17 Fascinating Facts about Republic Day That Every Indian Must Know

National holidays hold immense importance and respect in the heart of every Indian. Be it Swachch Bharat Abhiyan conducted in every nook and corner of the country on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti or a grand celebration organized at the Red Fort in Delhi on Independence Day, we Indians never fail a chance to commemorate the sacrifices and acknowledge the ideologies of the freedom fighters. Similarly, Republic Day is another vital national holiday that is celebrated with full vigor and joy all over the country.

Republic Day

India is going to celebrate its 70th Republic Day this year with same fervour and enthusiasm as in earlier years. The heart of every Indian brims with so much pride and nostalgia seeing the hoisting of the National Flag on Republic Day. There is no other sight as much powerful and delightful as the glimpse of the Indian armed forces exhibiting their brawn in the air as well as on land while taking part in the parade at Rajpath. The magnificent tableau of different Indian states that symbolizes the rich cultural diversity of our country is a splendid spectacle for every Indian.

Though, 26th January draws out the nationalist in us, but there are still some facts about the Republic Day which everybody isn’t aware of. So, we have encapsulated some fascinating facts about the Indian Republic Day which every Indian must know-

Facts about the Indian Constitution

1. India is renowned to have the longest constitution in the world. The Indian Constitution was drafted by a team of 8 members all of whom were intellectual personalities. The eight members were Gopalswami Iyengar, TT. Krishnamachary, Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer, Sir Benegal, DP Khaitan, Mohammad Saadullah and Kanyalal Munshi led by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The team took 2 years and 11 months to come with the final draft of the Indian Constitution.
2. When the Indian Constitution came into force, it comprised of 395 Articles in 22 Parts and 8 Schedules. But now, it constitutes of 448 Articles divided into 22 Parts, 12 Schedules, and 97 Amendments.
3. Several aspects relating to constitution were adopted from other countries’ constitutions. The concept of liberty, equality and fraternity was taken from the French constitution while the Five-Year Plans was adopted from the USSR constitution.
4. Before the implementation of Indian Constitution, India followed Government of India Act, 1935 of the British Government.
5. The Indian Constitution was hand written in two languages, i.e. Hindi and English. Both the copies have been kept in the Parliament’s library in helium filled cases.
6. The adoption of the Indian Constitution was carried out on 26th November, 1949 by the Indian Constituent Assembly and was implemented all over India along with the democratic government system on 26th January, 1950 when the India successfully transitioned into an independent republic.
7. The signed of the handwritten Constitution by the members was done on January 24, 1950.

facts about Republic Day

Republic Day celebrations

8. The Red Fort, Kingsway Camp, Ram Lila Ground, and National Stadium used to be the venues of the Republic Day parade from 1950 to 1954. In 1955, Rajpath was selected as the regular venue for this national day celebrations.
9. In 1955, after five years of becoming an independent Republic, India held its first parade for the Republic Day at Rajpath.
10. The first chief guest of the very first Republic Day celebrations on 26th January, 1950 was President Sukarno of Indonesia.
11. On Republic Day, a 21-gun salute ceremony by the military and naval forces takes place as a mark of honor during the unfurling of the National Flag by the President.
12. Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite song ‘Abide with Me’, which is a Christian hymn, is played during the parade.
13. The celebrations of Republic day is a three-day affair which gets concluded with the above song at the time of Beating Retreat.
14. The Beating Retreat ceremony is the final day of the Republic Day celebrations. It is held on 29t January at Vijay Chowk and involves the band performances by the Indian Defense Forces such as Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force.

republic day celebration

Other facts about Republic Day

15. Earlier, 26th January, 1930 was celebrated as the Independence Day or Purna Swaraj Day in India. This was the day when the Indian National Congress decided to launch a fight against the British Rule to attain complete independence.
16. After the attainment of Independence on 15th August, 1947, the leaders wished to make the 26th January a memorable one in the history of India, So, they decided to coincide this date with the day of Swaraj.
17. The occasion also observes the giving away of many prominent awards like Maha Veer Chakra, Veer Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Param Veer Chakra, and Ashoka Chakra to men and women who are epitomes of bravery and courage.

the Indian Constitution
After reading through these interesting facts about our Republic Day, you must be feeling really knowledgeable and aware of the historical information. This insight to the history behind our Republic Day celebrations will certainly elevate the celebration moods and fills our heart with more pride and enthusiasm.

Snazzy Gift Baskets for Impeccable Touch of Perfection

Gifting is no more just a formality, but has become a clear manifestation of your feelings, style sense, and status. Although, gifts define one’s social standing and power of pockets, but still, it is the emotions and sentiments that are considered while valuing gifts. Be it the simple bouquet of roses, or plush gift hampers, both of them equally convey our hearty sentiments to the loved ones.


The world of gifts has undergone a revolution. There are stunning varieties of gifts that have been launched in the market considering the contemporary taste of the consumers. Now, there are personalized gifts; mesmerizing flower arrangements like boxes, heart shaped ones, or floral bunch with chocolates and teddies; and astounding gift hampers and baskets. Gifts baskets are the latest trending gifts in the town. They come in variety of ranges and price tags to suit everyone’s requirement. If you are looking for a special gift to amplify your gifting sense in an exorbitant way, then think of buying this gift basket to your loved ones.

