Celebrate Years of Blissful Wedlock With These Anniversary Gifts

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther

No matter how many years have passed since you both entered into a blissful wedlock, the love and care between you is indestructible. Wedding anniversary is an occasion thrown at us by life to celebrate the yearlong companionship in the most romantic way. Celebrate this incredible bond with your soul mate in the most loving manner on your wedding anniversary with smashing and trendy anniversary gifts. Explore below –

Anniversary Gifts


You can never go wrong with blossoms on anniversary! The bright and captivating bright and pastel shades of these natural beauties can intrigue anyone with their flawless beauty. This anniversary, let your love and affection gets communicated to your darling spouse through the language of flowers. Though red roses make the most excellent and clever gifts for the occasion of wedding anniversary for couples, but there are still some anniversary flowers which are popular to be gifted on specific anniversary celebrations.

Flowers for milestone anniversary celebrations

Anniversary Flowers Symbolism
Carnations for 1st Anniversary Symbolizes strength and affection
Daisies for 5th Anniversary Represent fidelity and hope
Daffodils for 10th Anniversary Signifies rebirth and new beginnings
Asters for 20th Anniversary Symbolizes wisdom and appreciation
Iris for 25th Anniversary Represent hope and faith.
Lilies for 30th Anniversary Represent commitment and loyalty
Yellow roses and violets for 50th Anniversary Means ultimate happiness and togetherness

Anniversary flower ideas –

    • Go for the flowers which hold a special memory in your life. Like the proposal day, first Valentine’s Day, or anything else…
    • Pick a bouquet of flowers in the favorite color of your hubby or wife
    • Include chocolates in the bouquet if your wife or husband is a big fan of these sweets.


All couples have special memories in their lives which they consider extremely precious and close to their heart. Be it their first date before marriage, Valentine’s Day, first Karwa Chauth, or even the very moment of becoming parents, they like to capture these special moments forever… If you too have such amazing memories with your amazing life partner, then go for these overly special anniversary gifts which perfectly frame that special moment with your spouse.

LED personalized gifts

LED personalized gifts: Brighten up the occasion with these personalized gifts on the special anniversary day everywhere with your memorable photographs.

      • Photo LED lamps
      • Personalized LED cushions
      • Personalized LED crystal lamp

Photo frames: Remember the time when you both went on a trip and have an exciting time together? Gather the most romantic and fun pictures of both of you and bring them all together in a photo frame that can serve as an excellent home décor item.

Photo frames

Photo anniversary cakes: Certainly the most popular ones on the occasions of anniversaries, get one ordered now to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your sweetheart or darling hubby.

Photo anniversary cakes

Photo Cushions & Mugs: Both these gifts have become extremely popular in demonstrating one’s love and affection to the loved ones. Choose the most special photograph of you two and get them printed on these anniversary personalized gifts for that perfect romantic feel.

Photo Cushions & Mugs


No celebrations are memorable and special without cakes. And, when it’s about celebrating the wonderful marital bond on the day of the marriage anniversary, you can always have a cake to rejoice in the joyful celebrations. There are certain varieties of anniversary cakes which can never make you go wrong with your choices.

      • Heart shaped cakes to express love and affection
      • Multi-tier cakes to celebrate milestone anniversaries
      • Photo cakes to impart a personalized feel to the anniversary celebrations

The Final Note

Though all these gifts sound familiar to you, but all of them never fail to create magic on the minds of the people. They are still in very much trend and will continue to be in the years to come. Go for these one now to make your wedding anniversary celebrations a fantastic affair for your life partners. Explore giftalove.com now and find these exciting gifts waiting just for you!!!

Some Romantic Ideas to Make Your Anniversary an Unforgettable Affair!

You must have those memories preserved in your mind’s eye when you first encounter with your love of life. You have done several miraculous things to impress them and to make them feel your love and emotions. But, with time, all those euphorias wanes and special moments fade, and leave a corner for something special that can revive the old bonding and connection. What else can be the best time than your anniversary to make your partner be on cloud nine? The best anniversary gift for a partner can lit-up the mood of you both and can also jazz-up the celebration in the amazingly perfect manner.


Dolling up your relationship in the initial days is a quite simple and easy task. But, when you have crossed a milestone of years together and have a count of all the liking and disliking of your loved one, then giving surprises to each other is way more important. And this requires a lot more than binge-watching Netflix together in your apartment. If you are also having thought of surprising your partner with some anniversary gifts, then here are some cute couple thing listed on which you can count to spice up your relationship with some adventure and fun.

What about a tech-free day?

Indulging yourself all day and night with phones and laptops sometimes can be a major reason for many conflicts and squabbles between couples. So, on this wedding anniversary, gift your partner some quality time and relive all the memorable days of your relationship once again.

