50+ Best Men’s Day Messages For Your Superheroes!

Reading the famous quote by Thomas Paine, “The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.”, we get an idea that the life of a man is not as easy as it seems. It takes a big heart to sacrifice one’s wishes to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the family. And, these gentlemen impeccably do this job without a furrowed brow. We all have such special men in our lives who have contributed to our big chunk of happiness. This 19th November on Men’s Day, let celebrate these men in our lives who have perfectly turned out to be superheroes in our lives. Applaud these men for being your ultimate source of happiness and turning your dreams into reality with these heart-warming messages which will open your heart in front of them.

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Men’s Day Messages for Father

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” The presence of a father in life is the most ultimate feeling anyone can experience in life. He is a guiding force who always holds our hands and shows us the right path always…A father always ensures that his children are happy and gets everything that they demand. For both sons and daughters, he is an inspiration as son always aspires to become a gentleman like him and daughters wish to have a husband like him who takes immense care of her.

Father And Son Playing In The Park At The Sunset Time.

Send him these messages on men’s day and express your love and respect to him.

1. Daddy, A big thank you for everything you have done…I love you a lot… Happy Men’s Day!!!

2. You always encouraged me, and you are an example of how to live life. You loved, you cared, and fulfilled our dreams. You have all that a child could ask for in a father. Happy Men’s Day!

3. F – FRIEND for life
A – AFFECTIONATE as always
T – Best TEACHER for life
H – HUMOUROUS coz you make me laugh
E – My source of ENCOURAGEMENT
R – ROLE MODEL for life

Happy Men’s Day, Daddy!

4. “Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of the song” – Pam Brown

5. खुशियों से भरा हर लम्हा होता है, जिंदगी में सुनहरा हर कल होता है, मिलती है कामयाबी उनको, जिनके साथ पिता हर पल होताहै… Happy Men’s Day PAPA!

6. All my dreams could never be accomplished if you were not beside me. A big thank you to you, Daddy, for always being there for me! Happy Men’s Day!!!

7. Love you Papa for all those wonderful gifts, scolding me on my mistakes, teaching me new things, showering unconditional love and everything you did for me. Happy Men’s Day 2019!!!

8. From childhood till today, I am a princess of your heart. Love you daddy for being the reason for my smile and strength. Happy Men’s Day!!!

9. Daddy, you are my best friend, my superhero. I’m so fortunate to have you as my guardian, role model, mentor, and critic. Happy Men’s Day!!!

10. We are blessed with a great father who always fills our day with love, happiness, satisfaction, and affection. Thank you for being the best dad in this world. Happy Men’s Day!!!

Men’s Day Messages for Husband

“I don’t need a superhero.
I don’t need a character from romantic novels.
I don’t need a prince from a fairy tale.
Why would I wish for those when I have all of them wrapped in one? That’s you, my dear husband. I love you so much.”

A woman’s life mainly revolves around two real-life characters that hold big significance in her life – FATHER & HUSBAND. After her father, if there is a man that can take good care of love and protects her in al adversities, then he has to be her husband. He is the reason for her happiness that showers his love and care always on her. She is the queen of his heart who will rule his heart forever. If you too have such a romantic and caring husband, then let your emotions get communicated to him on International Men’s Day!

Mens Day Messages for Husband

1. You are the reason for the smile on my face; you are my source of happiness; and my heartbeat… Happy Men’s Day, Sweetheart!

2. With all my heart, I appreciate God for blessing me with such an amazing husband who is an admirable man, who fulfills all his roles with dignity… Happy Men’s Day, Honey!

3. When God creates sensible men like you, he makes this world a much joyful and safer place… Wishing you lots of love and care on Men’s Day my darling husband!

4. Only a good man can become a perfect son, a caring husband, an amazing father, & a stunning human being who thinks good of the society. Have a great Men’s Day 2019!

5. You stood beside me in difficult times. You supported me in my career. You have taken good care of me. I feel blessed to have you as my husband. Happy International Men’s Day!

6. Every day in my life commences and ends perfectly. It starts with your face, and it ends when you hold me in your arms. I love you, my sweet hubby! Happy Men’s Day!

7. A perfect companion is hard to find, I am so glad that I found mine, A perfect life partner is hard to find, Who is so loving and kind, Thanks for coming in my life, Love you so much! Happy Men’s Day!

8. The love you have for me is simply flawless and your commitment immaculate. All that matters to me is when you are happy. You make me feel like the queen of the world. Happy Men’s Day 2019!

9. Every single moment I live as your wife, it makes me think how lucky I am to have you as my husband. I Love You & Happy Men’s Day!

10. I have no words to define you. You are simply the definition of a perfect man. Happy Men’s Day 2019!

Men’s Day Messages for Brother

Brothers are like a ray of bright sunshine always lighting our paths and giving us warmth. They are the best people in our lives whom we can rely on and share our secrets with.  Celebrate adulthood with your brother on this men’s day while speaking your heart out with these heart touching messages.

Mens Day Messages for Brother

1. The photo frame of my childhood wouldn’t have been perfect if it didn’t have you, my brother. Happy Men’s Day 2019!

2. When we fought, we may become the worst of enemies. But when we come together, we make a great team. Love you bro. Happy Men’s Day 2019!

3. In my childhood, you rectified my mistakes and supported me when I was being at my lowest… Thanks for everything brother. Happy Men’s Day 2019!

4. Do you know what a brother, hero friend, and role model have in common? They are all names of you. Happy Men’s Day bro!

5. A brother… sees you at your best & your worst. Sees you come last & come first. See your lows & your highs. But through all this, he always stands by. Thank you & Happy Men’s Day!

6. A little brother is the best teddy bear a sister can ever have. Soon you’ll be a man my cutie… Happy Men’s Day!

7. From the moment I first took you in my arms, I told myself, “from now on, it’s my duty to make sure you’re happy always.” Happy Men’s Day!

