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7 Out-of-the-box Ways to Have Fun on Father’s Day

7 Out-of-the-box Ways to Have Fun on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day falling on this June 15th, it’s your turn to start thinking about the ways to make him feel special. This year distant yourself from clichéd gifts like socks and ties. Instead, give him something memorable yet valuable- your time.

Going far away from traditional father’s day gifts, we give you here some quirky suggestions as how to spend the day with him.

Plan a Family Gathering for Barbecue: Recall the summer days, when you daddy would cook something on the grill? Plan a barbeque party right at your home or in a restaurant if you aren’t very good in barbequing and invite almost all family members for a get together. Treat him with something delicious of his choice or a meal at his favorite local hotspot.

Go for a Sporting Event: Head to his favorite sports event where two teams have been taking on each other or go along with him for an activity right at Father’s Day weekend.

Enjoy Fishing at a Nearby Lake: Arm yourself with fishing equipments to have a really amazing dad-son competition in fishing. Take him to a nearby lake or a weekend gateway having a fishing spot too for this. He’ll definitely find this idea exciting.

Go for a Race: I bet this would be favorite activity, you two have been enjoying since a long, long time. If racing with dad has lost in time due to hectic schedule, Father’s Day could be a new start once again for this. Take him to a nearest park and have a fun-filled race!

Go for a Bike Ride: Of course it would be your dad who gave you the lessons of bike driving. Recall by planning a two-wheeler ride together. Don’t have bikes? You can rent from a nearby bike rental provider for affordable price.

Give Golf a Try: If the weather allows go for outdoor golf, if not choose indoor golf. Hit a golf course together not just fostering your bond with dad but giving him a clue that you appreciate his choice of sports.

Give him a Surprise by Visiting his Place Silently: Nothing could be more surprising than a surprising visit to dad miles away from you. This Father’s Day, plan in advance to visit his place without giving him a clue about it. He would be touched to see you care.

Last but not least, there are so many other ways too to celebrate Father’s Day in a unique way.

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