Preparing a photo scrapbook

Remember those days when you both used to do cute and funny things together? If not, then take a trip to your memory lane and pick those photos that can reflect that time perfectly to prepare a cute photo scrapbook for your love of life.

A bike ride is of great fun

If you are having a thought of doing some adventurous stuff, then a bike ride to some mountain area is the perfect one to go for. With the fresh air, you will also witness scenic beauty that will have imprints on your mind for a long time.

Stargazing on rooftop

Busy in your day-to-day schedule, you both must have many things hidden in your heart. On this special day, let your heart speak out the hidden emotions. This can be done best while stargazing on the rooftop with some exotic wine and your love of life next to you.

Make the bucket list together

It is perfect to live in the present, but it is also the best idea to be prepared for the future. To make this future planning an interesting task, you can start by preparing a bucket list for you both. Doing this, you both will get to know each other even better.

Throw a surprise party for your partner

One of the most amazing and simple things to make the special day even more special for your loved one is to plan a surprise wedding anniversary party for your spouse. With tasty anniversary cakes and hearty blossoms; you can gear up the celebration amazingly.

You seem to be all excited to make your partner feel out of the world on this special day, and these options are just perfect to ginger-up your anniversary celebration. But, if you and your partner will not be together this year, then instead of only missing and crying, you can make your day the best with your love wrapped in some beautiful and hearty gifts. GiftaLove.com is one such online portal that has amazing arrays of an anniversary gift for a partner that can also be sent to many locations worldwide. If you are dwelling in abroad and want to send your heart to India, then also you can consider this gifting portal and can send gifts to India in a hassle-free way.

Just Perfect!!! Flower Arrangements for Every Anniversary Milestone

When a marriage completes a successful year, it is no less than a milestone achieved by the couples. Couples who proudly celebrate a year or years of their companionship are on cloud nine on the occasion of their anniversary. This big success is often accompanied by grand celebrations amidst near and dear ones and incoming of lavish gifts from all sides. Among all the flamboyant gifts, flowers make the most popular anniversary gifts during this occasion. They are beautiful, fragrant, and have the ability to spread their colors and charm in the stunning anniversary celebrations of the lovely couple.


Though every year of wedding anniversary is supremely special for every couple, there are some years in a happy married life that needs to be applauded with the vibrancy and elegance of blossoms. Here we have listed down some really eye-pleasing and extravagant traditional flowers combined with traditional anniversary gifts for poignant wedding anniversaries celebrations.

First Wedding Anniversary – Carnations and Paper

Big congratulations to the amazing duo for successfully and happily completing a year as a newly married couple. Carnations and paper together make amazing first anniversary gifts as they have traditional connotations. Where carnations are considered auspicious for the first anniversary celebrations as they epitomize new and deep love, optimism, sweetness, and enthusiasm through their bright and vibrant hues, the gifts made of paper are another traditional first anniversary gifts offering auspiciousness in the celebrations. You can take a bouquet of fresh carnations along with a greeting card or tickets to the romantic getaway for the couple to wish them a happy life ahead.

Carnations and Paper

Third Wedding Anniversary – Sunflowers and Leather

Thinking of sunflowers and leather put together is certainly not a common idea, but when a special couple is celebrating their three years of marriage, there is definitely a logical reason to try it. Sunflowers are vibrant, strong, and passionate blossoms capturing the essence of the three years of marriage. The bright yellow petals of sunflower represent deep love and compassion between the couples. Apart from these flowers, things made of leather like handbags, wallets, or leather couple watches also serves as great combo products along with a bouquet of these flowers on third wedding anniversaries.

Sunflowers and Leather

Fourth Wedding Anniversary – Geraniums and Fruit

Celebrating four years of marriage is certainly a big achievement. To surprise your dear ones on such a special occasion, geranium flower arrangement are great traditional gifts to elevate the moods of the celebration. The vivacious looking flowers will add grace and warmth in the anniversary celebrations and infuses love and affection in the life of the happy couple. When these charming blossoms are paired with another traditional 4th-anniversary gift items like fruits, the effect of this anniversary gift is nothing short of a captivating and colorful oil painting. Get a vibrant fruit basket made along with a lavish geranium bouquet to add colors in the celebrations.

Geraniums and Fruit

Fifth Wedding Anniversary – Daisies and Wood

Thinking of a mind-blowing gift for the lovely couple in your acquaintance? Then, going the traditional route is certainly a great idea. Grab a beautiful bouquet of colorful daisies and a gift item of wood like a wooden plaque, a painting or maybe a stunning piece of furniture for the happening couple. Where the lively daisies will not just represent fidelity, love, and hope in the nuptial bond, but also stands for the intense bond and growth in the relationship of the happily married couple, the wood will work as a lucky charm for the couple celebrating five years of their marriage.

