National Cake Day 2k19: A Day to Celebrate & Honor This Delectable Dessert!!

Cakes are arguably one of the best and most amazing inventions of humans for humans to eat. From time immemorial, there are wide varieties of this delectable dessert that is serving humankind and in gingering every occasion and making every small moment of life worth celebrating. From the range of flavors to the look and feel of the cake, there are numerous obvious reasons that cake is much more deserving of its own little holiday and a day that is boundlessly dedicated to munch on them.

National Cake Day 2019; a day solely dedicated to cakes is knocking the door. But, before diving deep into the celebration, let’s know some facts about the origin of this amazingly remarkable day in history.

National Cake Day 2k19

History of National Cake Day

Cakes are the part of western culture from time immemorial and are now happily welcomed in India and all over the world to fuse the special days with more happiness. From being only a fun task, they have taken over sweets and every sort of dessert with its soft and creamy texture. The history of National Cake Day is vast in which the very first question that strikes the mind is when is National Cake Day celebrated? If you are also a chocolate lover, then you don’t need to wait more as it is on 26th November, Tuesday. So, be ready to gorge on the yummiest cake for which you were craving for a long time.

Cakes were very first thought to be originated in Greece and Egypt. At that time also, they were the most recognized desserts that were consumed at the end of the meal combining with nuts and honey. Then after, in later years, Romans also created their own version of cakes that were creamier and richer. However, this amazing dessert type is earlier reserved for God offerings as a sign of reverence and respect. But now, when you crave cake, then that is the moment to surprise taste buds with something creamy, buttery, and of course delicious without any boundation of festivals, occasions, etc.

How to Celebrate National Cake Day?

The most amazing and the perfect way to celebrate this amazing holiday of the most popular and recognized dessert is to throw invitations to friends and family and welcome each and every cake lover to the cake binge. Just grab some deliciously amazing cakes fused with the trendy and not so common flavors and gear up your party with delicacies that will be remembered by the taste buds for a long time.

Or another way to make this day more special and worth remembering is to make a delicious cake on your own. Grab the apparels and take the pans out and drip the cake batter fused with the amazing and delicious ingredients with your immense love for cakes and hey! You are done!

So, be it about the different flavors of cakes or about the way you have prepared them, every bite of a creamy, fluffy, and flavorful cake has its own charm that will gear up the National Cake Day more amazingly.

Top 5 Cakes to Gorge on this Special Occasion…

Cakes have always been that inevitable part of every occasion and celebration without which the party is incomplete. On this day when a cake is enjoying its own holiday, it is not fair to spend the day without a big fat bite of your favorite cake. If you are confused between the huge drooling varieties of cakes which one to go with, then here are some of the best and the trendy cake flavors perfect to zing-up the celebration. So, check out the list and make this National Cake Day an unforgettable one.

  1.        Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Cake

A cake dripping with molten chocolate and the layers are fused with the choco chips and the freshly whipped flavored cream that amazingly complements the chocolate flavor is the perfect option to hands-on for celebrating National Cake Day.

  1.        Red Velvet Cake 

Red Velvet Cake

This amazing looking cake is the world-class chocolate flavored sponge cake that is adorned with a gorgeous reddish color, typically layered with cheese cream and cream icing giving this variety of cake an appealing look is the one that will surely take your Cake Day celebration to another level.

  1.        Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake

With the outstanding and everyone’s favorite vanilla flavor adorned with freshly whipped vanilla buttercream and amazingly soft crumb, there is no better option other than a freshly bakes a vanilla cake to celebrate this amazing holiday of cakes, the dessert king.

  1.        Lemon Cake


Lemon Cake

A zingy and tangy lemon cake is the one that is fused with the delicious and unique flavor of lemon paired with butter creamy layers of soft and fresh cream and a tint of lemon juice and zest, is the one that will be a treat to the taste buds on this special occasion.

  1.        Cheesecake



Cheesecake is basically a layered cake whose layers are fused with the mixture of flavored creams of lemon, pumpkin, and vanilla and of course has the amazing tint of cheese and cream cheese as well that makes this cake one of the most popular and most suitable cake to pair the Cake Day celebration with.

