Make Your Little Angels Feel Special with Hearty Daughters Day Gifts

People always say that daughters grow up faster than sons, be it in terms of the level of understanding or being expressive and considerate towards the parents. They are like a ray of sunshine who brighten the lives of their parents with their love, care, affection, patience, and compassion. In a world, where there is a huge demand for sons, daughters are successfully setting examples of being good and obedient children of their parents in every way. As perfectly said, “A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous.”

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Daughters Day – 22nd September 2019

Daughters Day is the celebration of the existence of these beautiful souls in this world that not just enlightens the life of their parents, but also spread happiness and warmth wherever they go. It is not just the celebration of the presence of daughters in one’s life, it is also the feeling of pride which parents feel who are blessed with wonderful and capable daughters. To be celebrated on 22nd September this year, take this occasion as an opportunity to express your love and a sense of pride to your daughters. Give them wings to fly so that they can achieve new heights in life setting examples for the future generations to come. Who knows she can be the next PV Sindhu or Kiran Bedi making not just you, but the whole nation proud as well.

Daughters Day Gifts – Expressions of Your Love & Happiness

Make your little princess feel supremely special and surprised this Daughters Day with your special gifts for her. Although your love and care are enough for her happiness, some occasions like this one deserve to be made special with gifts for daughters. To help you out in picking the best Daughters Day gifts, below are some gift suggestion which will perfectly communicate the feelings of their parents to their daughters in an emotional way.

  • Flowers: To applaud her beauty and delicacy, flowers make the best gifts for Daughters Day. Going for flowers like orchids, pink roses, carnations, or even lilies is a perfect idea. These beautiful and aromatic blooms wonderfully imply that she is a grown-up girl now!flowers
  • Chocolates: All parents and children duos have amazing memories connected with chocolates. All children love to relish chocolates all the time. If your daughter is a chocolate fan, then getting her favorite chocolates for this special occasion is an amazing idea.


  • Soft Toys: Bring back the childhood memories to your daughter by giving her cute and mushy soft toys this Daughters Day. Teddy Bears are perfect for your little angel on this hearty occasion.

soft toys

  • Cakes: Celebrating the presence of daughters in one’s lives can never be a mediocre affair. It must be celebrated with extravagance over delicious cakes.  Order her favorite cake or go for a photo cake with a pretty family picture from any vacation to uplift the moods of the celebrations.cakes
  • Personalized Gifts: These gifts always have a heart-touching feel to them. Getting personalized gifts for Daughters Day will bring back the beautiful memories of the wonderful times and make her feel extremely special. You can go for personalized mugs, cushions, photo frames, and more which she can always keep with herself.

personalized cushions

Final Note

Never consider daughters lesser than sons in anything. They are equally equipped and capable of achieving the same pedestals in life if given the proper atmosphere to thrive in homes. So, this Daughters Day, feel proud and pledge to support them in all their decisions. Shower her with these special gifts and make this day special and memorable for her.

Good Luck Plants For Every Zodiac Sign!

In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the number of people who believes enormously in astrology. From their names to anything, they have incorporated the concepts of astrology in everything. This immense faith is based on the aspirations of people to attain health, wealth, and prosperity in life. Even the gifting world has been influenced by the world of astrology, so much so that people send gifts to their dear ones considering the astrological factors in mind.  As good luck plants are a significant part of gifting, they too have seen an astrological transformation and are now gifted to loved ones based on their zodiac signs.

Considering this, we have listed down the plants which can be given to dear ones keeping in mind their zodiac signs.

1. Cactus, Succulents & Honeysuckle for Aries (March 21 – April 19)

People belonging to the Aries Zodiac are optimistic, go-getters, optimistic, energetic, and magnetic in nature. As these people are dominated by Mars, they are fierce and manifest the traits of a tiger. The plants associated with this zodiac sign have prickles and thorns. As cacti and succulents can survive in the blazing heat of the summers, they are as strong as the [people of this zodiac sign.

Just as Aries is the first zodiac sign in the astrological calendar, the spring season begins with the blooming of the honeysuckle flowers associated with rebirth and fresh experiences.

