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Rakhi Collection 2021: Best Rakhi Designs for Brother!!

Rakhi Collection 2021: Best Rakhi Designs for Brother!!

Rakhi Collection 2021

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition.” – Mark Twain.

Indian land is blessed to be known as the keepsake of rich Indian culture, tradition, and heritage. Every nook and cranny of the country is packed with cultural and traditional art forms, making India one of the most significant and valuable countries. Rich Indian rituals and customs are cherished in many other countries across the world. And, in making India such a popular country, festivals play a vital role. We Indians celebrate 13 colorful and ritualistic festivals over the course of 12 months. Isn’t it fascinating? And, we are about to welcome Raksha Bandhan 2021 within a few weeks, and every one of you must be excited and started online Rakhi shopping as the auspicious festival of Rakshabandhan falls only once a year, commemorating the bittersweet relationship of brothers and sisters.

Raksha Bandhan reflects the rich Indian culture and traditions through various customs of the festival and the inclusion of colorful and beautiful Rakhi threads. Dedicated to the idiosyncratic bond of siblings, the Rakshabandhan celebration can be heightened with a nice and trendy Rakhi for brother. But, finding a perfect Rakhi from such loaded Rakhi markets can be a tremendously daunting task for the sisters. That is why, for the upcoming Raksha Bandhan 2021, we have come up with this useful share related to the latest Rakhi collection 2021. These distinct categories are specially construed with the Rakhi designs that are no less in any terms.

From your fashion freak brother to your baby brother, we have the best Rakhi ideas for brothers belonging to any personality in the categories given below.

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So, without any further ado, let us take to our special showroom of some of the best, trending, and fancy Rakhi threads for your dearest brother.

Auspicious Rakhi Collection

Auspicious Rakhi Collection

Rakshabandhan is the auspicious festival that commemorates the chaste & unbreakable bond of siblings in a ritualistic manner. Sisters tie a Raksha Dhaga on their brothers’ wrists and pray for their long life filled with happiness, peace, harmony, and positivity. But, what if your prayers and blessings can also be with your brother throughout his life? Yes, by tying an auspicious Rakhi to your dearest brother, you can shower the blessings of holy dainties, Gods, and Goddesses on the propitious festival of Rakhi.

Here, we have this lineup of 10 auspicious threads perfect to buy on this festival. Have a look at the list:

Ganesha RakhiLord Ganesha holds utmost importance in Hindu mythology. Before commencing a new work, Lord Ganesha is worshiped in the first place. This makes Ganesha Rakhi one of the most prominent and the aptest auspicious Rakhi.
Rudraksha Rakhi Rudraksha is the wellspring of Karma, originated from the Lord Shiva tear. A Rakhi having Rudraksha studded on the motif symbolizes success, money, prosperity, and well-being in life. So, buy a Rudraksha Rakhi for your brother and bless his soul and mind.
Swastika Rakhi The swastika symbol is the most divine and auspicious symbol symbolizing great Karma, well-being, and happiness, and achievements. Welcome this Rakshabandhan 2021 with an auspicious Swastika Rakhi and fuse the celebration with joy.
Krishna Rakhi Is your brother as naughty as little Krishna, who always makes you laugh with his activities? If yes, then on this Raksha Bandhan, shower the blessings of Lord Krishna on your brother with a gorgeous Krishna Rakhi.
Sai Rakhi Sai Baba resembles the Lord Shiva manifestation, known for adding propitious essentialness to human life. You can buy Sai Rakhi for your brother to shower the blessings of Lord Shiva & Sai Baba on Rakshabandhan.
Ek Onkar Rakhi Rakhi has no religion and culture, and so does the celebration of Rakshabandhan. For your brother from the Sikh family, shower the blessings of Waheguru on him with this gorgeous Ek Onkar Rakhi.
Mauli Rakhi Rakhi, designed with red & yellow vermilion string and studded with pearls, beads, gemstones, and diamonds, is known as Mauli Rakhi. This auspicious Rakhi will shield your brother from foes, infections, and evil energies.
Khanda Rakhi Just like Swastika, Khanda is the divine symbol of the Sikhs. This Rakhi season, bless your brother with the heavenly blessings of Guru Nanakji with this gorgeous Khanda Rakhi.
Hanuman Rakhi Lord Hanuman symbolizes power, commitment, and benevolent devotion. For your dearest brother, shower the divine blessings of Lord Ram and Hanuman through an auspicious Hanuman Rakhi.
Om Rakhi Om images immaculateness and pure intensity of Lord Shiva. Tying a propitious OM Rakhi to your brother will bless him with positive energies, happiness, and prosperity.

