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Re-gifting Etiquettes: When You Wish to Pass on the Box of Happiness

Re-gifting Etiquettes: When You Wish to Pass on the Box of Happiness

The idea of re-gifting has although been a matter of joke over years but ideally it’s the best way of passing on the box of happiness to the one most deserving. Just because something is not apt for you don’t mean that it’s useless. There can be someone who will definitely love the thing which will be re-gifted to him/her. It’s an art of de-cluttering your home, making the use of something that never had been taken in use and obviously bringing joviality for someone dear. All that you need to know are some re-gifting etiquettes.3

Before you become happy to realize that you have lot many unused things at home that can be re-gifted to someone, you must know that there are some set of etiquettes that you must know before actually planning to re-gift something to someone dear. You definitely won’t want to hurt someone’s heart. All that you need is to pass one the happiness of gift sharing with your loved ones.

So, re-gifting etiquettes you must follow are:

Re-gift Only Something Apt!

Picking the right gift for someone is the basic art of gifting that everyone must know. Similarly while re-gifting, you need to follow the ethics of giving only something apt to the receiver otherwise your gift will make no sense for the receiver. In fact it will lose the actual essence of your gifting that is spreading happiness.Re-gift Only Something Apt

Give it a Makeover!

It’s very important to give a makeover to something that you are gifting. Check if the box of the gift product is not tempered. If yes then definitely change the box with any new box in which the gifting products fits the best way. Remember that your gift should never seem like being re-gifted. To give it an attractive appeal, you must give the gift a makeover by wrapping it beautifully an attractive wrapping paper and tying it with broad satin ribbon.Give it a Makeover

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Add Your Personal Touch:

If anything with a touch of your personalization can be turned into something more beautiful than just go for it. This will definitely give a new look to the thing. It can be a plain coffee mug; the one you never used that can be personalized with some creativity to turn into a special token of love for the receiver.Personal Touch

Always Re-gift Something Brand New or Unused!!

It’s one of the basic re-gifting etiquettes that you never gift something to someone which had been used by you earlier. You must never do that! Therefore, always re-gift anything to your dear one which has never been used by you.Something Brand NewDon’t use the same wrapping Paper:

Just like avoiding packing anything in the same old and tempered box, please do not use the same wrapping paper as this may reveal the truth of being re-gifted. And, you definitely won’t like to hurt feelings of your loved one. So, buy an attractive wrapping paper and get it packed beautifully to give it the charm o a new gift.wrapping Paper

An Add-On Works Wonders!

Yes, definitely! If you are re-gifting something to your dearest one, you are definitely saving a lot on a new gift. Therefore, spending a little on an add-on will definitely work wonders in simply turning your gift into a special one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Christmas gift, Anniversary gift or Housewarming gift, adding a beautiful flower bunch, chocolate box, cute teddy or anything alike will definitely help you win your dear one’s heart.Add-On

Remember: Re-gifting in Same Social Circle is a ‘Big NO… NO…’!!

The most important etiquette to follow while re-gifting something to dear one is not to re-gift anything in the same social circle of yours from which you have received the particular gift. After all, you will never ever want the receiver to know that it is something that is being re-gifted. Therefore, always re-gift in different social circles. It doesn’t matter if it’s New Year Gift, Wedding gift or anything other, just remember not to re-gift in the same social circle.Social Circle

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Just like a brand new gift that shares happiness, the aim of your act of re-gifting should be same too. Therefore, what you need is to follow are some etiquettes. Hope this blog has helped you know the etiquettes which you must always remember while re-gifting anything with anyone dear or loving.

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