Daisies and Wood

Eighth Wedding Anniversary – Lilac and Bronze

Lilac and the items made of bronze are just perfect and elegant combinations for eight anniversary celebrations. The blossoms of lilac stand for the feelings of first love, beauty, pride, modesty, youthfulness, and confidence, and their charming grouping together will look stunning in a fresh flower bouquet. Just as bronze is created after amalgamating copper and tin, it signifies the strong bond of marriage created after two different individuals are religiously knotted together for life. You can go for bronze trophies for the couple or jewelry pieces made of bronze to complement your lilacs for the lovely couple.

Lilac and Bronze

Tenth Wedding Anniversary – Daffodils and Tin

To celebrate the occasion of the tenth wedding anniversary, it is better to go the traditional way and picking something more rustic and natural for memorable anniversary celebrations. Daffodils are the traditional flower for this milestone anniversary as they stand for deep love and romance among the couple celebrating the occasion. If it’s your 10th anniversary, then surprise your wife with a brilliant bouquet of these flowers to add more spark to your relationship. As tin is another auspicious traditional item for such anniversary, going for gifts made with tin are undoubtedly a fantastic idea.

Daffodils and Tin

Twelfth Wedding Anniversary – Peonies and Silk

Peonies and silk together are traditional gifts for 12th anniversary celebrations which are breathtaking and hard to beat coalition. These sophisticated ruffled blossoms are popular blossoms picked for the celebration of twelfth anniversary celebrations as the petals of peonies enjoy striking resemblance to the feathers of swans that are known for their everlasting bonds with their mates. As silk is another traditional gift for such a milestone anniversary celebration, you wrap your bouquet of peonies with a silk ribbon or gift a silk saree to the beautiful lady celebrating the occasion.

Peonies and Silk

Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary – Roses and Crystals

Are you soon going to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary with your ravishing wife? If yes, then going for an anniversary gift that comprises of roses and crystal gifts is definitely a wonderful option. They both are well-known traditional 15th anniversary gifts for extravagant anniversary celebrations. Buying a plush red rose bouquet and a crystal solitaire ring for your sweetheart will astoundingly strike the chords of her heart and make her fall in more love with you.

Roses and Crystals

Twentieth Wedding Anniversary – Daylily and China

Completing 20 years of a blissful married life is an achievement in itself. If any of your loved ones are planning a grand anniversary celebration in the coming days, then going for this stunning gift combo is an impressive idea. Getting a beautiful flower arrangement of daylilies is a great idea as these blossoms are renowned for such milestone anniversary celebration as they stand for being carefree and without restrictions, which holds the essence of a long-term and prosperous marriage. Complimenting these vivacious flowers with gifts made of china like a dinner set, tea set, personalized china plate, and photo frames.

Daylily and China

Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary – Irises and Silver

Looking for perfect anniversary gifts for 25th anniversary celebrations? Well, your quest for these gets ended with this traditional and eye-catchy combination of iris flowers and silver. Infusing flower arrangement of royal irises and a gift made of silver will add grace and charm in the magnificent celebrations. The vibrant blue irises will add more elegance and sophistication to your gifting style. A lavish bouquet of 25 iris blossoms tied together with a silver ribbon and a bow or these blooms in a designer silver glass vase will be perfect gifts for the lovely couple.

Irises and Silver

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary – Yellow Roses and violets and Gold

The couples who are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, a very big and earnest congratulations to you all! This is undoubtedly no less than a milestone achieved by you! If you too are going to celebrate or be a part of 50th anniversary celebration, then a flower arrangement of yellow roses and violets clubbed with a gold gift will definitely make marvelous gifts. Both the flowers stand for a long and strong marital bond and symbolize humility, virtue, and faithfulness. For the gold gift items, you can buy jewelry pieces, gold-plated chinaware, gold pendulum clock, and so many more.

Yellow Roses and violets and Gold

All these stunning gift ideas will add more vibrancy and warmth in the anniversary celebrations. If you wish to order such gifts online, you can explore Giftalove.com, an online gift portal having a stupendous range of anniversary gifts online for all kinds of anniversary celebrations.

10 Incredible Ways to Win Heart of your Sweetheart on Anniversary!

Anniversary is the special day of the year for a couple to rejoice their day of stepping to the marital bliss. Definitely, this special day is one of the most romantic days of the year that is meant to celebrate with great pomp and show. Some incredible ways of winning a beloved’s heart are all that you need to make this special day, memorable and romantic for him/her.


It’s obvious for your better half to expect something special and romantic from you on the day of Anniversary celebration. After all, how can one forget the most special moment of the life that is getting married to his/her partner for togetherness forever? To rejoice this special day of the year and to make this special moment memorable for the sweetheart, you definitely need to come up with something extraordinary. Well, that can be a special date with your Bae, a romantic surprise or anything very special or out-of-the-box.

