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7 Unique & Trending Mehndi Designs for Karwa Chauth 2017

7 Unique & Trending Mehndi Designs for Karwa Chauth 2017

All the ladies, Karwa Chauth is here again for you to revive your bond of love with your darling husband and to adorn your hands with most exquisite Mehndi designs. No wonder, every married woman holds craze to get her hands accentuated with the best Mehndi design. So, here we are with some most beautiful, unique and very trending Mehndi designs for you to decide the best suitable one to deck up on your hands.

Getting confused over the kind of Mehndi design to deck your hands with is quite an obvious thing. So, here below in the list are few selective Mehndi design patterns that will deck up your wrist with beautiful swirls and curls. Choose the best one from here below:

  • Jal Pattern Mehndi Design

Love for Jaal pattern mehndi designs is rising among women of every age. These are not just intricate but awesomely beautiful and attractive. Moreover, jaal designs are quite easy to make.1 MD

  • Glitter Mehndi Designs

To add more glamour in your Mehndi, Glitter design pattern is what you must choose to deck your hands or feet with on this Karwa Chauth. How about this beautiful design??2 MD

  • Minimalistic Designs

Women of today are going crazy for this mehndi pattern as these are unique, intricate, trendy and very beautiful. If you don’t wanna get your hands accentuated with heavy designs of henna, this is the pattern you must look up for!3 MD

  • Arabian Designs

For years, this Mehndi pattern has ruled the preference among women of every age. Even today, Arabian Designs in unique pattern like this one is a most preferred choice.4 MD

  • Heavy Bridal Mehndi Designs

If it’s your first Karwa Chauth or if you are in love with Heavy Bridal Mehndi Designs then go for it and get your hand completely accentuated with beautiful and very intricate heavy Bridal Mehndi designs that will give you the feel of being a bride all over again on this Karwa Chauth.5 MD

  • Two-in-One Mehndi Designs
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Fun and beautiful, this Mehndi design pattern is again a much preferred option to get both your hands decked up with similar heena curls and swirls. Choose this one to pose with both your hands just like a Bride…!6 MD

  • Floral Pattern Mehndi

Elegant… beautiful and unique…!! Floral pattern Mehndi designs are simply the best if you are looking for a distinctive henna design on your hands and feets on this Karwa Chauth. How about this one??7 MD
Ladies, hope this blog helped you in making the decision for the best Mehndi design on your beautiful hands. So go ahead to accentuate your hands and look beautiful…!!

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