10+ Amazing Quotes for National Cake Day…

Quotes for National Cake Day

  1. “Happiness is like a cake: have too much of it and you get sick of it.” – Karl Pilkington
  2. “Love is when you have a really amazing piece of cake, and it’s the very last piece, but you let him have it.” – E. Lockhart
  3. “Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake.” – Dean Koontz
  4. “A party without cake is really just a meeting.” – Julia Child
  5. “Every moment of happiness and celebration ends with something sweet and CAKES are the best way to celebrate happiness.”
  6. “If I was made of cake I’d eat myself before somebody else could.” – Emma Donoghue
  7. “Life is too short to say NO to CAKE!”
  8. “I’ve always told my children that life is like a layer cake. You get to put one layer on top of the other, and whether you frost it or not is up to you.” – Ann Richards
  9. “I drink diet coke so I can eat regular cake.” – Gabriel Iglesias
  10. “Cake is the answer no matter what the question is.”
  11. “Calories in a birthday cake are never counted!”
  12. “If the eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” – Lorelai Gilmore
  13. “Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.” — Audrey Hepburn
  14. “Take the broken pieces of your life; bake a master cake out of it. Don’t stand still like a lake; keep flowing like a stream!” – Sraelmore Ayivor
  15. “Life is a cake and love is the icing on top of it. Without love, it becomes difficult to swallow life.” – Mehek Bassi

Top 6 Flavors of Cheesecakes to Pick for Fantastic Special Celebrations!

The world of confectionery has undergone a revolution with a variety of new cakes being launched every now and then by the expert bakers worldwide. These professionals try each and every effort in surprising the taste buds of the people with new flavors and varieties of cakes. Cheesecakes are one such kind of cakes which have garnered huge acclamation for their taste and qualities among people all around the world. Whether as a birthday cake or an anniversary cake, these cakes are just perfect to pick for any special celebrations.

main image

Considering this fan frenzy among people for these delectable creamy cakes, we have listed six most appealing flavors which will tickle the taste buds just by their looks.

1. Blueberry

With the popularity of the blueberries as flavorful fruits in a variety of desserts, these natural sweeteners have made a special place in the world of confectionery. The bright purplish-blue color of the blueberries when infused with the white cream cheese, the result is utterly mesmerizing to the eyes and tongue. Opting for a blueberry cheesecake is definitely a lip-smacking option to for this special occasion.


2. Chocolate

Chocolates are indispensable ingredients in the art of baking. As it is a popular flavor which is loved by everyone, going for a chocolate cheesecake is the best idea if you are about to taste a cheesecake for the first time. It is less experimental like other ones and can be gorged on everyone!

chocolate cheesecake

3. Lemon

The hint of the lemons in the bakery items like cakes and cookies is loved by everyone. The zing of the lemon zest in these delicacies gives their taste a punch of citrusy flavors making them perfectly mingle with the other flavors. Choosing a cheesecake in lemon flavor is a stunning thought owing to this flavor’s demand in the market.

lemon cake

4. Raspberry

The sweetness of the raspberries when combined with the sourness of the cream cheese, the result is as appealing as this delicious and creamy cheesecake. The alluring pink color of this cake makes it perfect to celebrate a romantic occasion such as anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

rasberry cakes

5. Salted Caramel

The combination of the smooth and thick cream cheese and the sweet and salty caramel sauce on the top of this cheesecake is a sight which can make anyone salivated! Pick this cheesecake for sweet and salty celebrations!

cheesecake caramel

6. Strawberry

If there is a berry which is a favorite of everyone, then it is undoubtedly a strawberry. After being a favorite flavor in ice-creams and cakes, these berrylicious fruits are ready to infuse their sweet and delectable flavors in popular cheesecakes as well. Order this one now and indulge in the rich and creamy experience ever!

cheesecake strawberry

Final Words

Feeling excited after reading this? These cheesy cakes will certainly make you drool like a kid. The freshness of the cream cheese and the punchy flavors of the fruits and chocolate will make these delicacies tastes like flavor bombs in your mouth. Choose your favorite cheesecake online from the exciting range of and be ready to indulge in the most utterly butterly celebrations!