8. Thank you for giving your sister valuable advice which helped me take a step forward to achieve BIG goals in life. Happy Men’s Day!

9. The best part of having you as a brother is that I never feared to lose a best friend. Have a great Men’s Day!

10. We were born as brothers but we live as best friends. Happy Men’s Day, bro!

Men’s Day Messages for Boyfriend

Though you share a secretive kind of a bond with him as every one may not be aware of your relationship, he holds a special and irreplaceable place in your life. His loving and caring nature won your heart making you fall on your knees for him. Make your boyfriend feel loved with your romantic messages this Men’s Day and show this special man how incredible he is!

Mens Day Messages for Boyfriend

1. I feel like a rich woman because I have a precious man like you in my life…You are priceless. Happy Men’s Day!

2. You are the perfect example of a boyfriend. You are a gentleman who every likes to have in her life. Happy Men’s Day!

3. You always know how to make me feel special and beautiful. Happy Men’s Day to the man of my dreams!

4. You make each day of my life an adventure…I look forward to many more days exploring the world with you. Happy Men’s Day, Honey!

5. Every morning when I wake up, I find that you the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. Happy International Men’s Day 2019!

6. Together with you is my happy place. I love you to the moon and back, my prince charming! Happy Men’s Day!

7. Dear Boyfriend,

I wish you a happy men’s day as you are one of a kind. Love to have you in my life.!

8. You are my #1 man. I think of you every second. Thank you for coming into my life, sweetheart. Happy Men’s Day!

9. I never thought I would meet someone who is as loving and caring as you. Thank you for being you. Wishing a fabulous Men’s Day 2019!!!

10. I’m very fortunate to have you in my life. You are supportive, loving, and caring & will remain in my heart forever. Have a great Men’s Day 2019 with your gang!!!

Men’s Day Messages for Son

 Son is the answer to the prayers of the parents who wish to continue their legacy forward. He is an apple of the eye of his parents who always wish for his happiness and success. As he is grown up now, you feel proud as he turned out to be an amazing human being who respects women. Wish your son who is your pride and the only source f happiness a very happy men’s day with these hearty messages.

Mens Day Messages for son

1. When I see you smiling, all my worries disappear. Have a wonderful Men’s Day, son!

2. From a tiny toddler to a grown-up adult, you have become a true gentleman, my son. Wishing you the best International Men’s Day!

3. Dear son, we don’t have words to describe your true place in our lives. We can only say you are our world. Wishing the most handsome man a very happy and enjoyable Men’s Day 2019!

4. Son, you are the best of what a man could be. I have never been more proud of you than I am today. Happy Men’s Day!

5. Son… no matter how many years pass by, no matter how far you are from me. Nothing can change the bond between us. Happy Men’s Day!

6. You are not just a son to me. You’re my whole life, my heart, my soul, and most importantly, the reason for my existence. Happy Men’s Day, Beta!

7. Being a real man needs courage, respect for the women, nobility and generosity, humbleness, and a good perception towards society. You have that all son! So proud of you. Happy Men’s Day!

8. A son is a miracle and a revelation for his parents. We are thankful to God every day for sending you to us. Happy Men’s Day!

9. Son, always be a wonderful husband and a supportive father to your family. I wish you all the happiness and love for your family. Happy men’s day!

10. I don’t see my own reflection in you. I see the reflection of the man I always wanted to be. Happy Men’s Day, son!

Men’s Day Messages for Grandfather

“Old is gold.” This is what defines the qualities of the grandfathers. The age is just a number for them; they are very much lively and young at heart. Their brains are the storehouse of the wonderful years of experience which they often share with the grandchildren to makes them better human beings of the future.  Express your love ad veneration to them through these messages on Men’s Day!Mens Day Messages for Grandfather

1. Grandfathers are amazing,

Grandfathers are noble,

Grandfathers are special,

Happy to have you, Dadu!

Happy Men’s Day!

2. You are not only an inspiration for Dad but also for me. We look up to your grandfather for motivation and life lessons. Happy Men’s Day!

2. Grandpa, thank you for your stories and memories… I will always cherish the time we spend together. Wishing you a great men’s day!

3. Grandpa, thank you for being my inspiration, someone to lean on, and my best buddy for life. We make a great men’s team together!!!

4. To the best hugger, I know!!! Happy Men’s Day!

5. Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom, Dadu. Happy Men’s Day!

Don’t send these messages for Men’s Day alone, compliment them with your gifts for him ordered from GIftalove.com. Curated especially for the special men in your life, you will be successful in winning the heart of your superheroes!!!

10 Wonderful Benefits of Peace Lily Plant in Homes!

Also known as Spathiphyllum, the peace lily plant is a popular choice as an indoor plant owing to the large amounts of benefits it provides to human health and the amazing touch it gives to the interiors when placed inside. The combinations of the dark green foliage and the white flowers make this plant such a favourite of people.


Unaware of the advantages this plant provides to the overall well-being of the humans? Well, get to know here…

1. Purifies Indoor Air from Pollutants

Air pollution in homes is certainly a topic of major concern for the human beings. Apart from being an indoor beautiful plant, peace lily plant also cleanses indoor air from the harmful pollutants. According to the research of NASA, this indoor plant has the ability to eliminate 60 percent of the pollutants like benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, xylene, and formaldehyde from the atmosphere. It adds moisture to the air and makes it suitable for breathing.

2. Perfect Inclusion to Home Decor

Peace lily is one of the most attractive houseplants which can effortlessly and naturally spruce up the home decor with its beautiful appearance. The bright green leaves and the gorgeous white flowers make this plant appealing to the eyes and makes the home decor look sophisticated and appealing in every way. A small peace lily plant looks best when placed in the corner of the rooms, on tables or shelves.

