any genre to satisfy the cravings of bibliophiles, starting with the books that form the foundation of a child's life and ending with autobiographies of great personalities.

Here, we have a list of 5 bestselling books available on Gift A Love to begin online book shopping –

1. Memory - How To Develop, Train, And Use It by William Walker Atkinson

William Walker Atkinson's book "Memory: How To Develop, Train, And Use It" describes the principles and concepts that lead to better memory. The book discusses several concepts of memorization, subconscious memory preservation, and the role of association and attention in memory.

2. Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller

A remarkable piece of literary work, 'Attitude Is Everything' by Jeff Kellar, teaches us how to gain control over our lives and unleash our potential by following three simple steps: think, speak, and act! His message is communicated through the use of quotes from the best leaders.

3. Psychopathology of Everyday Life by Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, published 'Psychopathology of Everyday Life' in 1901. The main focus of this book is to find out why the author forgets words and names and how to use words properly in writing and speaking.

4. One Arranged Murder by Chetan Bhagat

'One Arranged Murder' is the sequel of Chetan Bhagat's bestselling 2018 novel 'The Girl in Room 105.' As part of an investigation agency with his best friend Saurabh, Keshav runs this book. How these two detectives resolve the murder mystery that is personally relevant to them is the central theme in the story.

5. The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Morgan Housel teaches time-tested lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness in his book, 'The Psychology of Money.' It is a collection of 19 stories that focus on how people think of money in different but strange ways.

Buy Books in India from Online Bookstores with Reliable Delivery Services has come up with a nice collection of books online covering different genres like drama, fiction, technology, autobiographies, etc. Not only our book collection, but we are also known for our fast, reliable, and hassle-free book delivery services. Customers can avail of delivery services to send books online in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kanpur, Lucknow, and across India. We offer our customers same-day book delivery services, next-day delivery, midnight delivery, and express book delivery services. You can send books online in India with free shipping as we offer delivery in Indian cities and states free book delivery services.

As far as the international delivery services are considered, customers can send books to USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, and worldwide with our fast and reliable delivery services and with zero hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Buy/Send Books Online

Q. What books should I read?

There is no universal answer to this question. Books are available in many genres. It would be best if you narrowed down your preferences according to your preferred genre, then read the synopsis and choose the books you wish to read.

Q. What are the most popular books right now?

Some of the popular and bestselling books to include in your reading list are:
  • The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • Karma - A Yogi Guide to Crafting Your Destiny by Sadhguru
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  • The Story of Tata-1868 to 2022 by Peter Casey

Q. Where can I order books from? offers a variety of books online to customers. There are different genres, styles, and subjects available. Discover our vast collection by browsing through our website and buy books online from us at GiftaLove.

Q. Can I send books online to USA from India?

If you order books online from, you can get safe, secure, and fast international delivery services to the customers. It is very easy and effortless to send books from India to USA online at affordable rates.

Q. Are books better than movies?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on the personal preference of the individual. Some prefer books sometimes and movies sometimes. Some preferred the books to the movies when it came to Harry Potter, for instance. Many scenes in the novels were not reflected in the movies, as cliché as it may sound.

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