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How To Celebrate Diwali 2023 without Crackers

How To Celebrate Diwali 2023 without Crackers

How To Celebrate Diwali 2023 without Crackers

Diwali is the most famous Festival in India. It is known as the Festival of Lights. It’s not just a festival but a week of happiness. Every religion celebrates it with great fun, but basically, it’s the Festival of Hindu. There is a mythological story behind this Festival. People celebrate it with high enthusiasm. Well, a problem related to this Festival is burning crackers. People termed it a way to express happiness but also disturbs pollution. Not only the environment, but it is also harmful to animals like stray dogs and cats. So, how can we celebrate this Diwali without crackers? Well, here are some unique ways to enjoy this Festival’s vibe without harming others.

1. Enjoy With Friends

You can celebrate Diwali with your friends. It is the eve of fun. Instead of crackers, you can organize games with your friends, arrange a Diwali party, and play Damshraj or Antrakshi, which is always a better noise than bursting crackers. These things to do on Diwali will be so much fun with family and friends. Some people also play cards with or without money on this occasion, which is also a part of fun.

2. Lit Up Sky Lanterns

Diwali is indeed all about lighting up the sky. But is it necessary to light it with crackers and pollute the environment? No, you can add beautiful sky lanterns that will not harm the environment and decorate the sky. Moreover, it is pretty affordable in price also. So you can afford it easily. So skip the burning crackers and opt for these stunning sky lanterns.

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3. Go for Diyas

Candles are good, but Diwali is basically for Diyas, as it can be seen from past stories that when Ram Chandra returned to Ayodhya, the Ayodhyawasi light diyas. So lighten up your home with stunning and decorative Diyas online. You can also buy Diwali diyas from Giftalove. These things are actual Diwali celebrations with loved ones. Decorate your home with good things, wearing colorful clothes, and having your favorite meal are the best things to do on Diwali.

4. Add Color with Rangolies

Rangoli is an essential Diwali tradition. You can add colors and bring out the inner artist in you. Adding more colors to your house will also add positivity to the environment. You can buy rangoli colors, designs, and stencils to create extraordinary art in your home. You can decorate the rangoli with diyas and candles.

5. Try a New Destination for Diwali

If you are tired of the same place, same people, and the same way of Diwali, then the world is so big. You can travel to another place where Diwali is celebrated uniquely. Head up for Diwali; it will be more exciting and fun. You can also travel with your friends or plan a solo Diwali trip to any famous place like Ayodhya.

6. Helpful to Needy

Inner happiness always comes when you help others. Try to help the needy people on the Diwali occasion so that they can celebrate the Festival too, like you. For those people who cannot afford new clothes or Sweets or decorated items, you can help them by donating them. Apart from this, you can also help needy people by giving some money. It will be a great thing to do on Diwali.

7. Clean the House or Add on New Things for Change

People clean their house before 2 days of Diwali. It is believed that the house needs to be cleaned for Goddess Laxmi. You can clean the shelves, cupboards, lobbies, furniture, and gallery. If possible, you can also buy new furniture for your home for a change. It will give you a clean and positive look. Change the bed sheets and sofa covers as well.

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8. Exchange Gifts

Exchanging and receiving gifts on Diwali is the fun thing to do on Diwali. Buy all your favorite things for your family and friends. Spread happiness will provide you with inner peace. You can check the portal to find Diwali gifts online at relatively affordable prices. Moreover, you can also buy Diwali greeting cards.

9. Sweets

Stuff your mouth with sweets. As it is a tradition of having sweets on every happy occasion. Your favorite sweets will rewind the Diwali occasion. Whenever you feel busy on this occasion, just have the sweets, and you will indeed feel good.

10. Help Poor Pups

The little furry buddies cannot bear the loud noise of crackers. On this Diwali, help the little pups by celebrating the occasion in a little responsible manner. If you can not restrain from crackers, do not burn them near or around the puppies, as it can harm them. They belong to the world as we do, so don’t spoil the environment of these little ones.

So, above are some things you should do on Diwali instead of burning crackers. Hope you like it. If you are searching for Diwali gifts, then at Giftalove, there are tremendous options where you can opt for the best Diwali gift for your near and dear ones. You can also avail of delivery services from the portal, which are free of cost. So place your order.

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