3. Prevents Mildew in Bathrooms & Washrooms

The high moisture content in the toilets and bathrooms makes these places a home to moulds and mildew. People can witness them on tiles and curtains. As peace lily can thrive in high humidity conditions, keeping them in bathrooms will reduce the amount of moisture in the air as the plant will absorb it. Eventually, the dampness on the curtains and walls will reduce hampering the growth of mold spores.

4. Absorbs Harmful Acetone Vapors

The air indoors just not gets polluted from the pollutants which have entered from outside, but also from products normally used in homes. Products like varnishes, paints, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol contains acetone and alcohol which emits harmful vapours which are injurious to human health. Excessive exposure to these vapours causes acetone poisoning which may lead to headache, lack of coordination, fatigue, slurred speech, and low blood pressure. Peace lily plant absorbs these gases and controls their presence in the indoor atmosphere.

5. Low Maintenance Plant

With the people turning to green home decor, there is a huge demand of indoor plants. They bring them home and gives an eco-friendly and beautiful touch to their home decor. But, their busy schedules leave them with no time to take good care of their plants, sometimes even making them forget watering them. Peace lily plant is a wonderful choice as it a low-maintenance and can survive without sunlight in bright indoor light.

6. Eliminates Mould Spores From Air

The humid atmosphere in homes makes it a suitable territory for the survival and growth of mould spores which can be injurious to human health. People who are sensitive when exposed to these spores face eye irritation, throat irritation, coughing, skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, or wheezing. Peace lily plant reduces the amount of excess moisture in the air and kills mould spores.

7. Promotes Sleep

The beautiful appearance and the air purifying quality of this plant make peace lily a perfect choice for the bedrooms. It purifies the air within bedrooms and increases the level of humidity for better breathing and sleep. A rise in the level of humidity relieves irritated throat and nose. Moreover, the soothing and green foliage of this plant will alleviate feelings of stress and promotes relaxation of the mind and body.

8. Brings Peace & Good Fortune

The plant of peace lily denotes peace, purity, hope, prosperity and innocence. Besides being used as an ornamental plant in homes and offices, this plant is considered sacred as it brings good fortune and health to its users. The peace lily eliminates the harmful radiations from the television and computers.

9. Natural air freshener

The pretty white blossoms of the peace lily plant works as a fantastic fragrance diffuser in homes and offices. This plant when in full bloom stage emits an appealing fragrance that works as a wonderful room freshener. The smell of the flowers gets trapped in homes for a week making it smell fresh.

10. Condolence Plant

The peace lily plant signifies rebirth and a return to innocence. Taking potted peace lily plant to the family of the deceased person expresses your sympathy and serves as a tranquil reminder of their loved one passed away.As white flowers serves as great funeral flowers, peace lily is a thoughtful choice to take with your when attending a funeral ceremony.

Skip Cash This Time, Turn to Modern Wedding Gifts!!!

The wedding season has arrived in India!!! The beating of the drums, the sound of the DJ, the twinkling lights outside homes, the overcrowded markets, and so much commotion from the marriage processions on the streets can be noticed where people can be seen having a fabulous time dancing and grooving on the tunes of the popular dance numbers. There are numerous wedding invitations flowing in from the acquaintances making people spend wonderful evenings in the wedding venues and gorging on delicious delicacies skipping diets.

Attending a wedding of a friend, relative, colleague, or in the neighbourhood empty-handed seems a lot embarrassing, right? Earlier, giving Sagan or cash was a tradition as money was considered as the best gift for the couple. But, with the change in time and thought process of the people, there is a huge trend of impressive wedding gifts for the couple rather than going for cash as these gifts define your class and taste. So, here we have come up with some amazing gift suggestions which you can consider before picking up anything for the beautiful couple whose wedding you are attending:


The vibrant and cheerful flowers always make the first choices of the people who are attending a wedding in their acquaintance. Big flower bouquets and baskets become popular wedding gifts during the wedding season and the celebrations seem incomplete without these natural beauties on the table of wedding gifts.


You can go for roses, orchids, lilies, or mixed flowers arrangements as these blossoms make excellent floral gifts.

Lord Ganesha Statue

As marriage marks a new beginning in a couple’s life, gifting Lord Ganesha idol to the couple as a wedding gift is certainly a great idea. As Lord Ganesha hold a special place in the Hindu religion, he is the first one to be worshiped before anything new is commenced in life. So, pick a beautiful and antique looking Ganesha idol for the bride and groom and bless them with the blessings and grace of Ganpati Bappa!

Lord Ganesha Statue

Dinner Set

If the couple has a special connection with you, then this one is definitely the best choice for them. Or, if the couple is planning to shift to a new city or country soon after the marriage and is going to stay there alone, then a dinner set will certainly be a utility gift for them.

dinner set


People say “the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Help the bride win the heart of her husband by gifting her wonderful kitchenware in which she can cook delicious food for him and strengthen their bond more…


Branded Linens

Bed sheets are luxurious wedding gifts for the couple as they are useful and epitomize their new life together. The new wedding bed deserves new linens. So, go for the branded ones and make the couple feel your consideration.


Wall Paintings

If the newlywed couple is about to shift to a new home sometime after their marriage, then paintings will certainly spruce up their new home with colors and decorate the empty walls of their home bringing them back to life. Go for the bright colored ones to infuse the happiness of colors in their life and the new home.


German Silver Gifts

The bright sheen and the royal handcrafted designs on the German silver metal by the expert craftsmen make these gifts look regal ad attractive as wedding gifts. The wonderful velvet box packaging will add to the exquisiteness of these royal looking gifts. These gifts can also be given as wedding return gifts to the esteemed guests who have marked their presence at your family wedding.German Silver Gifts

Couple Watch

This one is the trendiest one! Couple watches are a rage nowadays as weddings for the bride and groom. Go for the branded ones and let the couple cherish the amazing time they have spent and the unseen future they are embarking onto… Together!!!

couple watch

The final note

All these gifts must have made you feel at place… They are popular and trendy and can remarkably replace cash effortlessly… If you want to add chocolates, cakes, and other gift items to these gifts to make your gifting a magnificent one, then have a look at wedding gifts online on Giftalove.com and sweep the couple off their feet in a wonderful manner!

