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50+ Valentine Messages For Wife Filled With Love & Romance

50+ Valentine Messages For Wife Filled With Love & Romance

Valentine Messages For Wife Filled With Love

If there is a bond in this world that has the ability and capability to overcome any barriers with a bright smile on the face, then it undoubtedly the relationship between a husband and wife. The feelings of love, trust, loyalty and respect make their ties much stronger and unshakeable. But, it is also, a fact that the married couples seldom get opportunities in their busy lives to spend quality time together. The amazing occasion of Valentine’s Day gives them a chance to celebrate their bond of love and romance and take a leap forward in their journey of love and togetherness.

The expression of emotions by husband to wife on this romantic day makes their bond deeper and livelier in every manner. As women love to be surrounded by men who are vocal about their feelings for them, communicating your love and affection through heart-warming Valentine messages and wishes for wife 2020 will be a perfect idea to bring cheer and romance in your Valentine celebrations this year. Just write them on a greeting card, text her, or recite them in front of your lady love to touch her heart strikingly.

Valentine Messages for Wife

Valentine Messages for Wife

It’s time to slay her with your affectionate words that will strengthen your love and bond with her. Accompany your valentine gifts for her with heart-warming valentine messages for wife and touch her soul.

1. The moment we met, everything turned magical for me. It was love at first sight for me. I already knew you were someone special. Our love is forever. Happy Valentine’s Day my dearest wife!

2. Your companionship has been amazing and joyous for me. Every moment spent with you has always been special and memorable. Thanks for being a loving and caring wife. Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart!

3. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful woman in the world. You stole my heart and made it yours. I just cannot imagine my life without you. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day!

4. The first time I saw you, I knew you were the one. Everything worked just fine between us & I am happy you are mine. Happy Valentine Day my gorgeous wife!

5. The award for the world’s best mother and wife goes to you. Thanks for being there always and taking good care of us. Happy Valentine’s Day my wife!

Sweet Valentine’s Day Messages for Wife

Sweet Valentine’s Day Messages for Wife

Your wife is the sweetest blessing for you. She made your world a better place with all her love and care. Sending these sweet Valentine messages to the wife will make your marital bond stronger and livelier than ever before.

1. My love for you will grow more each day with every beat of my heart. I love you, my wife! Happy Valentine’s Day!

2. No words can tell you how much you mean to me. All I can say is that my life revolves around you. I love you & Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!

3. I don’t know the actual definition of a WIFE. But for me, it is the “Woman” who is “Independent”, “Fabulous”, and my “Everything”. Love you and happy Valentine’s Day.

4. You’re the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. The moment you entered into my life, everything turns just perfect. I became joyful and finally got my happy place. I love you, wifey!

5. You transformed my world ever since you stepped into my life. You brought colors, meaning, and joy into my life with you. Big thanks for being a part of my life! Happy valentine, darling!

Romantic Love Quotes for Wife

Romantic Love Quotes for Wife

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most special occasions after wedding anniversaries which let the couples celebrate their bond of love. Share these love quotes for wife with your ladylove and enliven your relationship.

1. “Holding your hands is how I want to spend the rest of my life. It brings me the excitement to live and the happiness of being with you. Your presence gives me peace and makes my world more beautiful than it is. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby!”

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2. “You are just like wine getting sweeter as it gets older. You keep getting beautiful with age. I am falling in love with you more with each passing day.”

3. “Your love is valuable for me. I shall ever be able to compensate for the love and care that you’ve showered on me all your life. For the forbearance, for the affection and for understanding me, a big thank you for making this world a better place for me. Happy Valentine Day sweetheart!”

4. “I often pinch myself just to check on that I am not dreaming. It’s just unbelievable to have such an amazing wife like you. I love you, darling. Happy V-Day!”

5. “Out of all the wonderful things in this world, you are definitely the perfect one. No one else can ever make me feel the way you do. You rock my life and you know it. I love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Valentine Messages for Wife in Hindi

Valentine Messages for Wife in Hindi

Touch the heart and soul of your wife with the most romantic Valentine Shayari and messages. The traditional touch in these Hindi Valentine messages will make her feel the luckiest woman on this earth.

1. तेरी पहली मुलाकात जिन्दगी में एक बहार लाई थी,
हर आईने में तेरी तस्वीर मुझे नजर आई थी,
लोग कहते हैं प्यार में नींद उड़ जाती है,
हमने तो नींदों में ही प्यार की दुनिया बनाई थी I

2. मुझे खामोश राहों में तेरा साथ चाहिए
तन्हा है मेरा हाथ तेरा हाथ चाहिए
जूनून ए इश्क को तेरी ही सौगात चाहिए
मुझे जीने के लिए तेरा ही साथ चाहिए I

3. मुस्कान हो तुम इस होठो की,
धड़कन हो तुम इस दिल की,
हसी हो तुम इस चेहरे की,
जान हो तुम इस रूह की!