Well, worry not if there is nothing in your mind to plan a wonderful Anniversary surprise for your darling life partner. Here below we have got impressive ways to win the heart of your beloved, such as-

1. Plan an Anniversary Trip to an Exotic Location:

After tying the knot of marital bliss, you had been on a memorable honeymoon trip? Revive those wonderful moments of honeymoon by planning an anniversary trip to any exotic location. Well, the best way to surprise your sweetheart is by touring to a place of your beloved’s choice and make wonderful memories of your Anniversary to rejoice the moment forever.


2. Surprise Party at Mid-Night

This anniversary when your beloved would be least expecting any surprise from your side, make him/her jump off the floor in amazement with a surprise mid-night party with friends or family. It would be great idea to call all the near and dear ones on the special day and make your sweetheart feel loved by you and all the loved ones.


3. Decorate Room with Rose Petals and Heart Shape Balloons:

You might have amazed your sweetheart in the similar fashion on his/her birthday just after the wedding or on 1st Anniversary of yours. Recreate that special romantic moment again by filling the floor of the room with red rose petals and heart-shaped balloons everywhere. You can also try accentuating your room décor with decorative, floating and aromatic candles everywhere.


4. A Candle Light Dinner on a Beach or Mountain Top Restaurant!

Ditch the old idea of rejoicing special moments in your favourite or nearby restaurant, this time book a table for a candlelight dinner on a restaurant finding its location on a beach or at a mountain top. No wonder, your sweetheart will be on cloud 9 on getting surprised in such a romantic way. When planning a mountaintop restaurant, make sure to visit the hotel once and book the table with the best city view down the mountains.


5. Water Park Fun with Family or Friends:

If your better half is bit fun loving person and if your anniversary falls in summers then this is the way out for you to celebrate anniversary this year. For this, you can plan out buying tickets in advance and celebrate the special day with special fun with family and friends.


6. Surprise of Biggest Red Rose Bouquet with Heart Shape Cake:

If you want to show your romantic side to your beloved once again on this anniversary, you got this wonderful option. Anniversary flowers are always one of the most preferred gifts of all time to greet loved ones. Thus, on this anniversary, amazing your sweetheart with biggest red roses bouquet and heart shaped cake is the ultimate way of the making him/her feel loved and special.


7. A Diamond Pendant – A Heart Winning Anniversary Gift Surprise!

Oh Ladies, it’s not only you ho rejoices the moment of getting amazed with a diamond, even guys too love getting a diamond-studded surprise. Thus, both husband and wife can plan to surprise better half with a Diamond Pendant. It might have been many times before that you might have gifted a diamond ring to beloved. So, this time make way for Diamond pendant as an anniversary gift (https://www.giftalove.com/anniversary) surprise as it will be close to your beloved’s heart.


8. Aromatic Massage Therapy for Both:

You might have spent anniversary or special days holidaying with sweetheart, amazed each other with gifts, had great party time with family and friends but you might haven’t planned for the most relaxing anniversary celebration. Despite planning a hectic anniversary celebration schedule, this year give the surprise of the most pampering session with an aromatic massage therapy for both. Undeniable, this is one of the most unique ways of celebrating anniversary together.


9. Plan Anniversary Week Trip to an Island

If you reside nearby to most exotic beaches or planning for an anniversary trip to any coastal place then plan to enjoy your togetherness in an exotic island. Make sure you are well aware of holidaying on an island. However, you can plan a day trip to an exotic island.


10. Experience Something You Both Did Never Before!

Well… it can be paragliding, scuba diving, water skiing, mountain trekking or any other adventurous sports activity that you can choose to enjoy together on the special day of Anniversary. No wonder an adventurous anniversary celebration is an excellent way to give a break to the usual celebration of the special day. And, you will definitely remember this thrilling anniversary celebration forever.


When the special day of anniversary arrives, it’s obvious to feel a bit confused as for how to make the day special for the loving better half or both. Hope, you liked the ideas on how anniversary celebration can be a little romantic, cheerful, adventurous or memorable forever. At GiftaLove.com, get fabulous Anniversary gifts, floral surprises, anniversary gift combos, anniversary cakes and many other special tokens of love to make the day memorable.

Top 6 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents – Useful and Heart Winning Suggestions!

Its anniversary of your loving parents and you are totally perplexed with the idea of Anniversary Gifts for parents, right? Well it is nothing to worry about as there is lot many things that can be thought of gifting them and winning their heart. Whether it is their 25th Anniversary of 30th Anniversary or any other yearly completion of their togetherness, they deserve the most special token of love on their special day.


