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6 Feminist Freedoms Which Sisters Truly Deserves This Raksha Bandhan

6 Feminist Freedoms Which Sisters Truly Deserves This Raksha Bandhan

India is the sixth-largest growing economy of the world and the situation or conditions of women are still under question. Where, on one side, we can see the developments in various sectors of the economy with women entering as leaders, some of the Indian households are still outside the reach of this development. But, what is it which is stopping the society to accept women as full-powered individuals and not gentle and dependent human beings? Is it the fear that they will win and succeed leaving men behind? Well, the reasons could be any or many, but the moment of truth is that the society is in dire need of reformation and some women require certain freedoms or rights which will undoubtedly elevate their suppressing conditions.


Fortunate are the brothers who are blessed with loving and caring sisters. They are motherly figures who take immense care of them when no one is around and hide all their secrets in their hearts, sealing them with a lock of trust and faith. This Raksha Bandhan, fulfill the role and responsibility of being brothers by bestowing your sisters with rights and freedoms which they truly deserve for being responsible and independent figures of the future. Read them below-

1. Freedom to Good Education

Good education shapes the overall personality of an individual and helps the person shape his career in a better way. With the increasing popularity of the “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” campaign, people have become more diligent and aware of the importance of girl education in the country. This has led to an increase in the percentage of girls in schools. On this Raksha Bandhan, make your sister feel proud to have a brother like you by ensuring that she receives a good education and make a prosperous career ahead. After all, educated women mean educated country!

2. Freedom to Speak or Express her Opinion

In a family, where there are more male members than females, the voices of women often go unheard. Nobody considers their opinion while making any decisions. What the men of the family decide is considered final and the female members accept it whole-heartedly. But, with families getting more modern and educated, this ideology is taking a backseat day by day. As a brother, bless your sister with a right to express her opinion in family matters and give a voice to her opinions.

3. Freedom to Wear

In a world, where women are easy targets to get blamed for everything bad happens to them, their dressing sense is often a matter of discussion by people in society. The time is changing and women are seen holding the torch of leaders in various fields and they deserve the right to choose the clothes they wish to wear. The length of the clothes never defines the character of a woman and shows how she gracefully carries them with confidence and elegance. This Raksha Bandhan, gift your sister the right to choose her clothes irrespective of the fact that what will others think. After all, every person has the right to choose his way of living!

4. Freedom to Choose a Career for Herself

A family of engineers or doctors doesn’t necessarily mean that the future generations will certainly be of the same profession following the family legacy. With the freedom to have a good education, every girl on this planet also deserves to choose a career for herself which she wants to pursue. Being a family, it becomes your duty to stand by her, motivating her always. As an elder brother, give your sister a boost of confidence to fulfill her dreams without compromising her life for unnecessary legislations.

5. Freedom to Pick Her Life Partner

With the rising percentage of honor killings every day in both rural and urban areas, there is a huge risk hovering over the lives of women. There is a continuous tiff that is noticed among people due to generation gaps which led to these horrific crimes all over India. The religion, caste, color, or family background should never decide the happiness of women. This Raksha Bandhan, fulfill your promise of everlasting protection to your sister and give her the right to choose her own life partner without forcing the decisions of the family on her.

6. Freedom to Stand Equally with Men

Women are often considered meek and dependent on men for survival in society. In times, where women are outstandingly performing the role of single mothers without any help from the families, we can really say good times have arrived. Women are capable and able of standing at par with men in every field, sometimes leaving them much back in the race. Make this Raksha Bandhan a memorable affair by giving your sister confidence and motivation to never let her feel weak or incompetent in front of men.

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