Finding the Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents? Here are Some Wonderful Suggestions…

Every year parents surprise their kids with the best gift on their birthday, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions of the year. So, when it’s time for parents to rejoice their affectionate bond and years of togetherness on their anniversary, every kid irrespective of his/her age must gift something that can make their day an unforgettable one. We understand the dilemmatic situation you are into. Therefore, here in this blog, we have some wonderful suggestions for Anniversary Gifts for parents.

Anniversary Gift
To find that best token of love for parents, you definitely need to put your soul and heart in the thought. Just remember the time when you are been surprised in the most special way by your parents on your birthday. In fact every year, they plan the best birthday gift for you that you might have desired for long. To reciprocate love to them in the same way they showered on you always, you definitely need to come up with a fabulous Anniversary gift idea.

No worries if nothing is striking in your mind. Ideas for best Anniversary gifts for parents below here are sure to help you the best way. These are:

A Big Hand Painted Greeting Card:
Nothing else can touch heart o your parents then them getting a beautiful hand painted greeting card on their anniversary as a gift. If you are still on with your pocket money then this is the best thing to do. However, a hand painted greeting card with some memorable pictures of your dear one is sure to turn I into a memorable token of love.

Couple Wrist Watch Set:
If you are planning for gifting something impressive and memorable to your dear parents on their anniversary then this is defiantly an excellent option of making them very special on their special. No wonder they will love wearing and flaunting their similar looking watch on their wrist.

A Big Personalized Canvas
To make your parents do wow for a gift, all that you need is to choose this gift option. Undoubtedly, a big personalized canvas is sure to make your dearest parents feel loved the most. Also, a personalized gift canvas with a lovely image of parents will take them to wonderful memories behind clicking that photograph. a-big-personalized-canvas
Gadgets that Assure Health:
If your parents are not ill for long time back then gifting good health monitoring gadgets would be an excellent idea. It can be a Blood Pressure checking machine, diabetes checking machine, electronic thermometer, air purifier or any other such devices to gift them a happy and healthy life. No wonder, such a gift will be a perfect gift to express your caring side to them. gadgets-that-assure-health
Cake, Flowers and Personalized Coffee Mug:
When you wish to make your parent’s anniversary a memorable one, this is the best gift to make choice for. Here at, there are plenty of such attractive combos of delectable anniversary cakes, lovely flowers in attractive arrangements and personalized coffee mugs. You can also make separate shopping of everything and gift it altogether to them and make them happy.

Parents are god’s gift to everyone. Therefore, their anniversary comes as a moment of making them feel blessed and loved. All that you need is to explore the widest range of Anniversary Gifts and make it an unforgettable day for them to keep cherishing. Here you won’t just get awesome choices to buy Gifts online. Also, you get on-time delivery services for gift delivery across India and worldwide.

Make your Love Resonant with these Startling Anniversary Gifts for your Soul Mate

Wedding Anniversary is not just one of the special days in your calendar; it is a commemorative of your prized relationship. Anniversary is the day when you both entered each other’s life soul mates. Hence, it is meant to be celebrated with immense zeal and romanticism. All you need to do is to take some time out of the busy lifestyle and spend this day with your better halves by gifting them an exclusive Anniversary Gifts.

The relationship that has been nurtured with fondness and passion must be relished with togetherness. Just as the tributaries converge at a divine summit to flow into a single stream, your Wedding Anniversary is the day when you and your soul mate congregated for a journey of love and sacrifice as to attain the eternal bliss of life.

Anniversary Gifts

As a matter of fact, ceaseless relationships are not governed by the notion of expensive Anniversary Gifts. The things that keep them intact are the warmth and succor that help them surmount all the adversities of life. However, to express the feeling of mutual solace and tenderness, you need a timeless present. Well, you can easily find such a surprise from the amazing collection of Gifts at Giftalove. Whether expensive or average, it depends upon your budget; you can get innumerable ideas for such a gift from the list given below:

• A Home Decor Gift to Beautify the Abode of Your Love:

As newlywed couples, when you had moved in your new home, you were always engrossed in making it an adorable place. As the years pass by, you nurtured your home with passion and perseverance. Now, the time has come to give it a makeover afresh. It would be a great idea to gift each other home decor items on the occasion of your marriage anniversary. You can easily find such eye catching articles such as the artistic lanterns, wall hangings, Feng Shui items, religious idols and flower vase arrangements and much more from the enticing collection of Gifts at Giftalove.

