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Red Roses Bouquet Online

Red is the color of love and romance. And, roses are popular gifts to express these feelings to someone special. So, why not send beautiful red roses to a special one and convey hearty feelings with our romantic gestures? Red roses symbolize love, affection, admiration and passion. Order vibrant red roses for a birthday, anniversary, weddings, or Valentine's Day and confidently communicate your feeling to your soul mate. Pink Roses Yellow Roses Roses for Birthday Roses for Anniversary Rose Day Gifts Valentine Roses Roses by Numbers
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Red Roses Bouquet Online Reviews on GiftALove
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Flawless Delivery
★★★★★ 4 Star
23 Feb 2024

Ordered a bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day and they arrived fresh and stunning.

Highly recommended for special occasions!
★★★★★ 5 Star
20 Feb 2024

The bouquet was fresh and fragrant, and the delivery was hassle-free.

Effortlessly Elegant: The Perfect Bouquet
★★★★★ 5 Star
14 Feb 2024

Stunning floral arrangement delivered promptly, fresh blooms, and exceeded expectations.

Prompt delivery
★★★★★ 5 Star
05 Feb 2024

The recipient loved them! Great options and prompt delivery.

Blossoming Elegance
★★★★★ 5 Star
02 Feb 2024

The online flower delivery service brought a touch of elegance to my special occasion.

Superb Service
★★★★★ 4 Star
31 Jan 2024

The surprise element was a hit, and the product quality was superb.

Serenade in Roses
★★★★★ 5 Star
29 Jan 2024

Ordered a dozen roses for an anniversary.

Whispers of Romance
★★★★★ 4 Star
29 Jan 2024

Great online flower delivery service. Fantastic online flower shopping experience.

Perfect for a romantic gesture
★★★★★ 4 Star
29 Jan 2024

The red roses were stunning and fragrant.

A wonderful way to connect with loved ones globally!
★★★★★ 4 Star
27 Jan 2024

Sent a bouquet to a friend abroad, and the flowers arrived in pristine condition.

Romantic Gesture
★★★★★ 5 Star
23 Jan 2024

Sent a bouquet to my partner, and it was a romantic delight.

Bouquet Brilliance
★★★★★ 5 Star
23 Jan 2024

The online flower delivery service exceeded my expectations.

A delightful surprise for my spouse!
★★★★★ 4 Star
23 Jan 2024

The flowers were beautiful, but the delivery was a bit early.

Awesome Flowers
★★★★★ 4 Star
09 Jan 2024

The fragrances were calming, and the packaging was delightful.

I recommend it for stress-free gifting.
★★★★★ 4 Star
03 Jan 2024

Giftalove has something for everyone, and their delivery is reliable.

Always a sparkle of joy!
★★★★★ 5 Star
22 Dec 2023

Adding a touch of sparkle to quick and efficient gift deliveries.

Floral Delight
★★★★★ 5 Star
07 Dec 2023

Fresh flowers delivered right to the door. The bouquet exceeded expectations and brightened the day.

Efficient and Reliable
★★★★★ 4 Star
25 Nov 2023

Needed a last-minute flower delivery and they came through perfectly. Impressed with the quick service.

Perfect gifts!
★★★★★ 5 Star
09 Nov 2023

The roses arrived fresh and the fragrance was heavenly. They lasted longer than expected.

★★★★★ 5 Star
02 Nov 2023

I sent flowers to my sister for her graduation, and she couldn't stop raving about how beautiful they were.

Red Roses Meaning & Significance

As we all know, a red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and passion. When it is about expressing romantic feelings to someone we love from the core of our hearts, this nature’s beauty help us communicate our feeling in the right way. The bright red color of the red roses symbolizes the deep and true love for someone which is unconditional. The vibrations of love, romance, and compassion which encapsulate the red roses are unquestionable.

According to the complicated language of flowers, the meaning and symbolism of flowers transforms based on the number of stems, the presence of thorns, flower type, and the colors of the flowers. Similar is the case with red roses.

  • A full-bloomed single red rose indicates “I love you”.
  • A red rose in the budding stage represents growing love or innocent love.
  • A deep or dark red rose symbolizes unconscious beauty.
  • A red rose without thorns expresses love at first sight.