We have gathered here a range of alluring gift baskets based on the latest trends in the market-

1. Wine Gift Basket: The world is filled with avid lovers of wine. Their sole aim for going on a world tour is just to taste different variety of wines of famous vineyards. Though, deciding a gift for these wine connoisseurs is quite simple, but pleasing their taste buds can be a daunting task. So, pick a gift basket that is full of exquisite wines from all over the world to astound these wine aficionados on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Wine Gift Basket

2. Spa Gift Basket: In this fast-paced world, there is little or no time left to indulge in activities of rejuvenation. Stress and depression is taking over the minds of healthiest of people owing to their frantic schedules. Gifting a spa basket to your loved ones is a wonderful way of wishing them good health and stable state of mind. They are loaded with plush spa products like body wash, essential oils, scented soaps, scented candles, etc. to provide its user a feeling of freshness and exhilaration.

Spa Gift Basket

3. Flower gift basket: What a mesmerizing gift for the special lady in your life! Loaded with vivacious range of flowers, this gift basket is no less than a colorful rainbow. Based on the taste and preferences of your dear ones, you can either order a ready made flower gift basket or personally handpick the flowers and get them arranged beautifully in the wooden basket.

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4. Fruits gift basket: An incredible healthy dose of essential nutrients nicely wrapped in a gift basket. Stacked with delicious and nutritious sun-ripened fruits, this gift basket is an amazing choice for both the reckless eaters and fitness freaks in the acquaintances. What an amazing gift for all the special occasions!

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5. Chocolate gift basket: Chocolates are personal favorites for everyone. Grabbing a gift basket that talks of just delectable chocolates is a delightful to stupefy your dear ones on special occasions. Load it with imported chocolates, rich dark chocolate collections, and many more to add an extensive charm to your style of gifting.

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6. Gourmet gift basket: Undoubtedly, a plush gift basket for the little ones in your family and friends. Overloaded with scrumptious chocolate and caramel delicacies to satiate the taste buds of your loved ones, this gift basket is an absolute pleasure for everyone.

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7. Coffee gift basket: A perfect gift for the coffee enthusiast in your connection. Stuffed with the coffee goodies, this gift basket is a wonderful gift item to add exuberance to your gifting sense. They are designed keeping in view every budget and taste preference. Whether your dear ones like to sip single origin coffee, coffee blends, flavored coffee, or just coffee in general, this is the perfect gift for them.

Coffee gift basket

8. Tea gift basket: No matter what the occasion is, there is always a tea fan in every family. The tea gift basket is an expression of deep love and care for your loved ones in the form of tantalizing, relaxing teas with yummy snacks. Filled with exquisite collection of teas from all over India like the Assam tea, Darjeeling tea and even the green tea, this gift basket will give your loved ones a healthy boost with the rising sun.

Tea gift basket

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Switch to Healthier Gifting with Nouveau Dry Fruit Gifts!

Festivals and special occasions are the best manifestations of sinful indulgences on mouth-watering and delectable sweets and delicacies. Human beings are born with a remarkable and exquisite organ called tongue which makes them dance on its taste buds. The sudden cravings witnessed by people are impish acts of their tongues; these playful organs can easily make anyone travel great distances just to fetch the favorite delicacy to satiate the hunger pangs. What a wonderful creation of God is human being!


The home coming of special ones, festivals, and exceptional celebratory moments like anniversaries and birthdays give us ample reasons to exhilarate in their celebrations while gorging on tempting feasts. Even the gifting pattern nowadays has witnessed a transformation, paving way for chocolates, sweets, and other gourmet foods in the gifts shopping list. Though, the reckless and shabby eating behaviors are very much observed with disgrace and criticized from time to time; but, due to the popularity and high demand for gifts made with yummy ingredients like chocolates, cakes, snacks, and other food items, they maintain their status in the market of being much lauded gifts for every occasion. However, we can still impart a healthier touch to our gifting style to gift a healthful lifestyle to our loved ones.

Dry fruits have been a popular gifting item that remarkably adheres to every celebration and occasion. They are a perfect expression of your deep love and care for your dear ones as they represent good health and well-being. Owing to their tremendous demand in the market, dry fruits have now been inculcated into different food items to lend a healthy touch to the popular food gift items like cakes and chocolates. Apart from the exquisite and lavish packing, the dry fruit gifts are power-packed with healthy nutrients while keeping intact the original mind-blowing flavors of the potent nuts.

We have gathered here a list of some amazing dry fruit gifts collection that will completely awestruck you and your loved ones with its splendor and well-being nature.

An elegant box of dry fruits: Though a regular gift item, this one still makes the most wonderful gifts to surprise your dear ones on special moments. A perfect expression of healthier gifting, this box of dry fruits is stacked with good health and taste.

Dry fruits chocolate collection: Chocolates having loads of dry fruits are a personal favorite for many of us. These chocolates are all about tempting dry fruits in every bite. Be it the roasted almond chocolate collection of the mixed dry fruit ones, people just love to relish on these sweet scrumptious delicacies anytime, anywhere!

Dry fruits chocolate collection

Box of dry fruits cookies: Cookies are no more just an accompaniment with tea or coffee, but, have elevated their status by making a special place in the list of amazing gifts. This incredibly delicious box of cookies brimming with dry fruits is a plush gifting item to flabbergast your loved ones this time. Extremely crunchy and fresh, these munchies will make the taste buds of your dear ones ask for more.

Box of dry fruits cookies

Roasted Dry fruits collection: Freshly roasted under mild heat with mouth-watering spices, this dry fruit gift is absolutely loved by your dear ones. A crisp and delightful mixture of dry fruits is bombarded with the tangy and salty flavors that are an absolute reprise for the taste buds. This wonderful gift is an amazing good-to-go with every beverage and drinks.

