Tickle Your Romantic Veins with 10 Most Amorous Movies This Valentine’s Day

To all the happening couples out there, wish you the happiest and the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever.

With the sudden drizzle on a Valentine morning, you all must be feeling even more romantic. The air is lingering with a petrichor scent and a pleasant breeze complementing the passionate moods of the couples. What can be better than this unanticipated extremely amorous gift from nature! As Valentine’s Day is finally here, the plans for romantic celebrations have already been put in place; most of the Valentine gifts must have been delivered at your beloveds’ doorsteps at midnight or early morning; and all your appealing clothes must be hanging in the hangers waiting to be worn for that perfect charming looks.

Are you the one who has no special plans for Valentine’s Day like a romantic candlelight dinner at one of your favorite restaurants with your Valentine owing to your busy schedules or a long distance relationship? Is this Valentine Day 2019 will be another homely night for you with your favorite wine bottle and TV? If yes, then we are still very happy for you. You can infuse love and romance in your and significant other’s life, and make your Valentine evening a memorable while having a gala time in the cozy and warm atmosphere of home.

If you are looking forward to something to cheer up your heart, make you giggle, and wave off the feeling of wistfulness for your sweetheart, watch a romantic movie together that outstandingly portrays every emotion which a heart beholds. Romantic movies can make you burst with laughter, cry your heart out, and filled with happiness when the lovers unite in the end. Somehow, they provide you with all the warm fuzzies. In the nick of time on Valentine’s Day, below are 10 most affectionate movies to watch with your cuddle beloved.

Bollywood Movies talking of Pyar, Ishq or Mohabbat!!!

1. Jab We Met

One of the best rom-com Bollywood movies, Jab We Met is a laughter ride with the most hilarious and punchy dialogues (Sikhni Hu Main Bhatinda Ki) to make anyone fall in love with it. There is no girl in this world who could not relate to Geet, a Punjabi girl living life on her own terms (the character played by Kareena Kapoor). The movie will keep you and your beloved engaged with the incredible acting skills of all the actors, and the amazing dialogues and songs.

Jab We Met

2. Two states

A personal favorite for most of us, Two States is a real-life story of Chetan Bhagat talks about people’s perspectives on the inter-caste marriages in India. This romantic movie revolves around the struggle of two central characters, Krish and Ananya, immensely in love with each other but belonging to different communities, or should we say different zones of India. How their families find it difficult to cope with each other’s cultures, but ultimately found solace, in the end, considering their children’s happiness. The direction of the movie will certainly make most of the couples relate to this movie.

Two states

3. Love Aaj Kal

Another classic movie from Imtiaz Ali, Love Aaj Kal depicts the contrasts between the traditional and contemporary love stories. The movie talks of how love stories before were more expressive and fearless in comparison to the modern ones. It makes one understand that it is only the perspective of finding a soul mate that has changed with time and not the feeling of love.

Love Aaj Kal

4. Rockstar

This movie is a beautiful citation of the fact that loving someone immensely does not weaken a person but makes him much stronger. The sudden recovery of Heer from her prolonged illness on meeting Jordan after a long time is a wonderful depiction of the magic of true love. Such is the power of love that it can make the sickest person stand on his feet. The movie makes every lover believe in the miracles when you have that immensely loving and caring person around. Have you ever felt it?


5. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein

This romantic drama is a personal favorite for most of the guys out there. It teaches people that love is never unrequited and it can be easily attained by winning the heart of another person through love and affection. The character of Maddy played by R Madhavan was a game changer for most of the boys as his character makes them believe in the notion of love at first sight with the scene in which Dia Mirza drenched herself in the rain while Maddy was watching her over. Every guy wishes to love her beloved just as he loved Reena in the movie. it is difficult to find such men and if you have one in your life, then hold on to him forever.

Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein

Hollywood Movies talking of unconditional love and intimacy

1. The Notebook

This romantic movie came into being due to the sentimental dialogue “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” from the famous novel by Nicholas Sparks on which the movie was based. This amorous sob story casts the insanely likable actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as a young couple who are separated by their social circle. As love knows no boundaries, they still managed to express their deep love for each other. If this is the movie you are going to watch, then don’t forget to keep a tissue box handy.

The Notebook

2. Titanic

This Hollywood movie needs no introduction. An impeccable love story of Jack and Rose, Titanic movie is a clear manifestation of deep love and care shared by two people immensely in love with each other. This Oscar-winning paragon of acting excellence by James Cameron, Titanic is not just a monumental technical achievement, but it is also a romantic tale of poor artist Jack and elite class Rose. This Valentine’s Day curled up in your bed with your sweetheart and delight yourself with this beautiful and eternal lover fable.