• A Hamper of Fortune, Fondness and Frolic:

Thus hamper is specially prepared with a motive to convey the good luck wishes with fun and frolic. Presenting your spouse an enthralling gift hamper of Bamboo Plant, Anniversary Greeting Card and a collection of your favorite chocolates is just thing to convince your dearest one. This is sure to bring positive energy and optimistic vibes in your life.

• Gift your hubby essentials he needs while at work:

If your hubby a perfectionist and wants everything at place while he is at work, then this is the perfect gift for him. A Pen and Paper Holder along with Pair of Designer Pens and a classic timepiece is what exactly you need to please your hubby while he is in work mode.

• Blissful Buddha in Black:

Truly fantastic! This is just a striking combination of creativity and composure. These are the two things that constitute your timeless bond. So, make this occasion memorable with blessings of Buddha.

• A Healthy Box of Happiness:

Well, this is one of the eccentric Anniversary Gifts, but yes, it’s purely traditional. A delightful hamper of dry fruits placed in 2 Designer Silver Plated Brass Bowls with a silver spoon and a tray, packed in beautiful casket, is what you actually need to give your Anniversary celebration a royal mood.

With these mind blowing varieties from the exclusive Anniversary Gifts collection, you can make your anniversary an unforgettable affair. You can find more exciting options of Gifts at Giftalove. With our seamless delivery services, you can be assured of a booming celebration.

3 Unique Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gifts that can Tune up the Mood of your Better Half

Wedding Anniversary is not only a day to commemorate the union of two soul mates, it has a wider nuances as it marks the beginning of confluence of two communities with amalgamation of two families who have accepted each other and managed ways of staying in a lovely bond. The wedding anniversary is indeed a celebratory moment that is observed with exchanging of Unique Anniversary gifts between the spouses.anniversary-gifts

It has been one of the most longstanding traditions of the world that would never become old. There is very beautiful saying that marriages are made in heaven and found on earth. To mark this milestone moment of life, when you finally met your soul mate, you must plan something totally different. With the evolution of trends and customs, there has been much advancement in the tastes and preferences of people regarding the gifts. The growing excitement connected with wedding anniversary celebrations has impacted in availability of diverse gifting options. In the past few decades, the era of globalization has introduced innumerable options on unique anniversary gifts that are available on Online gifting sites.

It is beyond doubt that in today’s bustling life, the wedding anniversary celebrations might take a back seat. Often due to limited time, people are unable to decide on the perfect token of love for their soul mates, even if there is an abundance of choices available to them. No doubt that you need to articulate your feelings in a way that can capture the heart and soul of your dearest life partner. The most apt way to figure out the perfect gift for your life partner is to surf through Online gifting sites that offer huge diversity in the gifting options.

Here are few amazing options that can really make your day with your soul mate:

Personalized photo frames that speak about your relationship:

It costs nothing to get the best moments of togetherness with your life partner preserved for the rest of your life. With these that personalized photo frames come in various patterns and designs, you can get your best moments printed and decorated in a very modish way. These personalized photo frames can be easily customized with your names engraved on the frame. A photo will be placed in round shape and the background would be printed with small heart shape to give this product a romantic look.

Personalized Photo Mugs to Share the Conviviality:

The best way to preserve the priced moments is getting them printed on the coffee mugs that you use every day during the light hearted moments. You can personalize them to a further level by getting printed your names as well. This way you can continuously enjoy these happy moments of the married life. The life is after all a beautiful house of lovely moments.

Personalized Wall Clocks:

Life is not counted by passing of time but by the lovely moments you have spent with your dearest one. A gift like personalized photographic Wall Clock can act as a gift of life. Now you can have a look of you and your darling spouse every now and then.

These are some of the unique anniversary gifts that can enliven the mood of your life partner on this Wedding Anniversary of yours. You can combine these gifts with Giftalove flowers and bouquets.