Roasted Dry fruits collection

Rich dry fruits sweets: Sweets are standard gifts that embellish any occasion or celebration. Picking up sweets that have been prepared with delicious and good quality dry fruits that can efficiently calm the drooling taste buds of the dear ones is an excellent idea. So, what do you think of tantalizing kaju burfi or the tempting gajar ka halwa loaded with dry fruits and condensed milk?

Rich dry fruits sweets

Classic gift box of fruits and nuts: Happiness is all about tasting yummy and healthy eatables with the loved ones over fun talks and gossips. This usual gift box contains a marvelous collection of dry fruits and sun-dried flavored fruits like apricots that are a total health dose for you and your loved ones. Gifting this healthy gift box is a great way to say “You Care”.

Classic gift box of fruits and nuts

Box of healthy muesli: We often come across gifts that are imbued with power dose of good health and wellness. Muesli is one such kind of those gifts that have been lauded for providing innumerable benefits owing to the presence of healthy components in this healthful snack. Gift a box of this morning snack to your dear ones this birthday, anniversary, or festival to bless them with a long and fit life.

Box of healthy muesli

Dry fruit cakes: Remember the walnut brownies that can effortlessly bring water in anyone’s mouth? These cakes are of similar kind. Prepared with almost the same ingredients as other cakes, this cake recipe is overloaded with dry fruits in every bite. It not only tastes amazing, but is great for health as well.

Dry fruit cakes

Packet of Saudi Arabian Dates: Dates from Saudi Arabia are renowned for their good quality and taste. Gifting a packet of dates to your loved ones is a nice way to shower your love and care on them. Dates are lauded for providing myriad of health benefits to its consumers. So, this time, grab a packet of dates for your dear ones to bless them with a healthy and blissful life.

Packet of Saudi Arabian Dates

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5 Ultimate Timepieces that Make Idealistic Gifts for All Time!

For years and still in the present time we have been gifting exquisite timepieces to our loved ones. From wrist watches to wall clocks, timepieces make excellent gifts for everyone. Despite being a very popularly preferred gifting choice, surprising someone with a classic or trendy option is still the bona-fide expression of thoughtfulness.


Every one of us might have gifted a watch or a clock to someone dear on it despite done it earlier; we still find gifting a timepiece as giving something very purposeful to the receiver. In fact, we find watch or clocks, an ideal anniversary gift, farewell gift, birthday gift, housewarming gift and so on. Also, from a kid to an elderly person, time machines fit as an ideal gift for everyone.

The reasons that make a machine of time display so worthy gift are many, such as –

  • It’s an expensive gift to surprise someone with.
  • This is highly purposeful token of love.
  • Wrist watches make an excellent fashion accessory too.
  • Clocks are ideal home décor item.

And, when finding the best timepiece for a dear one is a matter of confusion for you, here are the options to make choice for as per different moments and people to surprise with it.

Sleek Dial with Leather Strap – Wrist Watch of Classic Appeal!

A wrist watch of every kind is a precious token of love for almost everyone. You can gift a wrist watch to a little kid on his birthday, a couple on their wedding; father on his retirement, a colleague on his/her farewell and other times and people you love. However, when your wish is to gift a trendy wrist watch to him or her on a special moment, the one with sleek dial and leather strap is a fabulous choice as it’s trending these days.

Sleek Dial with Leather Strap

Personalized Wall Clock- A Time Machine with Best Memories Beside!

These days, a kind of wall clocks popularly winning preferences of gifting is personalized wall clock. Along with a dial for time check, these are designed with multiple picture slots or photo frames to personalize with photo graphs of the gift receiver. It’s a heart winning gift choice to make as it displays memorable moments of the receiver.

Personalized Wall Clock

Health Tracker Wrist Band – Lot More than Time Telling!

For those who are in search for the most caring and thoughtful gift, this is undoubtedly the best thing to think about gifting. Health tracker wrist bands available these days are loaded with ample of functions and features then just telling time. It’s actually a wrist band that helps the wearer in tracking his/her regular activities like walking, exercising, fat burning and also tracks the heart beat rates as well. For father, husband, sister, mother and for everyone you care for, this is an idealistic gift choice.

Health Tracker Wrist Band

Table Clock with Pen Holder – A Purposeful Time Checker!

For your boss, colleague, husband, brother, sister or any working men or women, Table Clock with pen holder is definitely an impressive gift selection to make. It’s the thoughtful gift choice as it is a table top with a clock for keeping a time check and for keeping all the pens organized at one place.

Table Clock with Pen Holder

Stop Watch – For Those Speedy Time Calculations

If you know an athlete or any sports person who requires calculating short timings of a race, lap or similar record then a stop watch is an ideal gift option. You can try to motivate little kids to boost up their speed with use of stop watch during their athletic activities.

Stop Watch

A gift of time is a thoughtful choice to make when impressing someone is on mind. Therefore, a timepiece of any kind can definitely help you make a memorable impression on the receiver of your gift. To buy such wonderful timepieces online, GiftaLove.com has to offer many amazing thing to shop online at great prices. So, this time show thoughtfulness to your loved ones with a suitable timepiece!