8 Most Unique & Trending Cakes for BIRTHDAY… ANNIVERSARY… and other time of the year

Can you imagine a celebration without a cake? Seems impossible right? Well that’s because cakes have slowly turned out as an inevitable part of celebrations. It is the center of attraction of a celebratory moment. So, when choosing a cake why to go for usual cakes that won’t make a difference? This time, opt for some unique and trending cakes that will give a truly delightful relishing moment to your loved ones too.


Gone are the days when just basic pineapple, chocolate or vanilla cakes were available. Creativity and uniqueness is also found in the varieties of cakes available these days. You can get a fusion flavour cake or an unusual cake of an unfamiliar flavour and design. So when cake is such an important part of a celebration without which it is hard to imagine merriment, why go for old basic cakes? It’s time to give a unusual but a very delectable feast of yummy cakes like:

Ice Cream Cake:

The replacement of cream with ice cream brings a heavenly selection of cake to relish. And, this is the Ice Cream Cake we are talking about. No wonder, you fall in love with this cake with its single bite. In fact, it’s very easy to make at home as you need different ice cream flavors and cake bread. Toppings can be anything you feel to decorate the cake with.

Ice Cream Cake

Cheese Cake:

It’s a very popular and a very unusual cake that gives you the goodness of cheese amalgamated with usual taste of a cake. The little salty feel in the mouth and the smooth texture of this cake is enough to make you go madly in love with this delicious cheese cake.

Cheese Cake

Designer Floral Cake:

Beauty of flowers when touch a yummy creamy cake then it definitely turns out to be an amazingly beautiful cake. These days the use of usual as well as edible flowers is done in the creation of designer floral cakes. As wedding cakes, these are much preferred choice of everyone.

Floral Cake

Fresh Fruit Cake:

The sweetness of fruits doubles the deliciousness of a cake when it gets mixed with cream. Fresh fruit cake can be two types. One can be a usual cake with fresh fruit topping and the other one can be a cake baked and designed with use of fresh fruit pieces everywhere. No wonder these are true sweet delight that comes with the goodness of fresh fruits.

Fruit Cake

Cake of Cupcakes:

Another wonderful and unique cake option is this. Cakes made of cupcakes are very unique and loved by all. It is created using cupcakes ( and arranged in a particular shape to resemble a cake of any specific design. Also, these are very easy to serve as you simply need to pick a cupcake and serve someone to relish without getting into the hassles of cutting a cake and serving it to all.


Custard Cake:

The delightfulness of custard when mixed with cake, it definitely turns out to be a very delicious cake to relish again and again. Custard cakes are very soft and it’s utterly sweetness is perfect to melt heart of people relishing during any special moment.

Custard Cake

Cookie Cake:

Crunchy… sweet… and delicious are Cookie Cakes! If bored with usual cakes then give a twist to your cake cravings with cookie cakes. Despite using usual cake bread, large size cookies are used and layered with cream of any specific flavour. The topping can be designs anyway as per preference. Also, the other variant of cookie cakes that are baked and also designed with cookie crumbs, tastes delicious!

Cookie Cake

Caramel Dripping Cake:

The yumminess of caramel toffee when comes in with a cake, how can one resist to have more? So someone in love with caramel toffees would definitely love a caramel cake as birthday cake surprise. It will be loved by everyone because of its unique cake flavour that will take anyone to the childhood memories of enjoying caramel toffees.Caramel Dripping Cake

Twist of newness and uniqueness in the cake recipe doubles the excitement of relishing. It doesn’t matter if the day is special one or not, you need no excuse to enjoy a delicious cake. All that you need is the craving for this sweet delight and fondness of experimenting cake with something that can double its deliciousness. Find awesome Birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and more at to shop online.

7 Most Wonderful Cakes to Trend This Year!!

Indubitably, cakes got some magical powers of turning any simple day into a celebratory moment. In fact, this one sweet delicacy or dessert is enough to complete any celebration with its presence. This is how it has become hard for us to imagine any celebration without a cake. So, let’s us start help you know some of the most wonderful cakes that are sure to trend this year.Banner

If you start wondering about cakes then the sweet and creamy taste of cakes start tempting you the most. But it’s not just the taste of cakes that makes it an inevitable part of any celebration. It’s the wonderful variety of cakes in exceptionally unique designs that is turning cake the center of attraction of any celebration.