Celebrate Years of Blissful Wedlock With These Anniversary Gifts

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther

No matter how many years have passed since you both entered into a blissful wedlock, the love and care between you is indestructible. Wedding anniversary is an occasion thrown at us by life to celebrate the yearlong companionship in the most romantic way. Celebrate this incredible bond with your soul mate in the most loving manner on your wedding anniversary with smashing and trendy anniversary gifts. Explore below –

Anniversary Gifts


You can never go wrong with blossoms on anniversary! The bright and captivating bright and pastel shades of these natural beauties can intrigue anyone with their flawless beauty. This anniversary, let your love and affection gets communicated to your darling spouse through the language of flowers. Though red roses make the most excellent and clever gifts for the occasion of wedding anniversary for couples, but there are still some anniversary flowers which are popular to be gifted on specific anniversary celebrations.

Flowers for milestone anniversary celebrations

Anniversary Flowers Symbolism
Carnations for 1st Anniversary Symbolizes strength and affection
Daisies for 5th Anniversary Represent fidelity and hope
Daffodils for 10th Anniversary Signifies rebirth and new beginnings
Asters for 20th Anniversary Symbolizes wisdom and appreciation
Iris for 25th Anniversary Represent hope and faith.
Lilies for 30th Anniversary Represent commitment and loyalty
Yellow roses and violets for 50th Anniversary Means ultimate happiness and togetherness

Anniversary flower ideas –

    • Go for the flowers which hold a special memory in your life. Like the proposal day, first Valentine’s Day, or anything else…
    • Pick a bouquet of flowers in the favorite color of your hubby or wife
    • Include chocolates in the bouquet if your wife or husband is a big fan of these sweets.


All couples have special memories in their lives which they consider extremely precious and close to their heart. Be it their first date before marriage, Valentine’s Day, first Karwa Chauth, or even the very moment of becoming parents, they like to capture these special moments forever… If you too have such amazing memories with your amazing life partner, then go for these overly special anniversary gifts which perfectly frame that special moment with your spouse.

LED personalized gifts

LED personalized gifts: Brighten up the occasion with these personalized gifts on the special anniversary day everywhere with your memorable photographs.

      • Photo LED lamps
      • Personalized LED cushions
      • Personalized LED crystal lamp

Photo frames: Remember the time when you both went on a trip and have an exciting time together? Gather the most romantic and fun pictures of both of you and bring them all together in a photo frame that can serve as an excellent home décor item.

Photo frames

Photo anniversary cakes: Certainly the most popular ones on the occasions of anniversaries, get one ordered now to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your sweetheart or darling hubby.

Photo anniversary cakes

Photo Cushions & Mugs: Both these gifts have become extremely popular in demonstrating one’s love and affection to the loved ones. Choose the most special photograph of you two and get them printed on these anniversary personalized gifts for that perfect romantic feel.

Photo Cushions & Mugs


No celebrations are memorable and special without cakes. And, when it’s about celebrating the wonderful marital bond on the day of the marriage anniversary, you can always have a cake to rejoice in the joyful celebrations. There are certain varieties of anniversary cakes which can never make you go wrong with your choices.

      • Heart shaped cakes to express love and affection
      • Multi-tier cakes to celebrate milestone anniversaries
      • Photo cakes to impart a personalized feel to the anniversary celebrations

The Final Note

Though all these gifts sound familiar to you, but all of them never fail to create magic on the minds of the people. They are still in very much trend and will continue to be in the years to come. Go for these one now to make your wedding anniversary celebrations a fantastic affair for your life partners. Explore giftalove.com now and find these exciting gifts waiting just for you!!!

Good Luck Flowers to Wish Happiness & Success to Dear Ones

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank

The bright colors of the flowers, the enchanting fragrances, and the peace they provide to the mind and heart is just inexplicable. Nature has blessed humankind with innumerable beautiful blossoms which are well-known for their attributes beneficial for the people. The universal qualities of the vivacious blooms are definitely required for the positive well-being. Known for spreading happiness, love, and warmth everywhere they are kept, these colorful beauties will certainly make everyone just go awe after them.

Good Luck Flowers

Feng Shui flowers are a popular variety among all which helps bringing happiness and prosperity in one’s life. When it’s about blessing dear ones with all the happiness and good luck, one can never go wrong with these auspicious blossoms. Gifting these to your loved ones on their special occasions will certainly bless them with good fortune and brings positivity in their life.

Read here…

1. Sunflowers

According to the traditions mentioned in the folklores, sunflowers are lauded as the flower which brings good luck and denoted loyalty, passion, and truth. These beautiful yellow flowers represent strong devotion as they always follow the direction of the Sun. Its appearance is similar to the Sun symbolizing spiritual knowledge, which is why it is called a Sunflower. These blossoms bring happiness and strengthen bonds with the dear ones whom they are gifted to. It fills our homes with a strong sense of protection and positivity.

Sunflowers make excellent gifts for people about to graduate from a school or college, or commencing a new business…


2. Lilies

One of the most beautiful and diverse flowers, Lilies represent happiness, calm, and peace through its beautiful appearance. According to the Chinese Proverb, “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.” The “Lily of the Valley’ is the traditional flowers for good fortune. The plant of ‘Peace Lily’ also serves as an amazing option to bless dear ones with all the happiness and good luck in life. The strong positive vibes emitted by this plant in home or office will bring good fortune and success wherever it is placed.


3. Orchids

According to Feng Shui, orchid is considered as a classic symbol of fertility. The flower brings harmony and perfection in people’s life. It symbolizes abundance, spiritual growth, and purity of mind and heart.