3. P.S. I Love You

The heart touching tale of a young widow to whom life gives a second chance through the letter from her dead husband is a perfect tale of woe. This movie clearly demonstrates the power of love which doesn’t actually require the physical presence of a person and can make a person’s life blissful through small gestures. An utter depiction of love and sorrow, this movie will make you watch it over again and again.

P.S. I Love You

4. La La Land

La La Land movie grabs multiple awards owing to the mesmerizing jazz pieces and scenic landscapes that will certainly appeal the lovers who aspire for the fulfillment of their dreams. The movie talks about love, music, and the magnificent blue sky in the backdrop of the city of dreams. There is an actress in beautiful attire and a handsome hero dying to dance. It is an exemplary movie for a romantic engagement.

La La Land

5. When Harry Met Sally

Any movie that stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan is certainly a delight to watch alone or in the company of our loved ones. And when it is about celebrating a perfect Valentine Day at home, nothing could be better than watching When Harry Met Sally. The intriguing role played by both the Hollywood stars, this movie revolves around two individuals meeting at different stages in their lives searching for love. And, in the end, how Harry declares his love in an epic way through his words, “I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. … And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night…. when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” is definitely sway most of the couple’s heart.

When Harry Met Sally

Jollifying Kiss Day 2019 in Parisian Style!!!

All the couples out there passionately in love with their significant others; you must be waiting for this fabulous and impassioned day of the Valentine week. As the day is finally here, indulging in innumerable kisses on Kiss Day with the beloveds is every lover’s secret fantasy. Kisses are the most affectionate gestures after hugs to demonstrate immense sentiments for the partners. Holding our charming partners in the arms and pampering them with loads of kisses is the essence of this utterly amorous day. Kisses are tangible and are imbued with an unvoiced power that can uplift anyone’s mood. Such is the power in this sweetest gesture that it can turn a frog into a prince, laughs!!!


Nature has bestowed humans with places that are no less than a paradise on earth. And, one of the most romantic destinations which every couple desires to visit is ecstatic Paris. As beautifully stated by Ernest Hemingway, “There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris.” Such is the popularity of this place that the term “Parisian” has originated from the name of this romantic destination suggesting the intense romantic style of celebrations. Wherever you are, you can indulge in the amorous spirits of lovely Paris through your jubilance on Kiss Day.

As we all know that Kiss Day is all about rapturous kisses, celebrating this vehement day in Paris style will intensify this day’s jollifications. Below are some incredibly romantic celebration ideas for Kiss Day to elevate the feelings of love and affection.

Celebrations of Kiss Day Worldwide

An affectionate kiss is the best way to express the unvoiced emotions of the heart. A tender kiss is a special declaration of one’s love for another person; and, when it is about the first kiss with your partners, it is a distinctive feeling altogether. The gates of the fanciful world of contentment and exhilaration get unlocked where everything is just picture perfect. Kissing your beautiful and charming ladies on the forehead implies that their men are truly and deeply in love with them and will stand by you in every stride of life; definitely, a relationship that is every girl’s dream. Having such a loving and caring partner is like a blessing to every person on this earth. Kiss Day of the Valentine week gives you an opportunity to convey your feelings in a delicate, encouraging, and loving way. Making this day extra special by celebrating it with flowers, greeting cards, and cakes will make this occasion more momentous and noteworthy for the rest of the couples’ lives.

Celebration Ideas for Reminiscent Kiss Day

French Kissing: Thinking of celebrating Kiss Day in Parisian style? Well, then indulging in a warm and affectionate French kiss certainly deserves to be in the first place. It is the best way to revel in passionate acts of love during the occasion of Kiss Day. Also known as the Florentine Kiss, this is the most romantic gesture of your love and affection for your beloved. This kissing technique received its name based on a theory during the World War I. It is said that when British and American forces came back from this war from Europe, they passionately kissed their wives after seeing them after a long time. This made the people believe that these soldiers attained this art of kissing from France, their stationed place. Well, we owe a big thanks to the French romance style!

A candlelight dinner together: An intimate candlelight dinner is the most preferred celebration on any romantic occasion. Paris, the City of Love & Romance, is the perfect source of inspiration for Valentine week celebrations. Add a little French glamour and witness relish love in the air by planning this perfect French evening for your sweetest Valentine. Play soft and romantic music in the background to create a love-filled atmosphere at home. Don’t forget to design your dining table in the French style. Spread a floral linen table cloth on top of the table with shiny cutlery, plush glassware for the champagne, and cloth napkins. Place a beautiful centerpiece and mesmerizing flambeaus on the table for an artistic demeanor.

Love letter and chocolates: People often send readymade greeting cards along with their gifts to their significant others. This Kiss Day, if you dream of having that perfect kiss from your beloved, then write an extremely affectionate love letter that speaks of all the sentiments you hold in your heart for her. Complementing this heartwarming love epistle with a box of French chocolates to say “Je time” to your dearest one is definitely French romance in great fashion.