Press Your Fashionista Buttons with Fabulous Voguish Gifts

The word ‘Fashion’ seems to be synonymous with the womankind. Such is their frenzy for being fashionable that it has become a source of empowerment and confidence for them. Even when we think of female Goddesses from mythology, you’ll see them clad in a magnificently heavy saree with loads of gold jewelry donned up and bright makeup done on their beautiful charming faces. Thinking of women, both Goddesses and earthly women alike, without donning of the fashionable products is an impossible sight.

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The enormous world of fashion industry is touching new horizons of accomplishments and cashing infinite jackpots. Ever wondered why? All because of the women fashion fanatics out there who are swiping away their credit cards to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends. Women are born fashionistas who never gave away any chances of looking utterly mesmerizing and beautiful to awestruck the onlookers.

Surprising these ultimate vogue personalities is quite simple. You just have to grab some really modish and contemporary stuff to wonder struck your fashionable ladylove. To ease the task of selection of trendy gifts for her, we have gathered a profuse collection of voguish gifts that will certainly sway the heart of your sweetheart in millions of a second.

1. Chic Jewelry: The conceptualization and designing of jewelries have taken a whole new modern turn nowadays. Contemporary fashion has reached the grass root level of the jewelry industry modernizing every piece of it. Now, jewelry is not just about the heavy gold ones, but there is a plush of chic jewelries available in the market. Silver jewelry, antique jewelry, elegant danglers, and quirky jewelry will surely make their way into the heart of your sweethearts.

Chic Jewelry

2. Perfumes: Women love to smell great. And, perfumes are always in fashion. So, why not buy a new signature perfume for her this special occasion? Every woman is a diehard fan of exquisite perfumes and loves to wear them on special occasions. There is a profuse collection of perfumes ranging from fresh fragrances to musky fragrances and fine scents for flamboyant night outs. These vibrantly smelling liquids will certainly make you the ultimate gift giver. Therefore, get your hands on some great collection of perfumes to gift your stylish ladylove this Valentine.


3. Wooden sunglasses: These sunglasses are definitely the need of every Fashionista nowadays. Greatly in trend, these are the hottest sunglasses of this season. Wood valuables make great gifts, so include this remarkable fashionable gift in your shopping list for this special occasion. These will make your girlfriend stand out from the rest of the crowd while protecting her eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Wooden sunglasses

4. Plush white robe: White is the new black in the fashion industry. Be it a charming Christian wedding gown, or a beautiful off-white lehenga with fine stone work, the color white is undoubtedly raging the fashion industry with its elegance. A fine white robe is a trendy fashionable clothing range that is alluring everyone to stack in their wardrobe. Women have great fondness for white clothes. This time, gift her luxurious robe made with really good fabric to let your sweetheart indulge in self-care on her Sundays.

Plush white robe

5. Trendy phone cover: We all have seen women carrying the most quirky and cheesy phone covers once in a while. Be it the personalized mobile covers, the cartoon-themed phone covers, or the caption ones, there is a profound variety of them available online and also at different gift stores. This birthday or Valentine, surprise her with a phone cover that totally resonates with her personality.

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6. Trendy vanity box: Makeup is a vital element in fashion. It magnifies the beauty and features of a person giving them a stunning and charming look. Women are avid lovers of makeup products. Be it a simple BB cream and lip gloss for regular use, or extensive makeup done on special occasions, there is no time that these wonderful creatures miss a chance of exemplifying their beauty with beauty products. Get a crystal embellished vanity box or an antique one for your queen stacked with her favorite makeup and beauty products to sweep her off her feet with this sweet gesture.

Trendy vanity box

7. Fashion totes: These classy and stylish handbags are in great demand this season of fashion. An easy to carry handbag, your sweetheart will just love to carry it wherever she goes keeping all her essential stuff handy. Don’t worry about the space in these totes. They can conveniently accommodate all her accessories (and that’s a lot of stuff) in it with much ease. Go for the pink, black or navy blue ones!

Fashion totes

With such great fashionable gift ideas, you’ll surely not be in disarray this upcoming special occasion. At giftalove.com, you will find more variety of ritzy gifts for your ladylove ranging from designer kurtis for your ethnic-lover, spa hampers for the health fanatics, or romantic flowers for your beloved, for every occasion at really affordable prices.

Decoding the Hidden Meanings of Nature-Gifted Colorful Vivacious Flowers

People often come across a statement every now and then: Flowers have a language of their own. Every flower symbolizes distinctive emotions and sentiments in terms of its variety and colors. Where a red rose is touted as a symbol of love and romance, while a yellow rose symbolize friendship and happiness. From the genesis of naming of flowers to their peculiar attributes and rich folklore, the mesmerizing blooms are imbued with varied metaphors and connotations. The hidden symbology and meanings have made people really choosy while selecting flowers for their loved ones on special occasions.


We have deciphered the hidden symbolic meanings of flowers to familiarize you to a whole new world of floral language. With all this knowledge, you can add an enormous charm and essence to the next floral gift that you’ll send to your dear ones on their special occasions.


Applauded for their eternal beauty and magnificent charm, roses have long been associated with Venus and Aphrodite, the Goddesses of love and beauty in Greek and Roman mythologies. These blooming beauties stand for confidentiality owing to the ease with which they have been passing on the unspoken messages for centuries. Rose is not just hailed as a lucky flower for the June month borns, but, it is also referred as the 15th wedding anniversary flower. Each color of these beautiful flowers represents a different meaning and emotion.