For other exciting options on unique anniversary gifts, visit our website,, the most trusted e-gifting portal through which you can convey your love to your dear ones through valuable gifts online to various cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata etc.

Want to Make Her Feel Special? Try Any of these Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife!

To impress wife or to show some love to beautiful wife on anniversary, you definitely need a heart winning Anniversary Gift, right? Well to figure out the most impressive token of love for her may not sound an easy task for any husband. In fact it’s a challenging task to find something heart winning and loving for her which can touch her heart. So roll down the page to find some Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

Gifting is great fun if you want to share happiness and love with a gift. So when it’s your anniversary and you want to show some love to your dearest beloved on this anniversary, a heart winning anniversary gift is what you need. Well you can plan an entire day to spend romantically with your lady love but what you cannot miss out is the anniversary gift because it will be the token of love for her to cherish the day of togetherness forever in her memories.

If it is becoming to figure out the best gift for her then these Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife are sure to help you the best way. These are:

A Gold/Diamond Ring to Make the Moment Memorable Forever…

What can be the most special, precious and romantic gift for her on this Anniversary is a gold or diamond ring. So if your budget allows and if it’s your first anniversary, 5th anniversary or 10th anniversary, it’s the gift you must choose to surprise your lady love with. Just consider the size and the kind of ring she loves to wear. It will truly be a romantic anniversary gift.

A Handbag She Desired for Long Time:-

She must have shown some kind of choice for handbags to you that she is finding or planning to buy from long time? Well if you have noticed any such gesture of her then surprise her on this anniversary with what she is looking for. If she hasn’t given any such thoughts then a classy handbag can still be a heart winning and a useful Anniversary gift to surprise your lady love with. You can fill the handbag with rose and chocolates.

A Dress to Make her Look Gorgeous on the Special Day!

Be it a party gown, a gorgeous Anarkali suit, a lovely dress or a beautiful saree that she prefer to wears on the Anniversary Celebration day, gift the pretty dress to help her look gorgeous and her best on the special day. It will be a memorable, heart winning and a useful Anniversary gift for her which she will love to wear again and again.

A Wrist Watch You Want her to Look Classy With!

The thing that can be gifted to her on any special day is a wrist watch, so why not on the upcoming day of Anniversary celebration. You can surprise her with any kind of wrist watch which she likes to wear or give a completely new kind of wrist watch which you want her to wear and flaunt in style.

A Cosmetic Hamper to Help Her Pamper Herself!

If she is a working women or a housewife with loads of work to do and no time to rest then this Anniversary you can gift a cosmetic hamper to her which will not only help her look beautiful but will help her in pampering herself. You can make a kit of spa products, facial kit, cosmetic products to wear regularly and other things alike.

Anniversary is a special moment of celebrating years of togetherness with life partner. It can be made memorable with heartwarming Anniversary Gift. So this time make your lady love feel special with impressive anniversary gift that can express your heartiest feelings of love to her in a special and eternal way. To buy fabulous Anniversary Gifts for wife, husband, parents and others, GiftaLove is there to help you in gifting the best!

Anniversary Gifts! Make Your Husband Feel Special and Valued On This Anniversary

Married individuals consider their marriage day as an imperative day in their lives. They, in this manner, praise their Anniversary uniquely. Enjoying and celebrating Anniversary with your Husband is no doubt, is always a special time that you both will surely want to spend together. You need the Anniversary Gifts for Husband that should be a memorable one and also ideal for him. How will you ensure yourself that you are on right path for selecting Anniversary gifts for your husband? It’s not as difficult as you might think it is.

Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Let’s be honest, purchasing customary Anniversary gifts can be a challenging one, particularly when you’re looking it for Husband. In any case, celebrating Marriage Anniversary is truly a magnificent thing between the couple to share and show their affection for each other. In the vast majority of the cases, they like to reveal their adoration, care, and love by offering the gifts. Obviously, there are an assortment of the gifts that are accessible in the shops thus, you can buy and present the best one to your Husband and make him cheerful. In the majority of the cases, Husband will purchase a wedding gift for her Wife to help her to remember the day together. Be that as it may, it is likewise the great idea to purchase the magnificent Anniversary gifts for Husband to make him remember the day with warmth and joy.