Jazz up your outfit: As Kiss Day involves expressing your paramount love and passion for your significant other, therefore, donning up an outfit that is extremely electrifying in looks can spice up the moods of this day’s celebrations. Go for the colors like red and black as both symbolizes deep love and compassion. Stand up straight, lift your heads, and feel honored of the love that you have in your heart for your partner.

The Final Takeaway

Don’t just shower infinite kisses on your partners, but also surprise them with the tokens of your deep love which they can cherish forever. Giftalove.com strives to make every occasion of its customers a memorable one through its luxurious gifts. Spread love and joy this Kiss Day with Giftalove Kiss Day gifts and infuse your lovey-dovey life with the warmth of your love and admiration.

Happy Hug Day 2019: When Hugs are the Only Sweetest Gestures!!!

The arms of the significant other are the best place to find tranquility and solitude. Indulging in warm and cozy hugs with your special ones make you feel at home after a long, stressful day at work. The popular Valentine week gives us an opportunity to celebrate this sweetest and hearty gesture of love with the special occasion of Hug Day. Celebrated with splendid exhilaration by all the loved ones around the globe on February 12 every year, this day marks the exchanging of innumerable hugs with the dear ones.

hug day

A hug is the most humble and loving gesture exchanged between two people holding immense love and respect for each other in their hearts. Such is the power of this beautiful expression that it can bring an instant smile on other person’s face by naturally relieving the stress levels and building trustable and honest relationships. This Hug Day, extend an affectionate hug to your sweetheart or partner to express your love for them while promising them of your companion till the end of time.

Significance of Hug Day during Valentine Week

As Valentine week is all about expressing and conveying every heartfelt feeling and emotion to your significant others through gifts and pleasant gestures, the inclusion of Hug Day in this weeklong celebration of strong loving relationship becomes indispensable. As hugs are also incredible means of expressing our deep love ad adoration for someone, therefore, celebrating this sixth day of the Valentine week with the same excitement and enthusiasm becomes essential.

Do you know hugs have been naturally imbued with therapeutic properties? Well, these extremely warm gestures elevate the levels of oxytocin in the body and alleviate feelings of loneliness, anger, frustration, and isolation. It not just uplifts the saddened emotions, but also balances the nervous system and strengthens the mental well-being.

Hug Day Gifts Ideas 2019: Perfect accompaniments to your tender hugs

1. Flowers: Just like hugs, the vivacious flowers can communicate your feelings of heart without any vocal expressions. Going by the language of flowers, pick blossoms that best suit your relationship status with your loved ones. If you want to surprise your sweetheart or boyfriend on Hug Day, pick an extravagant bouquet of red roses, and if it is about gifting your friends, then go for the yellow roses or mixed floral arrangements. If your mother is all you have in your life, then go for the carnations.

2. Chocolates and cakes: As Hug Day is all about celebrating years of togetherness through cordial hugs, including delicious sweet delicacies like chocolates and cakes to the celebration is a must. These scrumptious fantasies will make your taste buds drool like never before. If your celebration includes just you and your partner, go for the red velvet cake, otherwise pick a chocolate flavored one.

3. Teddies: These soft and mushy huggable soft toys are the best Hug Day gifts for your dear ones. As you cannot indulge in hugs on daily basis with your significant others, gifting a teddy will certainly help them not to feel your absence. Having affectionate hugs with these cute, fluffy friends will helps you in forgetting all the worries.

4. Personalized comfy pillow or cushions: A customized cushion or pillow with a beautiful photograph of your two will recreate all the incredible memories of the past. These gifts will provide you with a feeling of satisfaction that there is someone who is always there for you no matter what comes in your way. Sleeping while hugging these gifts will certainly make you feel your lover’s presence around.

5. A romantic dinner date at home: In today’s fast-paced lives, there is no time left to spend at home with our partners. This Hug Day, restyle your home with candles and flowers to create that romantic atmosphere, and have a dance together on one of your favorite romantic songs in each other’s arms. Later, indulge in some lip-smacking food together from your favorite restaurants.

Don’t forget to extend this warmest gesture to each dear one in your lives as life is meaningful all because of them. Through your hugs, wish them the best in their lives and bring a quaint smile on their faces.

Giftalove.com feels extremely happy to wish you a very Happy Hug Day. Browse through its collection of Hug Day gifts online to make this Hug Day a fantabulous one your significant other.

Loads of hugs to all from Giftalove!

Best 16 Promises Every Person Should Make This Promise Day 2019

The viability of the relationships depends upon one’s devotion and inclination towards them. The uncountable promises of never breaking our loved ones’ hearts and always standing by their sides in happiness and grief makes the roots of the precious hearty bonds stronger and deeper. As we all welcome fabulous and ‘promising’ Promise Day of the Valentine Week, it is time to exchange some really serious as well as hilarious vows with our dear ones to keep up with the exhilarating Valentine spirits and moods. Promise Day of the Valentine Week is the most amazing time of re-establishing the long forgotten vows or making fresh new promises with our special ones through well-weaved words.