To know as which cake to buy for the upcoming party, here’s the list of some wonderful cakes that must trend in the year 2018! Have a look:

Heart Shape Cakes

Since, people will be soon getting into the preparations of the year’s first romantic celebration that is Valentine’s Day, Heart Shape cakes are sure to be the trendsetters for people in love to express their heartfelt emotions to beloved. So, when you wish to turn the day of love into a memorable one with a Valentine gift then make choice for a Heart Shape Cake.Heart Shape Cakes

Photo Personalized Cakes

Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding, farewell, housewarming or any other celebratory moment of the year, this cake is a preferred choice among all. A Personalized Cake is not just unique one but an exceptionally heart winning gift option to surprise anyone dear on his/her special day.Photo Personalized Cakes

Doll Shape Cakes

The little princess always deserves the best cake on her birthday. A Princes Doll Cake is all that she wants to feel the most special one on this planet. Although, choosing a doll cake is not a new thing but surely going to trend on the list of cakes for the year 2018.Doll Shape Cakes

3 Tier Cakes

If you want to the cake to become the center of attraction for your celebration then order cake online of 3 tier design pattern. On the wedding day, anniversary, farewell, baby shower, birthday and other special moments of the year, such cakes just completes the celebration merely with its presence. After trending for years, 3 tier cakes are sure to trend this year as well.????

Personalized Whiskey Bottle Cakes:

Whiskey lover friend of yours is soon to celebrate his birthday and you are still with no birthday gift idea? Well, this is what you must blindly choose to win his heart. These days personalized Whiskey Bottle Cakes are trending a lot. If it’s a men’s bachelorette party or friend’s birthday, this cake is simply a fabulous choice.Whiskey Bottle Cakes

Red Velvet Cakes

The cake which is trending a lot these days because of its awesome flavor is this one. No wonder your dearest one is sure to love this cake soon it into his/her mouth. Every single bite of this cake is delicious. This classic and flavoursome cake is the trending option this year.Red Velvet Cakes

Green Pistachio Cakes

Green and nutty… this cake is simply awesome in many ways. Apart from being a flavorsome sweet delight, this cake is also preferred because of its unusual cake color that is ‘Green’. No wonder you are sure to fall for this delicious cake with its single bite. This uncommon but utterly delicious cake is soon to become the preferred choice among people this year!Green Pistachio Cakes

Cakes are no more seen as the sweet delicacy. It’s an example of excellent cooking and creativity. With few such trending cake ideas, you can definitely turn special moments into extra special and memorable moments of the year. To buy cakes online, is there to help you with such awesomely delicious cakes online. Birthday cake, personalized cake, butterscotch cake, anniversary cake, strawberry cake, wedding cake and more is there to explore and shop online with free shipping across India.

Celebrating Top 5 Milestones of the Marriage with Sweetness of Anniversary Cakes

It was your wedding day when you two became “one” and vowed to lead rest of the life together!! It is such a beautiful feeling to celebrate that day every year with same zeal and enthusiasm. Every time it comes with a feeling that your love is growing and adding more and more sweetness to the relationship.


One of the significant and most important parts of the celebration is “Anniversary cake”!! Be it the first anniversary or the 50th Anniversary, cake is a must to have while celebrating this big day of life. So, here we are going to help you on what type of Anniversary cake you must opt for on the milestone celebration of your life. Here we go…..

1.  1st Anniversary
This is very important and a rejoicing moment for every couple that celebrates the moment for the first time on this journey of love!! And, the cake needs to be way more amazing and surprising. These days, there is this really great option to buy cake online on various online gifting portals like You can go for a personalized cake with the marriage day photo of you and your better half or a pink coloured heart-shaped cake with roses on to it will be great. There are many other great options to look for on the website!!

1st Anniversary Cake2. 5th Anniversary
After the first anniversary it is the 5th one, which is the testimony of your togetherness that calls for a gigantic celebration. And, definitely there is a need for a different and mesmerizing anniversary cake. You can go for a cake in red colour with heart shaped decoration on top of it!! Also you can send gifts online for the love of your life along with the cake.

