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Are your kids a big fan of Disney (especially Mickey Mouse), then their birthdays are the perfect occasion to surprise them with Mickey Mouse cake and make their birthday memorable for them. We all can agree that cartoon cakes have their own charm weather its Mickey Mouse cake or Minnie Mouse cake. With those big goofy ears and the cutest smiles these characters are popular among kids Cakes with face of Mickey Mouse on them never goes out of trend especially with our little ones and why only kids Mickey Mouse makes a perfect choice for adult as well, maybe for the sake of nostalgia or maybe for pure amusement. Giftalove.com can definitely add joy to your special occasion with best Mickey Mouse cakes. Give your kids some memories they will cherish and a cake they will adore. Order Mickey Mouse Cakes now at Giftalove.com.
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Choosing a cake for your nephew or niece could be really tricky with all the new cartoons and trends but you know something that never went out of trend... Mickey Mouse! Yes that little creature created many decades ago is still loved by all. So choose Mickey Mouse cake designs as it’s a safe choice yet a choice that could make you the favourite aunt or uncle. Here we present some of the best selling finger licking flavours of our Mickey Mouse Cake. You can buy any or all of these flavours and you can browse through many other flavour of Mickey Mouse cake from giftalove.com.

1. Red Velvet flavour

The most obvious yet one of the most delectable flavours of Mickey Mouse cake are Red velvet cake. It’s the first choice of many and most of the time their second choice is same.

2. Chocolate flavour

The deliciousness of chocolate with the cuteness of Mickey is there any better combination. If your answer is no then don’t wait to put our Chocolate flavoured Mickey Mouse Cake in your cart and enjoy the occasion to the fullest.

3. Pineapple flavour

Let your eyes feast on the Design of Mickey Mouse cake looks and your mouth on the perfect blend of Pineapple and cheese. Also pineapple is fruit so it got to be healthy (sort of).


Sending love and sending cakes go together. Birthday/anniversary of a loved one or maybe some other special occasion, don’t worry, you can never go wrong with these delicious, spongy treats. Giftalove.com delivers Mickey Mouse Cakes or any designer cakes Pan India as well as in other listed countries (USA, UK, Canada etc...); and our midnight delivery option let you deliver cake in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata...etc by midnight.

FAQs: Mickey Mouse Cakes

1. Which is best selling flavour of Mickey Mouse Cake?

Red velvet and Chocolate flavours are our customers favourite.

2. Can I get a 1kg Mickey Mouse themed Cake?

Yes, you can get half kg, 1.5kg, 1 kg, and 2 kg cakes from giftalove.com

3. Is your cake decoration edible?

While most of cake is edible but structural support given to decoration on designer cakes is not edible.

4. Can we get cake delivered on same day?

Yes, we can do same day delivery provided that you have ordered till 5 PM with lead of 3 hours at least.

5. Are there any additional charges on same day delivery?

No, we don’t charge extra for same day delivery.

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