Happy promise day gifts

You must have already promised your special ones of unconditional love and lifelong support, but, we have compiled some more interesting and significant promises that you all can make to them this Promise Day. These meaningful commitments will not just strengthen your relationships, but also build a believable and affectionate foundation through your lives.

















Making these wonderful promises with your dear ones will bring you much more closely to them. Giftalove.com is an amazing online gifting portal that understands the value of pristine vows in a relationship. Therefore, the website offers its customers with some outstanding Promise Day gifts that they can conveniently buy online. Accompany these valuable gifts along with your beautiful vows to your loved ones to make this Promise Day certainly a memorable one.

Understanding the Language of Teddy Colors This Teddy Day 2019

As we have successfully and happily ventured to the fourth day of the romantic Valentine week, it is time for the cutest cuddly companions to take over this world with their cozy hugs and warmth. Teddy Bear Day is all about these soft and mushy soft toys often associated with the hearty sentiments of love and affection. Every person’s childhood is filled with innumerable sentimental memories of their favorite soft toys. This Teddy Day 2019, bless your loved ones with these lifelong partners to convey your deep emotions and caring thoughts to them.

teddy day

The commencement of the Valentine week witnesses the stocking of the gift markets with ample variety of Teddy Day gifts in every size and colors. Just like flowers, every color of teddies represents different emotions and sentiments through the language of hues. Therefore, people have to be really selective when it comes to selecting a teddy bear for their dear ones for V-Day. To clear the clouds of confusions hovering over your minds regarding the colors of the teddy bears, we have compiled a list of teddy colors to provide with a better understanding of the language of colorful and cheery teddies.

White teddy bear: As the color white symbolizes purity, good spirit, innocence, and harmony, gifting a white teddy bear to your family and friends on Teddy Day is a great idea. A white teddy bear is also an ideal option for people looking forward for a fresh start this Teddy Day. A perfect friendly gesture, but it is definitely not a romantic one.

White teddy bear

Red teddy bear: As Valentine week (https://www.giftalove.com/valentine-week-gifts) is all about deep love, romance, and passion, the color ‘red’ is the perfect denotation of these amorous feelings. A red teddy is a perfect gift options to be exchanged by lovers on the occasion of Teddy Day. A red colored teddy bear depicts the passion and intensity shared by couple all over the world.

Red teddy bear

Pink teddy bear: A perfect epitome of love, adoration, compassion, nurturing, and affection, a pink teddy bear is all about unconditional love you have in your heart for your special ones. Fearlessly surprise your dear ones with this teddy this Teddy Day to communicate your heartfelt sentiments to them.

Pink teddy bear

Orange teddy bear: The color orange depicts the feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, fascination, energy, and passion. An orange teddy bear emits positive vibes and warmth, and gives a clear indication of an upcoming proposal on Propose Day or Valentine’s Day. So, prepare yourself for that gorgeous look for this big day in your life!

Orange teddy bear

Blue teddy bear: As blue is all about sky and sea, this color signifies depth, truth, loyalty, intelligence, stability, trust, and confidence. A blue teddy is a wonderful gifting option as it culminates all these qualities in itself and communicates the same to your dear ones on Teddy Day. Gifting or receiving this royal colored teddy means a person is just crazy for the other person and it is very lucky to have such people in life.Blue teddy bear

Green teddy bear: The green symbolizes natural beauty, harmony, growth, fertility, and freshness. With a green teddy, you can communicate your hearty feelings of awaiting your beloved till the end of time. A true emotional connection with your lover indeed!

Green teddy bear

Yellow teddy bear: Though yellow color is all about happiness, joy, sunshine, and energy, but a yellow teddy bear denotes a complete negative connotation of your feelings. Gifting this teddy means that you no longer carry emotions for your beloved and wants to breakup with him/her. So, think before you buy this teddy this Teddy Day for your sweetheart!

Yellow teddy bear

Purple teddy bear: Purple color represents strength, luxury, and nobility. This vibrant color indicates feelings of love and affection, and helps in the creation of an amorous atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. But to your dismay, a purple teddy conveys the similar emotions like that yellow one. It denotes lack of interest in a person.

Purple teddy bear

Brown teddy bear: The color brown indicates stability, responsibility, protection, and support. But, the brown teddy bear implies of a broken heart. So, of your lover present you with a brown teddy bear this Teddy Day, it is better to have a discussion with him. But, strangely, this is also the most sold color during the entire valentine season.

Brown teddy bear

Feeling very delighted to know the meanings of colored teddy bears before placing the order for your favorite teddies? Well, we love to help people with our informative blogs to save them from the horror of inadequate gifting. Giftalove.com is a popular gifting site to buy gifts online for Teddy Day 2019 at really affordable prices.