  • Red rose: A flower for the lovers signifying deep love and abiding passion
  • Pink Rose: Stands for appreciation, affection, and recognition
  • Yellow Rose: Symbolizes friendship and happiness
  • Orange rose: Illustrates excitement and appreciation
  • White rose: Epitomizes modesty and innocence
  • Purple roses: Represents enchantment and love at first sight
  • Peach rose: Implies humbleness


Owing to their royal beauty and opulent elegance, lilies have become popular gifting flowers on various occasions. Renowned as a May birth flower and the 30th anniversary flower, these lovely blossoms symbolizes humility, faith, purity, and commitment. The fascinating flowers are an impeccable choice to flatter the heart of the beloveds leaving a long-lasting impression on them. These blooms are also referred as funeral flowers as they symbolize the peaceful departure of the soul into the heaven.


Just like roses, lilies also boast of different colors each symbolizing a distinctive meaning.

  • White lilies: Symbolize purity and integrity
  • White stargazer lilies: Express purity and sympathy
  • Pink stargazer lilies: Symbolizes abundance, aspiration, and prosperity.
  • Yellow lilies: Evokes gaiety and lightheartedness
  • Orange lilies: Signifies vigor, warmth, and determination
  • Purple lilies: Represents accomplishment, dignity and admiration


Having a history that goes back to more than two millenniums, carnations have been spreading its charm since a long time. Each variety of these flowers is infused with symbolism. Though, there is an extensive variety of range of colors in which these blooms are found, but in general, they are symbolic of love, admirations, and prestige. Apart from being a popular flower during the celebrations of Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, and at the weddings, this pleasantly scented flower also makes a trendy beautiful bouquet for the loved ones born in January and on the occasion of first wedding anniversary.


  • White carnations: Suggests love and good luck
  • Light red carnations: Represents admiration
  • Dark red carnations: Signify deep love and passion
  • Purple carnations: Symbolize capriciousness
  • Pink carnations: Evokes motherly undying love


In Greek, Chrysanthemums means golden flower. After years of skillful cultivation, these vivacious blossoms have been produced in variety of colors. Having striking resemblance to daisies due to a natural yellow center and ornamental petals, chrysanthemums represents optimism and happiness. They are referred as the November birth flower and the 13th wedding anniversary flower. People say that if a single petal of this flower is kept at the bottom of a vine glass promotes a healthy long life. Generally, chrysanthemums stand for endurance, devotion, bliss and optimism. The other colors symbolize other vital meanings as well.


  • Red chrysanthemums: Symbolize deep love and passion.
  • Yellow chrysanthemums: Stands for neglected love or sadness.
  • White chrysanthemums: Signify loyalty and honesty.
  • Violet chrysanthemums: Represents get well soon wishes.


Popularly called as the 11th wedding anniversary flower, the tulips flowers hold symbolism in its very form. The dark velvety center signifies the heart of a lover darkened by the heat of love and passion. With the strength to give a tough competition to roses in their red form, and the pleasant aura to express happiness when yellow, there is no doubt that these lively flowers are epitome of true grace and charm.


  • Red tulips: Symbolize deep love and affection
  • Yellow tulip: Stands for hope and happy thoughts
  • Pink tulips: Expresses confidence and happiness
  • White tulips: A perfect way to say sorry as they represent apologies.


Highly touted as ornamental flowers, the exotic orchids truly represent delicate beauty, love, and strength. Whereas the orchids were associated with chivalry in Greek mythology, these flowers symbolized luxury during the Victorian times. Even today, orchids continue to lurk in the minds of the people with their magnificent charm and skillful radiance. The pink orchids are famous as 14th wedding anniversary flower as they signify deep affection for the loved ones.


  • White orchids: Represents innocence, chastity, charm and reverence.
  • Pink orchids: Symbolize womanhood, agility, and joy.
  • Yellow orchids: Signify friendship and fresh beginnings.
  • Purple orchids: Stands for royalty and fondness
  • Orange orchids: Illustrates dignity, excitement, and courage.

Other flowers with symbolisms & meanings


These captivating flowers hold a place in the history of Ancient Greece. These flowers epitomize Goddess Iris, a personification of rainbow that connects sky to the earth with its colorful hues. The three vertical petals of Iris represent conviction, valor, and sophistication. It is a birth flower for the February borns and is also hailed as the 25th wedding anniversary flower.



Daffodils are all about the spring season. These alluring golden yellow blossoms symbolize fresh beginnings and rebirth. It is considered as a fortunate emblem of future accomplishments and make a best gift to those who are about to step in a new phase of life. Recognized as a 10th wedding anniversary flower and March birth flower, these blossoms holds happiness in its every petal.



Owing to the upright and sharp shape of the leaves, this flower got its name from a Latin word “gladius” which means a sword. Representing power and moral integrity, gladiolus is the best way to express the feelings of deep love and infatuation to the beloved. Beautiful and intensely hued with tall stems, gladiolus is the August birth flower and 40th wedding anniversary flower.



Commonly associated with sun, the sunflowers is not known for having a warm and stunning appearance, but is widely used in the manufacturing of edible oils and food. Sunflower signifies warmth, longevity, and happiness in its every petal. This vibrant bloom is a 3rd wedding anniversary flower that follows the directions of the sun.



Having wooden stems and frilly, star-shaped blooms, the hydrangea comes in different color hues. Ranging from white to blue, pink to purple, and the color of this lovely flower depends on the acidity of the soil in which it is grown. The language of the hydrangea flower is difficult to predict as they are multiple symbolisms related to this flower. It is not only associated with pride and boastfulness, but the flower is also said to symbolize gratefulness. The flower is a perfect 4th wedding anniversary flower owing to its beauty and elegance.