Cactus, Succulents & Honeysuckle

2. Ferns & Poppy for Taurus (April 30 – May 30)

People of Taurus zodiac are popular for their stubborn natures that are ruled by the romantic planet of Venus. This is the reason why these people are great admirers of beauty and are very ambitious, compassionate, and strong in attitude.

As the plants of ferns manifest the qualities of Venus such as being small and down to earth, therefore, they make perfect good luck plants for the Taurean loved ones. They are presented by the plant’s messy yet adorable appearance.

Just like a poppy flower, they stand to the ground and exhibit positivity and beauty.

Ferns & Poppy

3. Philodendron & Lavender for Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Being eloquent, unpredictable, and sharp-witted are the basic characteristics of the people belonging to the zodiac sign of Gemini. They are ruled by Mercury planet. The plants that strengthen the respiratory system and calms nervous system are considered lucky for this zodiac sign.

As this sign represents air, the lucky plant of Philodendron falling in it is wild, free, and airy too.

The other flowering plant for Geminis is Lavender as it perfectly gels up with the social and dynamic nature.

Philodendron & Lavender

4. Peace Lily & White Roses for Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Cancer is a water zodiac sign and the Moon is its ruler. Cancerians are extremely emotional, imaginative, and have a sympathetic nature. The plants having white or yellow flowers are considered lucky for this zodiac. The plants which grow near to water bodies and have good water content are very lucky for the people of this zodiac. Therefore, water lily makes the best flowers for loved ones who care Cancerians. White roses also make excellent and elegant choices for this zodiac sign.

Peace Lily & White Roses

5. Areca Palm & Sunflower for Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo represents fire and the ruler is Sun. The people of this zodiac sign are born leaders and their appealing personality grabs innumerable eyeballs wherever they go. The golden or orange-colored big flowers bearing plants are auspicious for this sign.

The main attributes of Leos are that they are strong-willed, faithful, and spread positive aura all around! Areca Palms are tropical plants which represent fire just like in Leos.

As Leos spread happiness where they go, sunflowers are best flowers which represent this nature of them.

Areca Palm & Sunflower

6. Sansevieria & Chrysanthemum for Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo is an Earth sign of which ruling planet is Mercury. People of this sign are wise, smart, competent, and always look out for details.

Virgos are humble, fair and dedicated and all these traits are perfectly represented by the plant Sansevieria which is also called a snake plant. It has two colors; long and narrow leaves which symbolizes the faithfulness of the Virgos.

Sansevieria & Chrysanthemum

7. Dracaena & Gladiolus for Libra (September 23 – October 23)

The zodiac of Libra signifies of which the ruling planet is Venus. The Librans are too admirers of beauty and comfort just like Taureans. They are gentle, kind, and amicable.

Dracaena is a subtropical plant that is soothing and fresh making it a perfect choice for the peaceful Libras.

As a symbol of love and peace, gladiolus epitomizes justice and strong knowledge of right and wrong.

Dracaena & Gladiolus

8. Spider Plant & Hibiscus for Scorpio (October 24 – November 21)

Scorpio depicts water symbol and is ruled by two planets, i.e. Mars and Pluto. Intelligence, enigma, and a headstrong nature make the personality of a Scorpion. The plants having thorns and grow in difficult atmospheric conditions are known to be the plants for this zodiac sign.

This plant represents the traits of a person belonging to a Scorpio zodiac which is ambition, intense, complex, passion, and focus. The plant also gives out peaceful vibes.

Spider Plant & Hibiscus

9. Ficus Bonsai & Carnations for Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius is a fire sign of which Jupiter is the ruler. People of this zodiac sign are vibrant, exciting, and inquisitive and are ever ready to explore new things in life.

As Sagittarians are passionate, energetic and social, all kinds of Ficus are lucky for them.

Carnation flowers represent strong nature and beauty of Sagittarians.

Ficus Bonsai & Carnations

10. Aglaonema & Jasmine for Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn is an Earth sign and the ruler of it is Saturn planet. The main natural attributes of the Capricorns are ambitious, traditionalist, resolute, real, and helpful.

The vibrant white or red colors of the leaves of aglaonema perfectly symbolize the Earth element!