4. आपे से ज़िन्दगी कितनी खबसूरत है,
दिल में बसी है जो है ही सूरत है,
दुर जाना न हमसे कभी भूलकर भी,
हमें हर कदम पर आपकी ज़रूरत है।
वैलेंटाइन्स दिवस मुबारक हो!

5. लफ़्ज़ों में क्या तारीफ़ करुँ आपकी,
आप लफ़्ज़ों में कैसे समा पाओगे,
जब लोग हमारे प्यार के बारे में पूछेंगे,
मेरी आँखों में जानेमन सिर्फ तुम नज़र आओगे I’

Funny Valentine Messages for Wife

Funny Valentine Messages for Wife

There must have been lots of moments of fun and laughter shared by both of you as a couple. Be it the puling of legs of each other or making fun of others in the acquaintances, life must have thrown numerous chances to have a fun time with each other. This Valentine’s Day, tickle the bones of your lady love with these funny valentine messages for her.

1. The person who conceptualized the occasion of Valentine’s Day probably didn’t know about people like us. We are unique and one-of-a-kind. That’s what I really like about us. Happy Valentine’s Day, Love!

2. One day we’ll be old and ugly, but I’ll probably still love you! Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!

3. You light up my days. But, just make sure that you don’t give me sunburn! Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful!

4. You are just as weird as me. That what makes us a perfect couple! Happy Valentine’s Day to my crazy one!

5. If my wealth grew with my love for you, today I’d be on the Forbes list of the richest men in this world. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie!

Best Valentine Messages for Wife

Best Valentine Messages for Wife

Your wife is the best in this whole universe and no one can take her place in your life. She deserves only the best and here are some incredible and hearty best Valentine messages which will express your emotions in the most perfect way.

1. My day is incomplete without a thought of you.

You are my one and only love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

2. My heart to you is given:
Oh, do give yours to me;
We’ll lock them up together,
And throw away the key.
– Frederick Saunders

3. You are a dream come true.
You never fail to make me proud when we are together.
Thanks for always making me feel special.
I love you so much!

4. If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile,
the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.
– Anonymous

5. You are the star that keeps twinkling in my life.
The only reason for me glowing with happiness and excitement.
Happy Valentine’s Day to you, honey.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Wife

Valentine's Day Wishes for Wife

Don’t just send Valentine flowers or cakes on this Valentine’s Day to your dearest wife, but compliment these Valentine gifts with your heartfelt valentine wishes for wife. She will just love to receive your gifts, but will be more than happy with your special wishes for her.

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1. Even after all these years,
I make every effort to put a big smile on your face,
Keep the genial feeling in your heart,
And spark the feeling of love in your heart.
Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life!

2. Roses are red. Violets are blue.
I just love everything about you…
Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!

3. What a pleasurable feeling it is to call you my wife.
I’ve got a lover and a best friend for life in you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

4. To the lady who makes my life complete and sensible.
There is no one else who could make me feel like the way you do.
I love you from the deepest core of my heart.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

5. With every kiss,
Each warm embrace,
Bursts of laughter,
My love for you grows deeper and stronger every day.
I love you & Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Greetings for Wife

Valentine Greetings for Wife

Grab the opportunity of opening your heart out to your darling wife on Valentine’s Day through your gifts and special greetings. Send these messages to her and share the feeling of joy of having her in your life.

1. You are the only person to touch my heart with your impassioned and endless love. Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous!

2. You are my sweetheart…
My sweet Valentine!
Your smile always illuminates my day…
I’m so glad you are already mine!

3. Your love gives me the energy to stay, to reach my goals every day, your love is like oxygen in my life, thanks for being a lovely wife. I love you.

4. A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. – Anonymous

5. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.
You’ll always be the most important woman in my life.
Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes for Wife

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes for Wife

Make your wife feel over the moon with your love and best wishes on the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day. Touch her heart with these special valentine wishes and bring more romance in your relationship.

1. To my dearest wife on Valentine’s Day…
You constitute a significant part of me.
You touch my heart with your love & affection.
There is nothing joyful for me than seeing you smile.
I wish you a day filled with immeasurable love & care. Happy Valentine’s Day!

2. You are the most amazing thing that happened to me.
I couldn’t imagine a life without you by my side.
Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

3. You have accepted me the way I am.
You are the reason for me being a better person now.
Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day, love!

4. May our every Valentine’s Day be filled with love, passion, understanding and fulfillment as we journey through life. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling!

5. After so many years of our togetherness, one thing I understood is that I can’t even think of living my life without you! Happy Valentine’s Day, wife!

