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3 Ways to a Memorable Anniversary!

3 Ways to a Memorable Anniversary!

Did you know your anniversary isn’t just a milestone you both have covered successfully year after the marriage, but an occasion for lionizing your love and union? It’s an opportunity for you (if would go to say this day besides chance) to luxuriate in the reminiscences of the moment you met your better-half, got to know each other, and got married!

Well, this, as what I think and many of us think, should be one of the most unforgettable days of the year for you and your spouse! So, how about making this day special besides anniversary gifts, extra special by planning an extraordinary, full day plan for each other?

Anniversary_FlowersThis would surely allow you to spend quality time with each other. However, if you are out of ideas, here are some tips on how you can make your anniversary day memorable.

Jubilating anniversary at home: Guys, remember the first time your consort entered the home after marriage? And ladies, do you recall the first meal you cooked for him? Well, nothing could be a better place than your home to relive that memory again! On your anniversary spruce up your home the way it was like on your wedding night, with anniversary flowers and candles. I think it’s a great way to rejoice your anniversary! In the morning, make breakfast in the bed for your better half. After that, guys, get down and recreate your wife’s griha pravesh, complete with kalash, aarti and kumkum! Tips for wives, well you can relive the first dinner you cooked for him. Relish a romantic candle light dinner. Celebrate the day by watching your wedding album, video and rejoice the old memories once again!

Plan a picnic anniversary: If you cannot go on vacations, just plan a picnic to escape the hectic day to day life. Start your day with a little p-re planning and preparations for this small outing. Pack some breakfast and lunch, a sheet, sunglasses, sunscreen, soft drinks, water, music player, and other essentials. Go on a suitable place and get ready to enjoy your romantic picnic. To be a bit romantic in your clichéd way, write a letter to each other, exchange and read in the evening to know what your spouse has to say!

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Anniversary_giftsPlan an out of station anniversary: You can make your holidaying plans special by visiting the same place you were two on your honeymoon! Guys, bamboozle your darling early in the morning by sending her anniversary gifts. You can plan a surprising way for the delivery of your gift to get her sweep of feet. Gifts for anniversary hold special sentiments when given on anniversary. A romantic evening spent together in complete aloofness will itself explain the day. Have a peachy dinner together to celebrate this day!
So, you’re planning to make this day special for your love? Well, despite gifting and recreating memories just remember as

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