Known for being diligent and fast, Capricorns love to enjoy the good results of their hard work, similar to a new and beautiful jasmine flower.

Aglaonema & Jasmine

11. Money Plant & Orchid for Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius is an Air sign and the planet of Uranus is its ruler. Normally, the people of this zodiac sign are honest, curious, affectionate, straightforward, and imaginative. The plants like money plant and orchids that provides relaxation to the nervous system and promotes blood circulation are lucky for Aquarians.

Money Plant & Orchid

12. Lucky Bamboo & Water Lily for Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces is a Water symbol and is ruled by two ruling planets – Neptune and Jupiter. The people of Pisces zodiac are selfless in nature and always help others. Moreover, they are very emotional and hold empathy with people in need. They have a creative mind and are very instinctive in nature. But lucky bamboo and water lilies to express your love to them.Lucky Bamboo & Water Lily

Top 6 Flavors of Cheesecakes to Pick for Fantastic Special Celebrations!

The world of confectionery has undergone a revolution with a variety of new cakes being launched every now and then by the expert bakers worldwide. These professionals try each and every effort in surprising the taste buds of the people with new flavors and varieties of cakes. Cheesecakes are one such kind of cakes which have garnered huge acclamation for their taste and qualities among people all around the world. Whether as a birthday cake or an anniversary cake, these cakes are just perfect to pick for any special celebrations.

main image

Considering this fan frenzy among people for these delectable creamy cakes, we have listed six most appealing flavors which will tickle the taste buds just by their looks.

1. Blueberry

With the popularity of the blueberries as flavorful fruits in a variety of desserts, these natural sweeteners have made a special place in the world of confectionery. The bright purplish-blue color of the blueberries when infused with the white cream cheese, the result is utterly mesmerizing to the eyes and tongue. Opting for a blueberry cheesecake is definitely a lip-smacking option to for this special occasion.


2. Chocolate

Chocolates are indispensable ingredients in the art of baking. As it is a popular flavor which is loved by everyone, going for a chocolate cheesecake is the best idea if you are about to taste a cheesecake for the first time. It is less experimental like other ones and can be gorged on everyone!

chocolate cheesecake

3. Lemon

The hint of the lemons in the bakery items like cakes and cookies is loved by everyone. The zing of the lemon zest in these delicacies gives their taste a punch of citrusy flavors making them perfectly mingle with the other flavors. Choosing a cheesecake in lemon flavor is a stunning thought owing to this flavor’s demand in the market.

lemon cake

4. Raspberry

The sweetness of the raspberries when combined with the sourness of the cream cheese, the result is as appealing as this delicious and creamy cheesecake. The alluring pink color of this cake makes it perfect to celebrate a romantic occasion such as anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

rasberry cakes

5. Salted Caramel

The combination of the smooth and thick cream cheese and the sweet and salty caramel sauce on the top of this cheesecake is a sight which can make anyone salivated! Pick this cheesecake for sweet and salty celebrations!

cheesecake caramel

6. Strawberry

If there is a berry which is a favorite of everyone, then it is undoubtedly a strawberry. After being a favorite flavor in ice-creams and cakes, these berrylicious fruits are ready to infuse their sweet and delectable flavors in popular cheesecakes as well. Order this one now and indulge in the rich and creamy experience ever!

cheesecake strawberry

Final Words

Feeling excited after reading this? These cheesy cakes will certainly make you drool like a kid. The freshness of the cream cheese and the punchy flavors of the fruits and chocolate will make these delicacies tastes like flavor bombs in your mouth. Choose your favorite cheesecake online from the exciting range of and be ready to indulge in the most utterly butterly celebrations!

Astonishing Karwa Chauth Gifts for Husband to Infuse Romance into Traditions!!

Karwa Chauth is packed with the heart-warming traditions and rituals that celebrate the love, compassion, feelings, emotions, and the unbreakable bond of the husband and wife. This is an auspicious festival that involves the wife fasting for their husband’s long life and good health. In the sequence of these traditions, giving and receiving gift has also an important role to play. Husbands make their lady love feel out of the world with some amazing Karwa Chauth gifts for wife. But why not to mold this tradition a little this year! Husbands do a lot of things to keep their loving better half happy. Working day and night and fulfilling all your wishes is one of the priorities of your hubby. Make this Karwa Chauth a memorable affair for him as well by giving him a hearty gift. There are many amazing things that you can do to make your love feel special. In this list, you can pick Karwa Chauth gifts for husband through which you can tell him how much you love and adore him.

