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It is time to embellish your garden outside your house with some really amazing outdoor plants for that perfect green and beautiful vibes. Get the best of such plants available below which will heighten the beauty of your garden space with their vibrant colors. Quickly place your orders for outdoor plants online as they also serve as great gifts to give to loved ones in times of high pollution.

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Outdoor Plants

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4.6   based on 20 Review(s)

Send Plants to India-A Gift To Remember

For ages, gifting plants has remained a tradition in India. With the increasing awareness regarding saving the green cover of the earth, more people are planting trees every day. Keeping the same in mind, we have kept our gamut full of a wide range of indoor as well as outdoor plants for you to choose from. Select any from our assortment and send it to your loved one to show your love for them.

Buy Plants Online In India-Choose the Best

As far as buying the fresh and good quality plants are concerned, you can rely on each of our plants. Giftalove makes sure that when you receive your parcel, your plant remains healthy. Drooping leaves or dehydrated stems are not what you get from or end ever. We make sure that every plant is packed and delivered with the utmost care. Equal attention is paid while packing the fragile pots.

Opt For Natural Air Purifiers

Plants are known as the best air purifiers. If you have an open space around your house, you can plant a few trees to make sure that purified air enters your premises. We keep a plethora of outdoor plants so that you can choose any one effortlessly. Orange Dwarf Plant, Bay Leaf Plant, Chinese Pomegranate Dwarf Plant are some of the options you can consider.

Same Day Plant Delivery In India With Giftalove

At Giftalove, we understand that every time is not an ideal time for everyone. Hence, we keep our delivery schedules flexible to suit your convenience. If you are in a hurry and need the parcel to be delivered on the same day as you have placed the order, choose the same day delivery option from our delivery schedules, and your parcel will reach the same day itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which is the best outdoor plant for gifting?

Almost all the varieties available with us are good quality plants that you can opt for. However, the bay leaf plant and the orange plant are quite popular choices when it comes to planting outside the house. A flowering cactus plant would also be a smart choice at any point in time.

2. Do these outdoor plants bear fruits and flowers?

If the plant is a fruit-bearing one or a flowering one, it would surely have blossoms and harvests from time to time. Since the outdoor plants enjoy enough sunlight, you just need to water them regularly or add manure sometimes to make the soil more fertile.

3. Can I send outdoor plants to India for the wedding?

A plant is an ideal gift for any event or occasion. No matter if it is a birthday or a wedding, you can surely browse through our gamut and choose a plant that would best fit your preference.

4. Do I have to take special care of these outdoor plants?

Outdoor plants are either placed in the balcony, terrace, or around the house where they enjoy enough sunlight, fresh air, and rainwater from time to time. Hence, religious maintenance is not required for these plants. However, for flowering plants, you can keep the plant pots under shade during the summer days. Also, water the plants if it is not raining.

5. Can I pick the time of delivery when buying plants online?

You surely can pick a time of your convenience for delivery from our delivery choice section.

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