The meaning of red colored roses changes even when they are combined with other roses. When red roses are combined with white roses, they represent undying love. Red and yellow roses in a bouquet or bunch signify happy love.

Such is the beauty and expertise of red roses that despite of several connotations based on different factor, they never fail to express the emotions of deep love and romance.

History of Red Roses

Red roses are lauded as the most everlasting symbol of love and romance since ages. Several writers and poets have hinted towards the romantic importance of red roses in their work. The romantic red roses have found significance in various ages in history such as -

Greek Mythology: As there is a belief that a red rose emerged from the teardrops of the goddess of love, Aphrodite and the blood of her lover Adonis when they fall on the ground.

Roman Mythology: The rich Romans considered Red Roses as a symbol of love and beauty. Therefore, the Roman women used to pamper themselves with the fresh petals of red roses while bathing. Even they decorated their bedrooms with this flower owing to its beautiful fragrance.

Christianity: Red roses are touted as the virtue of the Virgin Mary. Hence, they are considered the ultimate symbol of love and romance.

Hinduism: As per the Hindu legends, Goddess Laxmi was created with 1008 small Red Rose petals and 108 large Roses. So, this flower came to be known as the symbol of pure love and romance.

Victorian times: Flowers were expression of hearty feelings for the Victorian people. They believed that roses express emotions of passionate love and romance.

Varieties of Red Rose Flower

Though a red rose is available in a variety of shades ranging from dark red, bright red to burgundy shade, but there is a lot more variety of red roses which can be found worldwide signifying different emotions.

Adrenalin Rose: A beautiful velvety red rose with dark green leaves and fewer thorns, adrenaline rose is a popular variety of red rose in gifting.

Amalia: It is a dark red colored rose with a classic cup shape and mesmerizing fragrance. The leave sof this plant is grey green in color.

Eternity Red Rose: A bold red colored rose with a dark green foliage which looks like red petals. The smells resemble the fragrance of the red roses.

Darcey Rose: One of the healthiest roses ever bred, a Darcey Rose is a bright colored variety of red roses and turns into purple shade with age. It has light rose scent and is a popular choice of anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Kashmir Rose: With petals like soft cashmere and velvety green leaves, a Kashmir rose is a true beauty in itself.

Dublin Bay: A climbing variety of red rose, a Dublin Bay rose has a light fragrance and do not experience discoloration on petals or leaves.

Champlain Rose: A red rose with dark red velvety petals, mil scent, and a bright dark green leaves. The flower resembles carnation flowers.

Meaning of Red Roses by Number
Number of StemsMeaning by Number
One stem or single red rose Symbolizes love at first sight
2 Red Roses Mutual love and affection
3 Red Roses Simply means “I love you”
4 Red Roses The best gesture to express “nothing will come between us”
5 Red Roses Perfect expressions of love and care to partner or a friend
6 Red Roses Symbolizes the feelings of ‘I want to be yours’
10 Red Roses Expression of perfectness to someone.
12 Red Roses Perfect way to say “Be Mine”
15 & 88 Red Roses Convey apologies to loved ones
17 Red Roses Expression of love and care for wife on birthday, anniversary, etc.
21 Red Roses Symbol of commitment
22 Red Roses Perfect gift for anniversary as they represent good luck and togetherness.
24 Red Roses Expression of sentiments saying “I am yours”
25 Red Roses To wish someone extreme happiness in life.
50 Red Roses Unconditional love
66 Red Roses Suggests ‘my love for you will never change’
99 Red Roses Signifying never-ending love for someone
100 Red Roses Epitome of devotion
Buy Red Roses Online Only From Giftalove

With people falling in love every other day, there is always a high demand for red roses. Symbolizing true and deep love and passion, these blossoms are a perfect and popular pick by couples all over the world. The charming red roses can stupefy the recipient with their beauty while communicating the hearty feelings of the sender with magnificence.

As most of the people are shy in expressing their romantic feelings to their love and prefer sending red roses online through an online flower shop, therefore, has come up with an exclusive range of vibrant red rose arrangements. The mesmerizing collection of red roses will not just leave the sender spellbind, but also creates a lasting impression on the minds of the recipients. Whether you want to send red rose bunch, a red rose basket, or a full-fledged red rose bouquet online, you’ll find everything in this appealing and economic range.