PRCAKE0723. 10th Anniversary
This is a demonstration of the great love and affection that you two have shared for these long years and you definitely don’t want to miss on anything in celebrating this day. So, to make this, a way more special day, you can go for a special cake, designer cake or a five start cake. All these cakes you can conveniently find here on the portal.

10th Anniversary Cake4. 25th Anniversary
If you have come together this long way sharing all the good and bad times together then definitely there has to be something out-of-the-box!! One best idea would be a photo cake with the image of the best moment that you two had together. It will definitely work!! Go for it!!

25 th Anniversary cake5. 50th Anniversary
50 years of togetherness and that is indubitably a milestone that you two have achieved as one. And, the anniversary cake must be such that it shows the milestone that you have achieved. For this, you can go for cake combos of cake with flower basket or chocolate or you can buy a special gift online for your spouse and send it along with the cake.

50th Anniversary Cake
And, in that way you can choose for a perfect anniversary cake online for the special occasion and make your spouse revel in joy and glee. You can do more research and buy cake online for the love of your life so as to surprise him/her overwhelmingly. On the upcoming anniversary, show your better half that your world is beautiful because of him/her. Show your heart in and out!! Loving and being loved is the best part of a human existence!!

Top 5 Rarest and Succulent Cakes that can make your Party Worth Visiting

An appetizing and attractive cake is always a quintessential centerpiece in every celebration. Whether it is a theme party or an ordinary get together, a grand wedding reception or a valentine’s day, a cake for that event must be truly exemplary and highly presentable so as to glue everyone’s eye on it. These days what people exactly look for is the Top Cake Flavors that can make their party memorable event.

Delicious Cakes

From being eye catchy and staggering, the cake for your occasion must equally yummy so that you get the same attention from your guests when they get a bite of it. There is no doubt that over the past few decades, cakes have gone more and more sophisticated with appealing floral designs, convoluted patterns, attractive colors and a seemingly endless number of flavors to choose from. But then it’s all about the taste! And you want your guests to relish every bite and just rave about your party! So, here are five most uncommon but truly luscious Top Cake Flavors that will compel your kith and kin to utter “wow!” at first bite.

•  Red Velvet Cake for the Real Expression of Love:

Aptly named for its rich red hue and smooth velvety texture, the Red Velvet Cake has become an iconic choice in every connubial occasion, whether it is related to marriage or a warm relationship. You get aptly gift it to your valentine or to your spouse on your anniversary. The deep red color of the sponge and the luscious cheese frosting can really make for a special moment while cake-cutting ceremony.

•  Lemon Cake to add a citrus tang to your celebration:

With this exceptional flavor of the cake, it would be a fallacy to say that cakes are only associated with sweetness and high calorie intake. Now, what gives it an amazing tang is the tartness of the lemon that compliments the sweetness of the cake. For those guests who are not all pleased with the cloying and sugary desserts, perhaps this is the perfect treat.

•  Cheesy Cakes that will melt in your mouth:

Well, having some cheese with bread in the breakfast sound good, but how about having it in a cake? Yes, if you are a cheese-lover, this variety is sure to double your appetite. As a perfect gift for every occasion, you can have options in it like the richly baked Oreo Cheese Cake and the fudgy Chocolate Cheese Cake. These are among Top Cake Flavors that you can find only on Giftalove.

•  Carrot Cake for a kiss of good heath:

That might sound peculiar, but the fact is that carrots were used in the cakes during the Middle Ages. Everyone knows how unhealthy the cakes are. To nullify this unhealthiness, here is an innovative blend of health and taste- the Carrot Cake. The carrot content gets softened when baking with the cake, leaving a ‘yummilicious’ effect on your taste buds.

•  Trendy and Colorful Fruity delights:

If the celebration is for your kids’ birthdays, who always seek for exclusivity, this is the perfect item for the fete. There is wide and never-ending variety of fruit flavored cakes that can allure your kids to nibble it at once!

These are few rarest flavors of cakes that we bet, you had never seen before. Well, you can buy them at, the most visited e-gifting portal for sending cakes and gifts across India. Here you can find attractive offers on all varieties of cakes.

