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Wedding Anniversary Gift Giving Guide: Traditional Anniversary Gifts Year-by-Year!!

Wedding Anniversary Gift Giving Guide: Traditional Anniversary Gifts Year-by-Year!!

Anniversary Gift Guide

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin.

Well, everyone will agree with the above line quoted by Mignon McLaughlin. Having one such special person in life with whom you can fall in love head over heels with every year passing is one of the biggest blessings. Every year spent with your love of life brings new memories. And, to cherish all those special memories and accomplishments, the anniversary is a perfect time, especially when you have a perfect anniversary gift. A wedding anniversary gives you a golden opportunity to made plans for the years to come. You can relive all those vows that you both have taken together on the wedlock day of yours, on this wedding anniversary.

Well, when it is your special anniversary time, your mind’s eye must have started giving you flashbacks of every special moment of the wedding day. From the scene capturing the beautifully dressed bride and groom to the gorgeously dolled-up wedding pavilion and to the moment where you both are taking heartfelt wedding vows, everything in your wedding was undoubtedly very special and memorable. Anniversary is the best time to relive your special wedding day one more time. So, on this anniversary of yours, grab heartfelt wedding anniversary gifts for your beloved to showcase your feelings, emotions, and concern in one token of love.

As you must be searching for expressive anniversary gifts for your spouse, the only thing you should be sure about is whether your wedding anniversary gift is capable of pouring out your hearty feelings to your love of life or not. Owing to this, we are here with a gift-giving guide representing anniversary gifts by year. What are the anniversary gifts by year? This must be a question striking your mind for sure. Worry not at we have your answer. Explore the table given below representing year-by-year anniversary gifts:

Anniversary Gift Giving Guide for Every Year of Togetherness

Anniversary Years Ideal Gifts
1st Anniversary Paper gifts
2nd Anniversary Cotton gifts
3rd Anniversary Leather gifts
4th Anniversary Flowers and fruits gifts
5th Anniversary Wooden gifts
6th Anniversary Iron or candy gifts
7th Anniversary Copper or woolen gifts
8th Anniversary Bronze colored or pottery gifts
9th Anniversary Pottery or willow gifts
10th Anniversary Aluminum or tin gifts
11th Anniversary Steel gifts
12th Anniversary Linen or silk gifts
13th Anniversary Lace gifts
14th Anniversary Gold jewelry gifts
15th Anniversary Crystal gifts
16th Anniversary Tea or coffee gifts
17th Anniversary Spiritual or wine gifts
18th Anniversary Appliances gifts
19th Anniversary Jade plant gifts
20th Anniversary Bone china gifts
21st Anniversary Fire themed gifts
22nd Anniversary Water themed gifts
23rd Anniversary Air themed gifts
24th Anniversary Stone themed gifts
25th Anniversary Silver gifts
26th Anniversary Artistic gifts
27th Anniversary Music gifts
28th Anniversary Linen gifts
29th Anniversary Tools as per their hobbies or passion
30th Anniversary Pearls gifts
31st Anniversary Travel related gifts
32nd Anniversary Bronze gifts
33rd Anniversary Iron gifts
34th Anniversary Food related gifts
35th Anniversary Coral gifts
36th Anniversary Antique gifts
37th Anniversary Books as a gift
38th Anniversary Lucky charm gifts
39th Anniversary Funny gifts
40th Anniversary Ruby related gifts
41st Anniversary Décor items as gifts
42nd Anniversary Watches or clocks gifts
43rd Anniversary Entertainment themed gifts
44th Anniversary Electronics themed gifts
45th Anniversary Sapphire related gifts
46th Anniversary Game related gifts
47th Anniversary Plants or some gardening related gifts
48th Anniversary Home décor themed gifts
49th Anniversary Copper related gifts
50th Anniversary Gold related gifts
51st Anniversary Camera or some photo related gifts
52nd Anniversary Spa or bath themed gifts
53rd Anniversary Plastic related gifts
54th Anniversary Glass gifts
55th Anniversary Emerald themed gifts
56th Anniversary Day themed gifts
57th Anniversary Night themed gifts
58th Anniversary Hope or faith related gifts
59th Anniversary Some charity related or real life gifts
60th Anniversary Diamond gifts
65th Anniversary Blue Sapphire
70th Anniversary Platinum
75th Anniversary Diamond and Gold related gifts
80th Anniversary Oak related gifts
85th Anniversary Wine related gifts
90th Anniversary Diamond and Emerald gifts

The table given above has the traditional anniversary gifts for every passing year of your wedding life. You all must have known that ages back, everyone prefers to give anniversary gifts based on the number of years the couple has been wed. Let us look at the meaning of every year of wedding life and the perfect give to wish each other a very happy marriage anniversary.