Ideas can be infinite when you wish to make your mom and dad feel loved and cared on their anniversary with a thoughtful gift. However, you need to be little thoughtful in making the selection for the best anniversary gift for parents. After all, it will be the box of happiness and love for them which will last in their memories forever. Thus, here we are to help you with some awesome and Top Anniversary gift ideas for parents (https://www.giftalove.com/anniversary/for-parents), such as:

Couple Wrist Watch Set:

Despite all the wrist watches they have in their collection, a new set of Couple wrist watch will be loved by them to wear and flaunt together. These days, vintage leather strap wrist watches are in trend which they will love to wear. Else you can consider their personal choices to buy couple wrist watch set of their choice.

Wrist Watch Set

Personalized Wall Clock:

Anniversary of your parents is the years of their togetherness well spent. Thus, they have spent many jovial and unfavorable moments together. A personalized wall Clock with multiple picture slots will definitely work wonder in taking them back to some very memorable moments of their life. You can choose any wall clock for them that display time and also displays many memorable moments of their life with multiple photos tagging on it.

Personalized Wall Clock

Mr. and Mrs. Cushion:

A comforting yet a very quirky Anniversary gift idea for parents is this one. These days Mr. and Mrs. printed cushions are very much in trend. No wonder, they will laugh loud on getting such a witty anniversary gift which both can use to relax together.

Mr. and Mrs. Cushion

Pendants for Momma and Papa:

If you are planning to make anniversary of your parents, extra special for them then you can go for this wonderful gift option. It’s a thoughtful anniversary gift that will make your momma and papa jump up in joy. So, if you can afford then there can be nothing better than wishing them ‘Happy Anniversary’ with a Pendant set for both.

Pendants for Momma and Papa

Blanket Set for Him and Her:

One of the most useful gifts for parent’s anniversary is the set of Blankets for both. You can also choose to gift a quit set for both if there anniversary falls during winters. You can consider their preferences for separate blankets/quilts or double bed blanket or quit. If they are bored of using the old quits then they will definitely love this useful anniversary gift a lot.

Blanket Set

Travelling Bags for Both:

If you are blessed with parents who are in love with travelling and exploring places around then here is an excellent gift suggestion for you. It can be a travelling carry bags or travelling briefcases that you can buy for your momma or papa separately.

Travelling Bags

Hope, you liked the ideas? There is lot that can be thought for gifting and winning heart of parents on their anniversary. To find such wonderful gifts online, GiftaLove.com is the best online gift store. The exclusive range of Anniversary Gifts at the portal offers impressive, useful and unique Anniversary gifts online. Also, the portal offers very efficient services for fulfilling the order to send gifts to India and worldwide as well.

No Idea of What can be the Perfect 1st Marriage Anniversary Gift for Wife? Get it Here!!

It’s your 1st Anniversary approaching soon and you are willing to make your darling wife to feel the most special one in the world. This special moment of life is special for both of you. She being your life partner deserves the most special token of life from you on the first anniversary. But, worry not as here this blog will help you choose the exceptionally heartwarming 1st Anniversary Gifts for the wife.Banner

She is your life partner, your support and the reason for happiness. Undoubtedly on 1st Anniversary, she deserves to get surprised with the best. With so many memories of year-long togetherness and so many special and loving moments of happiness you lived together, it is obvious to feel overwhelmed of being blessed with such wonderful women in life. And, making the selection for that perfect, most affectionate and memorable anniversary present is sure to become a quite confusing task for you.

Let’s help you with some anniversary gift ideas that are sure to give her the wow moment on this special day. Here we go with exceptionally impressive and affectionate gift

A Love Proposal with Diamond Ring and Rose

The most special day is here to celebrate with the most special person of your life? Buy the most beautiful diamond ring for her that can make her feel special and loved. She is sure to feel on being in the cloud 9. Remember not to give the ring simply as any other gift. First propose her, no matter how many times you have done that before, she will love this proposal from you throughout her life.Diamond Ring and Rose

A Delectable Heart Shape Cake

To make the day special, romantic and memorable for your sweetheart, bringing home the most delectable and beautiful heart shaped cake can do wonders. Just choose the best the cake of her favourite flavour and accompany it with roses and teddy if she likes it. You can also set up a romantic candle light decoration where you will be placing the cake and cut it together. Although will be finished by you both but it will leave you with many precious memories.Heart Shape Cake

Her Favourite Branded Perfume

If she is quite fascinated of branded products then you can simply win your wife’s heart with a branded perfume. She is sure to love wearing the perfume and smell good everywhere she goes. In fact, the lovely fragrance of that perfume will make her remind of your thoughtfulness.Branded Perfume