Traditional Rakhi Collection

Traditional Rakhi Collection

This Raksha Bandhan brings your brother closer to the heartwarming Indian tradition and rich culture by tying a traditional Rakhi on his wrist. Don’t get confused by the name “Traditional Rakhi” as these Rakhis do not look dull or offbeat, but the vast array of rakhis designed according to Indian traditions has designer Raksha Dhage options well.

Applaud the diverse Indian culture and tradition with these amazing traditional Rakhis given in this list:

Zardosi Rakhi India is blessed to have the gift of Zardosi embroidery from the hands of Persian craftsmen. It is a popular form of Indian traditional artwork having the hint of golden or silver Resham threads.
Kundan Rakhi Kundan embroidery is one of the well-known Indian artworks that give the auspicious thread an antique Indian look. Your dearest brother will surely love the gleaming look of stones foiled with golden or silver metal.
Meenakari Rakhi Meenakari is another popular art form of Persia. Bright-colored enamels with Polki jewelry, stones, pearls, and diamonds, Meenakari Rakhi, looks supremely beautiful.
Lumba Rakhi Buying Lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi on Raksha Bandhan is one of the oldest traditions of Rajasthan. From jeweled Lumba Rakhi to Meeenakari Lumba Rakhi to bracelet Lumba Rakhi; you can find a wide range of Lumba Rakhi designs here.
Chandan Rakhi Chandan Rakhi or Sandalwood Rakhi has an amazing aroma loaded with enormous auspiciousness and significance in the Indian religion. Tying a sandalwood Rakhi on your brothers’ wrist will fuse his life with positivity, refreshment, and happiness.
Gemstone Rakhi Gemstones are known to have so much positivity and fortune in them. So tying a stone Rakhi on your brothers’ wrist will bring good luck and happiness in his life.
Navratna Rakhi This Raksha Bandhan, give your dearest brother princely treatment with this most amazing and precious Navratna Rakhi that will fill his life will good fortune, peace, harmony, and happiness.

Quirky Rakhi Collection

Quirky Rakhi Collection

With the change in time, several things have been changed and evolved. And, one of the most common examples of this advancement can be seen in the changing trend of Rakhi designs. Nowadays, not everyone is a great fan of traditional and auspicious Rakhis, and this creates a problem for the sisters to find the best Rakhi for brothers. But, to solve the problem, there are several quirky Rakhi designs available in the market.

We have this table curated with some of the special and uniquely designed Rakhis perfect to beautify the auspicious festival of Rakshabandhan. So, without any further ado, let us have a look at the list:

