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With the bright and sunny summer here, decking one’s living spaces and gardens with bright-colored flowering plants is certainly a fantastic idea. The vibrant green colors of the stems and leaves, the beautiful captivating colorful flowers will facelift the area where they are kept. Send flowering plants online to your loved ones through our delivery services which ensure safe arrival of these nature’s gifts to their desired destinations. 

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Flowering Plants

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4.7   based on 24 Review(s)

Send Plants to India-Express Your Love In The Right Way

What can be a better way of conveying your love for someone other than gifting a flowing plant? A plant always reflects the warmth and care one holds for another, and when it comes to flowering plants, the blossoms add charm to it with all its vibrancy and life. If you want to wish your near and dear one a happy birthday, or a happy anniversary, so through our gamut of flowering plants that will offer you myriad varieties to choose from. We keep our varied to make sure that you find something ideal for gifting regardless of the occasion.

Buy Plants Online In India-Select From The Best Varieties

As far as the flowering plants available with Giftalove are concerned, we offer nothing short of the best. Be it the quality of the plant, the breed, the variety, or any other parameter, we keep only the most beautiful and easy to maintain flowering plants with us. If you are gifting the plant to someone who hardly has time to look after the plants thoroughly owing to a busy schedule, these plants would demand nothing but water in most cases to stay vibrant and offer blossoms from time to time. Go through our collection of the best flowering plants and choose the one that best suits your preference.

Indoor And Outdoor Flowering Plants With Resplendent Blossoms

Plants speak a thousand words without uttering even one. And when it comes to flowers, they are capable of inspiring lives with their undying charm, resplendent hues, and amazing fragrances. Although most of the indoor flowering plants bear flowers that are void of any noticeable scent, the radiant look of the flowers makes these outstanding for elevating the room ambiance. Make sure to choose the flowering plant according to the colour of your room from our collection, and the blossoms would add a new dimension to your interior. Some of the cactus plants with red, pink, and yellow flowers do wonders in changing the overall appeal of a room.

Midnight Plant Delivery In India With Giftalove

A gift that arrives as a surprise is way more exciting than a predictable one. If you are in a mood to offer your loved one with an unusual experience, you can use our midnight plant delivery options to choose a time of your convenience when the parcel would be delivered. If the plant is a birthday gift or an anniversary present, the best would be to select the very hour of the day when it transcends to the next day. We make sure to deliver without any delays, no matter which hour of the day you have selected.

The Best Flowering Plants To Gift

However, no flowering plant is any less than the other, and almost everyone has its unique appeal and beauty, for indoor flowering plants, various cactus plants are the most opted for choice. The best part about the cactus plants is they do not require any maintenance. A little water keeps them well sustained, and the flowers are generally radiant in colour and last long. Unlike most of the flowers, the average life of a cactus flower is pretty high, and for some varieties, the flowers stay fresh and in good shape for a week. Also, the thorny texture of the plants contributes to the room decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which are the best flowering plants for gifting?

When it comes to choosing the right flowering plant for gifting or for decorating your room, the task can indeed be a tricky one. Almost ever flowering plant available with us is equally beautiful and desirable. However, the most popular choice has remained the cactus varieties with bright coloured flowers.

2. Do I have to keep the plant pot under sunlight every day?

Though most of the indoor flowering plants do not require sunlight every day, you can surely keep the plants exposed to sunlight for a brief period from time to time. This will keep the plant healthy and the flowers resplendent.

3. Should I send flowering plants to India for a wedding gift?

Flowers have always symbolized love, care, and affection. When it comes to choosing a gift for a wedding, nothing can be a better choice than a plant with smiling, bright flowers. If you are staying outside of the city, place an order with us, and your chosen plant would be delivered without any delay.

4. Does a flowering plant need special attention?

Flowering plants of indoor variety generally do not claim a lot of attention as far as maintenance is concerned. However, flowers can attract bees and other insects for which you should take adequate measures. Insect repellents can be sprayed from time to time to keep the plants away from the insects.

5. Can I choose a delivery time when buying plants online?

At Giftalove, we understand that everyone has a unique schedule, and not every time is perfect for them to receive a parcel. Hence, we keep our delivery schedules flexible. You can choose according to your convenience.
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