4. Chrysanthemums

One of the most lauded flowers in the Asian continent and Feng Shui culture, chrysanthemums spread happiness and good fortune in the homes where they are kept…They bring more balance and success in one’s life and spreads prosperity in one’s life. As this flower is believed to attract positive energies, it brings good luck to you and your home. Go for the golden ones as they symbolize prosperity and wealth.


5. Anthurium

Also known as Flamingo Lilies, Anthuriums of red or pink colors are considered auspicious as they represent success and happiness. The heart shape of these blossoms and the bright colors will bring cheer and good luck to your loved ones.


6. Marigold

Popular in the Hindu culture and traditions, marigolds are popular flowers used in the religious ceremonies in India. For offerings to Gods and Goddesses, and decorating homes on festive and special occasions, these blossoms in orange, yellow, and maroon represents auspiciousness and good luck in every way. Marigold is associated with Mother Mary and therefore, wards off evil energies and brings good luck to people.


7. Lotus

In Buddhism, the lotus flower is considered auspicious and pure. Though this religious flower grows in the mud, but stays away from the dirt and spreads positive vibes all around. The flower represents the journey of a man towards enlightenment. It is believed that this flower brings peace and harmony to one’s homes and spread happiness all around.


The Final Note

So, next time when picking flowers for your loved ones, do remember the name of these ones and bless them with all the positive luck and prosperity. These unconventional flowers will certainly surprise them and make them applaud your unique choice. And, when they become aware of the reason behind your choice of these blossoms, they will undoubtedly feel blessed to have such a concerned and loving person in their life. If you wish to go ahead with orchids, lilies, and chrysanthemums flowers online, then do visit Giftalove.com. It is an online gifting portal offering a large variety of floral arrangements of these good luck flowers in their catalog.

10 Thoughtful Bhai Dooj Gifts for Every Kind of Brother!

Brothers are the perfect fusion of responsibility and emotions. They are for sure the weirdest creature of all. Sometimes with rudeness and anger and sometimes with care and concern, they hold their sisters securely in every phase of life. Sometimes they will treat you like you know nothing and in others, they will do anything to keep your self-respect intact. This is how exactly your brothers are! Combination of sweet and sour!

On the coming auspicious festival of Bhai Dooj, commemorate and celebrate your “Kuch khatti and Kuch meethi” relationship with your favorite and sweetest enemy of life who has always been there to hold your back in every up and down and in every rise and fall. The grand festival of Diwali is concluded with the auspicious and sweet festival of Bhaidooj. This time, make your doting brothers feel special with your love, care, concern, and thoughtfulness reflected by your token of love. Everyone has a different personality and which one your brother has, you know it well of course. So, why not to gift him something as per his nature and the way he is as your brother is the best!

Here, 10 ultimate and most thoughtful Bhai Dooj gifts for brothers are listed below that will surely take your celebration to another level. So, go check them out now!

1. Photo Frames: For the one who loves to keep memories intact

Photo frames are no doubt one of the best and most prominent gifts that can be given to anyone on any occasion. But when it is about expressing your love to your brother on the special occasion of Bhaidooj, then something special is needed to be done. For this, take a walk down the memory lane and pick the memorable photo that has some special memories attached to it and is framed in an attractive and decent photo frame. This gift will be cherished by him for a lifetime for sure.

Photo Frames

2. Desk Organizer: For the well organized one

If your brother is the one who loves to keep things organized in the mannered way, then a desk organizer will be the perfect gift for him so that he can give a new look to his office desk. Also, if your brother is not that cleanliness freak as you want him to be, then also you can get him this amazing gift and can make him more organized.

Desk Organizer

3. Champagne Glasses: For the partyholic one

How come Diwali and Bhai Dooj get completed without party and celebration! Take this brother and sister’s bond celebration and relationship to another level with some exotic and decent get together. Do you know how partyholic your brother is! If yes, then raise a toast to your this unbeaten and unbreakable relationship with the designer and classic wine and champagne glasses.

Champagne Glasses

4. Briefcase Bag: For the businessman brother

For your brother who has to travel for meetings and conferences from one city to another, looking presentable every time is very necessary. This is not only because of the clothes, but your way of styling also matters a lot. In this, the bag you are carrying plays a crucial role. So, make your brother’s presence remarkable and outlandish with designer and classic briefcase bags that he can flawlessly carry with him to attend meetings in India and abroad.

Briefcase Bag

5. Personalized Caricatures: For the self-obsessed one

To make this Bhaidooj fun and interesting, you can go with some quirky and wired gifts like a personalized caricature that will make him laugh and giggle and at the same time loved and pampered. If you also have a brother who is self-obsessed, then get him a cartoon caricature that personalized with his face and even his profession so that he can be proud of his achievements.

Personalized Caricatures

6. A Box Loaded with Sweets: For the one having sweet-tooth

Every India festival is incomplete without sweets and delicacies. And, Bhai Dooj celebration is all about eating, enjoying and having fun with all loving brothers, sisters, and family members. If your brother is also the one who waits for the festival to come so that he can have a lot of sweets as he wants, then get him a box loaded with yummy, delicious, and mouth-watering sweets that will make him very happy and the festival more special.

A Box Loaded with Sweets

7. Vintage Diary: For the intellectual one

If you are blessed with a brother who is intellectual and is always surrounded with pens and papers, then you can get him a cool, casual, classic, and vintage diary so that he can have all this tedhe-medhe thoughts at one place. This thoughtful gift of yours will be a useful and valuable one for him.

Vintage Diary

8. Classy Watch: For the one who is late comer in your group

Brothers can never come on time! With this thought, every sister will agree. It is a myth, that girls are always late. Ask the sisters what is the scene behind this. Brothers always make their sisters to wait when asked for dropping. If you are also blessed with such a late lateeef brother, then on this Bhai Dooj, gift a classy watch to him so that he can be punctual as well. Okay jokes apart, with this gift of yours, he can flaunt and impress his girlfriends with his charm.

