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10 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions For A Joyful & Successful 2020!

10 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions For A Joyful & Successful 2020!

New Year_s Resolutions 2020

Very soon the year 2019 will become a beautiful memory-making everyone feels nostalgic. A fresh new year full of new hopes and adventures will be welcomed by people with a full heart. Amidst the preparations of the New Year celebrations, people must be thinking of the resolutions which they would like to take for the upcoming year 2020. Taking resolutions for a New Year is a popular trend, but the extent to which they are diligently followed is a matter of question. However, the people who actively fulfill the New Year’s resolutions which they have taken make their forthcoming year a happier and satisfactory one as they have been victorious in fulfilling the promises which they have made to themselves.

If you too are thinking of taking some New Year’s resolutions to make the wonderful year ahead of a prosperous one for you, then have a look at this popular one which will certainly make you a better person in 2020.

1. Switch to Healthy Eating

Our reckless and unchecked eating habits are slowly and steadily taking a heavy toll on our health from within. We may look fit and healthy from outside, but it is hard to say what lies within us. So, this New Year, don’t just jump on to strict dieting plans to get into the perfect shape. But, switch to healthy eating which means skipping foods from the streets and rely more on home-cooked foods. Green veggies, fruits, fiber-rich food, etc. contribute to your overall well-being and makes us strong not just from outside, but from inside too. So, say yes to healthier eating and a big NO to illnesses in 2020.

2. Follow Traffic Rules

The lack of patience in people and the fun take on the popular phrase “Rules are meant to be broken” has made most of us turn a blind eye to the strict traffic rules. We often forget that these rules are formulated for our benefits. Unless the hefty penalties are not penalized on people for overruling the traffic rules, hardly any change can be expected in them. So, this New Year, promise to become a law-abiding citizen of your country and promise yourself that you will follow every traffic rule to set an example for your future generations.

3. “Yoga” Se Hi Hoga

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” — The Bhagavad Gita

A healthy mind is key to a healthy body. With the stressful lives of today, it becomes very essential for us to keep not just our bodies, but also our minds healthy as well. Yoga and meditation bring stability and peace in our lives making us feel refreshed and active to tackle work pressures and other stressful situations with positivism and a stable state of mind.  Take a resolution of doing yoga every day and meet all your deadlines at work with great energies and attain success in life.

4. Donate Things!!!

In the eyes of God, a person is not judged by the amount of wealth he has, he is judged on the basis of his humanity. A human being is blessed with so many relationships, but the bond which he makes on the grounds of his kindness and benevolence are his true earnings in life. Doing special deeds for the unprivileged children like donating clothes, food, or books in NGOs or spending some time with the senior citizens in an old age home always fills our hearts with immense joy and satisfaction. Therefore, this upcoming year, ensure that you contribute a part of your earnings to the needy or take out some time to bring a smile on other people’s faces.

5. Try A New Hobby

Remember, there is a section in a resume on hobbies in which most of us write anything. While thinking about our hobbies, there is hardly anything which strikes our mind. So, we ended up writing “Reading books”, “Listening Music”, “Cooking”, or maybe playing a certain sport. Hobbies show what kind of interests we hold and how we like to spend our idle time. So, why compromise on our hobbies by just writing anything. This 2020, try a new hobby based on your interest and add something new to your personality as well as to your resume.

6. Spend Quality Time with Family & Friends

Though the 21st century has given a lot to us, but it has also taken away a good amount of time from our lives. The fast-paced life of today leaves us with no time to spend in the company of the dear ones. We often find us struggling to be a part of the family to get together plans or an outing with friends. So, for the upcoming year, take a resolution of spending good time with your family and friends by properly planning out your day and making your dear ones a priority. Start by sending amazing New Year gifts to them and strengthen your bonds more.

7. Say No to Smoking

As per the lamest excuses ever made, smoking reduces stress and anxiety. No matter how many justifications people with smoking habits make, no one can change the fact that SMOKING KILLS. The hazardous smoke of cigarettes can never be healthy or beneficial to human health, forget about relieving stress. Be a better person next year by quitting smoking and shifting to healthier living.

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8. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Who says celebrations are incomplete without alcoholic drinks? It has become a common notion that alcohol elevates the celebration moods of the people. According to the health experts, consumption of alcohol not just increases the health risks, but also hampers the senses of an individual. Hence, promise yourself to reduce its consumption and enjoy life in a stable and healthier way.

9. Respect women

In a country where the majority of divine figures are women, it becomes even more important to respect women wholeheartedly. Not only men, it is also the duty and responsibility of women to respect other women. Acknowledge the efforts and triumphs of women in your country and pay your due regard to them. Take of resolution to respect not just the women you know, but everyone else. After all, the honor of women is the honor of the country!!!

10. Volunteer

happy volunteer girl showing thumbs up sign

Being a youth of the prospering country, it becomes your duty to support good causes and volunteer for them. With more people joining hands in support of social causes, you can also lend you hand and be a supporting volunteer with your friends. Such social activities help you connect with people and give inner peace to the mind and soul. So, list out the social causes which you would like to support or maybe you can join NGO on a part-time basis in 2020 and contribute your lot to a social cause.

The Final Words

This time, don’t just make New Year’s resolutions for the sake of taking them; fulfill them with true dedication as nothing is impossible for you. Let 2020 be a year of change for you!!! Have a great year ahead!!!

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