Give Your Mom a Scrumptious Treat with These Delectable Cakes on this Mothers Day!

Mother’s day is one such occasion when you can make your mom feel special by planning to do something extraordinary. Well, you must have celebrated this special day every year with flowers, embellishments, decorations and a lot of fanfare. If you are perplexed about how to go about it this year, here is an incredible suggestion. Why not treat your mom with a terrific and scrumptious cake?

Mothers Day Cakes

These days, you can find a wide range of exclusive Mothers Day Cakes that are specially prepared keeping in mind the warmth of a Mother. But you need to be really artistic at heart while choosing a cake for your mom. If your mom is a hard core baker, then your selection must be the ideal one, as to gratify her consideration for taste and presentation. If you do not want to be spendthrift, yet seek an arty option, best thing you can do is to buy Half Kg cakes Online at Giftalove.

If your mind is cramming with the monotonous array of repetitive choices, here is an exclusive range of delectable and presentable Mothers Day Cakes you can make choice to surprise your mom:

• Chocolate Truffle Cake:

Being a universal favorite, the Chocolate Truffle Cake is an epitome of intense temptation and delight. Dripped in dark chocolate, it will truly make your mom engrossed in its essence. A luscious, dark, spongy, warm and fudgy chocolate truffle cake is what exactly your mom needs on this special day. Its flavor is as good as its classy look and you simply cannot hold yourself from having a bite. This is one of the best Mothers Day Cakes that can really impress your mom.

• The Butterly Delight:

This lip smacking and gooey butterscotch cake is something that your mom had never thought before. Its texture is as smooth and buttery as your mom’s love. But never forget to relish each bite. Every bite of this yummy and fluffy cake will be a wonderful experience that your mother will cherish forever.

• The Taste of Red:

As one of the most amazing options on Mother’s Day Cakes, this tempting cake is oozed with sweet tang of rich strawberries. The rich red color will make your mom stunned at first sight. Each and every slice of this palatable cake is expertly baked to perfection as to strike a perfect balance between taste and design. You can also buy this as a Half Kg cake Online.

• A Bed of Roses to Feast Upon:

Got dazed? Well, this is exactly what the first look of this exciting cake suggests. This beautifully carved rose cake is truly eggless and is incensed with real roses. The countless roses engraved on the cake will truly leave an indelible impression of your creativity on your mother’s mind. And the taste is going to enthrall her senses. With the beautiful bouquet of red roses that you are to gift your mom, this can make for a perfect combination.

These are some awesome varieties of Mothers Day Cakes that you just can’t overlook. You can easily shop for them on Giftalove, the highly preferred online portal for sending gifts, flowers and cakes.

For more details, visit at

5 Most Delectable Birthday Cakes You Must Not Miss To Taste!

Every birthday of an individual’s life is like a milestone. Not only it signifies completion of one more year but also it signifies a day of celebration, growth, maturity and achievements from the past year. The trend of celebrating Birthdays has been for time immemorial and Birthday Cake is the inevitable part of this celebration. Thus here in this blog get 5 most delectable Birthday Cakes suggestions that you must not miss to taste.

No matter what’s your age, Birthday cake is always one of the most tempting things to taste, isn’t it? Well this is what make cakes an inevitable part of any Birthday celebration. A Cake on birthday is the showstopper that brings the most special moments of the celebration when the Birthday boy or girl blows off the candles and cuts the cake with everyone clapping and singing Birthday song. On the other hand Birthday cake is the most delightful delicacy of the celebration menu.

birthday cakes
Therefore the cake you choose on your Birthday or gift someone in his/her birthday must be the best one. Else you can look up for the most delightful and unconventional cake varieties that you must not miss to taste, like:

Oreo Biscuit Cake :
If the birthday boy or girl loves Oreo biscuits then what else can you think of surprising him/her other than an Oreo Biscuit Cake? Yes you read it right! I am here talking about Oreo Biscuit cake. You can get it baked at any of your nearby bakery shop or buy Oreo cake online as well. This is unconventional but a cake with yummy taste of Oreo biscuits.