A Trendy Classy Smart Watch

A gadget that she will definitely love to add to her daily living is definitely a smart watch. It will help her make calls, text messages, track her walk, heart beats and much more. The features of a smart watch vary from brand to brand. You need to select the best out of the rest for her. However, if your budget doesn’t allow to buy a smart watch for her then you can simply look up for a classy wrist watch which she will love to wear and flaunt.Classy Smart Watch

The Romantic Heart Shape Rose Arrangement

Women are usually very romantic by heart. In fact, the way to a women’s heart is direct. So, be the romantic hero of her and surprise her with a big Romantic Heart Shape Red Roses arrangement. It will definitely make her feel being on cloud 9.Heart Shape Rose Arrangement

Herbal Cosmetic Hamper

When you wish to showcase your feelings of care to your loving wife, this is what you need to make choice for. A Herbal Cosmetic Hamper with lots of herbal or natural cosmetic product is sure to help her take a good care of her skin, hair, and body without any side effects. She is sure to love this gift a lot.Herbal Cosmetic Hamper

Liked the anniversary gift ideas? Well, these were just a few. You can find myriad ideas and selections for 1st Anniversary Gifts here at GiftaLove.com. So, start exploring to buy flowers online, gifts and cakes online in just a few clicks.

10 Most Impressive Anniversary Gift Ideas to Congratulate a Couple

Being blessed with marital bliss of forever togetherness is the best thing that married couples experience after tying the knot. And, anniversary comes as the special day for the couples to revive their affectionate bond of togetherness. Just like year after year, love grows, year after year celebrations for anniversary also become special. Therefore, when you choose an anniversary gift for a couple, you need to come out with something really impressive and special. Worry not, this blog further as it will definitely help you.Anniversary GiftsThe selection of Anniversary gift is the one that is done with heart. So when choosing an Anniversary gift to surprise a couple, you need to be bit choosy to give an overwhelming feeling of being in love to the couple celebrating their Anniversary. Thankfully, you need not to worry at all because here we have come up with this blog on 10 most Impressive Anniversary Gift ideas like:

How About Planning a Surprise with 3 Tier Anniversary Cake??

A surprise of big anniversary cake is the most memorable and impressive thing to do for any dearest couple. Be it their 1st anniversary, 10th anniversary or grand celebration for 25th Anniversary, gifting a big anniversary cake is best thing to make anniversary, the most special one for the couple.3 Tier Anniversary Cake
Congratulate Them with Mr. and Mrs. Couple Cushion Set

The best way of winning a couple’s heart is by gifting and greeting them with a Mr. and Mrs. Couple cushion. If you are very close to the couple then you can plan to surprise them with a cushion set of two with a funky text as well.Mr. and Mrs. Couple Cushion Set
Set Them Enjoy the Evenings Better with Tea and Cookies Hamper

If the couple celebrating their anniversary soon is big tea lovers then you must go for this attractive gift option. At GiftaLove.com, there are plentiful choices for tea hampers consisting of different types of tea boxes of different flavors with variety of cookies as well as attractive tea mugs as well.Tea and Cookies Hamper
Let Them Pack Backs and Travel Together with Stylish Travelling Bag Set

To encourage the couple to travel and spend quality time together despite hectic lifestyle, you can choose gifting a set of stylish Travelling bags, one for him and one for her. No wonder this useful gift will definitely make the couple very happy and will motivate them to travel to any exotic destination and revive their bond of togetherness.Stylish Travelling Bag Set
For Joyous Celebration of Togetherness: Personalized Wine Glasses with Names

A sophisticated couple deserves a sophisticated gift like this one. You can buy any kind of wine glasses for a couple and get that personalized with their name initials. No wonder, they will love this token of love a lot. Moreover, they will love to enjoy their special day with wine and personalized glasses of their name initials.Personalized Wine Glasses with Names
Ram Sita Idol: For Seeking Divine Blessings

If any elderly couple is celebrating their 25th Anniversary, 35th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary or any other yearly anniversary, the best way to win their heart and to let them feel blessed on the special day, this is the best Anniversary gift option to buy. You can choose any Lord Ram and goddess Sita idol of any material to surprise them.For Seeking Divine Blessings
Set of Wrist Watches for Him & Her to Let Them Flaunt….

