Designer Cakes

Are you perplexed on what kind of design of cake to choose for your loved ones special celebration? If that is the case then, you do not need to worry now. We have this beautifully yummy delicious designer cakes range at you can without any doubt rely on. Scroll through the page below to get this huge list of delightfully designed cakes:
The Rich Chocolate CakeRs. 795Rs. 699USD 12.23USD 10.75
Baked for Beloved
Baked for BelovedRs. 845USD 13
Cute Love Cake
Cute Love CakeRs. 1199USD 18.45
1 kg  Chocolate Drips Cake
1 kg Chocolate Drips CakeRs. 1249USD 19.22
Classic Choco Chip Cake
Classic Choco Chip CakeRs. 899USD 13.83
An Elegant Vanilla Cake
An Elegant Vanilla CakeRs. 699USD 10.75
Pulpy Fruits Cake
Pulpy Fruits CakeRs. 1049USD 16.14
Ferrero-Choco Cake
Ferrero-Choco CakeRs. 1099USD 16.91
Choco Fantasy Cake
Choco Fantasy CakeRs. 849USD 13.06
1kg Fruit Delight Cake
1kg Fruit Delight CakeRs. 1549USD 23.83
1 kg  Fruit Forest Cake
1 kg Fruit Forest CakeRs. 1549USD 23.83
Chocolate Hearty Cake
Chocolate Hearty CakeRs. 999USD 15.37
Designer Vanilla Cake
Designer Vanilla CakeRs. 1079USD 16.6
Elegant Vanilla Cake
Elegant Vanilla CakeRs. 799USD 12.29
Fruity Oreo Cake
Fruity Oreo CakeRs. 949USD 14.6
An Apple Shape Cake
An Apple Shape CakeRs. 899USD 13.83
Strawberry Heart Cake
Strawberry Heart CakeRs. 899USD 13.83
An Irish Coffee Cake
An Irish Coffee CakeRs. 1099USD 16.91
Beautiful Chocolate Cake
Beautiful Chocolate CakeRs. 1689USD 25.98
Hearty Pineapple Cake
Hearty Pineapple CakeRs. 889USD 13.68
Swirlly Chocolate Cake
Swirlly Chocolate CakeRs. 1149USD 17.68
Walnut Mocha Cake
Walnut Mocha CakeRs. 1899USD 29.22
1 kg  Blueberry-Buzz Cake
1 kg Blueberry-Buzz CakeRs. 1849USD 28.45
A Crunchy Chocolate Cake
A Crunchy Chocolate CakeRs. 979USD 15.06
The Choco Vanilla Cake
The Choco Vanilla CakeRs. 1349USD 20.75
Choco Fruity Delight Cake
Choco Fruity Delight CakeRs. 1999USD 30.75
Chocolate Iced Cake
Chocolate Iced CakeRs. 1049USD 16.14
Classic Vanilla Cake
Classic Vanilla CakeRs. 889USD 13.68
The Choco-Coffee Cake
The Choco-Coffee CakeRs. 999USD 15.37
Strawberry Delight Cake
Strawberry Delight CakeRs. 1970USD 30.31
1kg  Chocolaty Orange Cake
1kg Chocolaty Orange CakeRs. 1899USD 29.22

A little Gracefulness blended with an immeasurable love!!

Cakes are starter for any kind of celebration. When the deliciousness of these cakes gets blended with beauty and design it becomes even more resourceful. At Giftalove, there is this huge collection of cakes. You can buy designer cakes online available here in a wide variety. They can even serve the purpose of decoration when it’s designed beautifully. It’s a great idea to buy designer cakes online, if you want to show you love to your love one.

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In our exclusive range of designer cakes you will get to encounter all types of design you could have thought of. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion, this exclusive range will serve your purpose. You can, without facing any hassle buy designer cakes online and make them feel them feel lucky to have you in their life. We have an assortment of designer cakes including Yummy Butterfly Cakes, 1 kg Chocolate Drips Cake, 1 kg Fruit Forest Cake, 1 kg Chocolaty Thrill Cake, 1kg Chocolaty Orange Cake and various others.

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