Valentine SMS for Wife

Valentine SMS for Wife

Let the most beautiful woman in your life know what you feel about her on this upcoming Valentine Day with your heartening words of love and appreciation. Send these Valentine Day SMS to wife to bring happiness and excitement to her.

1. My everlasting relationship status – taken forever by the most beautiful woman in this world. Will you be my valentine sweetheart!

2. Love is like a cloud,
Love is like a dream,
Love is just one word,
& everything in between,
Love is a fairytale which comes true,
I found love when I found you!
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

3. You are sunshine in my days,
The moonlight in my nights,
The waves in my ocean,
& the love of my life!
Happy Valentine’s Day, sweety!

4. I Only Want Two Things in This World – That is You & Us!
Happy Valentine’s Day

5. The smallest word is I,
the sweetest word is LOVE
and the dearest person in this world is U.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Messages for Wife

Love Messages for Wife

Rekindle the love and romance in your marital bond on this forthcoming Valentine’s Day. Make your gorgeous wife feel on the seventh heaven with your romantic love messages and special Valentine gifts.

1. You are my inspiration, the reason to keep on fighting and never give up! I Love you, my beautiful wife!

2. You are the princess of my dreams and the woman I ever wanted to be my wife! I love you and I will always do!

3. When I see myself in your eyes, I feel your presence in my heart. Always be there, my loving wife, as you are the only one who fits there, perfectly.

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4. When it’s cold, your love keeps me warm. When it’s hot, your love melts my soul. I just want ot thank you & love you forever.

5. Your love keeps me going. The thought of coming home back to you and lying there in your arms makes everything just perfect for me. Thanks for everything, my love.

Short Valentine’s Day Card Messages for Wife

Short Valentine's Day Card Messages for Wife

You don’t need long words to express your love to your darling wife. Sending short messages on Valentine’s Day to wife can also help you speak your heart out in front of her in an amazing way.

1. I just can’t wait to live many more years with you, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

2. Every day of my life is a Valentine’s Day with you. I love you, my darling wife.

3. You make my existence in this world extraordinarily special. Love you to the moon & back, my ladylove! Happy Valentine’ Day!!!

4. Thanks for blessing me with the most beautiful smile that gets me through the day. Happy Valentine’s Day, love!!!

5. I am very blessed to have a wife like you. You are the best wife in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Poems for Wife

Valentine Poems for Wife

Let the beautiful poems on wife do the talking for you on the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day. Every word in these poetries will express your love and care to her in a beautiful way.

1. My Wife by Rolly Reinhart

Unexpectedly she entered my life
This woman, this angel, who became my wife

She captured my heart and soul
Warming a place once so dark and cold

This woman, this angel, to love and embrace
With a gentle touch to caress her face

Her words of love, so honest and true
She whispers to me when the day is new

She provides a home filled with love
A home blessed by GOD above

This woman, this angel, GOD would bless
A baby to hold and gently caress

For eternity we shall adore and love
Our baby from heaven above

This woman, this angel, wife, and mother
I know there can be no other

This woman, this angel, and mother; she is my life
This woman, this angel, and mother; she is My Wife.

2. Couldn’t Live Life Without You by Janyce Cotterill

My wife, you’ve never faltered,
Your love so strong and true,
You have my love on Valentine’s Day,
And also the whole year through,
I couldn’t live life without you,
I couldn’t face the days,
For you’re my friend, lover, and partner,
And I will always want it that way.

3. Silver And Gold by Mary Wilkinson

I can’t give you silver,
I can’t give you gold.
I can’t give you diamonds
or rubies to hold.

But one thing I can give
I gave from our start
I give to you gladly
I give you my heart Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart

4. Simply Beautiful by Sarah Skinner

When you smile the room lights up,
When you laugh the sun comes out,
You are simply beautiful that there is no doubt.
Words cannot describe in full how much you mean to me,
As you are simply beautiful as everyone can see.
I will always love you from the bottom of my heart,
From the day we vowed to become one, till death us both do part.
You are simply beautiful that I know for sure,
And every day that passes I love you more and more.

5. Thank You by Angela Styles

Thank you for sharing
Thank you for caring
and being the center of my life.
Thank you for being there
for your guidance and support.
Thank you especially for being my wife.

The Final Words

Men are blessed with special women in their lives of which wives form an inevitable part. So, going the extra mile to plan amazing celebrations of the occasion of Valentine’s Day for her is certainly a great idea. Buy Valentine gifts for wife online like flowers, chocolates, cakes, soft toys, and others and compliment them with a special greeting card or a note with a heart-touching message for her. These messages and wishes for Valentine will drench her heart with a flood of mixed emotions.

Have a great Valentine!

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