Your husband has many times makes you feel special and out-of-the-world. But, this time, it’s your turn to raise your relationship a level higher. Give your better half a memorable gift that he has not even expected. This will make him go crazy, and your celebration will also be jazzed up.

Some quality time together

The best thing that can be given to someone in this hectic and packed life is your time. If you and your hubby have not gone together for so many days, then on this Karwa Chauth, a getaway to your favorite park or a movie is the perfect thing to do to spend some quality time together the whole day. By doing this, your better half will feel special that he is still the same person for whom you can do anything and whom you love the most.

With new vows, create a new chapter

Every couple has its own secrets of leading a healthy and happy married life. With some rules and sometimes, with some boundaries, the love is given a whole new definition. The same you can do this year. Sit back with your partner and decide the new rules for the coming years so the fights over the trivial matters and other misunderstandings could not affect your relationship. With these rules, mark the new chapter and set them for the net many years coming ahead.

Indoor plants for his health

Gifting plants to your loved ones is a new trend. If your husband also loves plants, then you can get him a cute indoor plant that will not only be a decent decor piece but also will be a great source of oxygen. Your love will be more focused and less sick by your gift. So, now be tension free and let your thoughtfulness speak for your love.

End fast at some special place

Karwa Chauth fast is one of the best feelings for both husband and wife. But, observing it on the same terrace every year can be boring sometimes. This year, make your moon seeing ceremony romantic and special by getting away to some exotic place together and have an amazing view of the rising moon.

Romantic candlelight dinner is still a lit

Indulging in your hectic day-to-day life, do you remember when last you both were together spending some quality time? If it is hard to remember, then this indicates that it’s a perfect time to plan something special. And, in this list, candlelight dinner is the simplest and coolest thing to do.

Getaway and celebrate Karwa Chauth together

If you want to make your festival more special and unforgettable, then this is one of the best options to go for. Just observe your bucket list and pick a place where you both want to go. And here, you are all sorted for an amazing Karwa Chauth celebration.

Personalized photo scrapbook

In expressing your love, personalized gifts are the best. Walk through the memory lane and pick all those memorable photos that hold your special time and moments. Arrange them in a beautiful arrangement and present this scrapbook to your love. He will no doubt love this gift very much.

With these gifts items, let your efforts, and thoughtfulness speaks for your love. Indeed, love needs no tagged dates and months to be celebrated. But, with Karwa Chauth, a whole new definition and introduction is given to this selfless and immense love.

Karwa Chauth has always been a special and the most awaited festival of wives. From decoration to the preparation and getting ready; you have so many things to do. But, to hold you and support you; there is always a shadow behind you. This is no one else other than your sweet and loving husband. You both share a bond that is nourished with love, loyalty, compassion, trust, and of course those little and trivial fights that have always worked in making you both close to each other. The festival of Karwa Chauth celebrates this little nok-jhok that you both have as a spark in your relationship.

If you and your loving husband will not be together on this auspicious day, then there is no need to worry as here at, you will have many options to send gifts online to your dear hubby very easily. Also, if you are in abroad, then also you can send Karwa Chauth gifts to India to your husband from this portal and that too at a reasonable price. As distance has no matter in love, leave no chance in making your dearest love feel special by your love as Karwa Chauth is equally important for him as well.

5 Alluring Ganesha Chaturthi Gifts to Bless Dear Ones with Happiness & Prosperity

With the flagging of the 11-day festive extravaganza all over India with the arrival of the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi, the whole nation is absorbed in the true spirits of devotion for the Lord Ganpati. Every nook and corner of the country is echoing with the voices of the people chanting “Ganpati Bappa Morya” and the streets are flooded with the throngs of people carrying the statues of the God in processions. The festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is a moment to seek the blessings of the Lord Ganpati and ward off all negativities and unwanted feelings from one’s life.Banner

The occasion is a marvelous opportunity for the people to showcase their love and admiration to their loved ones through Ganesha Chaturthi gifts. Below is the list of attractive gifts which you can consider while sending or buying gifts for your loved ones.