By comprehending your necessities, we offer the energizing and diverting gifts on our online gift portal to charm the event. In this way, you can select unique gifts to make the day joyful and lively.

Gifts we offer over our online website that you can choose as Anniversary gift for Husband
On our online gift portal, you may locate the magnificent gifts to fill your husbands’ heart with joy and making the day special for him. In this aspect, we offer you the some of the most demanding and preferred Anniversary gifts are Flowers, Coffee mugs, Greeting cards, Wallets, Mobile cases, Home décor, Electronic gadgets, Leather goods, sports accessories, gift hampers, and personalized gifts.

These types of gifts are accessible on our online portal and in this way; you can select Anniversary gifts and surprise your husband. Aside from these things, you can likewise, get some other energizing gifts for his everyday use as well. Among all gifts offered on the portal, you can pick the correct one to astonish your husband. There are no doubts that all the gifts offered here are of top quality and reasonable in price. In this way, you can purchase the best and lovable gifts to make your beloved husband so cheerful.

Easy to shop Anniversary gifts online

Today, it is feasible to make your buy anything and everything online and similar is the case with gifts as well. With the ever-increasing number of the online portal, it is practically possible to buy Anniversary gifts for Husband without stepping out of the home or whatever is your comfort zone are. Yes, we are putting forth our broad range of gift items and the best rates thus, you can now arrange it online. Additionally, you get the chance to access the widest range of collection at one place that too at an affordable price. Once you decide your gifts to be ordered, it is easy to make payment. Once the payment is done, it is delivered on the shipping address.

You can also delight your husband by sending Online Personalized Gifts just in case both of you are not together due to one or other reason. Consequently, you can simply sit back at your home and relaxed. We bring you joy by offering the Anniversary gifts for Husband as you need. Buy our broad range of gift items and make the day more special and memorable for entire life. In case you want to look for more option available on the portal, you can browse it as per your suitable time.

6 Romantic Anniversary Ideas to Bring You Closer to your Spouse!!

Are you looking for anniversary ideas to bring you closer to your spouse? Every individual wants to get swept off their feet by their better half on the wedding anniversary day. You need not to always opt for expensive gifts for doing so. Romantic dates are wonderful anniversary ideas to bring you closer to them. Spend some lovely and memorable time with your spouse on your anniversary.

Romantic dates will give you abundant opportunities to make your spouse feel special and loved.

1.    Picnic Outdoors
Go for a picnic date with your spouse to an outdoor place. Plan it the way you want the day to be. You can hire a waiter in advance who will serve you all picnic stuffs on the spot itself like a good table arrangements, chairs, decorative flowers and full lunch service. Have chilled bottle of beer and chocolate covered strawberries to eat for dessert while enjoying the picnic date.

Picnic Outdoors

2.    Bonfire on the beach
Arrange a special bonfire on the beach under the stars. Watch shooting stars on your romantic anniversary date with your sweetheart. You will spend some quality of time together and discover a different personality of your partner even after spending together so many years. Get a chance to re-ignite physical chemistry and sit close together in the dark. It is an intimate and inexpensive anniversary surprise for your loving spouse. What’s could be more romantic than a night under the stars!

bonefire at beach

3.    Watching sunrise
This romantic anniversary date is a wonderful idea for the early risers. Choose a local spot that has an amazing view of the rising sun like a bridge or a mountain valley. Bring an anniversary cake and hot coffee with creamy hot chocolate and enjoy these with your spouse. This early morning romantic date would pave ways to spend the rest of the day together.

Watching sunrise

4.    Go to a long drive
If your spouse simply loves to travel on road by cars and love to explore new places in the city, then go for a long drive together. Give a pleasant surprise to your sweetheart by keeping anniversary gift on the dash broad of the car and ask them to open. After a long drive go for a lavish dinner date.

Go to a long drive

5.    Take a dance class
Enroll your spouse and yourself to a dance class and shake your legs together on the anniversary day. Spice up this fulfilled romantic date with Salsa or Tango lessons or you can simple keep it classy with conventional ballroom style. Either way, it’s a nice excuse to perform something different with your partner while having fun. This romantic dance date will definitely bring you physically and emotionally closer to each other.