“All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.” – Ed Sheeran

1st Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Paper Gifts related to the paper in any form are the perfect gift for couples who completed their first year of marriage. The paper is the traditional 1 year anniversary gift because the paper is so fragile, like the initial stage of the wedding. Also, a couple’s life is like a blank paper in the first year, and hence, they can write their new beautiful beginning on the paper shaping their future.
Modern Gift Clocks The reason to give a clock to the couples on their 1st marriage anniversary is that the time is very precious, giving a clock will represent the time couple has taken to understand each other after the first year of togetherness.
Color Gold or Yellow If you are willing to give some exclusive and expensive on 1st wedding anniversary, then something in gold or yellow tone is the best one to go with. This counts for a necklace for the wife and a gold bracelet for the husband.
Gemstone Gold
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2nd Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Cotton Giving your sweetheart a gift made up of cotton symbolizes how you both connected just like the woven threads of the cotton.
Modern Gift China The china here as a modern 2nd year anniversary gift indicated the strength and togetherness in the bond.
Color Red Red is the perfect color linked to the two years of wedding life. This means that anniversary gifts for him or her will be red. And, if in case, any jewelry item is given, the best is to gift red colored garnet to each other.
Gemstone Garnet

“In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not thinking of you.” – Virginia Woolf

3rd Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Leather Giving leather on the third year of marriage represents security and shelter. It basically symbolizes the home you both have built together.
Modern Gift Crystal or Glass Glass or something made up of crystal given to couples on 3rd anniversary symbolizes beauty and glassy transparency in the relationship.
Color Jade or White Jade in the relationship represents abundance, and white symbolizes purity or pure love.
Gemstone Pearl The perfect gemstone for the 3rd anniversary is a pearl, as with time, pearls become more beautiful and bright, just like love over the period.

4th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Fruit or Flowers Flowers or ripe fruits work the best fourth anniversary gift for the couples as they represent bloomed love.
Modern Gift Appliances By the fourth year of the marriage, couples must have settled in their life. And thus, the modern way to wish couples is by giving them an electronic appliance.
Color Blue or Green From the time immemorial, blue topaz is associated with Love and romance, and hence, it is the perfect 4th anniversary gift.
Gemstone Blue Topaz

5th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Wood Giving wood-crafted gifts on the 5th anniversary strengthens the roots of the relationship.
Modern Gift Silverware   Silverwares are considered the perfect modern 5 year anniversary gift to enjoy every meal together.
Color Blue, Pink, or Turquoise  These three colors represent the couples’ valuable relationship when they have reached the milestone of five years.
Gemstone Sapphire Sapphire is one of the hardest and durable materials, perfectly withstanding for a long time. Giving this gemstone as a gift will represent the strength in the relationship.

6th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Iron   Giving iron on the 6th wedding anniversary marks strength and durability in the bond.
Modern Gift Wood Object   Giving items made up of wood as the 6th anniversary gift represents the long-time resilience and strength in the relationship.
Color Purple, White or Turquoise   Giving something in a purple tone to your dearest soulmate on the 6th wedding anniversary will create a mesmerizing romantic atmosphere.
Gemstone Amethyst   Amethyst is a strong and heavy stone representing the value of trust and loyalty in the marriage.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

7th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Copper or Wool Giving metal or a woolen gift on the 7th anniversary represents the warmth in a relationship.
Modern Gift Desk Sets   Desk sets or décor items are the modern 7th anniversary gift representing the settlement in life with time.
Color Yellow or off white Yellow or off-white color represents the sunshine or love spark in the relationship after seven years of marriage.
Gemstone Onyx   Giving Onyx to your partner on the 7th wedding anniversary makes your relationship durable and maintains harmony.

8th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Bronze or Pottery Gifting bronze on the 8th marriage anniversary symbolizes strength in the relationship, and represents the bond is getting stronger with every passing year.
Modern Gift Linen or Lace Linen or lace are perfect for beautifying clothes, just like a relationship needs after eight years of marriage. 
Color Bronze   Bronze color and metal are both considered as the perfect 8th anniversary theme.
Gemstone Tourmaline Tourmaline is one of the toughest gemstone having damage resisting capacity. This gemstone symbolizes a long-lasting bond.

