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15 Rib-Tickling Prank Ideas to Try This April Fool’s Day 2019

15 Rib-Tickling Prank Ideas to Try This April Fool’s Day 2019

We all have heard that life is uncertain, and so make every moment of it special and full of joy and laughter. Though we often share hilarious moments with our loved ones every now and then, the occasion of April Fool’s Day gives us an opportunity to indulge in mischievous acts with them. And, they cannot complain about it.

April fools day

People just love play pranks on their loved ones making the feel amazed and sometimes embarrassed. These funny and hilarious tricks capture the whole essence of 1st of April that is celebrated with full excitement and joy all over the world. Earlier the celebration of this was associated more with kids, but today, April Fool’s Day is no more just a children act of fun. It has become an event that celebrated by people of all age groups with the same excitement and happiness just like children.

With April Fool’s Day approaching in about two days, we all must be looking for some hysterical and unique ways of making our dear ones fool and amused. Therefore, we have come up with the 15 most incredible prank ideas for the perfect laughter ride! So, don’t refrain from turning yourself into a mischievous devil and make your loved ones jump with amaze and amusement.

1. Place the lip balms in glue stick containers, and apply it on your lips in front of your friends and relatives. Though, the husbands would be delighted to see such stuff happening in front of them! Winks!

2. Add gelatin in your dear one’s favorite juice after pouring it into a glass and placing a straw in it. Your drink is ready to be offered!

3. Dust some chalk powder on the white toilet seat before anyone uses it. The white dusty print on the back and the look on the face will certainly give you laughs.

4. Dip the most hated vegetables or fruits of your dear one in liquid chocolate and freeze them. Make them taste this delightful sweet in front of you.

5. Replace hand wash or body wash with slime. Tell your loved ones to wash their hands before eating food.

6. Tell your children or husband that you have cooked something amazing today. Put a funny April fool note in the lunchbox and surprise them later with the same wonderful lunch at the office or school.

7. Change the ringtone of your dear one’s phone to one of his most hated songs.

8. Plan a dinner date with your significant other and send your friend in place of you dressed just like you. The person will be flabbergasted to see your friend rather than you in front of him or her.

9. Pour chocolate and walnuts on the sponge cubes to make them look like brownies. Serve these delicious treats to your family and friends on April Fool’s Day.

10. Add some gelatin to the bottle of your dear one’s soft drink and let it sit for few hours. Let the person have this drink on his or her own. The person would be amazed to see the drink not coming out of the bottle.

11. Coat the doorknob with jelly to don’t let your dear one open the door.

12. Replace salt with sugar in the containers and see the fun happening. Ask your loved ones to make tea or coffee for both of you.

13. Remove the paste from the toothpaste tube and put cake icing in it. Dear ones will not be able to forget the taste of this toothpaste.

14. Make mustaches and beards on the face of children or other dear ones while they are asleep. They would their faces when they see themselves in the mirror.

15. Paint some rice grains as dark brown and black to make them look like mouse poops and sprinkle them on the bed or on the dinner table. The look of disgust will make you roll down on the floor with laughter.

If you also want to compensate your loved ones for your playful and impish pranks, then let them have their share of joy with April Fool’s Day gifts at Giftalove. The range is great and will certainly bring a big smile on your dear one’s faces after being fooled by you. Have a wonderful and entertaining April fool’s day ever!

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