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5 Inexpensive Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Couples!!

5 Inexpensive Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Couples!!

Most of the couple feels that planning a wedding anniversary surprise can be cumbersome and expensive matter. Expensive jewelries, extravagant flowers bouquets and lavish dinner date in a high end restaurant, all these are booked in hefty price tag. Romantic wedding anniversary ideas for couples don’t have to be in that way always.

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Anniversary is a milestone to celebrate the years of love and commitment that you and your soul mate have shared. If you are in tight budget then you cannot shower your spouse with expensive gifts and surprises. The most intimate and valued anniversary day is to spend quality time together and take a break from the hectic daily routine work.
Here are some ideas to help get you started.

1.    Romantic Nightlife
Explore a romantic spot that has an amazing view. For example hill top, cityscape and natural lake are the most suitable spots. The point is to select a scenic and mesmerizing backdrop view for a late night date. Get some packed food and snacks which are your spouse’s favorite. Don’t miss this perfect chance to show your adventurous side to your spouse. Don’t gorge on heavy oily foods that can lead to drowsiness after eating. The aim of this adventurous night life is to create new experiences and not to overeat and fall asleep.


2.    Candlelight Dinner with homemade dishes
Simply arrange a romantic candlelight dinner at home by cooking delicious meals. Design a menu according to the choice of your partner. Begin with starter, beverages & drinks, main course dinner and followed by a gourmet dessert. Besides good food, ambience of your home also plays a significant aspect for a romantic dinner. Play romantic songs to enhance the mood. Set up dim lights by lighting candles and aromatic incenses for creating amazing aura. Decorate the room with fresh flowers, balloons and bouquets. Scatter some rose petals on the floor.

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Candlelight Dinner with homemade dishes

3.    Lovely Trip Down Memory Lane
Take your spouse to that place where you guys met for the first time. The idea is to try to re-create the first date experience. It would be fun and romantic to relive those first time experience on the wedding anniversary day. Try to involve all small details like where you walked, what you ate and the outfit you wore on that day. It’s always exciting to remember as a couple and compare those old moments to where your love has grown now.

Lovely Trip Down Memory Lane

4.    Capturing all romantic moments spent so far
This is one of the most inexpensive yet heart touching anniversary surprise for your partner. Compile a few photographs of both of you. For instance, images of your first date, marriage ceremony, honeymoon pictures and holiday destinations that you have spent so far. Arrange them in chronological order in a photo album and write thoughtful messages and romantic text for your partner.  This would be a memorable and lasting anniversary present for your spouse.

Capturing all romantic moments spent so far

5.    Baking Anniversary Cake together at Home
This is a delicious and gourmet wedding anniversary plan where you can share some special moments and laugh together while baking cake at home. Make a delectable and creamy cake at home together.

Baking Anniversary Cake together at Home

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