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3 Lucky Plants You Must Keep at Home or Prefer for Gifting!

3 Lucky Plants You Must Keep at Home or Prefer for Gifting!

Plants bring freshness and life into home. Undoubtedly presence of lush green plants also adds into the beauty of homes. I guess these factors are enough to make plants a beautiful gift, isn’t it? Well there is another factor that makes plant an affectionate gift for someone dear to you this is Good Luck factor. Many plants are known as Lucky Plants or Good luck plants. Besides bringing freshness and beauty in home, they bring the charm of Good luck as well.

In decorating interior of homes, we have been making use of beautiful plants for years; there are many ornamental plants that are best known for adding beauty to home decor. In fact presence of beautiful green plants brings a lot of freshness at home as well. However over the course of time studies evolved that plant keeping at home or offices are lucky in many ways. This is when the evolution of Lucky plants has been done.

Lucky plants are basically the kind of plants that are known for bringing the charm of Good luck at home or where ever they are kept. This makes Lucky plants an excellent gift to convey care and love for someone dear and close. So in order to help you in choosing the best Lucky Plants online for your dear ones, here are few suggestions:

Bamboo Plant:

It is one of the most preferred Lucky plants of these days. Be it for gifting or placing indoors at home or office, bamboos are very much preferred. The thing that makes Lucky plants a much preferred option is low maintenance and small size. However is said to be lucky in various stalks arrangements such as 3 means happiness, wealth and longevity; 5 stalks are for good wealth; 6 stalks bring good luck; 7 stalks attract good health, 8stalks are for growth and 21 stalks are believed to bring blessings of enjoying health as well as great wealth. It can be an excellent Women’s Day gift as they love to decorate home.

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Money Plant:

This is the plant that is considered as the oldest members of the lucky plants fraternity. Money Plants are abundantly available and also grow very quickly. Because of being beautiful creepers people make a mistake of hanging money plants. Rather shoots of a money plant should always point upwards as that is the only way to brings wealth to the house.

Snake Plant:

This plant is also recalled as Mother-in-law plant, ironically. Jade plant has also been scientifically proven as good luck plant because it absorbs certain poisonous gases mixed in the air. Also the Snake plant exudes water vapors and that too in large quantities to offer natural humidity to its surroundings. In dry places like Delhi and other, Snake plant plantation is much preferred. Thus it brings it brings good luck and good health to you.

There is lot more into the vast range of Lucky plants to explore and choose for gifting. You can also buy Lucky plants online at Giftalove as it has an exclusive and wide catalogue for beautiful and natural Lucky plants to buy online at affordable prices. Customers can also look up for various other options of gifting and Buy Gifts Online from the portal.

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