“You are my today and all of my tomorrows.”- Lee Christopher

9th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Willow or Pottery Willow represents flexibility in marriage life. Giving some pottery stuff on the 9th anniversary signifies that couples can shape their relationship in the future.
Modern Gift Leather Leather is given as a 9th anniversary gift representing the protection in the relationship.
Color Terracotta The earthy tone of terracotta represents the warmth in the relationship even after nine years of togetherness.  
Gemstone Lapis Lazuli This gemstone is widely used in Feng Shui for balancing negative and positive energies. Giving jewelry with lapis lazuli gemstone encourages honesty in your relationship.

10th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Aluminum or Tin Aluminum or tin are such metals that won’t wear down with time. They are considered the perfect 10 year anniversary gifts representing flexibility and durability in marriage life.
Modern Gift Diamond Jewelry Diamond is one of the best 10th anniversary gifts symbolizing the beauty of living together for almost a decade.
Color Silver or Blue Both of these colors are such an elegant choice to doll-up your special ten years of togetherness.
Gemstone Diamond Giving diamond is the perfect fit to celebrate the beautiful journey of ten years holding hands together.

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” – Edgar Allan Poe

11th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Steel Steel is indeed the strongest metal; making is the best gift for the 11th anniversary as it representing the unbreakable bond of husband and wife.
Modern Gift Fashion Jewelry Surprise your wife on the 11th wedding anniversary is the best way to cherish the occasion. Some pieces of jewelry are indeed the best anniversary gifts for her.
Color Turquoise Giving turquoise to your partner represents courtesy and protects the relationship against evil. Gifting turquoise also brings good fortune, health, and peace in life.
Gemstone Turquoise

12th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Silk or LinenIn the twelve years of marriage life, you both have set up your home sweet home. Gifting silk or linen to the couple signifies the blessings for happy marriage life.
Modern Gift PearlEveryone knows that it becomes so difficult to find a perfect pearl. That is why; getting a pearl for your love of life represents the efforts you made in your relationship.
Color Oyster White The oyster white color represents loyalty and transparency in the twelve years of marriage life.
Gemstone Jade The oyster white color represents loyalty and transparency in the twelve years of marriage life.
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13th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift LaceGiving lacy items as anniversary gift on the occasion of thirteen years of togetherness as they signify the beauty of the relationship.
Modern Gift Textiles or (Faux) Fur To represent the warmth in the relationship in the beautiful thirteen years journey, different fabrics are the perfect way to go with.
Color WhiteWhite is indeed the best color for cherishing the special occasion of the 13th wedding anniversary.
Gemstone CitrineGiving this gemstone to your partner will bring joy and cheers to your wedding anniversary.

“I love you – I am at rest with you – I have come home.” – Dorothy L. Sayers.

14th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift IvoryIvory is the perfect fit to make your 14th anniversary more special and memorable. This gift signifies luck and protection in your relationship.
Modern Gift Gold Jewelry Gold jewelry is the representation of an eternal and perfect love story.
Color IvoryThe ivory color is associated with Hindu mythology making the 14th wedding anniversary a mesmerizing affair.
Gemstone OpalThe stunning and fantastic multicolor gemstone symbolizes passionate love and desire in the relationship.

15th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift CrystalCrystals are delicate, and hence, they are the perfect fit for embellishing your 15th wedding anniversary.
Modern Gift WatchesGiving a watch to your partner will signify that you both have to give time to your relationship after fifteen years of your relationship. 
Color RedThe red color is the symbol of romance and passionate love that makes it the perfect color for the 15th anniversary celebration. 
Gemstone RubyRuby is the fiery gemstone perfect for cherishing your fifteen years of relationship.

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.” – Herman Hesse

16th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Wax Gifting wax as an anniversary gift on the occasion of completing sixteen years together represents the resignation of the spark in the relationship. 
Modern Gift Silverwares Silver is considered as very auspicious for marriage life, and thus, giving couple silverware will make their bond stronger and ever-lasting.  
Color Silver or Emerald Green Including the combination of silver and green color in your 16th marriage anniversary celebration will make the occasion more special.
Gemstone PeridotPeridot represents the eternal love and devotion in a relation.

17th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Furniture Gifting furniture on the 17th anniversary symbolizes security, harmony, comfort, and happiness in the marriage life even after seventeen years of relationship.
Modern Gift Furniture
Color Yellow The yellow color is considered as the happy hues, representing uneven happiness in marriage life.
Gemstone Carnelian This gemstone is widely known as the endurance stone, perfect for bringing joy and happiness to the relationship.

