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Single’s Guide for Valentine’s Day: Now You can Romance Yourself!

Single’s Guide for Valentine’s Day: Now You can Romance Yourself!

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Valentine’s week is the time of the year when singles will feel lonely and sad as all the couples will be parading around us, showing off their happy relationship and bragging about the gifts they have given or received. From restaurants to streets, everything will start turning red with the buzz of Valentine’s Day. We single people can’t even make plans on that day as most of our friends will be celebrating with their lovers and even if we find a friend who is also single like us, finding a place which is not full is a challenge in itself.

So, to solve single people’s problems to not only go through this week but also enjoy the week to the fullest, we created an ultimate Valentine’s Day guide for singles. Follow our guide and you won’t feel lonely on Valentine’s Day.

1. Alone is not lonely

The first thing we all need to understand is that being single doesn’t mean that you are lonely. People have hyped up relationships to a level that now youngsters think they need to be committed to survive. If you need someone else to survive, then you must be doing something wrong. And not having a boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t mean you are not loved. Love can be presented in any form; you have your parents, your siblings, your friends, and other people who love you in their own way. So, accept their love and learn to live with yourself first and know that being alone on Valentine’s Day is not a big of deal.

2. Couples Goals are fake

Nowadays, social media has set the standards of relationships so high that no one is happy with what they have. The happy couples you see in your social media account are not always happy. The pictures you are looking at may show you their destination. Still, their journey is unknown to you, so before you start judging your happiness based on their Instagram stories, know that the pictures are not the whole story, and there are some hidden truths written between the caption’s words.

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3. Celebrate yourself

You should be happy with yourself first. Celebrate your journey alone, be proud of yourself, and in the end, love yourself. Your first love and priority should be you, and when you love yourself, only then are you able to accept love from other people. All your occasions from birthday to promotion should be celebrated by you first. So, next time you reach a milestone, be proud of yourself, and get a cake and some flowers to celebrate with yourself.

4. Pamper Yourself

Why would you need someone else to spoil you? You are a strong independent human; you can take yourself out, buy your own spa/game ticket, order chocolates for yourself, and enjoy your own company. You are the person who is going to stay with you forever and the person who will never let you down. So, pamper yourself, spoil yourself and accept the responsibility for your happiness.

5. Work on yourself

Working on yourself is a never-ending journey. You think that you became the best version of you and boom! The gate to be a better version of you is open, and it goes on like that. You are continuously learning new things and trying to adapt to the environment, and it’s totally normal, so if you are single right now, it’s the best time to work on yourself. Learn a new language and develop a new skill because when you become better, you attract better.

Final Words:

Now that you know that being single is not the worst thing in the world (in fact, it’s better than rushing into a toxic relationship), you should celebrate this Valentine’s Day with yourself and as we already discussed that you are your first love. There are no rule stating that gift should be given by some other person, you can and should gift yourself stuff that you want. You can buy flowers, cake, chocolates for your own sake and you can get all these and many other items from So, Celebrate Valentine’s Day as being single on Valentine’s Day could be a blessing in disguise.

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