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Are you looking for an eco-friendly gift to surprise your dear ones on their special day? Then, your quest for such gifts gets ended with our Good luck plants online. These plants are wonderful decorative pieces and bring good luck in the lives of your loved ones while keeping the air fresh and breathable in homes. Send these plants online in good condition with our gift delivery services. 

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Good Luck Plants

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4.8   based on 36 Review(s)

Send Good Luck Plants to India To Wish Your Loved Ones

Plants make for a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift for everyone. No matter what is the age of the person you are choosing the gift for, a plant is always an ideal choice. Especially if you choose a good luck plant, the same will convey the message to the recipient how much you care for the person and how diligently you wish the best for him/her.

Money Plant, Ficus Microcarpa, Lucky Bamboo, etc., are some of the best known good luck plants. We have a wide variety in our collection for you to choose from. Go through our gamut and pick the one you like.

Buy Good Luck Plants Online In India From The Best Store

Plants are available in several outlets these days. However, choosing the best amongst the available ones is a challenging task. As far as plants are concerned, one must check the condition of the plant before buying one. Hence, check if the pants are in good condition or not before buying one, especially if you are picking one as a gift.

A plant with drooping leaves or pale texture is not likely to be a healthy plant. You would find only the best plants with us. We make sure that each of the plants is kept maintaining congenial conditions so that each of the plants stays healthy and growing.

Good Luck Plant Combos-A Beneficial Gift

While most of the gifts are given as a token of love and care, some can also come with certain benefits for the recipient. If you choose a plant for gifting, it would not only show your love for the person but also benefit the recipient in many ways.

Good luck plants are known to bring fortune to the person keeping it in house. If not anything, a plant would at least keep the room environment purified and healthy, which undoubtedly is a benefit. If you are purchasing a good luck plant for you, make sure to keep it at the right place, and opportunities may knock your door soon.

Choose our Same Day Plant Delivery In India

No matter if you have ordered a good plant for you or a friend or relative, you can always pick a convenient time for delivery from our flexible delivery options. If you are in a hurry, choose the same day delivery option to get the parcel delivered at your doorstep the very day you would place the order.

Also, midnight delivery and early morning delivery options are available with Giftalove. You will find choices for delivery times while placing the order online using our website. Choose a time when you need the delivery to be done, and there would be no delay from our end.

Care Tips For Your Good Luck Plant

A little care can keep any indoor plant healthy and fine for a long. Although most of the good luck plants do not require any special attention, these are some of the tips that would help you keep your good luck plant in good health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I have to place the good luck plant at a special place?

You can keep your good luck plant anywhere you wish to. However, according to Feng Shui experts, Money Plants are best to be placed in the Southeast direction of a room. For lucky Bamboo Plants, you can choose the Southeast or the east corner of a room. East is a direction which is considered goo for all the good luck plants.

2. How should I take care of the good luck plant?

The good plants do not ask for more than water and seasonal care to stay healthy. If you want your good luck plant to stay in good condition for long, water the plant regularly, keep it away from direct sun rays, and change the soil occasionally.

3. How can I place an order online?

Placing an order for the good luck plants is easier than you think. All you have to do is just g through our website and select the plants that you would like to buy from the many available with us. Choose a delivery time if you want a time-specific delivery, and your order will reach you on time.

4. Are good luck plants as good as gifts?

Although all the plants are good as gifts, good luck plants are especially demanded when it comes to conveying one’s love for another. People who choose plants for gifting mostly opt for the good luck plants.

5. Does a good luck plant purify the air?

Like every other plant, good luck plants, too, keep the room air purifier and free from pollutants.
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