Classy Watch

9. Auspicious Ganesha Laxmi Idol: For the one who is auspicious & Traditional

Shower your blessings and express your immense love to your brother on this auspicious festival with divine Laxmi Ganesha idol. This special and thoughtful gift will be the best and most prominent one that will be infused with the blessings and wishes of yours.

Auspicious Ganesha Laxmi Idol

10. Royal Dry-Fruits Collection: For the diet-conscious brother

For your gym-freak and diet-conscious brother who says no to sweets even on the festival, a royal and classic dry-fruit box will be the one that will make the perfect Bhai Dooj gift for your fit and loving brother.

Royal Dry-Fruits Collection

The grand and huge celebration of Diwali concludes with Bhai Dooj celebration. All the above-mentioned gifts are just perfect to zing up your celebration and will make your brother feel special and out of the world. With GiftaLove.com, you can make the daunting task of deciding a perfect gift for your brother. From here, you can hands-on beautiful flower arrangements, dry fruits, sweets, and many other items that are perfect to ginger-up the celebration.

7 Indoor Plants to Bless Homes with Good Luck & Wealth This Diwali!

With the looming dangers of pollution to human health and the festival of Diwali just around the corner, plants have gained immense popularity as Diwali gifts as well as home décor items. These natural eco-friendly items are certainly a blessing for homes as they are believed to be the bringers of happiness, wealth, and good fortune. And, when these green beauties are installed in homes in suitable places, they spread their magic in the surroundings.

On Diwali, everyone wants their homes to be blessed with health, wealth, peace, and eternal happiness. So, without wasting any more time, explore the below varieties of Diwali plants to bless your home with all the positivity and happiness!!!

1. Money Plant

Just as its name suggests, the money plant is touted as the bringer of wealth and good fortune in places where it is kept. According to the beliefs of Feng Shui, this plant is not just a known name for money and good luck, but also brings peace and positive energy to the surroundings. The increased rate of growth and the way it spreads with the least of care shows how adaptable it is to its environment. The clustered leaves of this plant are a big sign of luck.

Money Plant

2. Bamboo Plant

Just like its name, a bamboo plant is lucky in every way. A popular Feng Shui plant, lucky bamboo attracts positive energy and brings great benefits to humanity when placed in homes and offices. Every stalk of the bamboo plant suggests a meaning which is significant for knowledge before they get a place in anyone’s home. Keeping a bamboo plant in a glass container filled with stones and water is considered ideal for positivity in homes. Don’t keep this plant in direct sunlight as it is delicate and thrives in cool temperatures.

Bamboo Plant

3. Palms

One of the most well-known garden plants in India, palm trees are ideal to keep in homes as well to attract positive energy and good luck. The plant brings beauty, aestheticism, and a tropical feel to the home décor with its sheer size. It attracts positivity from the surroundings and removes contaminants from the air.

lady palm

4. Rubber Plant

There is a belief that a rubber plant signifies money and good fortune not just in homes, but also in the business. It is an ideal indoor plant as its round leaves attract wealth, good luck, and prosperity. When this plant is kept in the wealth area of your home like the entrance or the south-east area of the room, people welcome peace and positive energies in homes.

rubber plant

5. Snake Plant

Hilariously called as the “Mother-in-law’s Tongue”, the snake plant is believed to bring good luck to homes as it purges homes of the negative energies and harmful toxicants, and spread positive vibes in them. According to Feng Shui, the plant is considered not an ideal plant for homes, but when it is placed in a separate area, it provides positive vibes in indoors.

Snake Plant

6. Jade Plant

If you wish to welcome prosperity and success in your home, then jade plant is an ideal choice for you. Just like the rubber plant, the round leaves of the jade plant bring happiness and prosperity to homes. Popular as gifts to be given to businessmen, this plant is also ideal to be kept in the entrance of the homes. It attracts wealth and good fortune and provides benefits to the homeowners.

Jade Plant

7. Tulsi

Worshipped with great devotion in India, the Tulsi or Holy Basil plant brings happiness, wealth, good health, and divine blessings in homes. It purifies homes of the negative energies and stimulates positivity in them. Worshipping it with dedication will also fill your wishes.


Have a healthy, wealthy, and green Deepavali!!!

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas Under 999/-

Sometimes, being surrounded by abundant dear ones can be a costly affair for us. And, when it is an occasion is Diwali, it certainly leaves a big hole in the pockets. Distribution of gifts on this biggest Indian festival of the year has become a culture which cannot be avoided at any cost. The sudden rise in the prices of Diwali gifts as this festival approaches is a common situation. So, to bring you out of this panicky situation, we have listed down an amazing range of gifts that can be bought under Rs. 999/-. Now, you can easily surprise your dear ones without actually worrying about the drilling in our pockets!!!

1. Lakshmi-Ganesha Idols

The idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are popular Diwali gifts as they represent auspiciousness and prosperity in life. According to the Hindu religious rituals, people offer their prayers to these divine beings to seek their blessings. So, this one is truly the most perfect gift for your dear ones that is affordable while being thoughtful in every manner.

laxmi ganesha

2. Chocolates with Designer Diyas

People prefer chocolates to sweets when it comes to gifting on special occasions. And, when it’s about the magnificent Indian festival of Diwali, there is a smorgasbord of chocolate gifts that are exquisitely created to win the hearts of the people. Not just the chocolates, even the shimmery and stylish packaging will sway everyone’s heart just by looking at them. Bogatchi assorted chocolates packed in an eye-catchy box along with designer Matka diyas will perfectly blend with the theme of Deepavali and astound your loved ones.

chocolate diyas

3. Golden Gifts

The festival of Diwali is everything about shine and glamour. The color golden best describes the festive feel in India, and therefore, golden gifts perfectly fit in the Diwali celebrations and surprises. The sheen and antique designs on these gifts and their containers in which they come packed make your Diwali gifting a royal one.

