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10 Amazing Benefits of Snake Plant at Homes!

10 Amazing Benefits of Snake Plant at Homes!

10 Amazing Benefits of Snake Plant at Homes

One of the most popular houseplants is Sansevieria, or snake plant. People prefer them for many reasons, including their easy maintenance, air purifying quality, and distinct leaf structures. The snake plant has several benefits of placing it at your home for both for physical and mental well-being. Keep reading below to know the 10 benefits of snake plants!

About Snake Plant

The snake plant is known by many names, such as Sansevieria, Mother-in-law’s tongue, or Saint George’s Sword. They are known as one of the popular air purifying plants for their quality in removing air pollutants, and they are also very easy to care for, especially for beginners. This plant is native to Asia and Africa, with hybrid varieties found in the world’s tropical regions. These plants can bring positivity with their unique beauty when placed in any corner of your home.

1. Natural Air Purifier

One of the many snake plant benefits is that it is an excellent air purifier and is also recommended by NASA. This is because a study was conducted to test the ability of the houseplants to purify the air in space stations. Many indoor houseplants were placed in a controlled environment to test their abilities. And several hours later, it was found that these plants, including the snake plant, were very effective in removing various air pollutants like benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, etc. Benzene, found in paint thinners, pesticides, and varnish, can cause immune problems, and formaldehyde, found in cosmetic products or wall paints, can cause breathing problems, eye irritation, etc. Placing a snake plant in your home is very beneficial as it will help you eliminate such harmful pollutants and promote a healthy and chemical-free environment.

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2. Beautiful Home Decor

Snake plants can also be placed in your home as a beautiful decor. These plants are unique with their long, broad leaves with bright yellow hues on the edges. Some other varieties have short and broad leaves, having a unique fan-like shape. When placed in any room of your home, these gorgeous plants will add so much beauty and grab everyone’s attention. You can place them in your bedroom or the living room as these plants adapt easily anywhere.

3. Easy Propagation

Another benefit of having a snake plant is that it is very easy to propagate. You can place more Sansevieria in your home or give them as gifts to your loved ones. Here are the two ways in which you can propagate your snake plant, with its leaves and rhizomes.
Propagation with Rhizomes
Rhizomes are white root-like structures that spread just below the ground. To propagate the plant this way, cut the rhizomes, then let it dry out for a day. This is done so that the plant can have a better water intake. The next day, plant the rhizome in a new pot and wait for it to grow.
Propagation with Leaf
For this method, choose a healthy leaf, and cut it with a pair of sharp scissors. You can use the whole leaf or cut it into two to three-inch segments. Remember not to turn them upside down if you use leaf segments. Keep them in the same orientation as they were growing on the snake plant. Let the leaf or leaf segments dry. Then place them in a jar with an inch of water and wait for roots.

4. Low Maintenance Plant

Because snake plants are low-maintenance plants, these are the most recommended beginner-friendly houseplants. Their succulent leaves can survive for days without water or sunlight. You can plant Sansevierias in any corner of your home, water them every two to three weeks, and they will thrive. You also need to ensure not to overwater them, which may cause yellow or droopy leaves.

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5. Helps You Sleep Well

The snake plant benefits those who have trouble falling asleep at night. This is because this plant’s air purifying property helps increase oxygen in the environment, improving your sleep quality. So, you can keep a plant or two in your bedroom to have a better and more peaceful sleep.

6. Feng Shui

Feng shui is the practice of balancing the energies in your home to establish harmony between you and your environment. It is believed that the plants which are spiky or prickly should be avoided, including the snake plant. But that is not true. As per feng shui, a snake plant is beneficial, especially if placed in the right places of your home. The leaves of the snake plant or Sansevierias are sword-shaped, which can cut through negative energies. The plant can be kept at the entrance, where it can bring calm and welcoming energies. It can also be placed anywhere in the room which you feel has stale energy. The snake plant will then bring it more vital and positive energy around. There are also various snake plant benefits, as per Vastu, such as placing the plant in your home, which will absorb all the negative energy, and bless you with prosperity, longevity, health, wisdom, and strength.

7. Boosts Productivity

Snake plants are not just air purifiers or gorgeous home decors, but they are also very beneficial for the mind. When placed anywhere in your home, these plants can increase your productivity level. Not only that, but it can also help you improve your memory.

8. Improves Mood

Another amazing benefit of having a snake plant at home is its ability to reduce stress and uplift your mood. Several studies show that not just caring for plants but also being around them can be very beneficial for our mental health. So, if you wish for an uplifting mood and peace around you, then you can place this wonderful plant in your abode.

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9. Helps in Preventing Allergies

As you know, those snake plants are good air purifiers, and they reduce CO2 and other pollutants in the air. And that is why there are fewer chances for you to have allergies or airborne diseases. So, surround yourself with this beneficial plant to breathe fresh air.

10. Reduces CO2 at Night

Snake plants can also reduce carbon dioxide levels at night thanks to their capability of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism or CAM. This is a unique type of photosynthesis that is done by plants that are drought tolerant, like succulents.
When you are looking for a lush green plant for your home, you can go for a snake plant. Not only is this plant a great home décor, but it also brings numerous benefits to you. And, also caring for this gorgeous plant is so easy. You can get this plant and numerous other houseplants at nearby nurseries or online stores. You can also send plants to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc., as gifts to your loved ones on their important days, as plants have become one of the new and unique gift options nowadays.

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