We greatly hope that this blog must have cleared the clouds of confusion regarding the language and meaning of different flowers in your minds. Next time, don’t forget to get a bouquet for your dear ones that not just boast of vibrant hues but beautifully convey your hearty feeling to them. Avail these lovely blossoms from Giftalove.com for that everlasting affect on your loved one’s heart.

10 Low-Light Houseplants for a Sophisticated Interior: The Garden Lover

Are you the one who loves gardening but don’t have enough home space to thrive your lofty hobby? If yes, then hold your trowel as we are going to unfurl 10 houseplants that require minimum space and can survive even in the darkest corner of your home. Yes, you heard right!

As the standard of living increased, the number of houses and apartments stacked up to the major land area. These high-rise buildings have created a situation of insufficient sunlight, thereby making even a lavish home unsuitable for growing plants. We can say that perhaps, mother earth had prophesied this deteriorated condition centuries ago and hence, treasured us with such plants that grow in shade and minimum resources.

Reckoning plants to interior designing is just not a trend. Instead, it is very important to health as well. It is believed that spending time with these green-friends can bring a positive aura to the home. Therefore, to not lack you from all these green-benefits, below are 10 plants that will demand less sunlight and space. Let’s begin.


Looking for a low-light plant with blossoming colours and divine aroma? If nodding yes, then bring Bromeliads to your home interior. The leaves of the plant are symmetric and flat in texture that adds a defined edge to the house.


Snake Plant

Swap the artificial room freshener with the snake plant pot as it constitutes air-purifying contents to keep the atmosphere ventilated. Also, this plant is best for someone who is mostly out of station for his work.

Snake Plant

Spider Plant

Want to paint your home with bright green and yellow colours, if yes then add spider plant in your green-family. The plant eliminates bad odour and toxic fumes from the atmosphere while boosting mental and physical health.

Spider Plant

Money Plant

The money plant is best for someone who wants to add green elegance to his walls. Due to its beauty and health benefit properties, these climbers become ideal for offices, homes, shopping malls, schools and hospitals.

Money Plant

Peace Lily

Thriving to induce peace into your home or workspace, if yes then peace lily is all you want. These plants ask for less water and sunlight. It has the pristine aroma and when striking the flowers of this plant, it accelerates room atmosphere by 5%.

Peace Lily

Peacock Plant

The plant demands low to moderate sunlight and carries celestial aroma to purify the atmosphere. These symmetric and colourful leaves add an elegant and patterned edge to the home interior.

peacock plant

Dragon Tree

It is among those plants that rarely need many resources to survive. Its finely cut leaves and rough stems thrive indoor beauty to a next level.

dragon tree


If looking for an ornamental indoor plant, then go nowhere with Philodendron. This plant is best to be grown in darker areas. It helps in aiding severe allergies, illness and ugly skin marks.

Parlor Palm

The plant demands moderate humidity and low levels of natural sunlight. It is a minimalist plant and hence asks for less maintenance and care. It can be easily grown in and out of the home.

parlor palm

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen is counted among the most durable houseplants that can even survive poor ventilation, scarcity of water and sunlight. Its broad and thick leaves reckon the indoor interior with WOW factor.

chinese evergreen

These beautiful and minimalist green plants can make even a novice gardener an expert one. These plants are not only valued for its minimal nature but also for its health benefit constituents. Even if you are less with resources, with these natures’ wonder you can still go green.

Feng Shui Gifts: An Epitome of Good Luck & Prosperity

Gifts are not just meant to convey feelings of love and affection, but they can also be presented to bring good luck and prosperity in the lives of the special ones. And, what’s better than Feng Shui gifts to enthrall our loved ones on the special occasions. These gifts serve as the most perfect way to say that “You Care”.


Every Feng Shui gift has a lucky charm attached to it which makes these gifts even more special and unique. Though a Chinese form of art, these gifts have now been acclaimed worldwide for the positivity they carry with them. To ease your task of finding Feng Shui gifts, here is a compilation of some popular lucky gifting items that will definitely add a charm to your gifting technique-

1. Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plant is considered as a popular Feng Shui gifting item owing to the good luck factor associated with this plant in Chinese traditions. The plant is extremely versatile in nature and does not require any special growing conditions. It is touted to attract positive energy from the surroundings.

Bamboo Plant

2. Abacus

Abacus, an ancient calculator, makes a great gifting item on any occasion to people seeking prosperity and luck in career or business. Placing this Feng Shui gift in the direction of life aspiration brings good luck and growth.


3. Crystal tortoise

Crystal tortoise is an amazing gift that symbolizes long life and good health. Just like other Feng Shui gifts, there are certain rules which people should follow while placing it in their homes or offices. Not just crystal, these Feng Shui tortoises can also be made of wood, glass or mud.

Crystal tortoise

4. Mountain paintings

If you are thinking of getting a painting for your relative, friend, or a colleague on any special occasion, then consider a painting of mountains that signify strong relationships. If you are gifting these paintings to a person who is planning a new career or business, go for mountain paintings with a blue tinge.

Mountain paintings

5. Crystal Globe

Gifts made of crystals make excellent gifts. Crystal globe is an appropriate Feng Shui gift for students who are seeking success and knowledge in their career.

Crystal Globe

6. Laughing Buddha

Everyone must be familiar with this Feng Shui gift. The cute Laughing Buddha often serves as a decorative piece in many homes and offices as it brings high-spirited and positive energy to its surroundings.