1. Ganesha Idol

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is incomplete without welcoming Lord Ganesha in our homes and paying our tribute and respect with utmost devotion to him for eleven days. This time, provide an opportunity to your dear ones to welcome him and seek his divine blessings. Gift them a beautiful statute or idol of Ganesha and infuse their homes with joy and success.

Ganesha Idol

2. Silver Ganesha Coin

If you are looking for an exquisite gift items to surprise your loved ones on the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, then going for a silver Ganesha coin is definitely a great idea. As silver is an auspicious metal that is best for gifting purposes, this token of your love is just perfect for them.Silver Ganesha Coin

3. Modak Sweets

Make this Ganesha Chaturthi a delectable affair for both Lord Ganesha and your dear ones with delicious and fresh Modak sweets. As this sweet is a favorite of the God, this makes an excellent gifting sweet to dear ones and adds more vibrancy and excitement in the festive celebrations.

Modak Sweets

4. Puja Thalis

Every religious festive celebration is incomplete without a Puja thali decorated with all the essential items required to perform the rituals. So, gifting a beautiful Puja thali along with all the requisite items like diya, roli and chawal containers, a packet of kumkum, and others is a stunning idea.Puja Thalis

5. Ganesha Pendants

Being a strong devotee of Lord Ganesha means you can never let Him stay away from you and always carry him along with you. Endowing your loved ones with a cute and attractive Ganesha pendant made in your desired metal is an affectionate gesture from you.

Ganesha Pendants

All the above-mentioned gifts will always be a hit no matter the gifting fashion changes. They are evergreen and will always hold a special place in the hearts of the loved ones. Explore the amazing range of more gifts for Ganesha Chaturthi at and get yourself and your dear ones drenched in the feelings of devotion and piousness!

A Unique Way to Celebrate Teacher’s Day with 7 Special Gifts!!

“The one who takes the hand, opens the mind and touches the heart is called Teacher”

The future of the nation is in the hand of a teacher. Teacher plays a very important role in shaping the life of a student into a great direction which in terms contributes to building a powerful nation. He/she enlightens and shapes all the way for the students. Students are the pillars of a nation because the well educated the students are; the well developed will be the nation.

Teachers day Banner

Everyone has at least one ideal teacher in his/her life that leaves a great influence on his/her life and helps in giving the life a perfect direction. If you are also having some special teacher in your life and want to show your feeling of gratitude and blissfulness but not finding the way how to express your feelings to your beloved teacher, then here are some wonderful teacher’s day gift ideas. So, let’s have the look at these amazing gifts and turn the upcoming teacher’s day the best one for your favorite teacher.

As the teacher’s day is no longer, so buy the best gift for your dearest teacher and bring a big smile on his/her face.

1. Personalized pen along with diary

For lightening your teacher eyes with happiness, nothing would be better gifts for him/her than a personalized pen and beautiful diary. Yes, buy a personalized pen on which your lovely message is engraved for your incredible teacher. This gift will make your teacher supremely happy and make him/her realize how special he/she is for you.

Personalized pen along with diary

2. Photo-framed with a memorable photo

Let’s your teacher recall all the beautiful memories of any great function of your school or college. Yes, take the photograph of any previously held event in which you and your teacher were together and put it in a beautiful frame and give it as a teacher’s day gift to your beloved teacher. This is the gift which would surely touch the heart of your teacher and bring a smile on his/her face.

Photo frame

3. Trophy

What say about the ‘The best teacher trophy’. It is indeed the best gift a student can give to your teacher. And, without any doubt, this gift would be liked by your teacher. So, on the upcoming teacher’s day, you can gift this trophy to your favorite teacher and make him/her feel how much you love and respect him/her.