PUBG Bhaiya Rakhi Owing to the growing popularity of the PUBG among boys, Rakhis embellished with characters of this game are also in trend. This Rakshabandhan, tie a PUBG Rakhi to your brother and surprise him with your love.
Veera Bhaiya Rakhi In Punjabi, brothers’ are lovingly called “Veera,” and thus, Veera Rakhi is very popular. A Veera Rakhi dazzled with either premium stones, gold, or silver can perfectly capture the true essence of Indian artwork and siblings’ relationships.
Alphabet Rakhi Rakhi with the name initials is one of the most designs everyone loves to have nowadays. This gorgeously stunning Rakhi design can also be personalized with stones, pearls, gemstones, diamonds, and whatever you feel like for adorning your brother’s wrist.
Ethnic Rakhi With the change in time, almost everything has been changed, and so does the lifestyle of everyone, and Rakhi designs are no less. The modern era has changed everything but, with ethnic Rakhis, the tradition and culture of India are still alive.
Leather Rakhi Every sister puts several efforts into finding the best Rakhi for their brothers. Nowadays, Raksha Dhaga is no more only a sacred thread but has become a style statement as well. A leather Rakhi with a rustic look makes the best thread for the brothers’ wrists.
CZ Rakhi Cubic Zirconia stones are the budget-friendly alternatives for American Diamonds. So, if you are planning to buy an AD Rakhi for your brother but could not because of the budget, you can buy CZ Rakhi for brothers.
Tassel Rakhi Tassel Rakhi is one of the quirky and unique Rakhi designs gaining popularity day by day. Colorful and vibrant tassels studded with the motif and silk thread beautifies the Rakhi and gives it an alluring appearance.
Designer Rakhi We are living in a generation where designer accessories accessorized beautifully with premium stones, gemstones, crystals, and pearls look supremely classy and elegant. Buying a designer Rakhi for your brother will make him super happy.
AD Rakhi With the increasing popularity and demand of American diamonds, sisters can find stunning AD Rakhi threads for their brothers to wish them Rakshabandhan beautifully and with class.
Beaded Rakhi For all the sisters who are looking for a simple yet classy Rakhi for their brothers, a beaded Rakhi can be their perfect solution. Available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, a beaded Rakhi will stand out for its unique look.

Kids Rakhi Collection

Kids Rakhi Collection

Everyone celebrates the festival of Raksha Bandhan with excitement, happiness, and joy. However, little kids are the most excited ones in the family as they have no tension for decorating the house, preparing meals, buying rakhis and rakhi gifts. If you are also blessed to have a little brother in your life as a source of happiness, you must be searching for a lovely Rakhi for your little brother. Gold Rakhi and meenakari Rakhi are not the best Rakhi ideas for your baby brother, undoubtedly. But, there is no need to take tension as you can find a wide range of cartoon rakhis, toy rakhis, and theme rakhis for your brother. These rakhi ideas are some of the best Rakhi for kids to buy online.

If you are still confused, then you can have a look at this table before buying kids Rakhi online:

Fidget Spinner Rakhi Is your brother crazy for the fidget spinners? If yes, then you can surprise your little brother with a colorful fidget spinner Rakhi on this Rakhi season.
LED Rakhi Having a little baby brother who gets excited about seeking everything sparkling is no less than a blessing. For such an adorable munchkin, a LED Rakhi will make the best choice.
Spiderman Rakhi Under the category of Kids Rakhi, Spiderman Rakhi is one of the most demanding and Kids Rakhi. You, too, can surprise your baby brother with a cute Spiderman cartoon Rakhi to surprise him with utmost happiness.
Chhota Bheem Rakhi Chhota Bheem is one of the most famous cartoon characters loved by many kids out there. On Raksha Bandhan, if you get a Chhota Bheem cartoon Rakhi for your dearest brother, he will surely become crazily happy.
Toy rakhi Kids and their love for toys are unending. If he has almost every game to play with, you can get him an adorable toy Rakhi for Rakshabandhan.
Musical Rakhi If you are searching for something unique and out of the world to impress your cute little brother, you can buy him a musical Rakhi. This Rakhi will not only look cute but having music makes it the best.
Tom and Jerry Rakhi Tom and Jerry is an all-time favorite cartoon character for many kids, and if your brother falls in this category, you can get him an adorable Tom and Jerry cartoon Rakhi.
Doraemon Rakhi Do you remember watching Doraemon in your free time? Well, if you are blessed to have a baby brother in your life, your television must be playing Doraemon still. This means you and your brother have the same favorite cartoon. This Rakshabandhan, tying a Doraemon Rakhi will make your brother super duper happy. 
Avengers Rakhi Today’s generation and their love for avengers is simply out of the world. And, if you have that physic Captain America lover or Hulk fan in your family, there could be no better option other than buying an avenger Rakhi for your little brother.
Ben 10 Rakhi If your little brother too loved to watch Ben 10 and is very crazy for that Ben 10n watch? If yes, then on this Rakhi, surprise your brother with a cute Ben 10 Rakhi. You can also combine chocolates and cakes with the Rakhi, and your brother will surely love your surprise.

