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Rose Day Gifts

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Rose Day Gifts to Say "I Love You" in Traditionally Romantic way

Can you name such a thing that immediately depicts “LOVE”, “ROMANCE” and “PASSION”? Well, there is nothing in this whole world that instantly says “romance”, “I Love You” more than a dozen long stem red roses. Those smooth and silky crimson petals with contrasting green leaves are breathtaking, dramatic, spell-bounding and a profound expression of deep-heart love.

Rose Day, celebrated on 7th of February every year, is the perfect day to let your feelings ooze out of your heart for that someone, who is everything to you, who is your world and without whom you cannot imagine even single day of your life.

Rose Day 2021: Meaning of Valentine’s Day Rose Colors

Roses are meaningful flowers which have a language of their own. Every color and variety of rose signifies a meaning and conveys different emotions to the recipient. So, this Rose Day, know here the meanings of the popular roses and accordingly, pick the most appropriate one for them

Roses Types Meanings
Red Rose Symbolizes love, passion, romance, desire, devotion, admiration, and perfection. A perfect flower to say “I love you” to some special.
Pink Rose This rose epitomizes elegance, happiness, gratitude, innocence, grace, and appreciation.
White Rose It stands for marriage, new beginnings, spirituality, purity, and innocence.
Yellow Rose Just like its vibrant color, the flower also signifies positivity, happiness, friendship, and warmth.
Orange Rose It represents energy, passion, and enthusiasm. You can communicate the feeling of pride or attraction towards someone with an orange rose.
Mixed Roses Epitome of mixed feelings for someone special in your life.

Meaning of Roses by Number

Not just the colors, even the number of roses in flower arrangements represents a meaning. Every number of rose symbolizes a significant meaning and conveys different feelings to the recipient.

Number of RosesMeanings
1 Rose Love at first sight
2 Rose Mutual love and affection
3 Rose “I Love You”; Traditional three-month anniversary gift
5 Rose Deep love and admiration
6 Rose Infatuation
9 Rose "We'll be together forever"
10 Rose Perfection
12 Rose "Be mine!" or “Will you marry me?”
13 Rose Friends forever
15 Rose “I am sorry”
20 Rose Trueness and sincerity
24 Rose "I'm yours!"
25 Rose Exceptional love or "congratulations"
36 Rose "I'm head over heels in love!"
40 Rose "My love for you is genuine."
50 Rose Unconditional forever love

Red Roses Online- The Ideal Epitome of Love in Beautiful Varieties to Pick From!

This Rose Day, giving a bouquet of the perfect Valentine Red Roses to your sweetheart is a lovely yet unforgettable statement on what he/she means to you, and of the deepness of your love for him/her. We bring for you the special red roses for the Rose Day to give your feelings a red, passionate expression that will spellbind your loved one for sure. We have red rose bouquets; red rose stems and even bunches for Rose day which will excel surfacing your feelings. There are even unique selections for unique designer arrangements, basket arrangements, glass vase arrangements, and many beautiful selections to shop online.

So, boys and girls don’t get short of ideas when we’re there for your help! Just browse through our Rose Day gifts category and make your pick that you think would make your lover go nuts with your sheer love! If you want unique gifts for Rose Day other than roses, we have that too! Perfumes, accessories, love cushions, etc. are what we have added in our catalog to help you find rose day gifts whatever you’re looking for at a single location. Also, don’t forget to grab free shipping at GiftaLove.com with all your Rose Day shopping!

Valentine Rose Day Gifts Online – Giftalove

Gift Types Gift Varieties Gifts by Recipient
Valentine Flowers Red roses, pink roses, white roses, yellow roses, orange roses Girlfriend
Cakes for Valentine Heart-shaped cakes, chocolate cakes, black forest cakes, etc. Wife
Valentine Chocolates Cadbury chocolates, Fererro Rocher chocolates, etc. Boyfriend
Valentine Gift Hampers Flowers with cake, chocolate, teddy, etc. Husband

Send Roses Online with GiftaLove and Let there be no Barrier of Distance in Between!

Be it during Valentine week, rose day, propose day or any other romantic day of the year when you desire to send rose online to the man of your dreams or to your lady love, GiftaLove is there to help you find your best rose day gifts with never before ease. This range not only offers beautiful roses but extensive delivery network across India. All that you need is to make order roses online and pass on heartiest feelings with beautiful roses.

The exclusive Express delivery services such as same day gift delivery and midnight gift delivery in India of this website ensures speedy delivery of your gifts for Rose Day within a few hours of placing your order. Send flowers, cakes, chocolates and gift combos on Rose Day to your dear ones through us and celebrate Rose day like before.

Why Buy Roses Online for Valentine’s Day at GiftaLove.com?

Over years, we have been rendering a very extensive and unique line of flowers online with gifts and cakes at GiftaLove. For the festivity of love, this perfect epitome of love is the ideal gift selection with myriads of choices to shop for valentine day gift online. Along with that, we offer plentiful reasons for people to make GiftaLove their online station to buy roses for Valentine’s Day celebration. These are –

Our range of red roses on the website has to offer the most impressive selections in most uniquely crafted and designed arrangements.

So, start exploring GiftaLove to shop roses for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Convey Love & Best Wishes with Rose Day Quotes & Messages

Begin your Valentine Week in a spectacular and loving way with your words of affection and appreciation to your loved ones. Send Rose Day wishes and messages to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, siblings, or others from our website and communicate your joyous feelings to them. The kind and beautiful words will touch their heart and the attractive Rose Day images will uplift their minds and souls.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is Rose Day 2021?

Rose Day 2021 is on Sunday, 7th February 2021.

2. What is Rose Day?

Rose Day is the first day of the Valentine Week dedicated to roses which are a symbol of love and romance. As Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and passion for the couples, therefore, this romantic week begins with these flowers of love and appreciation.

3. What is the best gift for Rose Day?

Red rose bouquet is the best gift for Rose Day.

4. How to celebrate Valentine Rose Day?

A beautiful bouquet of Valentine roses for your partner is a perfect gift for Rose Day. Complimenting a rose cake with your bouquet will make your Rose day celebrations a memorable one for both you and your partner.

5. How roses became a symbol of love?

In Greek mythology, the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, wore roses on her body. In Christianity, red roses stand for love and sacrifice as it represents the blood of Jesus Christ.

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