18th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Porcelain Celebrating eighteen years of marriage is a tremendous but daunting thing. Giving Porcelain represents elegance and refinance in the relationship. This gift is being considered the best way to cheers the years old bond in a relationship.
Modern Gift Porcelain
Color Blue Including blue color in the anniversary party will make the celebration grander and mesmerizing.
Gemstone Cat’s Eye Giving a jewelry item engraved with a cat’s eye stone brings happiness and prosperity to the relationship.

19th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Bronze Surprising each other after the 19th year of togetherness becomes a bit daunting. But, with bronze, the work can be done perfectly. It is included in both traditional and modern anniversary gift giving.
Modern Gift Bronze
Color Bronze The modern color theme is the perfect way of embellishing nineteen years of togetherness.
Gemstone Aquamarine This gorgeous gemstone will help to keep the love intact in the relationship even after nineteen years of marriage.

20th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift China Love is one such fragile sentiment that can be strengthened by giving chine items to each other.
Modern Gift Platinum To mark the memorable journey of twenty years together, a couple can cherish the relationship with platinum.
Color Emerald Green To honor the remarkable bond of twenty years of marriage life, emerald green is the best color to doll-up the celebration. Emerald gemstone is indeed the aptest option signifying the beautiful bond of togetherness.
Gemstone Emerald

“Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years multiply.” – Zane Grey

25th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Sterling Silver Celebrating silver anniversary with a silver gift is the best way to protect your eternal love story. From traditional gifts to modern gifts, silver color and accessories will indeed signify the “silver jubilee.”
Modern Gift Sterling Silver
Color Silver
Gemstone Silver

30th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Pearl Pearls are the beautiful gemstones embellishing the beauty of the deep ocean. Giving pearls on the 30th anniversary signifies the hidden beauty of the marriage life.
Modern Gift Diamond To nurture the thirty years-long relationship, a diamond is indeed the best token of love.
Color Green The green color symbolizes the eternal love in the relationship of the couples. 
Gemstone Pearl Pearls are the best fit to endure the significant love in your marriage life.

35th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Coral Coral is associated with the anniversary gift giving ritual from time immemorial. Coral is known to have magical healing powers. These powers shield the husband and wife bond from damage.
Modern Gift Jade Jade plant is the modern gift perfect for the 35th anniversary. It represents wealth, luck, union, wisdom, and passion in a relationship.
Color Coral Coral is the amazing and vibrant combination of pink, orange, and red color symbolizing unending love.
Gemstone Emerald Giving emerald on the 35th anniversary symbolizes long-lasting love in the marriage life.

“Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.”

40th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Ruby Rubies are the best gemstone to doll-up the beautiful journey of 40 years of marriage. Engraving this precious stone in the jewelry will turn out to be the most amazing and romantic 40th anniversary gift.
Modern Gift Ruby
Color Red
Gemstone Ruby

“Real love stories never have endings.” – Richard Bach

45th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Sapphire From blue to red, Sapphires is considered the most perfect and aptest 45th anniversary gift to surprise your partner. From time immemorial, Sapphire is known for royalty, indicating marriage longevity.
Modern Gift Sapphire
Color Blue or Red
Gemstone Sapphire

50th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Gold Representing desire, class, standard, and luxe, gold is considered as one of the best and most perfect fits for the 50th anniversary gifts. Beautifying your relationship and cherishing fifty years of togetherness can be made more beautiful and memorable with a golden theme and gemstone.
Modern Gift Gold
Color Gold
Gemstone Gold
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“Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile.”

55th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Emerald To adore the fifty-five years of togetherness, there could be no better option other than an emerald. From the time immemorial, people used to embellish their relationship with the emerald gemstone and the same colored anniversary theme.
Modern Gift Emerald
Color Emerald Green
Gemstone Alexandrite Giving Alexandrite on the 55th anniversary symbolizes good fortune, harmony, and prosperity in the married life.