One of the most useful and preferred anniversary gift choices to make is this one. No wonder flaunting same kind of wrist watches would be loved by any couple. Moreover, by gifting a couple wrist watch set, you can actually win hearts of any couple.Wrist Watches for Him & Her
Let Couple Revive their Memorable Moments with Personalized Wall Frame

To make any couple’s anniversary, memorable for them, you must not think of anything else then this attractive gift choice. All that you need is to pick any of the couple’s photographs to get printed and put on a wall frame. Indubitable, the couple will fall in love with this heart touching gift option.Personalized Wall Frame
Couple Figurine to Depict their Togetherness and Love

To let the couple enhance their home décor with an elegant thing and to wish them togetherness of forever, a couple figurine is definitely an excellent gift option to make choice for. They will love to place it at home and remember you every time of gifting such a memorable token of love for them.Togetherness and Love
To help Couple Enjoy Delicious Delicacies: Designer Bowl Set for Both

Express your caring gesture to the dearest couple with this amazing gift option. No wonder a set of designer bowl will be loved by the couple to use while enjoy evening soup together, fresh salad together, morning breakfast together and be healthy. Such useful gifts are always memorable for the receiver.Bowl Set for Both

Gifting is always a great fun if done with heart and mind. Enjoy the joy of gifting all again for the couple who are celebrating their year of togetherness with Anniversary celebration this year. To buy anniversary gifts online, you can simply explore the extensive catalogue for online anniversary gifts, online Anniversary Flowers as well as online anniversary cakes to find the best anniversary gift surprise any the couple.

Finding the Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents? Here are Some Wonderful Suggestions…

Every year parents surprise their kids with the best gift on their birthday, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions of the year. So, when it’s time for parents to rejoice their affectionate bond and years of togetherness on their anniversary, every kid irrespective of his/her age must gift something that can make their day an unforgettable one. We understand the dilemmatic situation you are into. Therefore, here in this blog, we have some wonderful suggestions for Anniversary Gifts for parents.

Anniversary Gift
To find that best token of love for parents, you definitely need to put your soul and heart in the thought. Just remember the time when you are been surprised in the most special way by your parents on your birthday. In fact every year, they plan the best birthday gift for you that you might have desired for long. To reciprocate love to them in the same way they showered on you always, you definitely need to come up with a fabulous Anniversary gift idea.

No worries if nothing is striking in your mind. Ideas for best Anniversary gifts for parents below here are sure to help you the best way. These are:

A Big Hand Painted Greeting Card:
Nothing else can touch heart o your parents then them getting a beautiful hand painted greeting card on their anniversary as a gift. If you are still on with your pocket money then this is the best thing to do. However, a hand painted greeting card with some memorable pictures of your dear one is sure to turn I into a memorable token of love.

Couple Wrist Watch Set:
If you are planning for gifting something impressive and memorable to your dear parents on their anniversary then this is defiantly an excellent option of making them very special on their special. No wonder they will love wearing and flaunting their similar looking watch on their wrist.

A Big Personalized Canvas
To make your parents do wow for a gift, all that you need is to choose this gift option. Undoubtedly, a big personalized canvas is sure to make your dearest parents feel loved the most. Also, a personalized gift canvas with a lovely image of parents will take them to wonderful memories behind clicking that photograph. a-big-personalized-canvas
Gadgets that Assure Health:
If your parents are not ill for long time back then gifting good health monitoring gadgets would be an excellent idea. It can be a Blood Pressure checking machine, diabetes checking machine, electronic thermometer, air purifier or any other such devices to gift them a happy and healthy life. No wonder, such a gift will be a perfect gift to express your caring side to them. gadgets-that-assure-health
Cake, Flowers and Personalized Coffee Mug:
When you wish to make your parent’s anniversary a memorable one, this is the best gift to make choice for. Here at GiftaLove.com, there are plenty of such attractive combos of delectable anniversary cakes, lovely flowers in attractive arrangements and personalized coffee mugs. You can also make separate shopping of everything and gift it altogether to them and make them happy.

Parents are god’s gift to everyone. Therefore, their anniversary comes as a moment of making them feel blessed and loved. All that you need is to explore the widest range of Anniversary Gifts and make it an unforgettable day for them to keep cherishing. Here you won’t just get awesome choices to buy Gifts online. Also, you get on-time delivery services for gift delivery across India and worldwide.

Make your Love Resonant with these Startling Anniversary Gifts for your Soul Mate

Wedding Anniversary is not just one of the special days in your calendar; it is a commemorative of your prized relationship. Anniversary is the day when you both entered each other’s life soul mates. Hence, it is meant to be celebrated with immense zeal and romanticism. All you need to do is to take some time out of the busy lifestyle and spend this day with your better halves by gifting them an exclusive Anniversary Gifts.

The relationship that has been nurtured with fondness and passion must be relished with togetherness. Just as the tributaries converge at a divine summit to flow into a single stream, your Wedding Anniversary is the day when you and your soul mate congregated for a journey of love and sacrifice as to attain the eternal bliss of life.