golden gifts

4. Silver Gifts

Touted as the most auspicious metals in India in the religious ceremonies, silver items are perfect gifts to surprise dear ones on the festive occasion of Diwali. The shine and the intricate designs on them make them look exquisite and appealing to the eyes and the red velvet box in which they are packed will win your dear one’s heart immensely.

silver gifts

5. Diwali Plant Combos

For the splendid occasion of Diwali, plants make the best gifts for loved ones to bless them with good health and happiness. The burning of crackers on Diwali in every nook and cranny of India increases the pollution levels increasing health risks. Therefore, gifting Diwali plants which are air purifiersalong with other gifts like sweets and Lord Ganesha statue will bless dear ones with all the prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness.

diwali plants

6. Diwali lights

Diwali is referred to as the “Festival of Lights” as the entire country gets embellished with twinkling colorful lights. With the popularity of home décor Diwali gifts among people, you can now gift designer Diwali lights to your loved ones to impart a festive appeal to their homes. Gifting lights to special ones will also signify the spreading of ray of hope and light of joy in their lives.


7. Designer Lanterns

Lanterns on Diwali are popular home décor items to spruce up the beauty of homes and their outsides with the festive flavors and colors. Intricately designed with the face of the Lord Buddha, lighting this lantern up will brings a sense of joy, peace, and excitement in the festive atmosphere.lanterns

8. Puja Thali for Diwali

No Puja is complete in India without a fully decorated Puja thali. Decorated with all the essentials required to perform any devotional and religious ceremony in homes, these thalis have become popular gift items to be gifted to loved ones on special occasions. Decorated with bright colors and stones, this Puja Thali also comes with attached Roli and Rice containers. So, gift this thali to your dear ones and make their Diwali Laxmi Puja 2019 a memorable and delightful affair.Puja thali

9. Personalized Mugs & Cushions

Expressing feelings of the heart to the loved ones through gifts on Diwali is what everyone wishes for. Personalized Diwali gifts like cushions and mugs make the best choices for dear ones on Diwali as they not just communicate your Diwali wishes, but also let you express your love and affection to them. Order this one and make this festival memorable for them.

personalized mug with cushions

10. Dryfruit gifts

Good health is what you want for your loved ones. Isn’t it? Dryfruits are perfect gifts for Diwali to bless your dear ones with a healthy body and mind. With amazing gift choices available in these healthy nuts, you can always feel sorted even in the last minute. Packed in a wonderful designer tray with diyas and Lord Ganesha statue, this dry fruit gift will certainly win the heart of loved ones.

dry fruit gifts

11. Sweets with Lord Ganesha

Sweets constitute an indispensable part of the Diwali celebrations. From offering to Gods and Goddesses to gifting dear ones, these lip-smacking delicacies make your celebrations a sweetest affair. Combined with a cute and beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha, this combo will certainly be the most amazing one for them. The sweetness of Kaju katli and the blessings of the Lord will make your loved ones prosper in life.sweets with lord ganesha

12. Aroma candles with Auspicious Gifts

After plants, aromatic candles are the next best gifts for healthy and good smelling homes. As home décor forms an essential part of the Diwali preparations, these candles will not just make your home look attractive with their colors and their fragrances will make them more welcoming. When paired with plants and Lord Ganesha idols, this Diwali gift hamper will spread more happiness and good health in the environment.aroma candles

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Diwali 2019!

The countdown to the biggest festival of the Indian subcontinent has begun with just three days left to Diwali 2019!!! The houses of the people are already decorated with blinking lights and the marketplaces are seen flooding with the crowd of people having a good time with their dear ones enjoying the festive vibes of Diwali.sameday-blog-img

The distribution of Diwali gifts by the people in their acquaintances is also in full swing. Most of the people have already completed their Diwali gift shopping while some of them must be still struggling to find perfect gifts for Diwali for their loved ones. As the time is passing at a lightning speed, it is high time to increase the pace and buy Diwali gifts for friends and relatives as fast as possible.  Meet these requirements in the least of time with the popular and quick Diwali gifts same day delivery.

So, to help you meet your last-minute needs of these gifts, we have compiled an interesting and fantastic list of Diwali gifts which are certainly amazing and can be bought easily online as well as offline.

1. Plants – Health & Freshness Guaranteed!

With active and massive promotions of plants as green gifts for Diwali to cut down the levels of pollution in the home environment, a huge variety of them are now available. Snake plant, money plant, peace lily, lucky bamboo, jade plant, spider plant, aloe vera, and so many more can be gifted to dear ones to ensure their good health and happiness.

2. Sweets – Traditional & Delicious!

You can never go wrong with sweets on festive occasions like Diwali as they are an inevitable part of the Diwali celebrations. These sweet and delicious delicacies always make the most favorite desserts of people which they not just relish, but also use as offerings to Gods during Diwali Puja. Diwali sweets are traditional in every manner and make one of the best Diwali gifts in the last time every year.

3. Chocolates – Always Good to Go!

Think of the most suitable and handy Diwali gift items that are popular as well as delicious at the same time? CHOCOLATES…For the festival of Diwali, these yummy treats come packed in exquisite chocolate gift boxes, chocolate potlis, chocolate baskets, chocolate bouquets, etc. to plan exciting surprises for the loved ones.

4.  Designer Lanterns – Goes Well with Festival of Lights!

If you wish to buy home décor Diwali gifts for your loved ones at the last minute, then these trending designer lanterns and lamps are perfect choices at the last time. Available in a good number of designs and sizes, you can easily purchase them to elevate the decoration of homes on this upcoming “Festival of Lights”.

5. Lakshmi-Ganesha Idols – Blessings are Necessary!

When nothing strikes the mind as Diwali gifts for dear ones, the idols of Lakshmi-Ganesha paired with sweets turns out to be the most perfect gifts every Diwali season. These gifts are suggestive of the divine blessings and bring happiness and good health to the loved ones. During the festive season of Diwali, these are readily available in the market and you can buy them for your dear ones easily.

