Top 15 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Modern & Voguish Wives

Husbands are terrible gift pickers when it comes to picking the best birthday gifts for their wives. They mostly end up either picking their favorite flowers or buying an expensive and dazzling piece of jewellery for them. Most of them have clearly given up themselves to the idea that no one can understand what lies in the heart of a woman or what she wants or expects from her husband on special occasions. So, the husbands try to play safe and go for the most common gifts like blooms or jewellery to make their ladies go head over heels for them.

Birthday Gift Ideas

But, this time, take a U-turn from the boring and flat birthday gifting and surprise your uniquely amazing sweetheart with some unusual and extraordinary birthday gifts for wife. Take her birthday as an occasion to express each and every sentiment you hold for her in your heart or have been left unexpressed through your best birthday gifts for her.

As we wish to strengthen every nuptial bond on this planet, we have accumulated some really fun and exciting birthday gift ideas to take your wife on seventh heaven on her big day. These gifting ideas will definitely conclude into a romantic and fun evening that will be just about you two.

1. Sterling silver diamond jewellery

Your wife is precious than diamonds for you, right? She is like a Kohinoor in your life; she is a treasure spreading brightness and happiness in your life. Surprise her with beautiful sterling silver diamond jewellery which she can never say no to.Sterling silver diamond jewellery

2. Topaz earrings

Earring made of this precious gemstone is a perfect birthday gift for wife as they are stylish, comfortable, as well as extremely elegant in looks. Pick a heart-shaped one for your lovely wife in her favorite color to deck her beautiful ears.Topaz earrings

3. Cosmetic makeup kit

Enhance the beauty of your beautiful and charming wife by gifting her branded cosmetic makeup kit which she would love to add in her vanity. Be it a cheek blush, eye shadows, or skin concealers, she’ll find everything in this kit.Cosmetic makeup kit

4. Branded Perfumes

Women have a strong inclination towards fragrances. They like to try new perfumes every now and then to smell amazing. Gifting a branded perfume of her favorite brand is definitely a stunning idea on her birthday.Branded Perfumes

5. Vintage shoulder leather handbag

Female kind has an urge for collecting as many handbags as they can to stack their wardrobes which means a different handbag for a different outfit! Therefore, picking a vintage leather handbag from a branded store is certainly a great idea to please your wife on her birthday.Vintage shoulder leather handbag

6. Godiva truffle chocolate gift collection

Women can give up on their dieting when it comes to gorging on mouthwatering delicious chocolates. Sweeten the mouth of your ladylove with a box of Godiva truffle chocolate gift collection on her birthday.Godiva truffle chocolate gift collection

7. Antique jewelry box

Most of the women know deep down in their hearts that they are quite reckless when it comes to nicely keeping their jewelries. For the husbands of those women, an antique jewelry box is the best birthday gift idea to surprise them on their special day.Antique jewelry box

8. A skin care kit

Women are extremely conscious of their appearance. They like to take care of their skin whenever they get time. Stun your wife by gifting a branded skin care kit to her on her birthday and bless her with soft and radiant skin.A skin care kit

9. Bathing salts gift hamper

Surprise your wife with a wonderful bathing salts gift hamper for a perfect and peaceful bath. When she adds these slats in her bathing water and relax in the Jacuzzi, she will feel relaxed and experience the amazing effects of these products on her body.Bathing salts gift hamper

10. Water-resistant bathroom speaker

Who doesn’t like to shake a leg while taking a shower? But, feel scared to carry their phones in the bathroom owing to the fear of falling in the water. Well, let your lady enjoy her bath while listening to her favorite songs in the bathroom by gifting a bathroom speaker which is water-resistant.Water-resistant bathroom speaker

11. A female travel kit

If your wife is a professional who often travels to other places, then this birthday gift is just perfect for her. This kit contains everything that a woman would need while she is on the go. Right from the shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste to sunscreens, face washes and deodorants, you’ll find everything in this compact kit.A female travel kit

12. Personalized photo frame

Gather pictures of your wife from childhood till date and create a beautiful and heart touching photo frame to flabbergast her on her birthday. This gift will immediately bring back the beautiful memories of the past and fill your wife’s heart with joy and more love for you.Personalized photo frame

13. Essential oils

Essential oils are the most lauded items in the beauty industries. Gift a set of beautiful essential oils to bless your loving wife with a perfect dose of good health. You can also buy an essential oil diffuser separately for a perfect aromatherapy therapy session at home.

Essential oils

14. Spa basket

Convey your love and care to your darling wife with a plush spa basket containing all the essential items for a perfect spa session at home. This birthday gift for wife will win the heart of your wife and she will certainly praise for this sweet gesture.Spa basket

Feeling somewhat confident after reading these birthday gift suggestions for wife? With such a wonderful birthday gift ideas in front you, you will definitely pick something really amazing for your ravishing wife. If you wish to buy some more birthday gifts for your caring wife like flowers or cakes, then is undoubtedly a great online place to shop for these gifts online!