Take a dance class

6.    Shop for ingredients and make dinner together
Go to the local supermarket equipped with a list of ingredients and buy things for a romantic anniversary lunch or dinner. Then prepare sumptuous meal together before sharing a night in with low lights and aromatic candles. Cooking together is another anniversary idea that would bring you closer and most likely cause a few laughs together.


How to Plan The Best Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Her

Is your anniversary is approaching soon? Yet, you got no idea how to make it special for your dearest wife! You need some romantic anniversary ideas for her to make this day memorable. Here are some suggestions on how to make her feel extra special on anniversary day:

anniversary Celebration Ideas

1.    Don’t Feel Nervous :-
You’re the love interest in her life! So, she will enjoy whatever you decide to do. It should show your feelings and emotions to her. Don’t fret too much about if she would like it or not. Just follow your instinct if you are way too confused.

2.    Be Romantic :-
Every wife dreams for a romantic anniversary celebration. Anniversary comes once in a year so take a break from your routine life and spent some romantic and lovely moments with her. Be chivalrous and treat her like queen in your life. Open every door where she walks through. Give compliment to her beautiful assets like her sweet smile, enticing eyes and say some sweet things. She will cherish every second of this anniversary day.

3.    Be Yourself :-
Just be romantic and not awkward. Just because you are trying to do something different doesn’t mean you have to look & sound ridiculous. Your wife has already chosen to spend her rest of the life with you. So just be yourself and don’t try to recite Shakespearean poem if it does not suits your personality. Do things that look natural.

Now that we got that taken care of, let’s look at a few thing as to what your girl likes to come up with romantic ideas for her. What are her favorite places to eat? Does she prefer going outside than in? Is she outgoing? These are questions you need to ask yourself to help create the perfect date. Here are some things you can think about while considering some romantic ideas for her.

4.    Explore her interests and passions :-
Buy an anniversary gift that is related to her interest. If your wife is a fashion diva then buy her fancy clothes and trendy accessories. If she is an avid reader, then get a novel which she wanted to read since a long time. Or you can consider doing something that fascinates both of you. For instance, if you and your spouse like to enjoy beautiful scenario then plan a trip to a beautiful landscape, lake side or garden picnic. Both of you would love and enjoy this romantic outing. It would be a memorable and unforgettable experience for you guys. Moreover, it’s not an extravagant or a big date. It shows that you pay attention to what she is fond of and she would definitely appreciate your effort.

5.    Some Romantic Ideas For Her :-
Check out below some romantic ideas which you can easily plan on the eve of anniversary.

          -    Candle light dinner
-    Hot air balloon ride
-    Formal dinner in her favorite restaurant
-    Walk across the Sea
-    Adventurous Road Trip
-    Bike Ride/Long car drive in a beautiful landscape
-    Secretly Sending flowers
-    Boating in a lake
-    Go watch a live music concert
-    composing a romantic poem and express your love
-    Write a love letter
-    Joy ride at an amusement park
-    Ballroom dancing session

5 Inexpensive Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Couples!!

Most of the couple feels that planning a wedding anniversary surprise can be cumbersome and expensive matter. Expensive jewelries, extravagant flowers bouquets and lavish dinner date in a high end restaurant, all these are booked in hefty price tag. Romantic wedding anniversary ideas for couples don’t have to be in that way always.

happy-anniversary by giftalove

Anniversary is a milestone to celebrate the years of love and commitment that you and your soul mate have shared. If you are in tight budget then you cannot shower your spouse with expensive gifts and surprises. The most intimate and valued anniversary day is to spend quality time together and take a break from the hectic daily routine work.
Here are some ideas to help get you started.

1.    Romantic Nightlife
Explore a romantic spot that has an amazing view. For example hill top, cityscape and natural lake are the most suitable spots. The point is to select a scenic and mesmerizing backdrop view for a late night date. Get some packed food and snacks which are your spouse’s favorite. Don’t miss this perfect chance to show your adventurous side to your spouse. Don’t gorge on heavy oily foods that can lead to drowsiness after eating. The aim of this adventurous night life is to create new experiences and not to overeat and fall asleep.