60th Year Anniversary Gifts

Parameters Significance
Traditional Gift Diamond Celebrating sixty years together facing every up and down is indeed a challenge in itself. To appreciate yourself and doll-up your relationship, nothing could be as perfect as a diamond. From the traditional gift to the modern 60th anniversary gift and the best color and gemstone, every category calls for a diamond to celebrate love in the relationship.
Modern Gift Diamond
Color Diamond White
Gemstone Diamond

To highlight the idea behind giving wedding anniversary gifts, as the marriage years grow, we begin to understand the importance of marriage. With each passing year, the relationship between husband and wife begins to deepen. As the new relationship starts in the first year of marriage, the best gift is to give each other something made of paper, so that husband and wife start a new relationship in a new way. As the wedding progresses, the gifts also increase in importance. By the tenth year of marriage, husband and wife start giving gifts of tin and aluminum gifts to each other as a symbol of their growing relationship. When the husband and wife spend fifty years together in the sacred bond of marriage, they both decorate their strong relationship with gold gifts. By the sixtieth year of the marriage, the wedding anniversary gifts reach diamond-like maturity and strength, which shows that the husband and wife are made for each other. Like with every growing year, the anniversary gifts also become precious, which keeps the couple connected.

After knowing the best anniversary gifts for every year of your wedding, let us take you on a floral ride as we have prepared a table depicting the best anniversary flowers for every year of happy married life. So, without wasting any more time, let us have a look at the table given below:

“In you, I’ve found the love of my life and my closest, truest friend.”

Best Anniversary Flowers for Every Year of Togetherness

Anniversary Years Best Flowers per Anniversary Years
1st Anniversary Carnations
2nd Anniversary Lily of the valley
3rd Anniversary Sunflowers
4th Anniversary Hydrangeas
5th Anniversary Daisies
6th Anniversary Callas
7th Anniversary Freesias
8th Anniversary Lilacs
9th Anniversary Bird of Paradise
10th Anniversary Daffodils
11th Anniversary Tulips
12th Anniversary Peonies
13th Anniversary Chrysanthemums
14th Anniversary Dahlias
15th Anniversary Roses
20th Anniversary Asters
25th Anniversary Irises
28th Anniversary Orchids
30th Anniversary Lilies
40th Anniversary Gladioluses
50th Anniversary Yellow roses or Violet

The relationship of flowers with love is profound. Whenever love or feelings is described, flowers play a significant role in strengthening the relationship. Colorful flowers help you showcasing your deep and passionate love in such a simple and sweet manner that your better half will literally fall in love with you all over again. So, whether it is 1st year of your beautiful wedding or you have crossed the milestone of fifty or sixty years together, a bunch of gorgeous flowers is enough to reflect your heart.

“You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss.

Closing Thoughts

With this detailed article, our only motive is to give you guys one new way of selecting anniversary gifts for your better half. Both the tables shown above have perfect wedding anniversary gifts for couples. So, choose gifts from any of the tables or both of them and make this anniversary of yours mesmerizing just like your wedding day.

If you have to send anniversary gifts online to any special couple near you, is here to help. Flowers, chocolates, cakes, greeting cards, personalized gifts, and whatnot; we have here bounties of gifting items to cater to everyone’s needs out there searching for a perfect anniversary gift item. So, explore the website and order now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Anniversary Gift Giving Guide

Q. What is a good anniversary gift?

Flower bouquets, chocolates, greeting cards, or personalized gifts are some of the best gifts to wish a couple on the anniversary.

Q. What is the perfect anniversary gift for her?

The perfect anniversary gift for her is the one that can showcase your deep and passionate love for your lady love. For this, you can go for a beautiful flower bouquet with chocolates or a delicious cake to wish her a happy marriage anniversary.

Q. What is the 25-year anniversary gift?

As mentioned above, the best gift for the 25th wedding anniversary is the one having a touch of silver in it. For your dearest wife, you can pick any silver jewelry paired with a flower bouquet and chocolates. And, for your loving husband, a silver bracelet will be the best gift to go with.

Q. What is the anniversary gift list?

The best and useful anniversary gift list includes:

  • Flowers
  • Cakes
  • Chocolates
  • Jewelry
  • Greeting Cards
  • Personalized gifts

If you are looking for the best anniversary gift giving options, then the detailed list is provided above for your convenience.

Q. What is an excellent first-anniversary gift for husband?

Talking about the first anniversary gift for husband, some fantastic options are given above:

  • Photo frame
  • Personalized mug
  • Table décor piece
  • A diary or journal
  • A customized bracelet

Q. What is the anniversary gift?

The best anniversary gift is the one that will help you showcase your heartfelt feelings and emotions to your beloved. You can choose the most expensive gift to express your feelings. But, love is one such feeling that can never be monetary. That is why; it can only be expressed with your efforts or a token of love.

Q. What is the best gift for anniversary couple?

If you are searching for the best anniversary gift for a couple, then a wide range of gifts are available from where one can choose. Some of them are personalized mugs, photo frames, cakes with flower bouquets, pendants, and greeting cards.

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