4. Flowers bouquet and sweets

Flowers are the best when it comes to convey heartfelt feelings to someone. So, on the occasion of Teacher’s day, gift the beautiful flower bouquet to your teacher and let him/her know how much love you hold in your heart for him/her. For making your teacher extremely happy, you can gift Flowers along with scrumptious sweets. This is the simplest yet very incredible teacher’s day gift for your lovely teacher.

Flowers bouquet and sweets

5. Chocolate pack along with a handwritten letter

A handwritten letter is best to express your love towards your teacher if you are not able to speak your heartfelt emotions to him/her directly. You can give the combo of chocolates and a handwritten letter to your dearest teacher. This gift of yours will surely be admired by your teacher and will make him realize how much he/she means to you.

Chocolate pack along with a handwritten letter

6. Decorate the cabin

Let’s decorate the cabin of your teacher if you are still the school or college student. It is a great way to make the teacher feels how special he/she is for you. So, on this upcoming Teacher’s day, just uniquely celebrate the occasion by surprisingly decorate the cabin of your favorite teacher. It would be surely loved by your teacher.

Decorate the cabin

7. Give Saraswati Statue

Saraswati is the Goddess of Education and teacher is the God on earth who educates us. So, what would be the more suitable gift for a teacher than giving a Sarswati Statue and making him/her feel how much he/she means to you. This gift will surely catch the attention of your teacher and will bring the tear of happiness in his/her eyes. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the special occasion of teacher’s day with your thoughtful gifts and making the day memorable for your dearest teacher.Give Saraswati Statue


All these gifts are some very special gifts which would surely make the day even more special for your teacher and make him/her feels very happy. So, choose any of the above-suggested gifts for your teacher and bring the widest smile on his/her face. It is an ideal way to celebrate the special occasion like a teacher’s day and showing your immense love towards your favorite teacher.

Apart from these gifts, if you want something more special and memorable for your adorable teacher, then you can visit the online gifting portal called On this wonderful online gifting site, you will get really thoughtful and heart-touching gifts for your beloved mentor. Here a fresh collection of teacher’s day gifts launched. So, get your desired one and turn the occasion of Teacher’s day into the most happening one.

Spruce Up Beauty of Your Homes with These Charming Indoor Flowering Plants

A human mind is such that always looks out for unique ways to sneak out of the busy schedules and find happiness and solace in a new place to rejuvenate itself. Coming back to a home with the same interiors makes one feel bored and lack of energy and enthusiasm. Making the home interiors more lively and exciting is one way to make homecoming an interesting phenomenon for oneself. With the soaring popularity and demand of indoor plants among people to spruce up their homes and make them more full of life is a modern technique to style up the indoors. Inviting indoor flowering plants in a variety of tints and shades will infuse verve and brio in your homes making them more welcoming in every way.

Charming Indoor Flowering Plants

With the festive occasions approaching, it’s time to revamp your home interiors the eco-friendly way by bringing these charming flowering plants in your homes.

1. Tropical Hibiscus Plant

Embellish your homes with these bright-colored red blossoms and make it more inviting for yourself and guests. Requiring medium sunlight and enough water to survive, the stunning red color and the dramatic aura of these flowers will impart a bold look to your interiors.

Tropical Hibiscus Plant

2. Adenium Desert Rose

If you are looking for dramatically alluring plants requiring less care for your home, then a Desert Rose plant is the best choice for you.The Desert Rose plant with its dazzling displays of blossoms in the hues of red, white, pink, and yellow are true show stoppers. The plant is an incredible and beautiful addition to the decks and patios in homes as a summer plant.

Adenium Desert Rose

3. Pentas Plant

Pentas are casually referred to as the “Egyptian Star Flower” owing to the unique shape of the flower. The plant has small, pink star-shaped flowers in bold colors during summers. The range of the Penta flowers goes from white, red, lavender, or purple along with flowers displaying pink with red tints in the center.

Pentas Plant

4. Geraniums

These are beautiful indoor plants having lobed-shaped blossoms that are cultivated for their mesmerizing fragrance in indoors and outdoors. They are annual plants that require moderate sunlight and water to sustain.


5. Anthurium Plant

Also known as the flamingo flower, Anthurium is an exotic indoor plant which bears flowers all throughout the year. The plant has air-purifying effects and help combat ammonia, formaldehyde, and volatile organic gases.The plant requires indirect sunlight and regular watering in fewer amounts.