6. Dryfruit Gifts – Good Health is everything!

Dryfruit gift packs are wonderful choices for the festival of Diwali. As they represent good health and long life, people can buy them to gift their family and friends on Diwali. Available in a variety of patterns and designs like antique dryfruit boxes, dry fruits in a potli, designer boxes and more, you can give these to your loved ones and make them feel your love and care.

7. Aromatic Candles – Nature is Home!

Home décor is a significant part of the Diwali celebrations. Embellishing the interiors as well as the entrance of the house with lights and Diwali decoration stuff is a common activity observed by the people. Bring more warmth and happiness in the home of your loved ones with aromatic candles. The fragrance of thee oils and the bright light of these candles will elevate the beauty of the inside of their homes. Coming in beautiful colors and mesmerizing fragrances, go for these ones of you haven’t purchased anything yet!

8. Juice Gift Packs – Drink Health NOT Wine!

Just stroll in your nearby markets and see a good number of these gift options in eye-pleasing packing available. Beverages have becomes a popular Diwali gift items owing to the delicious taste and healthiness factors attached to them. These gifts are perfect to express your concern for your dear ones as they are healthy and nutritious in every manner!

9. Cookie Boxes – For Perfect Tea Times!

Cookies are no more just kitchen shelf items, but have entered the world of gifting due to their lip-smacking flavors and amazing packing. For the purpose of Diwali gifting, these delicious and mouthwatering snacks are available in stunning gift packs that will certainly surprise your dear ones in a big way. Choco chips, hazelnut, chocolate, honey oats, coconut, Jeera, Kaju Pista, and so many more flavors are available to go for!

10. Electrical Appliances – Simplifying Household Chores!

If you have gotten late to purchase a Diwali gift for your dear one, then going for these ones indefinitely a wonderful idea. Forming a part of thoughtful and exquisite Diwali gifting, electrical appliances will make everyday tasks easier for your loved ones. You can simply purchase items like juicers, mixers, hair grooming range, and more from any nearby electronic shop and amaze your dear ones in a mind-blowing manner.

6 Most Thoughtful Gifts Ideas for Dhanteras 2019!

The five day celebration extravaganza of Diwali begins tomorrow with the celebration of the festival of Dhanteras. Also known as Dhanatrayodashi or Dhanvantari Trayodashi, the festival marks the worshipping of the Goddess of wealth, Maa Lakshmi, by a large number of people with utmost devotion and dedication. According to the beliefs of the people, buying gold, silver, brass, or steel items on this festive occasion and worshipping them during Lakshmi Puja brings good fortune and wealth to the people.

Some Interesting Facts about Dhanteras

  • People keep copper utensils filled with water and tulsi leaves in different parts of the house.
  • Buying silver items or utensils increases their quantity by 13 times.
  • Domestic animals like cows are washes and worshipped on the day of Dhanteras.
  • Deep Dan: Some communities in India offer 13 diyas to Lord Yama to avoid untimely death.
  • People sow dried coriander seeds in pots or gardens for growth and prosperity. It is a good act when buying a new car, shifting to a new house, or commencing new businesses.

Popular Gifts for Dhanteras 2019!

Dhanteras is a significant festival celebrated in India as Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha are worshipped on this day to seek their blessings for happiness and prosperity in lives. Gifts also hold a special place in this celebration. The gifts for Dhanteras are somewhat fixed as it is all about bringing positive vibes and wealth in our homes as well as of the loved ones. So, here we have listed down some really amazing Dhanteras gifts for this occasion celebrated just two days before the grand festival of Deepavali –

1. Gold Jewelry

Gold is the most precious metal of all others and hold great significance in the celebrations of the festival of Dhanteras. People purchase gold jewelry according to the size of their pockets to offer Goddess Lakshmi during the Lakshmi Puja. It is believed that if people purchases gold on this festive occasion, the wealth Goddess showers Her blessings on them and make them prosperous. If you wish to give something to your wife or mother on this special day, then buy gold jewelry like ring, earrings, neck chain, etc. that will make them happy.

Gold Jewelry

2. Silver Gifts

Silver is touted as an auspicious metal to perform religious ceremonies in India. Silver utensils are used in Pujas as they are pure and bring prosperity. For the festive occasion of Dhanteras, silver gifts are one of the most preferred ones. You can consider gifting silver bowl sets, silver crockery, silver glasses, silver jewelry, or silver Puja thali to dear ones.

Silver Gifts

3. Steel Utensils

The festival of Dhanteras also sees people giving up their old utensils and purchasing new steel utensils for their homes. They worship these utensils and thereafter, use them for regular purposes. People also gifts dinner ware, steel crockery, steel cookware, and other products to their loved ones to shower the blessings of Goddess Laxmi on them.

Steel Utensils

4. Silver Shagun Coins

Silver coins are considered auspicious to gift on the wonderful and holy occasion of Dhanteras. They are considered as good luck gifts and bring good fortune and happiness to the people who offer them to Goddess Laxmi on this special festive day. If your pocket allows you, you can also offer gold coins to Her.

Silver Shagun Coins

5. Lakshmi-Ganesha Idols

Seeking the divine blessings of the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on the day of Dhanteras is what everyone looks forward to. For the purpose of gifting on this festive occasion, the idols both the divine figures are certainly a great idea to bless dear ones with their Aashirwad. Receiving them will fill your loved ones’ hearts with immense joy and pleasure.

Lakshmi-Ganesha Idols

6. Electronic Appliances

These manmade appliances are undoubtedly the man’s best friend when it comes to reducing the burden of work. Dhanteras is also regarded as an auspicious occasion to buy these machines. People also buy new cars on this day owing to its auspiciousness. If you wish to surprise your dear ones with Dhanteras gifts then, think of purchasing a new electric appliance like iron, hair grooming range, mixers, grinders, etc.Electronic Appliances

Have a wonderful & happy Dhanteras!!!