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Friendship Day Bands- Colorful & Most Sought-After Gifts for Friends

Friendship Day Bands- Colorful & Most Sought-After Gifts for Friends

Friendship- one of the most distinct relationships of all! The world is going to celebrate Friendship Day on upcoming August 3, 2014. Said to be one of the most awaited celebration for youths and elders alike, this day comes with a bang-bang. Everyone loves to be a part of this bang-bang event as it gives them a reason to rejoice their friendship.


The stages have been set for this important day, have you chosen something for your buddy as Friendship Day Gifts? If not, don’t need to go under stress. There is one gift that you’d like to bestow your friend with for sure. Friendship day bands are the most sought-after gifts on this special day. Almost everyone loves to tie a colorful yet charming friendship band on his/her hand in resemblance of companionship.

A band for friendship is the simple yet sober gift. They become fad among youngsters and even children when the month of August approaches. You’ll get variety of bands in the stores and online shops with extreme creativity.

Following are different types of Friendship Day Bands available these days:

• Bead bands

• Ribbon bands

• Rubber bands

• Metal chain bands

• Crystal bands

• Colored thread bands

Bead Bands: As the name implies they are completely made of beads. Tiny beads, midsized beads and sometime large beads in a rainbow of colors are what define their gorgeous look. The beds are either beaded in an elastic band or in a ribbon band for support. Beads having the alphabets carved on them are quite popular among youngsters as they choose a beaded band having their friend’s name on it.Beaded Bands

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Ribbon Bands: They are made of ribbon. Colored ribbon in thin or thick sizes is woven in eye-catching patterns to make a band. They feel soft and are comfy for wrist. You can get a lot of patterns made of ribbons in such types of friendship bands. Don’t fret upon cost, as they cost nothing but a few bucks only.Rubben Bands

Rubber Band: Boys particularly fall for this band. A rubber band is made of rubber and is stretchable a little. Available in a spectrum of shades such bands feature texts like “Friends Forever”, “Cute Buddy”, “Happy Friendship Day”, etc. on them.Ribber Bands

Metal Chain Bands: Nowadays friendship day bands made of metal are quite popular. They look like a bracelet and hence liked by many. Dual chained, single chained with a metal base is what accessible in such bands.Metalic Bands

Crystal Bands: Such bands have crystals in them as embellishments. Tiny crystals in colors blue, white, pink, etc. beautifully woven in flexible elastic, rubber or ribbon and sometimes metal, make great friendship bands. They are fad among girls of younger ages.

Colored Thread Bands: As the name implies they are made completely of colored threads and are woven in a number of designs which easily catch the attention of boys and girls alike and even kids.Thread BAnds

Now these are the friendship day bands which you can easily access in the market these days.

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