2.    Candlelight Dinner with homemade dishes
Simply arrange a romantic candlelight dinner at home by cooking delicious meals. Design a menu according to the choice of your partner. Begin with starter, beverages & drinks, main course dinner and followed by a gourmet dessert. Besides good food, ambience of your home also plays a significant aspect for a romantic dinner. Play romantic songs to enhance the mood. Set up dim lights by lighting candles and aromatic incenses for creating amazing aura. Decorate the room with fresh flowers, balloons and bouquets. Scatter some rose petals on the floor.

Candlelight Dinner with homemade dishes

3.    Lovely Trip Down Memory Lane
Take your spouse to that place where you guys met for the first time. The idea is to try to re-create the first date experience. It would be fun and romantic to relive those first time experience on the wedding anniversary day. Try to involve all small details like where you walked, what you ate and the outfit you wore on that day. It’s always exciting to remember as a couple and compare those old moments to where your love has grown now.

Lovely Trip Down Memory Lane

4.    Capturing all romantic moments spent so far
This is one of the most inexpensive yet heart touching anniversary surprise for your partner. Compile a few photographs of both of you. For instance, images of your first date, marriage ceremony, honeymoon pictures and holiday destinations that you have spent so far. Arrange them in chronological order in a photo album and write thoughtful messages and romantic text for your partner.  This would be a memorable and lasting anniversary present for your spouse.

Capturing all romantic moments spent so far

5.    Baking Anniversary Cake together at Home
This is a delicious and gourmet wedding anniversary plan where you can share some special moments and laugh together while baking cake at home. Make a delectable and creamy cake at home together.

Baking Anniversary Cake together at Home

5 Special Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Parents!!

Is your parents’ marriage anniversary is around the corner? Are you puzzled how to surprise them on their most special day? You may be having tough time to plan out something exciting and unique. Don’t worry, as you are not the first one to feel the same way. You are on the right web page to discover anniversary celebration ideas that are completely different and amazing as well. Your parents would definitely love them.

1.    You Don’t Need To Spend a Fortune
You may be worried of your tight budget and the cost of buying a special wedding anniversary gift for your parents. You may be thinking how can it be special if it’s not expensive?  Your parents would much more appreciate a gift that has come right from the heart, rather than one that made you spend a lot of bucks. Remember that thoughts behind giving the gift count the most.

gift for patents

2.    Surprise your Parents with a memorable present they will Cherish forever
Marriage anniversary picture collage or photo album is something that would make your parents nostalgic. They would love and adore such personalized gifts. It is very simple to create a personalized keepsake. Choose some cherished photographs and send them to customized gifts makers. Their designer would arrange the pictures as per your desire. You can also order for a jigsaw puzzle. Your parents would love to arrange the puzzle together and relive happy memories. Also include a small message or text and put all the family members’ names on there.

memorable -gift for parents

3.    Cook Dinner for them
You can create a Lovely dinner date like experience for your parents at home itself. Design a sumptuous menu on their anniversary beginning with starter, main course and desserts. Prepare their favorite dishes and garnish well on their platter. Decorate the dining space like a lavish restaurant with flowers, candles and play soft music in the background. They would definitely admire your effort.

Cook Dinner for them

4.    Useful health gift items
Health becomes a premium and priority as well when people get older. Thus, the best gift for practical-minded parents is something that would help them to stay fit and healthy. There are many items to from choose in this category. For example, portable blood pressure/ blood sugar monitor, body/head massager and relaxing joint therapy massager. These types of gifts can ideally make their life much smoother and help them to monitor their health on a regular basis.

Useful health gift items

5.    Flowers and Cakes
Anniversary Flowers and cakes would never ever go out of vogue. Fresh flowers are received with a cheerful smile by everyone in various occasions. They look enticing and bring positive feelings in mind. There are many ways to present flowers in form of basket arrangements, glass vase, and crystal centerpieces. Mouthwatering cakes are all time favorites and eaten fondly by all. Your parents would like to cut together a yummy choco-truffle cake on anniversary day.

flowers-cakes-at-GiftaloveSo these are some wonderful yet simple ways to celebrate your parents’ anniversary in a unique and inexpensive way.

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