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Best Flowers to Grow During Winters in India !!

Best Flowers to Grow During Winters in India !!

Best Flowers to Grow During Winters in India

How often does it happen that the plants and flowers you take care of over the summers wilt and dry during the harsh winters? It’s so heartbreaking to see the colorful shrubs and flowers dying. Don’t let this upset you. There are numerous flowers which bloom well in winter, but all you need is to provide them with proper care to thrive. You can make your garden or indoors colorful and thriving even during cold with the winter flowering plants and shrubs. And so, here we have a list of the best winter season flowers which will grow well in India.


One of the best flowers to grow in winter is calendulas, also known as pot marigolds. These beautiful yellow-hued blossoms can thrive under cold climatic conditions and direct sunlight. Not only will they add vibrancy to your garden, but they also bring a sense of warmth to the place. You can also place this wonderful winter-season flower on your balcony if it has access to enough amount of sunlight.
How to Care: Caring for calendulas is very easy. You can directly plant the flower in your garden or place it in a flower pot. They need proper moisture and can be placed under sunlight, but excess heat can cause wilting. These flowers are not frost tolerant but thrive in cooler temperatures.


Pansies are beautiful butterfly-shaped blossoms that can thrive in winter. These flowers bloom in several bright colors like purple, yellow, blue, red, pink, etc., and can be a wonderful addition to your home garden during the chilly season. If the flower withers in the cold, the plants stay alive and bloom flowers again. They are easy to care for and will grow well under the shade of other plants. You can plant the pansy seed from late summer to early fall for flowering in the winter season.
How to Care: Pansies are colorful flowers that bloom in winter and can tolerate light frosting. They thrive well in well-drained soil. Keep them under the sunlight during winter for growth.

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Lantanas are another top winter flowers in India that require low maintenance. They bloom in several colors, such as orange, purple, red, and white. They survive winters, but bringing the plant indoors during freezing temperatures is best for better growth. It must be noted that the lantana plant is toxic and must be kept away from children and pets.
How to Care: Lantana plants like well-drained but moist soil. So, make sure to water them whenever their soil feels dry. You can make your Lantanas look lively by trimming off the faded foliage. And they also do not require fertilizer for growth.


Petunias are the most loved winter flowers to plant due to their cheerfulness. People even place the plants indoors as decorations for their bright and beautiful colors. You can add these flowers to your garden, and caring for them is also very easy.
How to Care: To care for these beautiful blossoming plants, water them regularly. It’s also best to fertilize the soil for at least a month for healthy growth.


Snapdragons are also good plants to grow in winter as they prefer cold temperatures for thriving. The plant is called snapdragon for its flower’s resemblance to a dragon’s mouth. It’s also famously known as the Dog plant and Antirrhinum, and these can grow from 6 to 45 inches and produce flowers in a myriad of colors.
How to Care: Snapdragons or Antirrhinums bloom best if you keep them under full sunlight. When planting the snapdragons, remember to keep their soil moist for the first few weeks. After that, watering them an inch every week is sufficient.


Carnations are of fragrant and gorgeous flowers which also thrive well in winter. They are also known as Grenadine or Clove Pinks and come in various colors like red, pink, white, etc. Did you know that carnations flowers are edible? Yes, apart from using them in bouquets or basket arrangements, people also use their petals as garnish on salads, cakes, and other dishes. You can choose carnations if you are looking for colorful plants that grow in winter. These plants will add charm to the surroundings wherever you place them.
How to Care: To care for this winter season flower, it is best to water the carnation’s soil to keep it lightly moist during the entire winter. Carnations are indoor plants that can be kept inside your home around sunlight during cold temperatures.

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Phlox are gorgeous flowers that grow in winter. They blossom lightly scented flowers in various colors like purple, red, white, etc. These are annual plants that have a long blooming period.
How to Care: Caring for this flower is very easy. Phlox can grow in partial to full sunlight. They require at least six hours of sunlight for growth. They grow well in moist and well-drained soil with organic manure.


Dahlia is also a great flower to grow in winter. They come in various colors, such as yellow, pink, orange, lavender, red, etc. The annual flowering plants can survive during the winters; however, you must provide them with constant care.
How to Care: Remember to water them regularly, as they require nutrients for proper growth. When planting small plants, make sure they are one foot apart, and the big ones are three feet apart.

Add greenery and colour to your garden, balcony or indoors with winter flowers. The above mentioned list includes the common winter flowers in India which you can easy grow and care for during this season.

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