Apart from the red roses, you will also find other popular range of roses like pink roses and yellow roses which can also be availed as flower bouquets and bunches.

Send Red Roses Online – Giftalove

Red Rose Gifts Red Roses by Relation Occasions
Bouquets Girlfriend Birthday
Baskets Wife Anniversary
Glass vase arrangements Husband Valentine’s Day
Red rose combos Boyfriend Rose Day
Get Red Roses Online Delivery in No Time Anywhere in India

The beauty of sending flowers is best captured when they are delivered fresh in an amazing manner. understands the emotions of people behind sending red roses and hence, always ensures that they are delivered in hassle-free and freshest conditions at the doorsteps of the receiver. The collaboration with all the popular online as well offline florists ensure that only fresh and blooming flowers reaches your recipient with a hearty messages from you.

We offer a gamut of flower delivery services to our customers to surprise their special ones at any hour of the day. For planning the midnight surprises on birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, we have midnight flower delivery service. And, even if you want to arrange last-minute surprise for your beloved, you can do so with same day flower delivery option.

So, if you are searching for a website which offers online red rose bouquet delivery, then you can always visit our website and place your orders with us. More so, you can also do some red roses bunch online shopping on our portal in case you don’t want to go for gaudy bouquets or glass vase arrangements.

Red Roses Bouquet – A Quintessential Gift for Valentine Week!

Are you looking for some traditional and evergreen Valentine’s gifts for girlfriend or wife online which can make her feel on cloud nine with your gestures of love and care? Well, then you can no go wrong with a fresh and vivacious red rose bouquet. Be it impressing her on Rose Day (7th February), Kiss day, or Valentine’s Day, you can create a magic spell on her with ease with these special gifts during the Valentine week. As red roses signify different meanings based on the number of flowers in a bouquet, choose a bouquet wisely for your darling partner and communicate the right feelings to her. So, quickly order red rose for Valentine’s Day online from us and express love and romance to her in the most amorous way!

Order Fresh Red Roses for Birthday for Special Ones

Not just Valentine’s Day, you can also convey your emotions of love and romance to your sweetheart or handsome man on their birthdays with red roses. As intense love and adoration is what you want to shower on them, nothing can replicate the magic of these vibrantly blooming flowers. From our range, you can order red roses bouquet for birthday which comes in all sizes and prices. Without any doubts in your mind, buy roses for birthday and spread magic in birthday celebrations.

Apart from the special occasion of birthday, you can also send red roses on anniversary to your loved ones as a gesture of their so many years of togetherness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Red Roses

Q. What is the meaning of red roses?

Red roses symbolize intense feelings of love, romance, and compassion for someone close to the heart. It also conveys the emotions of respect, devotion or admiration to the recipient.

Q. Why red roses considered a symbol of love?

Red roses are considered a symbol of love because of the vibrant red color which epitomizes feelings of the heart. Moreover, in Greek, Roman, and Victorian times, people used red roses to convey their feeling of love and romance to the love of their life. Nonetheless, as red roses are associated with the Virgin Mary in Christianity, these flowers were touted as a symbol of love and romance.

Q. What do dark red roses signify?

A dark red rose symbolizes intense feeling of love and passion alongside representing unconscious beauty. It is also a wonderful expression of long-term commitment.

Q. What is the best website for flower delivery?

If you are looking for beautiful red rose flower arrangements that can be delivered in a timely manner, then you can always trust It is one of the best website for online flower delivery in India which ensures fresh delivery of red roses right at the doorsteps of its customers.

Top 10 Best Reviewed Red Roses Online from Giftalove 2024

Top Selling Red Roses Online Price List
36 Red Roses with Glass Vase Rs. 1399.0
Red Rose Arrangement in Glass Bowl Rs. 949.0
Beauty of 30 Red Roses Rs. 1199.0
Bright Red Roses Basket Arrangements Rs. 1049.0
Love for Red Roses Bunch Rs. 899.0
Enigmatic 12 Red Roses Rs. 699.0
Red Roses n Choco Sweet Love Rs. 779.0
Red Roses for Beloved Rs. 899.0
Rosy Bunch with Chocolates Rs. 1799.0
10 Red Roses in Paper Wrapping Rs. 649.0

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