25 Best Mother’s Day Messages to Enchant Warmhearted Moms!

Mother! What makes this word so special and extraordinary? Is it because she is the one who carries a child for nine months and takes care of him until birth? Well, giving birth to a child is certainly a major role played by mothers which makes them special, but what makes them extraordinary is life thereafter. The sacrifices she makes, both on the personal as well as professional front; the continuous love and care which she showers on her kid; understanding what her child is unable to say; and, succumbing her feelings over his child’s happiness. All these attributes of their nature make mothers so special and out-of-the-world.


Mother’s Day is an occasion which celebrates the motherhood in true letter and spirits. This day is all about appreciating and applauding the efforts of our mother who have done so much for us without asking them for it. Showering her with love, respect, care, and Mother’s Day gifts is the need of this day, and conveying the deep unsaid emotions through Mother’s Day messages fills your mother’s heart with joy and heightens the mood of the celebrations.

1. Your love mother runs in our veins like water flowing in streams, rejuvenating us and overwhelming our hearts with happiness. We adore you so much mom! Happy Mother’s Day!!

2. Mom, you are an excellent gift from God, filled with love and affection in the heart. You are certainly a blessing for me and our family. Love You!

3. Your smile illuminates our every day just like rays of sunshine in the mornings. You are my source of courage and determination to face every day with joy and smile. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

4. “Love at first sight”…I came to know the reality in this phrase when I first opened my eyes and saw you with those years of joy holding me in your hands. I love you, Maa.

5. A day never goes when I haven’t thought of you and prayed to God for your happiness and well-being. Stay blessed and happy always, Mother.

6. To a mother whose caring, loving, and kind,
I’m so grateful for the ties that bind
our hearts together in delicate love.
Happy Mother’s Day–you’re a present for me from above!

7. The time has come to let you know that how lucky and special I am to have such a loving and caring mother like you. Wish you a very happy Mother’s Day Mother.

8. Nothing can equate your love for me. Your love is deep, unrivaled, unconditional, and inextricable. No matter where I go or what I do, I will always feel comforted by your presence. I love you mom and Happy Mother’s Day.

9. You are my best friend, my soul, my motivation towards accomplishments. No one can ever replace for you in my life. You are the best and will always be for me. Happy Mother’s Day!

10. M is for Magnificent
O is for Outstanding
T is for Truthful
H is for Happy-go-lucky
E is for Elegant
R is for Respected
Happy Mother’s Day!

11. Dearest Mom, your love and care has been my pillar of strength and your arms my safest haven. Thanks for always being there for me in my difficult times. Happy Mother’s Day!

12. In my entire life, I haven’t come across a single lady as charming, loving, and caring as you are. You are certainly a God’s gift to me. I cannot ask for more. Happy Mum’s Day my Mumsy!

13. Thank you my darling mother for spoiling me, watching my back and helping me with proper advice. Happy to have you in my life. Love you, mom!

14. You have always cared for others before yourself. I am extremely thankful and fortunate for being a child to such a selfless person. You are the best mom!

15. Mom, the best compliment I ever got is “You are turning to be like your mother!” I always pray to God for making me your mirror reflection. I love you, Mom, and I’m proud to be your daughter.

16. A mother is the greatest gift to the mankind from God. She deserves all the admiration and gratitude. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there!

17. There can be no sacrifice in this world as big as the mothers make for their children. From carrying the child for nine months, raising them remarkably and ensuring good and successful lives to their children – a mother is no less than a superhero. Thanks Mom for doing everything for me!

18. On this extremely special day, I just want to let you know that you are the best mother in this world and I’m proud to have you as my mother! Happy Mother’s Day!

19. It is a blessing to be raised by you. You are the most amazing and charming mother, a perfect teacher, and the most importantly, a fabulous friend. Love you to the moon and back, Mom!

20. To this wonder woman whom I call Mother, on this Mother’s Day, I really want to express my gratitude for the hard work you have done to raise me nicely and to give me a wonderful life. Thanks a ton, Maa!

21. If there is a person who I love and care about the most, it is you, mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

22. I feel safe in this world because of you. I already know, no matter what, you will always be there to watch my back and pick me up whenever I fall. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

23. My life would be so empty and sorrowful without you.
You’re my biggest supporter and loudest cheerleader of my life.
Love you mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!

24. Your kind heart gives me support and strength beyond measure.
Extremely blessed to have you in my life.
Happy Mother’s Day!

25. Your resolute support and motivation have led me to all the accomplishments. May your life be always filled with happiness and contentment…as you have filled mine. Love You, Mom!