7 Out of the Box Chocolate Day Surprises for Your Chocoholics!

Happy Chocolate Day to all!

The most fantastic and awaited day of the Valentine week has finally arrived guys…Though chocolates can be enjoyed at any time of the year, Chocolate Day gives us an opportunity to buy and receive plush and extravagant chocolate gifts. Exquisitely extracted from the rich cocoa plant seeds, these scrumptious and mouth-watering sweet delicacies are an absolute pleasure to everyone’s taste buds. The richness, gooeyness, sugary taste, and availability of a myriad of flavors and textures, the chocolates are a true sinful indulgence for every human on this earth.

chocolate day

Also Read:- Chocolate Day Gifts Guide: To Revive the Sweet Bond of Love with Something Sweet!

This Chocolate Day, express and convey your hearty emotions to your loved ones through lip-smacking Chocolate Day gifts that are the perfect embodiment of delectable taste and modern gifting style. From popular Dairy Milk chocolates, exquisite Ferrero Rochers to the tempting flavored chocolate collection, below seven Chocolate Day gift ideas are a perfect feeling of foodgasm.

1. Chocolate Floral Bouquet

If flowers are your ultimate preference for any day of the Valentine week (https://www.giftalove.com/valentine-week-gifts), then a chocolate floral bouquet is a great pick for you for the occasion of Chocolate Day. Keeping in view your fondness for enchanting blossoms while maintaining the essence of Chocolate Day, this gift is certainly a big surprise for your dear ones. Majestic in looks and pocket-friendly by price, order this gift online and bestow your loved ones with your love and hearty blessings this week of love.

Chocolate Floral Bouquet

2. Chocolate bunches

Bored with giving the same old chocolate boxes year after year to your dear ones on special occasions? Well, chocolate bunches is an amazing best pick gift for the occasion of Chocolate Day 2019. Speaking of chocolates in every way, these presents are an absolute pleasure not just for the taste buds, but also for the eyes as they are arranged in magnificent gifting patterns and style.

Chocolate bunches

3. Fondant Chocolate Cake

A true manifestation of the baker’s expertise and modernism, the fondant cakes have become the talk of the town. Exquisitely handcrafted in a great range of designs and patterns as picked by the customers, the fondant cakes in chocolate flavor is the best surprise you can give to your sweetheart on Chocolate Day. Pick your ladylove’s favorite things to create this magical and heavenly cake that speaks of style in every way.

Fondant Chocolate Cake

4. Chocolaty Teddy Basket

Gift baskets have become popular gifting arrangements for gifts for Chocolate Day to flabbergast special ones on extraordinary occasions. This Chocolate Day, order a gift basket filled with tantalizing chocolates and a cute teddy sitting on top or in between this plush chocolate basket. While chocolates will satisfy your taste buds, the cute teddy will add a soft and mushy dimension to this gift basket.

Chocolaty Teddy Basket

5. Heart shape chocolate box

Another masterpiece by gift exerts, delicious chocolates stuffed in a beautiful heart-shaped box is an excellent gift item to present to your dear ones on Chocolate Day. This gift can either be presented singularly or can be accompanied by other Valentine gifts. The heart shape of this chocolate box is a wonderful expression of your sweetest thoughts and sentiments for your loved ones.

Heart shape chocolate box

6. 2-Tier Chocolaty Surprise

This is not a readymade gift item but an outcome of the gift experts amazing thought process. Just like flowers are arranged in a basket, the branded chocolates are placed in and around a cake arrangement and finished with a cute teddy or other soft toys on top. The appearance of this luxurious Chocolate Day gift will resemble that of a plush chocolate cake.

2-Tier Chocolaty Surprise

7. Chocolates Bucket

The use of buckets has been extended to the gifting industry leading to the invention of beautiful little baskets for gifting purpose. These designer buckets are used as containers for delicious chocolates to present to our loved ones for the celebration of Chocolate Day.

Chocolates Bucket

Mesmerized to see such great and unique Chocolate gifts here! Well, you can avail them all from Giftalove.com, a reliable online gifting portal, at really affordable prices and good quality. Send gifts online for Chocolate Day anywhere in India or abroad through it for impeccable delivery services. Enjoy your day gorging on yummy chocolates with your dear ones in the cozy and warm environs of love and laughter!

3 Dreamy Propose Day Gift Ideas to Conquer Heart!

Finally, you found the special someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life. But, before you start all the planning of life together with the desired one, you need to make a romantic love proposal. What can be better than proposing him/her on this Propose day? Just don’t worry about the propose day gift, because this blog has some very fabulous suggestions for you.