Hand-crafted Rakhi Collection

Hand-crafted Rakhi Collection

Every Indian festival is known for its religious beliefs and heartwarming rituals. And, if we talk about the Raksha Bandhan festival, people celebrate the auspicious festival in a ritualistic manner. But, nowadays, many things have been changed, and so does the Rakhi designs. You can find several Rakhi designs blended with the modern touch and Indian feel. One such Rakhi category is hand-crafted Rakhis. So, if you have a brother who loves to wear Indian accessories or handmade bracelets, a hand-crafted Rakhi will get the job done with perfection.

Here, we have curated this amazing table having some trendy handcrafted Rakhis for brothers from which you can choose a unique Rakhi for Rakshabandhan. So, check out the table given below:

Jeweled Rakhi Rakhis embellished with shiny stones, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and crystals make a perfect choice for an appealing Raksha Bandhan celebration. Nowadays, every Rakhi design has pearls and Ads for decoration purposes like Lumba Rakhi, AD Rakhi, and designer Rakhi for brothers.
Resham Dhaga Rakhi Are you also searching for a colorful, stylish, and trendy Rakhi with having Indian touch to it? If yes, then you can surely pick Resham Dhaga for your dearest brother.
Bracelet Rakhi For all fashion freak brothers who love to accessorize with the latest bracelets and watches, there could be no better option other than buying a bracelet Rakhi for your fashionable bro.
Motif Rakhi The beauty of the handcrafted motif Rakhi cannot be described in words. It is one of the most praised beautiful artworks of designer motifs that make Rakhi gorgeous. Motifs are the icons or the dials to beautify and heightened the spiritual beliefs of Rakshabandhan.
Wooden Rakhi Wooden Rakhi from the aisles of the handcrafted Rakhi designs showcases the traditional artwork on a wooden dial. These traditional rakhi threads look classy, stylish, and very decent.
Quelled Rakhi Just like the beauty of quelled paper, rakhis embellished with the quelling artwork look supremely amazing and out of the world. Quelled Rakhis with velvety touch will stand out with its uniqueness.
Gota Rakhi Originated from Rajasthan, Gota artwork is one of the beautiful styles preferred by many designers for embellishing Indian outfits, jewelry items, and décor pieces. Dolled up with the zari work, stones, and diamonds, Gota work embroidery will give your Rakhi a nice texture.
Embroidered Rakhi Embroidery is a famous Indian artwork used for decorating almost everything from curtains to sari to jewelry and now, Rakhis as well. Embroidered Rakhi threads look supremely divine with pearls, stones, beads, and diamonds.
Silk Thread Rakhi Raksha Dhaga, woven with silk thread, has no match in terms of its divine beauty and stunning look. Embellished with the perfect blend of Indian touch and modernity, silk thread Rakhi will perfectly adorn your brothers’ wrist.
Flower Rakhi Do you wish to make this Rakshabandhan one of the most memorable festivals for your brothers? Well, you can definitely do it with a unique flower Rakhi. Prepared with fresh flowers and Resham Raksha dhaga, floral rakhis look very beautiful.

Warm Closing

So, do you like any of these gorgeous and designer Rakhis? Well, from the 50 best Rakhis of 2021, you will indeed find the perfect Rakhi thread for your loving and caring brother. And, if you are struggling to send Rakhi to your brother overseas, has got your back with its fast, reliable, and fail-safe Rakhi delivery services. You can very easily send Rakhi online to USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, and worldwide. You can avail of same-day Rakhi delivery in India with free shipping from here.

GiftALove not only caters to the customers’ Rakhi delivery needs but also has launched its all-new and exclusive range of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts. All the Rakhis we have mentioned in the list above are readily available on at a decent price rate. The thoughtful gifts for Raksha Bandhan enlisted in our catalog include Rakhi with cakes, dry fruits, plants, flowers, greeting cards, sweets, and soft toys, perfect to surprise your brothers on Rakhi. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly order Rakhi and Rakhi gifts online and wish your dearest brother –

A Very Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

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