Laughing Buddha

7. Evil Eye products

Evil Eye is an ancient symbol that signifies good luck and prosperity. This Feng Shui gifting item like key chains, necklaces, and bracelets eliminates negative energies and spreads positivity in homes and offices.

Evil Eye products

8. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a popular gifting item among people. These gifting items are known to bring positivity and wealth stability in one’s life. You can go for the wood and metal ones having metals coins.

Wind Chimes

9. Chrysanthemums flowers

Chrysanthemums flowers serve as a great gift for flower and plant lovers. They represent success, good luck, and happiness in its every petal. These mesmerizing flowers have an exhilarating aura around them that casts positivity to its surroundings.

Chrysanthemums flowers

10. Three-Legged Frog

Sounds a bit quirky, but three-legged frog is an excellent Feng Shui gift that guard family wealth and family fortunes. If there is anyone in your acquaintance whom you want to wish good wealth, gift them this incredible treasure of success.

Three-Legged Frog

11. Fountains

A fountain is a wonderful decorative gifting item for homes and offices. This Feng Shui gift has a rejuvenating and soothing factor in them and is perfect for those who really need a chill pill in their lives.


12. Blue crystal lotus

Is it about gifting your special someone on Valentine’s Day or their birthdays? If yes, then Blue crystal lotus is a wonderful gifting item with a romantic air around it. It brings good luck and prosperity in a love relationship.

Blue crystal lotus

If you are thinking from where to buy these Feng Shui gifts, Giftalove.com is the best place to be at. The site has a collection of some great Feng Shui gifts that are epitome of good luck and success. Is your gift shopping list ready?

Which are Ideal New Year Gifts? 11 Most Relevant Ideas to Consider!

With wonderful year 2018 coming to an end, the level of excitement is sure to rise for everyone as how will be the upcoming year 2019. Amidst of all this, the one thing that will be making everyone equally busy during this time is New Year gift shopping. But, despite of simply choosing anything, it will be your thoughtfulness that will help you find the best present for everyone that are ideal and relevant for the celebration time.

We all have been into the act of New Year gifting and sharing happiness and warm wishes with people we love and adore. But, have we always been right in choosing the best or ideal New Year Gift for everyone? Well despite usual gifting moment, it’s a specific time when you must greet all your loved ones only with something that can perfectly relate to the celebration time. Now it’s obvious to feel little confused as what are ideal New Year gifts. And, in this regards here we are with some awesome New Year gift ideas that are not just relevant but extraordinarily thoughtful.
Here to start with-

1. Personalized Calendar

One thing that perfectly matches up to the occasion of New Year is Calendar. Well, it can be any sort of calendar that one can think of gifting dear ones, but personalized ones are quite heart winning gifting solution for New Year. It gives you the ease to get anything personalized such as text, quote, messages, photographs, cartoon image and anything of one’s wish.

Personalized Calendar

2. Novel

Not only for an avid reader but also for everyone, starting the fresh New Year with a good novel reading is an excellent way of giving an excellent start to the year. Always prefer a novel with a meaningful or motivating subject that can inspire your dear one in many ways.


3. Lucky Plant

One of the most brilliant and thoughtful New Year gift idea to make is a Lucky Plant. Firstly it gives serious planting goals for the upcoming year and secondly it will be bringing good fortune for the receiver during the upcoming year and even for many years to come.

Lucky Plant

4. Clock:

One of the best ways of making your loved ones feel that good time is waiting for them in the year 2019 is by gifting an attractive wall clock or table clock to them. You can get a wide array of these online or offline to shop for your loved ones. You can also look up for the wide variety of personalized wall clocks as well.


5. A Luggage Bag:

If you want to give some serious travelling goals to a couple, your friends, your family members, parents or anyone, Luggage Bag is an ideal gift option to make. Indeed it’s a wonderful gift idea to surprise people leading a very hectic lifestyle. On getting it as a New Year gift, they will definitely get some travelling ideas to refresh their mind in New Year 2019.

Luggage Bag

6. God or Goddess Idol:

Another very thoughtful way of showing your concern and love to dearest ones is the idea of gifting god or goddess idols to them. Well it’s an excellent New Year gift for parents, employees, friends, colleagues, husband, wife, sister or anyone dear as the receiver will be able to start the fresh year with blessings of god.

Goddess Idol

7. New Year Resolution Book:

We all might know someone who is really eager to follow a New Year Resolution but still confused with which resolution to actually oath for the year 2019. Well your thoughtfulness of gifting a New Year Resolution Book will definitely help him/her to take the right New Year Resolution and how to strictly follow it forever.

Resolution Book

8. 2019 Diary to Pen-down Inner Thoughts!

Another very preferred and ideal New Year gift idea that is quite relevant too is New Year Diary. It can be for the passionate writer or for the one who loves to pen-down his/her feelings or regular schedule in a diary. It’s an excellent New Year Corporate gift idea too.

2019 Diary

9. Chocolate Hamper

If you wish that everyone you adore should start New Year with a sweet note then this is the gift option to find ideal in this regards. You can try making chocolate hampers for all your loved ones as home via DIY project and save money by not spending heavy on expensive chocolate baskets or hampers available online or offline.

Chocolate Hamper

10. Basket of Healthy Snacks:

For the one whom you desire to see healthy and happy in the upcoming year, it can be nothing better than gifting a basket of healthy snacks to him or her. Well you can buy or make a basket of healthy snacking products like fruit juices, sugar free cookies, dry fruits, green tea sachets, fresh fruits and other things alike.