Love is the special feeling that heart experiences in a lifetime. To express this wonderful feeling, people opt for the most idealistic ways. No wonder bending on knees in front of the Eiffel Tower with a Red Rose and a Ring is considered the most romantic love proposal. But if that’s not the possible thing for you then there are many ways you can plan out the most romantic love confession for your sweetheart. All that you need is the right Propose Day Gift. For the ones bored with the usual way of gifting, here are some cute propose day gift ideas like –

Proposal with Love You Teddy –

If you are planning for the cutest way of winning his/her heart then you got the choice of proposing the special one with a Love U Teddy. Apart from being an adorable Propose day gift, a love confession with a teddy will be a very sweet gesture for one to say no to.

Proposal with Love You Teddy

Love Confession with Heart Shape Balloons –

You need not to spend a lot of your hard earned money on a diamond ring. It’s the real feeling of love that matters. Thus, a proposal made with heart shape balloons would be great way of winning the special one’s heart. You can plan a surprise of floating I Love You Balloons on his/her window.

Love Confession with Heart Shape Ballon

Speak Your Heart with a Heart Shape Cake-

Another sweetest way of winning the special one’s heart and compel him/her to answer in Yes is by giving a heat shape cake surprise. You can try your favourite cake recipe and bake a heart shape cake on your own with I love You text on it. Else you can order cake online or offline of a heart shape and gift it with a surprise to the special one.

Speak Your Heart with a Heart Shape Cake

Expressing love is an art. So, hope with these wonderful proposing ideas, you will be willing the special one’s heart with the most romantic propose day gift. At GiftaLove.com, you can still plan a romantic surprise for the special one by buying a wonderful propose day flower, gift or cake online. Also, you can browse the online gift store for other gift range like chocolate day gifts, teddy day gifts, valentine gifts and other. The mid-night, express and same day delivery services are available in a matter of just few clicks.

4 Super Romantic Rose Day Picks to Start the Valentine Week

Yes… it’s the romantic vibes around making you feel the magical potential of love. And, with every passing day of this weeklong love celebration, the season of love will be painting your world with the color Red. Starting with the rose day, lovers will be celebrating the Valentine week with full gusto. For all those planning to make the first day of the love celebration memorable for beloved, this blog is a must read.

rose day

Rose Day gives the most romantic start to the Valentine celebration as the most idealistic epitome of love is the ‘RED ROSE’. It’s the beauty of roses that eventually made people believe it as the perfect conveyor of heartfelt love emotions. And finally, we adore Red Rose gifting as the most romantic gesture of expressing love. No wonder, especially for the Rose day, an ideal gift can be nothing better than a rose bouquet or bunch, isn’t it? Well you are wrong this time if you nodded in yes as here in this blog, we have some very fascinating Rose Day gift ideas that are super romantic and classic options to begin the valentine gift giving practice.

Box of Red Roses

If you desire to opt for the most trending rose day gift then this is the option to make choice for. Despite the traditional ways of gifting this bloom, surprising beloved with a box full of Red Roses won’t be a heart winning gesture but very unique love expression too.

Box of Red Roses

Heart Shape Rose Arrangement

When the confession is about the feelings of heart, roses in heart shape arrangement make the most idealistic choice. It’s the super-romantic way of proposing the special one or making him/her feel loved on the special day. At GiftaLove, there are plentiful selections to make and gift a heart shape rose arrangement to dearest one.

Heart Shape Rose Arrangement

Golden Metallic Rose in a Box

If you are bored of gifting natural red roses on every rose day or special moments of the year to your sweetheart then this is the time to make selection for this wonderful gift. These days you can find a wide variety of Golden metallic roses that comes with an attractive box. It’s a Rose day gift of eternity.

Golden Metallic Rose in a Box

Red Roses with Glass Vase

Another very idealistic and romantic Rose day gift for wide, girlfriend or beloved is the Glass vase arrangement of red roses. It’s the idealistic gift that work wonders in winning heart of the special one on the first day of the Valentine week celebration.

Red Roses with Glass Vase

Love is the most special feeling and gifts redefine the meaning of love with moments of happiness shared together. On this day Rose day 2019, let love be confessed in the most romantic way. And, for Propose Day gifts, Teddy Day Gifts, Promise day gifts or finally the Valentine’s Day gifts for sweetheart, GiftaLove.com is there if most romantic and thoughtful presents to shop online. Moreover, there are lucrative services of mid-night delivery, same day, express and next day gift delivery service for valentine Roses delivery as well as valentine gifts delivery in India.

Top 5 Gifts to Complement with Flowers this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, flowers, and flowers. These vibrant and delicious-smelling blossoms gifted by nature are an inevitable part of the romantic Valentine season. Be it about gifting them to a guy or a girl, these colorful and vivacious Valentine gifts are heterogeneous in nature and can be presented to anyone without much thought. The florists shops, whether online or offline, gets stuffed with unique and freshest of Valentine flowers to provide ample options to the couple worldwide.  The online gifting sites have included some really amazing Valentine gifts online in their gift inventory for the romantic people so that they can buy gifts online for the occasion of Valentine. Valentine flowers are the most searched category during the Valentine season by the stunning couple worldwide.