Anthurium Plant

6. Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is a popular indoor flowering plant that not just smells amazing, but also makes your home look beautiful.It is a fragrant flower which is white and has pink petals. The plant needs high amounts of moisture, good sunlight and moderate amount of water making it an ideal choice for homes.

Jasmine Plant

7. Ixora Bloom

Ixora is an indoor flowering plant that can be grown easily when placed in a sunny location near a glass doors or a window. They are annual plants which require partial shade and a few hours of direct sunlight.

Ixora Bloom

8. Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily is a popular indoor plant having hooded flowers and requiring less amount of sunlight. It is extremely beneficial for health and home environment as it keeps indoor air clean from environmental contaminants such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Peace Lily Plant

9. Kalanchoes

Kalanchoes are flowering succulent houseplants that are easy to find in nurseries, flower shops, and garden stores. The blossoms are available in vibrant hues like pink, yellow, magenta, orange, and red. The plant prefers natural light and must be avoided to be kept in direct sunlight. The fleshy leaves and stems of the plant lower the rate of regular watering.


Best Messages to Wish Krishna Janmashtami 2019 to Special Ones

The birthday of the cutest God is just a day away and the whole of India is already enthralling in its celebrations. Janmashtami is the festive celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna witnessing a huge and grand ritualistic ceremonies being performed all over India. With a massive line up of devotees outside the Krishna temples shows the faith of people in the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This Janmashtami, send your love and best wishes to your dear ones and indulge in its magnificent celebrations chanting “Hathi Godha Palki, Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki”.

Below are some wonderful messages which you can send to your loved ones on the splendid occasion of Krishna Janmashtami.











Some Romantic Ideas to Make Your Anniversary an Unforgettable Affair!

You must have those memories preserved in your mind’s eye when you first encounter with your love of life. You have done several miraculous things to impress them and to make them feel your love and emotions. But, with time, all those euphorias wanes and special moments fade, and leave a corner for something special that can revive the old bonding and connection. What else can be the best time than your anniversary to make your partner be on cloud nine? The best anniversary gift for a partner can lit-up the mood of you both and can also jazz-up the celebration in the amazingly perfect manner.


Dolling up your relationship in the initial days is a quite simple and easy task. But, when you have crossed a milestone of years together and have a count of all the liking and disliking of your loved one, then giving surprises to each other is way more important. And this requires a lot more than binge-watching Netflix together in your apartment. If you are also having thought of surprising your partner with some anniversary gifts, then here are some cute couple thing listed on which you can count to spice up your relationship with some adventure and fun.

What about a tech-free day?

Indulging yourself all day and night with phones and laptops sometimes can be a major reason for many conflicts and squabbles between couples. So, on this wedding anniversary, gift your partner some quality time and relive all the memorable days of your relationship once again.

Preparing a photo scrapbook

Remember those days when you both used to do cute and funny things together? If not, then take a trip to your memory lane and pick those photos that can reflect that time perfectly to prepare a cute photo scrapbook for your love of life.

A bike ride is of great fun

If you are having a thought of doing some adventurous stuff, then a bike ride to some mountain area is the perfect one to go for. With the fresh air, you will also witness scenic beauty that will have imprints on your mind for a long time.

Stargazing on rooftop

Busy in your day-to-day schedule, you both must have many things hidden in your heart. On this special day, let your heart speak out the hidden emotions. This can be done best while stargazing on the rooftop with some exotic wine and your love of life next to you.

Make the bucket list together

It is perfect to live in the present, but it is also the best idea to be prepared for the future. To make this future planning an interesting task, you can start by preparing a bucket list for you both. Doing this, you both will get to know each other even better.

Throw a surprise party for your partner

One of the most amazing and simple things to make the special day even more special for your loved one is to plan a surprise wedding anniversary party for your spouse. With tasty anniversary cakes and hearty blossoms; you can gear up the celebration amazingly.

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7 Most Delicious & Healthy Homemade Sweets to Celebrate Rakhi 2019!

