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Willing to give a 1 Kg Cake surprise to someone dear of yours? Well then this is definitely the right place for you to be. It’s the exclusive range of delectable, delicious and flavorful cakes of 1 Kg in weight. The choices are too many, enough to meet your variant taste and preference. Explore here below:
Beautiful Chocolate Cake
Beautiful Chocolate CakeRs. 1899USD 29.22
1 Kg Black Forest
1 Kg Black ForestRs. 1650USD 25.38
Hearty BlackForest Cake
Hearty BlackForest CakeRs. 1499USD 23.06
1 kg  Blueberry-Buzz Cake
1 kg Blueberry-Buzz CakeRs. 1849USD 28.45
1kg Boston Creme Pie Cake
1kg Boston Creme Pie CakeRs. 3399USD 52.29
Yummy Butterfly Cake
Yummy Butterfly CakeRs. 1099USD 16.91
Choco Fruity Delight Cake
Choco Fruity Delight CakeRs. 2799USD 43.06
Wonderful Chocolaty Cake
Wonderful Chocolaty CakeRs. 1349USD 20.75
1kg  Chocolaty Orange Cake
1kg Chocolaty Orange CakeRs. 2849USD 43.83
1 kg  Choco-Vanilla Cake
1 kg Choco-Vanilla CakeRs. 1299USD 19.98
1kg  Fresh Fruit Cake
1kg Fresh Fruit CakeRs. 1699USD 26.14
A Hearty Choco Cake
A Hearty Choco CakeRs. 1549USD 23.83
The Dark Fantasy Cake
The Dark Fantasy CakeRs. 1599USD 24.6
Heart in Love
Heart in LoveRs. 1749USD 26.91
1 kg  Fruit Forest Cake
1 kg Fruit Forest CakeRs. 1549USD 23.83
1kg Fruit Delight Cake
1kg Fruit Delight CakeRs. 1599USD 24.6
Milky Chocolate Cake
Milky Chocolate CakeRs. 1899USD 29.22
1kg  Hearty-Chocolate Cake
1kg Hearty-Chocolate CakeRs. 1449USD 22.29
Truly Mango Delight Cake
Truly Mango Delight CakeRs. 1499USD 23.06
Creamy Pineapple Cake
Creamy Pineapple CakeRs. 1479USD 22.75
1 Kg White Forest Cake
1 Kg White Forest CakeRs. 1679USD 25.83
1 kg Rich Choco Cake
1 kg Rich Choco CakeRs. 1449USD 22.29
Salted Caramel Drip Cake
Salted Caramel Drip CakeRs. 1379USD 21.22
The Choco Vanilla Cake
The Choco Vanilla CakeRs. 1349USD 20.75

Find Awesomely Delicious 1 Kg Cakes at GiftaLove

When it is to name the most loved and preferred sweet delight then Cake is the right answer. Yummy creamy cakes have always been one of the best sweet delights that everyone of every age loves to relish. Earlier, Cakes were considered important on celebrations like Birthday, Anniversary, farewell and few other but over the course of time, Cakes have now become an inevitable part of almost every celebration. So here is an exclusive range to buy 1 Kg cake online that can be a part of any joyous celebration.

Amazing Flavourful Options to Buy Cakes Online at GiftaLove

Cakes are referred to most loved dessert. It’s because of the yummy, creamy and sweet taste of cakes that makes it the much loved sweet thing across the globe. It is the worldwide popularity of Cakes that today uncountable variety of cakes is been baked and relished by people all over. And it’s obvious that if you wish to relish cakes of exceptional taste, your nearby bakery store will be offering only few limited choices.

So, bringing here an elite catalogue to help you buy 1 Kg Cake online of various taste. Ranging from yummilious Chocolate cake to scrumptious Butterscotch Cake, Pineapple Cake, Photo Cake, Strawberry Cake, Velvet Cake, Eggless Cake and much more is there to explore and buy cake online at the portal.

Send 1 Kg Cakes Online via GiftaLove

For the ones willing to send cakes online to dear ones residing far away in India or anywhere across the globe, this is the right page to explore. Here on this page, the range not only proffers extraordinary choices to buy 1 Kg Cake online but also proffers excellent services for online cake delivery in India and across the globe. So be it any of the option you chose to order 1 Kg Chocolate, Vanilla, Pineapple cake or other, get the ease to buy and send 1 Kg Cake online to India anywhere and across the globe.