Anniversary Gifts

As a matter of fact, ceaseless relationships are not governed by the notion of expensive Anniversary Gifts. The things that keep them intact are the warmth and succor that help them surmount all the adversities of life. However, to express the feeling of mutual solace and tenderness, you need a timeless present. Well, you can easily find such a surprise from the amazing collection of Gifts at Giftalove. Whether expensive or average, it depends upon your budget; you can get innumerable ideas for such a gift from the list given below:

• A Home Decor Gift to Beautify the Abode of Your Love:

As newlywed couples, when you had moved in your new home, you were always engrossed in making it an adorable place. As the years pass by, you nurtured your home with passion and perseverance. Now, the time has come to give it a makeover afresh. It would be a great idea to gift each other home decor items on the occasion of your marriage anniversary. You can easily find such eye catching articles such as the artistic lanterns, wall hangings, Feng Shui items, religious idols and flower vase arrangements and much more from the enticing collection of Gifts at Giftalove.

• A Hamper of Fortune, Fondness and Frolic:

Thus hamper is specially prepared with a motive to convey the good luck wishes with fun and frolic. Presenting your spouse an enthralling gift hamper of Bamboo Plant, Anniversary Greeting Card and a collection of your favorite chocolates is just thing to convince your dearest one. This is sure to bring positive energy and optimistic vibes in your life.

• Gift your hubby essentials he needs while at work:

If your hubby a perfectionist and wants everything at place while he is at work, then this is the perfect gift for him. A Pen and Paper Holder along with Pair of Designer Pens and a classic timepiece is what exactly you need to please your hubby while he is in work mode.

• Blissful Buddha in Black:

Truly fantastic! This is just a striking combination of creativity and composure. These are the two things that constitute your timeless bond. So, make this occasion memorable with blessings of Buddha.

• A Healthy Box of Happiness:

Well, this is one of the eccentric Anniversary Gifts, but yes, it’s purely traditional. A delightful hamper of dry fruits placed in 2 Designer Silver Plated Brass Bowls with a silver spoon and a tray, packed in beautiful casket, is what you actually need to give your Anniversary celebration a royal mood.

With these mind blowing varieties from the exclusive Anniversary Gifts collection, you can make your anniversary an unforgettable affair. You can find more exciting options of Gifts at Giftalove. With our seamless delivery services, you can be assured of a booming celebration.

3 Unique Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gifts that can Tune up the Mood of your Better Half

Wedding Anniversary is not only a day to commemorate the union of two soul mates, it has a wider nuances as it marks the beginning of confluence of two communities with amalgamation of two families who have accepted each other and managed ways of staying in a lovely bond. The wedding anniversary is indeed a celebratory moment that is observed with exchanging of Unique Anniversary gifts between the spouses.anniversary-gifts

It has been one of the most longstanding traditions of the world that would never become old. There is very beautiful saying that marriages are made in heaven and found on earth. To mark this milestone moment of life, when you finally met your soul mate, you must plan something totally different. With the evolution of trends and customs, there has been much advancement in the tastes and preferences of people regarding the gifts. The growing excitement connected with wedding anniversary celebrations has impacted in availability of diverse gifting options. In the past few decades, the era of globalization has introduced innumerable options on unique anniversary gifts that are available on Online gifting sites.

It is beyond doubt that in today’s bustling life, the wedding anniversary celebrations might take a back seat. Often due to limited time, people are unable to decide on the perfect token of love for their soul mates, even if there is an abundance of choices available to them. No doubt that you need to articulate your feelings in a way that can capture the heart and soul of your dearest life partner. The most apt way to figure out the perfect gift for your life partner is to surf through Online gifting sites that offer huge diversity in the gifting options.

Here are few amazing options that can really make your day with your soul mate:

Personalized photo frames that speak about your relationship:

It costs nothing to get the best moments of togetherness with your life partner preserved for the rest of your life. With these that personalized photo frames come in various patterns and designs, you can get your best moments printed and decorated in a very modish way. These personalized photo frames can be easily customized with your names engraved on the frame. A photo will be placed in round shape and the background would be printed with small heart shape to give this product a romantic look.

Personalized Photo Mugs to Share the Conviviality:

The best way to preserve the priced moments is getting them printed on the coffee mugs that you use every day during the light hearted moments. You can personalize them to a further level by getting printed your names as well. This way you can continuously enjoy these happy moments of the married life. The life is after all a beautiful house of lovely moments.

Personalized Wall Clocks:

Life is not counted by passing of time but by the lovely moments you have spent with your dearest one. A gift like personalized photographic Wall Clock can act as a gift of life. Now you can have a look of you and your darling spouse every now and then.

These are some of the unique anniversary gifts that can enliven the mood of your life partner on this Wedding Anniversary of yours. You can combine these gifts with Giftalove flowers and bouquets.

For other exciting options on unique anniversary gifts, visit our website, Giftalove.com, the most trusted e-gifting portal through which you can convey your love to your dear ones through valuable gifts online to various cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata etc.