It has been rightly said that “Dessert is like a feel-good song, and the best ones make you dance.” The sweetness in the flavors and the richness of the ingredients make desserts indispensable parts of all the celebrations. Whether it’s about celebrating a special occasion like birthday or anniversary, or indulging in the festive celebrations, these toothsome treats can make anyone mouth water at their very sights.

Sweets have been a significant part of festive celebrations in India since time immemorial. As India is a country high on food quotient and sweets forms an essential part of it, festivals give people reasons to gorge on these delicious delicacies relentlessly. With the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaching us, there is a great demand of sweets in the market which people like to buy to accompany their Rakhi and Rakhi gifts.  Though, there is always a curiosity and doubts in the minds of people relating to the quality of sweets in the last-minute rush time. They prefer hygiene over convenience and consider preparing sweets at home to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan. This is certainly the most wonderful way of blessing your family with good health as homemade sweets are healthy and can be relished in any amounts without any fear of getting sick.

We have listed down 7 amazing sweets that can be prepared at home for healthy and delectable Rakhi celebrations.

1. Rice Kheer

No celebrations or religious ceremonies are complete without a scrumptious rice kheer! Certainly the most favorite of most of us, rice kheer is the best take on the Rakhi sweets as it is healthy and filled with lots of nutrients. Prepared using milk, rice, and dry fruits, this creamy dessert will bring instant smiles on the faces of the siblings and other family members. So, grab all the ingredients and cook the best rice kheer with immense love and care for your brothers and sisters!

Quick tip: Tastes best when served chilled!

Rice Kheer

2. Sevaiyyan

Not just a popular Eid dish anymore, Sevaiyyan has become one of the favorite Indian desserts to be gorged on in any celebrations. Rich and creamy in texture, this sweet delicacy tastes delicious and overloaded with nuts to bless loved ones with good health.

Quick tip: Tastes best when served chilled!


3. Coconut Barfi

Prepared using the desiccated coconuts, the coconut barfi is getting popular due to the health benefits of the main ingredient. It is rich, healthy, and delicious delicacy which can be made at home with just a few ingredients like coconut, condensed milk, and dry fruits. So, quickly grab them all and prepare the most tantalizing coconut barfi for your Rakhi celebrations.

Quick tip: Consume with 2-3 days as it can become stale. Avoid keeping it in the deep refrigerator.

Coconut Barfi

4. Walnut Brownies

How can we leave delicious and gooey walnut brownies behind when talking of sweets for special celebrations like Raksha Bandhan! You don’t have to be a professional chef or a baker to make these delicacies at home. Prepared using just a few items like white flour, butter chocolate, and walnuts, this delicacy will be loved by adults and children alike.

Quick tip: Best served with creamy vanilla ice cream.

Walnut Brownies

5. Gulab Jamun

One of the most popular sweets prepared by many at home, you can go for this one by preparing your own Gulab jamun dough or simply get the readymade mixture from the market. These delicious sweet balls dipped in sugar syrup will make your Rakhi celebrations a scrumptious affair for your siblings!

Quick tip: Best served with creamy vanilla ice cream.

Gulab Jamun

6. Shahi Tukda

Bread pieces soaked in flavored sugar syrup and garnished with chopped dry fruits is shahi tukda sweets is all about. This is definitely one of the most appetizing sweet delicacies prepared at home on several celebratory occasions.

Quick tip: Taste best when served with Rabri.

Shahi Tukda

7. Jalebi

If there is a sweet after Kheer and Gulab Jamun that can be served on an Indian platter in restaurants, then it has to be jalebis. Soaked in delicious sugar syrup, these delicacies can make people mouth water at their very visual. Prepare this one at home for Raksha Bandhan and celebrate the festival with utter sweetness with your siblings.Jalebi

Quick tip: Taste best when served with Rabri.

Feeling your mouth watered imagining these sweets in your mouths? Well, make this Raksha Bandhan overtly special for your siblings and family by cooking any of these sweets at home following simple steps. Or, if you are a busy bee who has no time to prepare anything at home, then you can always order Rakhi with sweets online from and stay relaxed as this website ensures only fresh sweets are delivered at your doorsteps for Raksha Bandhan.