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Coronavirus Awareness: The Do’s & Don’ts to Stay Safe & Healthy!!!

Coronavirus Awareness: The Do’s & Don’ts to Stay Safe & Healthy!!!

Coronavirus Awareness

The sudden and unexpected rise in the spread of the novel coronavirus in India and worldwide has made the situation even more grave requiring immediate attention. The unanticipated judgement of the government regarding the lockdown across the nation made people feel immensely worried and pondered over the criticality of the situation.

As the deadly disease of coronavirus is contagious in nature and has high survival chances, the medical agencies and health experts suggested precautionary measures which the citizens of the country must follow in order to stay safe from being infected with this virus. Stay at home is one initiative, but there is a lot more which needs your attention as well. Paying adherence to these measures will definitely help in eluding the chances of being a victim of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Do’s

1. Social distancing

As COVID-19 is a contagious disease which can infect a person if he or she comes in contact with an infected person, therefore, the government suggested to follow the concept of social distancing in the public space. The initiative of “Stay at Home” comes under this precautionary policy. Maintaining a distance of at least of 1 meter is the right way to stay away from this deadly disease.

Social distancing

2. A distance of 6-feet

A handshake or a hug is no more a positive way to wish the other person due to the spreading of coronavirus. Doing Namaste or just waving your hand from a distance of six feet is the thoughtful way of greeting the other person. As per the health experts, the virus of corona cannot travel beyond this distance. While moving out to buy vegetables or groceries, ensure that you maintain a distance of six feet from other people to stay safe.

A distance of 6-feet

3. Wash hands with soap and water

The government suggests washing your hands for 20 seconds with a good soap and water from all the sides. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean. Always wash your hands after coming back home from outside, before and after cooking food, after you sneeze or cough, etc.

Wash hands with soap and water

4. Face mask is essential

Ever since the news of coronavirus broke in India and other countries, the government immediately directed its people to wear N-95 masks for safety. It is important to cover your nose and mouth with a clean mask to protect yourself from the germs and viruses and prevent their entry into your respiratory canal. Whenever you step outside your home, don’t forget to wear the mask. Also, use disposable tissues every time you cough or sneeze

Face mask is essential

5. Clean and disinfect high-touch surface

With the clear estimates of the durations during which the unhealthy coronavirus can stay on different surfaces, it has become mandatory to timely clean and disinfectant a few things which are prone to this disease. High-touch surfaces are the ones which you frequently touch with your hands. Use an alcohol-based disinfectant sprays to frequently clean lights, fans, switches, door handles and knobs, remote controls, toilets, washbasins, etc.

Clean and disinfect high-touch surface

6. Immunity building vitamins and supplement

A stronger immunity means a healthy body. Therefore, it is a dire need to keep your bodies strong and healthy by consuming supplements, vitamins and minerals which strengthen immunity and help us fight diseases.  Include vitamin D3, vitamin B12 with Methylcobalamin, vitamin C and turmeric in your food diet for a stronger immune system.

Immunity building vitamins and supplement

7. Add more liquids in diet

Keep yourself as much hydrated as you can by including healthy liquids in your diet. Lemon water, coconut water, vitamin C supplements dissolved in water, etc. promotes removal of toxins from the body and strengthening of the immune system.

Add more liquids in diet

8. Trust only valid information

With more news regarding the increase in the cases of COVID-19 coming up, fake news is doing the rounds on social media and other social platforms. It is important to stay updated only with the right information and don’t fall victim to fake news. Download government applications like Aarogya Setu to stay connected with the right facts.

Trust only valid information

9. Empathy is important

An empathetic behaviour towards the needy people is important at the moment. As they are jobless and have no other means of livelihood, donating food supplies and other essential commodities to them will help them survive.

Empathy is important

10. Work out

Meditation and yoga is the right way for a sustainable and healthy living in this stress time. A few dedicated hours of work out help us in achieving a healthy and toned body and thereby strengthening the immune system of the body.

Work out

11. Spend quality time with family

No matter how negatively and disastrously the virus of corona has impacted our lives, there is one positive thing we can think of during this coronavirus lockdown – Infinite family time. We used to curse our hectic and fast lifestyles before for allowing us less time to spend time with loved ones, but now we are actually spending the entire day in the company of our families cooking, laughing, and playing together.

Spend quality time with family

12. Stay connected through help lines

In this crucial and critical time, it is important to know all the help line and important numbers. The National helpline for India is +91-11-23978046, government helpdesk WhatsApp is +91- 9013151515. The toll-free number is 1075. You can also get the latest updates of COVID-19 from the

Stay connected through help lines

The Don’ts

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1. Social gatherings

No matter how an extrovert personality you are, this is definitely not a good time to hangout or party with friends. Don’t gather in large number of roads or terraces as it can increase the risk of spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Social gatherings

2. Consider yourself an exception

If you have followed every guideline issued by the government or the health ministry, it’s good but if you have not, don’t consider yourself an exception just because you don’t have any symptoms of the disease. It takes at least a period of 7 days to surface, so it’s better that you stay at home and save you and your family from being a victim of this pandemic.

Consider yourself an exception

3. Order food from outside

We all have a foodie hidden inside us, but this is certainly not the best time to bring that hidden side of you out. According to the latest cases of 72 homes locked down in Malviya Nagar and Hauz Khas areas of Delhi after a pizza delivery boy infected with the disease made deliveries, the reckless eating habits seriously needs a reality check. Avoid ordering food from outside and enjoy food cooked in your kitchen!!!

Order food from outside

4. Short outings

No matter how diligently you are following the rules of social distancing, you cannot make small outings to the nearby marketplaces or grocery stores a regular affair. You need to maintain a distance of six feet from other people, but it is better to stay at home and only step out in case of urgent needs.

Short outings

5. Meeting people above 60

With more deaths of elderly people flashing in the news due to coronavirus, wwe can clearly understand that the virus quickly attacks those people who have lower immunity and are over 60 years of age. Therefore, avoid coming into contact with people who are aged as the chances of getting infected increases.

Meeting people above 60

6. Visiting health centers

With patients of coronavirus admitted in hospitals, visiting hospitals for normal illnesses is a big risk to take. Pay a visit to the hospitals only in case of urgent need or you have symptoms of this deadly disease.

Visiting health centres

7. A visit to parlors and spas

The time calls for self-hygiene as the government is continuously telling people not to touch their faces or mouths even with their own hands. Then how can we imagine visiting a beauty parlor, salon, or a spa center to beautify ourselves. Explore the videos on Youtube and indulge in self-cleaning and beauty sessions at home.

A visit to parlors and spas

8. Just think about yourself

Today, the world is demanding a collective approach where we have to think not just about you, but of others as well. As COVID-19 is a contagious disease which can even lead to death in some cases, it is important that we should take care of ourselves as well as of others so that its growth can be hindered and we can think of a future that is corona-free.

Just think about yourself
The Final Words
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The piece of relevant information provided above is a list of tips which can help you combat the harmful and life-taking disease of coronavirus. Follow what is suggested above and take good care of yours and your family. Try to keep your homes clean and disinfected as much as you can. However, if you think you have any symptoms similar to that of COVID-19, immediately contact the doctor. Pay respect to the doctors, policemen, and cleaning agents working unstoppably for the welfare of the people and community as a whole.

Stay home stay safe!

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