Oreo Biscuit Cake
Ice-cream Cake :
Well if your birthday falls in summers or you wanna surprise someone on his birthday that falls in summer then Ice-cream cake is the choice you must make. Well I know the thought of this cake itself has made your mouth watery. So this time surprise the summer boy/girl with best summer cake that is Ice cream that he/she is never to forget.

Ice-cream Cake
Mango Cake:
Fruit cake is common but a Mango fruit cake is unconventional and yummiest to taste. After all it will be a yummy creamy desert loaded with awesomeness of mango flavor. Now what else is desired to surprise a mango lover Birthday boy/girl then a Mango cake? At there is variety of yummy mango cakes online. You can order Birthday cakes of mango flavor in different quantities and in different prices.

Mango Cake

Cheese Cake:
Another very unconventional but a yummy sweet and creamy treat for a Birthday boy/girl can be a cheese cake. Well this is one of those cake varieties that are not so popular in India. Thus getting a yummy cheese cake surprise on a Birthday will be a completely new experience for your dear one. Also cheese cakes are available in varieties of flavors like strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, cranberries and more.

Cheese Cake
Green Pistachio Cake:
Have you ever heard of a Green Pistachio cake? Well if not then this time on your Birthday bring a Green Pistachio cake to delight your guest. Else you can give a Green Pistachio Cake surprise to your dear one on his/her upcoming Birthday celebration. Not only green pistachio cakes are healthy but are great in taste. Also the light green creamy icing with pistachio pieces sprinkles over it makes it a beautiful and quite tempting cake to delight your mouth with.

Green Pistachio Cake
Any of these cake surprise on Birthday is sure to spell bound your dear one. You can buy such yummy, creamy and heavenly tasty cakes online at Giftalove! The portal is offers a wide, flavorful and amazing range of cakes in plethora of flavors and in attractive decorations. Customers also get facilitated to send birthday cakes to India online.

Top Reasons to Choose Online Cake Shopping in India

Cake is now an inevitable part of celebrations. Be its Birthday, farewell, anniversary, baby shower, or wedding, delightful cakes can make their way to add more fun into any celebration that falls round the year. This increasing indulgence of cakes in every celebration has opened the gateway of online cake shopping like any other thing available to buy online. Well the thing is do buying cakes online is feasible?

Creamy yummy cakes have always been a much loved sweet treat among all. In fact it is quite unlikely to imagine a celebration without presence of yummy, creamy cake. Thus there is wide variety of cakes now available online like any other thing that is available for online purchase. You must have bought cakes many times from a bakery shop but the concept of buying cakes online might be new to you.

So to guide you on this, here are top reasons to choose & buy Cakes online that you must know if you are love giving sweet, creamy and yummy treats to your loved ones on their Birthday, wedding, anniversary or other celebrations alike. Have a look:

Wide Variety of Cakes that is Difficult to Find at Local Bakery Stores:
You have been a frequent customer of your nearby bakery shop so it would be easy for you differentiate between the availability of cakes at local stores and at online stores. Undoubtedly you are to come across amazingly beautifully and tempting cake varieties online then at local bakery shops. Be it photo cake, Cake of different shapes or unconventional cake dressing, you get it all in online cake varieties to explore.

Wide Variety of Cakes that is Difficult to Find
Cakes in Unique Flavors & Garnishing:
Cakes are sweet flavorful delight. So if you are fussy about choosing cake favors every time you buy a cake then online cake varieties are sure to offer you amazing varieties of cake flavors to make choice for. But this is not as online Cake varieties are amazing in terms of amazing garnishing or decoration on these. You are sure to not come across such unique cakes anywhere so easily at local bakery shops.

Cakes in Unique Flavors
Delectable Cakes Made by Professional Cake Artists:
Who won’t desire to buy the most beautiful cake that is made by professional cake artists? Online range of cakes offers amazing cakes that are made by professional cake bakers who are well versed about baking cakes and about latest cake garnishing trends.

Delectable Cakes Made by Professional Cake Artists
It is Easy & Convenient to Buy Cakes Online:
Online shopping of cakes offers the ease to buy cakes being at home comforts. You are not at all required to go anywhere out at odd weather conditions to buy cake for someone dear. Rather with just few clicks on your computer or mobile you can buy cakes online and get it delivered at specified address.

