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A guide to anniversary flowers for each year – Giftalove

A guide to anniversary flowers for each year – Giftalove

A guide to anniversary flowers for each year – Giftalove

Wedding anniversary is one of those occasions of the year that one can never forget. It is really hard to forgo celebration and enjoyment at this day, when you finally entered into the auspicious wedlock with the love of your life. Every year, you wish to cherish every moment of your wedding day on the unforgettable day of your marriage anniversary. As to beguile your dearest soul mate, you must give the blooming Anniversary flowers that can lift up his/her mood in the most happening way.

Every married couple wishes to celebrate their marriage anniversary day as the most extraordinary moment in their lives. As to commemorate the most auspicious day of their wedding, every couple is eager to search the unique Anniversary Gifts online ( for each other. Owing to the recent breakthroughs in the online gifting industry, it has become much easier to look out for the most exciting and apt presents for the loved ones. Everyone knows that the bright blossoms act as the best tokens of heartfelt love towards those who are close to the heart. Thus, it is great idea to gift Anniversary flowers to your dearest spouse on this day. This can ensure that every moment of the celebration gets etched in your mind.

These days, you can explore from the vast range of arrangement of anniversary flowers that are suitable according to the year. From the list given below, you can be acquainted about the right choice of blossoms that you can gift to your spouse on your anniversary:

1st Anniversary flower – Carnations 

The legendary carnation blossom is traditionally considered the perfect token to commemorate a newlywed couple’s first wedding anniversary. For ages, carnations have been representative of young and passionate love. Fables have it that bouquets made from exquisite carnations make the love more resounding forever. Thus, you can select from various carnations bouquets such as the Colorful Carnations bunch, Charming Carnations bunch, Vibrant Delight bouquet, and many more.

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2nd Anniversary flower – Cosmos

Celebrate your second marriage anniversary with the beautiful cosmos flowers. These traditional flowers represent harmony and joy for the second anniversary year. Its beauty and simplicity reflect the couple’s phase when they grow comfortable and understand each other. So, the cosmos is a great choice for this anniversary milestone.

3rd Anniversary flower – Sunflower

Sunflowers are the best flowers for wedding anniversary of three years. By the third year, the relationship between the husband and wife is characterized by strength and warmth, like the stalk of the sunflower. The flower facing the sun also represents the challenges the couple has overcome and the cheerful times that are waiting for them ahead. Sunflowers are beautiful flowers that represent cheerfulness, warmth, and loyalty. 

4th Anniversary flower – Geraniums

Geraniums are the traditional flowers for the 4th year in the list of wedding anniversary flowers by year. Beautiful geraniums represent the coming together of two people in mind, body, and spirit. It signifies that the couple is very well-settled and happy in their roles as husband and wife. The flowers also represent the positive emotions and happiness of the couple. It also represents the flourishing partnership of the couple in marriage. 

5th Anniversary flower – Daisies

Daisies come in many shades, but the most common ones are with yellow center and white petals. This flower represents innocence and charm and is the flower for the 5th wedding anniversary. It represents how the couple’s life is slowly getting intertwined. Even though their life may seem a little mundane, some surprises remain. Daisies also symbolize fidelity. 

6th Anniversary flower – Calla lilies

Calla lilies are the traditional flowers for the sixth wedding anniversary. Calla lilies have different meanings, such as the white calla lilies, which symbolize love and marital bliss and are also found in bridal bouquets. The pink calla lilies represent appreciation and admiration. You can celebrate your anniversary with both shades of calla lilies to convey to your spouse that they are your true love and that you greatly appreciate and admire them very much.

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8th Anniversary flower – Clematis

Clematis is the traditional flower for the eighth wedding anniversary. It’s a symbol of intelligence and intellectual ability. It signifies the promise of growing old together beyond the eighth year. The vines of these flowers grow together and can connect, which also signifies the two minds growing and learning life together. So, promise to stay beyond the 8th year and grow old together by gifting clematis flowers to your spouse on your eighth wedding anniversary. 

9th Anniversary flower – Poppy

Poppies are delicate and dainty flowers with tissue-like petals. It’s one of August’s birthday flowers and traditional flowers for the ninth marriage anniversary. They represent imagination, dreams, hope, and oblivion. They represent the contentment and peace a couple feels after their ninth year of marriage. 

15th Anniversary flower – Rose 

After 15 years of marriage, the love, romance, and passion are still alive and this is why the rose is the traditional flower for this year. This is because we all know the rose symbolizes love and romance, and this flower signifies that the couple knows each other very well. No matter what happened in the past years, the love the couple has for each other is alive and the same as on their first Anniversary. 

20th Anniversary flower – Asters 

This beautiful flower got its name from the Greek word for star. Asters are known for love, wisdom, faith, and knowledge. It’s the flower for the 20th Anniversary and represents the love a couple has for each other even after two decades of being together and all that they have learned about each other. It is also believed that the asters highlight all the bright spots along a couple’s journey through their marriage. 

25th Anniversary flower – Iris 

The 25th-anniversary flower iris symbolizes strength, fertility, and royalty. It is believed that the presentation of the flower to your spouse on your 25th anniversary conveys that you still think of them as royalty. It also symbolizes that no matter what happened in the past, you both are standing tall and still very much in love after a quarter century of marriage. 

30th Anniversary flowers – Lily

Lily is the traditional flower for the 30th wedding anniversary. It’s a gorgeous flower that represents pride and devotion. It also represents that the love between couples has blossomed and matured. Lilies symbolize the changes you and your spouse have gone through in thirty years, such as having children and moving into a new home, and yet after so much, your love is still strong, and there’s still a sense of adventure and passion between you two. 

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40th Anniversary flowers – Gladiolus 

A bold and striking flower perfect for celebrating your huge milestone is gladiolus. The name of this flower comes from the Latin word ‘gladius,’ meaning sword. This flower conveys that the person you love still pierces your heart after all this time. Gladiolus also means integrity, infatuation, and strength, meaning that your love for each other is still strong after the golden forty years of being together. 

50th Anniversary flowers – Yellow roses and violets

Golden Jubilee! It’s a huge milestone celebrated with complementary flowers, yellow roses, and violets. It’s the only anniversary that is celebrated with two flowers. Yellow and purple are the two colors that complement each other, which also signify that the couple who have lived together for this long know each other well to complement each other perfectly. 

60th Anniversary flowers – White orchids

Six decades of being together is a massive milestone, and the traditional flower to celebrate this occasion with is the white orchid. This flower signifies beauty, strength, and love, which a couple goes through during their marriage’s sixty years. The flower is also known for its longevity, which represents the longevity of the couple’s marriage. 

These are the amazing varieties of anniversary flowers that you can give to your soul mate according to the anniversary year you will be celebrating. You can explore more such ideas on this highly acclaimed e-gifting portal. Here, you can also search for other exciting Anniversary Gifts online for your life partner. Moreover, you can combine the flowers mentioned above with other brilliant Gifts online. The efficient delivery network of the portal will allow you to send anniversary gifts to India and worldwide with great ease.

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