Top 5 Gifts to Complement with Flowers

Considering their popularity, the romantic flowers have been complemented with several other gifts to create happening Valentine combos for that enormous appeal to your Valentine gifting. Not just these combos boast of mesmerizing flowers, but also have some other incredible gift items to make this Valentine a memorable one for your significant other.

Here is a list of 7 fabulous complementary gifts that can be tuned with delicate and pretty Valentine flowers which you can send online at the doorsteps of your partner.

1. Cakes: A combo that is not just appealing to the eyes, but also to the taste buds. A most sought-after Valentine combo, flowers with cakes are fabulous Valentine gifts to flabbergast your special one in a scrumptious way. As the occasion is all romantic, going for a heart shape cake infused with your favorite flavors is recommended. Relishing the cake together while applauding the beauty of the flowers is the best way to spend this day of Valentine.


2. Chocolates: Definitely the most guessed one after cakes, chocolates are every human’s delight. Especially curated in the shape of heart for the week of Valentine, these delectable delicacies are certainly worth a pick. Imported chocolates, flavored chocolates, Ferrero Rochers, and etc. are some of the amazing options which you can consider while making your choice.


3. Teddies: Soft toys are every girl’s favorite. Whether we talk of a small girl or a grown up one, she can never say no to soft and mushy teddies. Just as flowers symbolize delicacy, these soft toys share the same characteristics. A perfect Valentine combo, you can conveniently buy such a combo and send gifts to India from anywhere in the world.


4. Jewelry: If it is about surprising your sweetheart on Valentine, then, flower with jewelry is a stylish Valentine gift for her. Jewelry is a weakness of every woman. Both flowers and jewelry stands for the delicacy and beauty; a common trait of women’s personality. Gifting her ring or a plush necklace set on the occasion of valentine accompanied by red roses is a stunning Valentine gift idea to make her sweep off her feet this Day of Love.


5. Personalized gifts: Complementing flowers with a gift having a personal touch is the best way of expressing your heart emotions to your beloved. Personalized gifts designed with the beautiful picture of both of you along with charming are the best Valentine accompaniment ever. Both gifts symbolize immense love, admiration, affection, and respect for the times that has been spent together.

Personalized gifts

So, next time, don’t just send flowers in India during the Valentine week, but complement them with trendy gifts to intensify your Valentine gifting. If you are sharing a long-distance relationship with your partner, then, Giftalove.com will help you send Valentine gifts in India or abroad to eliminate the distance barrier from your precious romantic bond. Order your Valentine gifts for him and her from this online gifting portal to get your gift delivered on time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Recreate Your ‘Pragmatic Love’ Story with Soulful Valentine Week Gift Ideas

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”- Paulo Coelho

The feeling called LOVE, though intangible, in nature has made the biggest walls of the forts and many empires fall with its power. Be it the fabulous Jodi of Bajirao-Mastani, Salim-Anarkali, or Romeo-Juliet, they stood by each other and fought for their love until their last breaths. Love is like a tree that has deep embedded roots in our hearts and it is up to us to make it thrive with our warmth as sunshine and care as water. A famous Bollywood dialogue “Love, pyar, ishq, mohabbat, jab hota hai, jisko hota hai…duniya badal deta hai”, remarkably conveys the power in this four-letter word to make the whole world of a person go 360 degrees in just few seconds.

Soulful Valentine Week Gift Ideas

The seven days long Valentine’s Day is no less than an extravaganza that is celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone all over the world. A heart is said to hold hundreds of emotions in it; let this joyous Valentine Week 2019 be the perfect occasion to convey all these sentiments to the ones you love the most. This week is all about love, romance, roses, dinner dates, and of course, Valentine gifts. Jollification of Valentine’s Week among the couples is marked by exchanging of charming and thoughtful gifts that are embodiments of their deep love and admiration for each other.

Every day of the Valentine week celebrates different heartfelt emotions. Bequeathing each other with lavish Valentine gifts online is the best way of expressing one’s hearty feelings of love and romance to the beloveds. Considering each day of valentine separately, we have accumulates some amazing Valentine gift ideas for you and your lovey-dovey to assist you in making this upcoming Valentine Week a fabulous one.

7th February: Lauding Your Romantic Bond with Red Roses This Rose Day

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you … I could walk through my garden forever.” – Alfred Tennyson

Rose Day embarks the beautiful beginning of the romantic Valentine week with mesmerizing and aromatic roses. Roses are ultimate epitome of love and affection which makes them a popular choice among the people during the Valentine season. These captivating flowers, mostly red, are available in myriad of gifting patterns ranging from bouquets to baskets, from boxes to chocolate floral bunches to impart that magnificent feel to the alluring Rose Day of Valentine (https://www.giftalove.com/rose-day). Ask for a midnight or an early morning delivery of fresh roses at your partner’s doorsteps to begin this day’s celebration with great surprise, romance, and enthusiasm.