Convenient to Buy Cakes Online
Send Cake to Loved One Residing Far:
Well this is one of the best reasons to convince you for online cake shopping. Be it any celebration of your loved one when you wish to send cake online. You can buy birthday cake, anniversary cake, wedding cake, etc and send cakes to India online. Now this is one such facility that your local bakery is sure to not facilitate you with. Moreover, you convey lots of love and affection to your far away residing loved ones on special celebrations with online cakes delivery.

Send Cake to Loved One Residing Far
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7 Best Selling Cakes to Add Joy and Surprise Element in Celebrations

Celebrations are unimaginable without Cake. From Birthdays to anniversary, farewell, wedding and other, Cakes make their way for every celebration and occasion. So if you are in the search of best Cakes variety online then Giftalove is the right destination for your search and to buy cakes online at market leading prices. Also you can send cakes online to your loved ones residing in India.

The thing that is not to be missed out of from a celebration is obviously a Cake. It is a cake that brings cheers and joyous element in any celebration. In fact gone are the days when cakes have been an inevitable part of just Birthday celebration as now cakes have become the most essential part of any celebration.

In fact over the course of time, cakes have evolved a lot in terms of icing, flavors and designs. Today it’s easy to get a different kind of cake for different celebration. In fact the presence of a cake can turn any day into a grand celebration. Thus over the span of time, cakes have also become an excellent gifting option as well.

Thus for every cheerful celebration here comes Giftalove with its exclusive, extensive and delightful range of online cakes that is full of wonderful options like:

Eggless Cake: For the Vegetarians!

If you are vegetarian and looking for Eggless cakes variety with delectable taste then Giftalove is going to cater your needs in the best way. There are vast and mouthwatering eggless cake varieties online available on the portal in different flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, butterscotch and lot more in beautiful and attractive icing options to choose from.

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Heart Shape Cakes: For Someone Loving!

For the one who wants to surprise his/her sweetheart with a Heart Shape cake, here on the portal there is vast variety of these to explore. All that one need is to explore the best Shape cake that is available in different flavors and perfect for occasions like Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine’s Day and other.

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Designer Cakes: A Sweet Piece of Art!

For special occasions or to make a special one feel special, here there is exclusive catalogue of online Designers cakes that is inclusive of many amazing cakes that can be called as small piece of art to turn any day into a special and memorable celebration. From doll shape cake to 3 tier wedding cakes, Purse Shape cakes, Wine Bottle shape cake and more is there to explore.

Designer Cakes
Photo Cakes: Exclusively For You!

When it to surprise someone on his/her Birthday, this is the cake that must be chosen to gift. It’s a kind of cake that is personalized with the photo image of the receiver. On occasion like Birthday, it acts as a perfect gift.

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Chocolate Cakes: A Yummy Delight!

One of the most favorite cake flavors of people is in vast variety of choices on the portal to explore. Clubbed with other flavors or with attractive icing or deigning, Chocolate cakes at GiftaLove are simply awesome to choose.

Chocolate Cakes
Cheese Cakes: For Ones with Different Taste!

There are very few who have tasted delightful Cheese Cake. If you are also the one who haven’t tasted a cheese cake yet then there is amazing variety for the same to explore and choose to buy for loved ones. Be its upcoming Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, farewell, or any other celebration, Cheese cake can delight you and your loved ones all time.

Cheese Cakes
Fresh Fruit Cakes: For Cheerful Celebrations!

If taste of fresh fruits delights you a lot when mixed with yummy cream then here on the portal you are to come across a wide variety of cakes of this delightful combination. Creamy cakes topped with fresh and sweet fruits are excellent for Birthdays, Farewell, Mother’s Day, Christmas and celebrations round the year.

Fresh Fruit Cakes

So whatever is your need for cakes, you are sure to come across a wide variety of choices for the same at! All that you need is to explore the widest collection of online cakes on the portal. Apart from different icings, designs and flavors you also get choices for different sizes and weight of cakes like Half Kg Cakes, 1 Kg Cakes, 5 Kg cakes and more.