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How to Look More Beautiful on This Karwachauth- Giftalove

How to Look More Beautiful on This Karwachauth- Giftalove

How to Look More Beautiful on This Karwachauth

Karwachauth is one of the popular Indian festivals for beautiful Indian ladies. The festival is all about testing nerves and patience. On this day, all the Married women perform fast for their beloved husbands to extend their age. There is a mythological story related to this festival. It will fall on 1st November 2023. If you want to know what to wear on this Karwachauth or how you can look beautiful, then don’t worry. Here, we have some fantastic tips to help you add charm to your beauty and catch all your attention.

Karwachauth Special Styling Tips

What to wear on the first Karwachauth?

1. Anarkali Suit for Sargi

Sargi is a pre-dawn meal that includes both sweet and salty and is cooked by the mother-in-law for her daughter-in-law. It helps to prepare her for the long fast. If you have a generous Mother-in-law, you may also get some gifts as your first sargi. It is a particular time for any newly married woman to have sargi from her mother-in-law. So, on this occasion, you can start your day with an Anarkali suit. You can choose any excellent color like pink, beige, blue or cream. It will be perfect for the occasion.

2. Slaying Jacket Dress for Baya

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Baya is when a mother gives sweets, savory utensils, and other gifts to her in-laws. These gatherings required a dress change. What can be more adorable than a jacket dress? You can wear dark and light colors with a fusion of embroidery and prints, but avoid red as it will be the show stopper in the evening. So save it for that.

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3. The Main Pooja Look

When the time of main Pooja arrives for Karwachauth, you cannot compromise with your look. You have to look stunning. So, for the best Karwachauth look, you can choose stunning Red sarees and lehengas. These dresses have no match and will surely look gorgeous on you. You can also dress up your thali with a red silk cloth to match your dress.

4. Lehnga Saree for the Night Look

If sarees are not your choice or you don’t want to risk tying a perfect saree, don’t worry. Here is the way you can look beautiful on Karwachauth. You can opt for a lehenga Saree for a dramatic and heavy look. It will look perfect for the night of Karwachauth, and you will get quite good photos.

So, these are some styling tips for Karwachauth. Remember that whatever you choose to wear, you should feel confident. You don’t need to spend the bulk of your money. A simple look can also enhance your charming features.

Karwachauth Special Makeup Looks

1. Early Morning Makeup

You don’t need to wear heavy makeup in the morning to look good. A simple kohl eye or kajal with pink or red lips will look perfect. You can also opt for a no-makeup look to get that show-stopper look.

2. Mid Day Look

You can opt for a dewy or nude makeup look for the Baya time. A dark eye shadow with a warm lip shade will look gorgeous. If you must dress heavily, try to wear light makeup.

3. Final Makeup Look

During the evening, you don’t need to opt for less makeup, as it is the time to look stunning. Don’t be shy to wear shimmery eye makeup, bold lips, and gorgeous hair. This night is all about Karwachauth and its special makeup look, too. Now stop wondering how to look beautiful on Karwachauth and get on the action.

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Be ready to rule on this 2023 Karwachauth. But must remember that your comfort is more than any style.

So, above are some tips to look glamorous on the Karwachauth. Hope you like it. You can buy Karwachauth Pooja thalis from Giftalove, as we have a collection of stunning gifts with fast and reliable delivery services. Explore the portal and find new things for yourself.

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