All these messages for Mother’s Day will add a huge meaning to your Mother’s Day celebrations. Compliment your wishes with amazing Mother’s Day flowers to make the occasion more special and touchy for your beautiful mother. Giftalove wishes for your mom’s happiness and good health, and joy-filled celebrations.

10 Most Affectionate Mother’s Day Quotes Straight From the Heart!

“Mom”, “Amma”, “Aai”, or “Maa”- There can be many names by which a mother can be called, but the emotions and affection with which they are uttered can move anyone’s heart. A “mother” is not just a simple word from the English dictionary, but imbibes almost every sentiment that a person’s heart can hold. Just a hug from her works as a magic spell that wards off all our worries within a matter of few seconds. Such is the powers she holds in her! Therefore, this Mother’s Day, thank for her inevitable love and support, and also for those comforting hugs she gave you in your difficult times.

Spread your love, gratitude, and affection in her life with Best Mother’s Day gifts and express your heartfelt emotions to her through the following most heartening Mother’s Day quotes in case you are short of words. Reading them will make your mum know of the all the feelings that you hold for her in your heart!











Convey your feelings to your lovely mom with the help of these beautiful quotes on Mother’s Day and be ready for that shower of hugs and kisses from her. Hope you all have a splendid and heat touching Mother’s Day 2019!

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas: A Perfect Expression of Affectionate Maternal Bond!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” – Washington Irving

Mothers day banner

Mother – This single word in the dictionary stands alone for all the affectionate and hearty emotions that exist in this entire world. She is the only human being who is an epitome of love, strength, endurance, affection, selflessness, admiration, and support for her children and the entire family. As soon as a woman becomes a mother, a whole new rush of feelings is experienced by her making her a different and mature person altogether. Her child becomes a world for her making her do anything just for his or her happiness. Therefore, this Mother’s Day 2019, express your deepest love, adoration, and gratitude towards this gorgeous lady through incredible Mother’s Day gifts that will perfectly sweep her off her feet on this jolly occasion.

Understanding the craze and excitement for personalized gifts among the people, there is a whole new collection of personalized gifts for Mother’s Day available in the market that wonderfully conveys every child’s emotions for his or her mother in a unique way. Following are some amazing personalized gifting options that people can consider while selecting gifts for their mothers on Mother’s Day.

1. Personalized Photo Frames

Photos are the best keepsakes of the past beautiful memories spent among our loved ones. Gifting a personalized photo frame to your mom on Mother’s Day will certainly make her extremely happy seeing the long forgotten or lost pictures in front of her.

Personalized Photo Frames
2. Personalized Key Chains

Since mothers are the true keepers of the home keys, surprising her with personalized key chains with a picture of both of you will make her feel supremely special and honored.

Personalized Key Chains

3. Personalized Tabletops

Tabletops are new versions of traditional table photo frames impeccably carved in different shapes and designs and imprinted with the memorable pictures of the family. Let this one be your gifts for Mother’s Day to astound your lovely mother.

Personalized Tabletops

4. Personalized Wooden Plaques

Certainly, a fabulous and antique depiction of your lovely photos of your loved ones, these personalized wooden plaques engraved with amazing pictures of your mother is a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Personalized Wooden Plaques

5. Photo Mugs

A cup of tea or coffee in the morning is a part of everyone’s daily repertoire. Gift your mom a wonderful photo mug in which she can enjoy her favorite beverage at any time of the day remembering you.

Photo Mugs

6. Photo cushions

Give your mom a big tight hug on Mother’s Day along with a cute and soft personalized cushion designed with the most amazing picture of both of you.Photo cushions

7. Personalized photo lamps

Light up your maternal bond as well as the home décors on the occasion of Mother’s Day with an enchanting and colorful personalized photo lamp imprinted with the most beautiful photograph of you and your mother.

Personalized photo lamps

8. Personalized Caricature

Celebrating Mother’s Day in a unique and fun manner is the best way of spending this day with your adorable mother. Take your mom by surprise with a hilarious personalized caricatures gift that will add happiness and laughter in your gifting.

Personalized Caricature

9. Personalized Canvas

Life is no less than a beautifully painted canvas with the presence of mothers in our lives. Flabbergast your mother with a personalized canvas bedecked with the captivating picture of your family on Mother’s Day.Personalized Canvas

10. Personalized Crystal Gifts

Crystals are often said to bring good luck in people’s lives. Shower your immense love and affection on your lovely mother with alluring Personalized Crystal Gifts like photo frames and table tops with LED lights effects to elevate your moods of Mother’s Day celebrations.

Personalized Crystal Gifts

All the above personalized gifts can be purchased online with at really affordable prices. Apart from these gifts, you can also send flowers to India or any other country where your pretty mother resides with timely and speedy online gift delivery. With Mother’s Day just about a month away, quickly plan your gifts for Mother’s Day now!