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7 Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali!

7 Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali!

The time of approaching Diwali is exciting for everyone. After all Diwali is the name for the biggest Indian festival that is celebrated with great excitement and grandeur. So if it’s a busy time for you to sort out all your Diwali preparations then to make you happy, here I have come up with a blog that is full of beautiful yet easy to make Rangoli designs to paint the floor colorful and beautiful on Diwali.

Diwali Rangoli Designs

On Diwali, everyone decorate their home in the best way possible. It is the ritual of decorating home to welcome goddess Laxmi at home and seek her blessings of happy and wealthy life. Thus the ritual of Rangoli making is being followed since years by the Hindu Indians on the day of Diwali. It is the way of decorating home with colorful floor painting.

So here are some amazing ideas for Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs and Patterns to recreate and turn the floors beautiful and colorful of your home. These are –

1.    Peacock Rangoli
It’s one of the most beautiful Rangoli design pattern which is quite easy to make as well. A Peacock rangoli like this image is very easy and beautiful design to recreate on Diwali and decorate the floors of home.

Peacock Rangoli

2.    Ganesh Rangoli:
Another very preferred and common Rangoli pattern among all is Ganesh Rangoli design. You can choose a much defined Ganesh figure or an easy to make free hand Ganesha figure to make your Rangoli. Just an addition of few colors and a border with Ganesh Rangoli makes will make beautiful and appealing.

Ganesh Rangoli

3.    Colorful & Floral:
Floral patterns on Rangoli are very much preferred as it is easy to make. Even a small kid can try his hands to make a colorful and floral Rangoli designs. How about this Floral Rangoli pattern on the image?

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Floral Rangoli Design

4.    Swastika Rangoli:
Swastika is the auspicious sign that is commonly used in Rangoli designs and patterns as well. You can use a Swastika signs which is easiest to make in any Rangoli you make or else Swastika sign can be in between of the Rangoli you decide to make.

Swastika Rangoli

5.    Square Rangoli:
People find square Rangoli easy to make because of its dimensions. So on this Diwali a square Rangoli like this on the image can definitely be an easy choice to make and beautify the floor of the house.

Square Rangoli

6.    Semi Circular Rangoli:
Not so common but it’s a very beautiful Rangoli pattern which is can be made in numerous ways. A pattern like this on the image is quite easy to make. You can choose this pattern on the entrance of your home.

Semi Circular Rangoli

7.    Carpet Style Rangoli:
This is a unique Rangoli design patter that may take time because of the rectangular area but is an excellent choice if you choose to make on the entrance of your house. All it needs is a big space to be designed.

Carpet Style Rangoli

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