Basket of Healthy Snacks

11. Year 2019 Printed Coffee Mug:

One of the most reasonable and relatable New Year Gift is a printed coffee mug with 2019 printed on it. You can try filling the mug with coffee sachets and also try personalizing it with a cheerful New Year quote.

Printed Coffee Mug

Gifts are the little conveyors of happiness, thoughtfulness and affection. For the upcoming year, bring in the time of merriment for your close and dear ones with ideal and thoughtful New Year gifts. To shop such New Year gifts online, GiftaLove.com is the preferred online store. With us you can buy gifts online for the celebration time with efficient services of gifts delivery in India and worldwide.

7 Ultimate Ways of Saving on Christmas Gift Shopping!

It’s obvious to feel joyful and excited about the upcoming Christmas festival celebration. Thus, you won’t want to fall into a situation of any financial crunch during this cheerful festivity. It’s great to become Santa for others and especially for the needy ones on this Christmas but before you head start with Christmas Gifts shopping, some ultimate ways of saving will definitely help you enjoy the time to your fullest.


Be it Christmas gift shopping or buying Christmas decoration items, clothes, lights, eateries and other things alike, the list is long and definitely holds the potential of making you run out of your budget. Thus, despite all the excitement and willingness of celebrating the festival with a blast, it’s important to make some points on saving funds as well. Not only this will help you in cutting your expenses but will also help you in saving money for some last minute wants.

While focusing on how to save money during Christmas, you must think smartly about listing Christmas expenses at first. Here are some amazing ways to cutback your expenses for festivity like-

  • Make use of last year’s decoration items then buying new ones again and again.
  • Despite buying new lights for Christ decoration at home, take in use the previous year lights again this time.
  • Cutback cost on new serving plates and bowls by spending on less expensive disposable cutleries.
  • Bake the Christmas cake at home than buying the expensive ones during Christmas shopping time.

And, when comes the major cause of expense during the festivity that is on gifting, you definitely need to consider these 7 ultimate ways of saving on Christmas Gift shopping such as –

1. Give a Thought to Re-gifting!

One of the most preferred ways of saving on gift shopping during X’mas is by considering re-gifting your way out. There might be plenty of gifts you had received from your loved ones which didn’t used. Well it can be a coffee mug, a painting, a book or anything that you can pass on to your loved ones on this Christmas and save money on buying new stuffs.

Give a Thought to Re-gifting

2. How About Baking Little Christmas Cakes at Home?

The idea of gifting Christmas cakes during the festivity and wishing everyone Merry Christmas with small cakes is the perfect way of bringing smile to the face of loved ones. Also, you save a lot on spending your money on expensive cakes available at bakeries or nearby cake shops. You can even tray baking Christmas special cupcakes and gift a set of 4 cupcakes to every loved one of yours.

Christmas Cakes

3. See what is Still Novel at Home to Gift Someone

Another way-out to save some money on Christmas gifts is by searching for things at home that are never used and are novel things to pass on as Christmas gift to loved ones. Well you can see if there in any painting at home that you might have but never placed on the wall. See if there are any decorative pieces at home that didn’t fit your needs. A cushion or coffee mug, a jar of chocolates or anything that is in novel state can be an excellent Christmas gift. No wonder, this will help you in saving a lot on buying a new gift online or offline.

Novel at Home to Gift Someone

4. Look up for Inexpensive Yet Delightful Eateries for Gifting

Despite looking up expensive Christmas gifts, make smart choices by looking up for inexpensive eateries that can be ideal Christmas gifts like jar of cookies, box of assorted chocolates, Christmas special snacking items, Jar of fruity candies and things alike.

Look up for Inexpensive Yet Delightful Eateries for Gifting

5. Consider Making Christmas Gift Hampers Out of Inexpensive Stuffs

Despite planning to gift something special or expensive to dear ones on the festive day, it will be great to be thoughtful and look for some inexpensive yet very delightful things. You can try making hampers of fruit juices, assorted chocolates and cup cakes, personalized coffee mug with coffee sachets and pack of cookies, a hamper of Christmas tree decoration items and things alike. This way you will make your gift look a little bigger and fuller without spending much on it.

Christmas Gift Hampers

6. Try Your Hands on DIY!

One of the amazing ways of making Christmas gifts for loved ones lighter on your pocket is by trying your hands on DIY projects. If you have interest in DIY things then it’s a plus point but if have never been into DIY things then first give it a try by choosing simple things and then enjoy gifting your creations to your loved ones. You can try making DIY Christmas wreath, paint plain white mugs and fill then with cookies. Else you can also create Christmas tree shaped cookies, paint plain cushions with Merry Christmas messages, paint old mason jars to create a candle lamp and things alike.


7. Wrap Christmas Gifts at Home

Another additional way of saving on Christmas gifting is by wrapping the gifts at home then get them packed by a nearby stationary or gift store. Especially if you bought gifts from any other reliable store at affordable prices and planning to get them wrapped from another store then just for wrapping the gifts you will be charged a lot. So, buy wrapping papers at home and show your creativity.

Wrap Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifting is the real way of conveying happiness and affection with everyone. To make this act of gifting and sharing festive greetings with loved, a joyous thing for everyone, above were some ultimate ways of saving on Christmas gift shopping. To know what are the ideal Christmas Gifts to make choices for, explore the elite Christmas Gifts range here at GiftaLove.com. The portal will also help you send Christmas Gifts to India and worldwide via efficient delivery network.