Rose Day

8th February: Get Down on your knees for a perfect marriage proposal on Propose Day

“I ask you to pass through life at my side—to be my second self, and best earthly companion.”- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

Thinking of proposing your long-time girlfriend for marriage, but, not getting a chance to do? Let this Valentine’s Propose Day be that perfect occasion to get down on your knees to propose your ladylove in style and with utter elegance. Don’t forget to take a beautiful ring and a bouquet of her favorite flowers to make your proposal of a lifetime. Plan a magical dinner date with her without letting the lady know of your big surprise. You can hide the ring in a Valentine cake, wine glass, or just propose her in front of everyone present there to make flabbergast her with your superlative surprise.

Propose day is also an amazing opportunity for the people planning to propose their crushes and make them theirs this Valentine love season.

Propose Day

9th February: Adding Delectable Chocolaty Flavors to Your Sweet & Sour Relationship This Chocolate Day

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz

Valentine Week has dedicated an entire day to the scrumptious chocolates that can be savored at any time of the day. A perfect way to express your heartfelt emotions while treating the taste buds of your lover. These delectable and gooey delicacies add a punch of sweetness to your romantic bond and let the couple engage in their sinful indulgences. Gifting a box of imported or liquor chocolates are the perfect way to wish Chocolate Day to your beloved!

chocolate day

10th February: Letting Soft & Mushy Cuties Convey your Hearty Sentiments on Teddy Day

“You really don’t have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear.” – Rachel Newman

Teddy bears are true best friends in anyone’s life as they impart laughter, joy, warmth, and a shoulder to cry on. This Teddy Day, convey your heartiest feelings to your loving partner with cute and soft teddy gifts. There are multiple ways of celebrating Teddy Day with your beloved. Teddies have long been associated with the feelings of love and romance which has made them suitable gifts for Valentine’s Week; so much so that a special day has been dedicated to these delightful soft toys. These endearing teddy bears are girl’s best friends and make an incredible Valentine gift for girlfriend.

Teddy Day

11th February: Make a Promise of a Lifetime on This Promise Day

“Speaking Without Egos, Loving Without Intentions, Caring Without Expectations, I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always.” – Anonymous

This Valentine’s Promise Day, break the noose of the famous saying ‘Promises are meant to be broken’. A heartfelt promise made on the occasion of Promise Day is the best gift that a person can give to the partner. The commitments of everlasting love, eternal admiration for each other, and unconditional support for each other are some attributes of a serious relationship. Promises keep the fire between the lovers ignited and bring them closer to each other. Gifting personalized gifts engraved or imprinted with pledges or a love contract is an absolute stunning Valentine gift idea for the occasion of Promise Day.

Promise Day

12th February: Give a Comfy Hug to Your Fabulous Partner This Hug Day

“They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.” – Bil Keane

Hugs are the warmest gestures that a person can give to the other person. It is comforting and affectionate in nature letting a person feel at place. Couple all over the world eagerly waits for this precious moment to indulge in the incredibly warm and passionate hugs to wish each other the happiest Hug Day ever. Going for personalized gifts like cushions, blankets, and pillows imprinted with your beautiful couple picture is an amazing gift idea for Hug Day. Complimenting these gifts with a cute teddy bear is an ideal option for that exceptional and cozy hug this Valentine.

Hug Day

13th February: Let’s Celebrate This Kiss Day in Romantic Style

“Kisses are a better fate than wisdom.” – E.E. Cummings

Showering infinite kisses on your lover is the most popular and incredible gesture on the occasion of Kiss Day. A forehead kiss is the most romantic and caring expression by a man to his lady. And the beautiful ladies can revert to their men with a sensual kiss right there on the cheeks or lips. As it is impossible for many of you to celebrate this most romantic day of the Valentine week in the country of romance, Paris, so why not indulge in its celebration in Parisian style. Take a bouquet of lush red roses and delicious red velvet cake for your doting partner this Kiss Day!

kiss day

14th February: Yippee!!!! Finally, it’s Valentine’s Day!

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Unknown

Valentine’s Day, popularly known as the Day of Love, is an amalgamation of all the wonderful feelings and emotions for your loving partner. The day is all about RED; so gifting something red this Valentine’s Day for your beloved while dressing up in one as well is a wonderful idea to mark this lavish occasion. Indulge in this grand day’s celebration with astounding Valentine gifts that are readily available online as well as offline in marketplaces. Be it the popular red roses, a scrumptious red velvet or chocolate cake, you can easily order Valentine gifts online and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

Valentine's Day

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