Top 20 Summer Flowers Perfect for Your Garden

Want to add some more brightness and pleasance to your home during summers? The perfect summer flowers will add absolutely enduring charm to your home as well as the garden. They will add to the effervescent environment of your home by calling forth an endearing charm to the eyes.


Whether you want to bring about an impetus to your creativity or you want to spread all around your home a feel good factor during summers, these flowers will serve all the purposes. Check out the list of some really merry bringing summer flowers below……

1. Surprise Lily

The beauty of these flowers is apparently explained by its name “Surprise Lily”! When you will have a feeling that the flower has all dried up, it will begin popping up surprisingly. And, they will bring about the vivacious blooms and that is why they are also known as magic lilies ( You will not have to make much effort to make them grow well.


2. Marigolds

Marigold, in addition to impeccably being able to enhance the beauty of the place it is put in is very easy to grow and care. They will also help you by attracting insects like butterflies and bees and by driving out the harmful ones from the surrounding. And, that is why they are one of the best summer flowers.


3. Dahlia

Dahlia flowers are present in a variety of colours and shapes but it is differentiated with its clustered petals and the ball-shaped flowers. All the distinctive shapes of the plants have different height and purpose.


4. Daffodils

Basically Daffodils are considered as flowers of spring but they also grow well during the summer season. These are also present in a number of different colors and forms and even some its varieties are fragrant. Growing daffodils once into your garden will make them grow every year.

5. Beardtongue

Beardtongues generally grow in mass but will not grow in overcrowded way on the same bed. The uniquely beautiful flowers of the plant make it a favorite of the summer season. Since, they can attract butterflies and birds they are interesting to grow. You must have them in your garden during the summer season.


6. Daylilies

Actually Day lilies are not lilies anyway and its name is so because of the interesting way in which it grows. While the plants will grow in all the seasons, flowers show up only within 24 hours. Since they can attract butterflies and birds it quite good to have them in your garden.

7. Oxalis

Oxalis grows all around the world and it grows in a variety of forms with different types of leaves and flowers. These flowers are grown both as ornamental plants and for making use in food.


8. Gaillardia

Gaillardia aristata are from the family of the sunflower and are also called as blanket flowers. Since they can cover the whole orange and read fiery field during summer they are called as summer flowers. They are sure to attract bees and butterflies in your garden if you are going to plant one.


9. Sunflower

It is one the favorite flowers for those who are homesteaders and indeed are one of the most iconic and beautiful flowers. While you can see Sunflower swaying in the breezy summer you can say that its summer indeed. Also, it is of great importance both for livestock and also for man.


10. Peonies

Peony flowers are great both for fragrance and beauty and most homesteads can’t live without these beautiful blooms. They will either grow as tall as a tree or will just be growing in the form of herbs.


11. Shrub Roses

Shrub roses are actually quite elegant and will need only a small amount of maintenance and that makes them the best summer flowers. While they can withstand dryness, moist is great for them to grow. You need to be enough careful while planting them because there are horns too.

12. Shasta Daisy

For the snow white petals that it has, these flowers are called as Shasta Daisy and are favorite of many gardeners. These flowery plants are believed to grow all around the summer season and are great for wedding decoration or any white flower arrangement. It has a distinctive smell and is not very much liked by many people.

Shasta Daisy

13. Gerbera

Gerbera plants have daisy like flowers and are one of the type herbaceous perennial plants. For having the straight stem, red Gerbera are considered to be one of its kind’s most popular flowers. They can perfectly be used for any occasion in the form of bouquet or any other arrangement. Basically they are flowers of summer season and are known to grow well in moist soil.


14. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are great to be grown in summers away from the sun in the shade. These are flowers which bloom for a long period of time and they have flowers of blue colours, but sometimes their flowers may also be in different colours.


15. Zinnia

These plants with flowers having vibrantly different colours are believed to be drought resistant. They belong to the family of aster and are one of the best cut flowers. Zinnia flowers are easy to grow and they can aesthetically add cheer to place where it is grown.

16. Aster

In the family aster flowers only a few flowers have blue colors and this is one of them! These flowers can give a perfect start to your garden. Blooming in beautifully bright colours these flowers can attract butterflies and will need low maintenance and that makes them perfect flower for summers.


17. Lavender

Planting Lavender at the entrance of your home is great idea as during summers its best to revel in their beautiful aroma. This is also an important plant for all the homesteaders and its blue flowers have a plenty of uses and benefits. These can be natural source for cleaning and other purposes and it can be a perfect choice for summers.


18. Hibiscus

If you are one who loves tropics then growing hibiscus is a great idea to bank upon! It’s one of the best flowering plant and they are present in different colours and shapes. They grow in colours including yellow, red, orange, pink, white and purple.


19. Scarlet Sage

To the any of seasonal gardens these flowers can add a beautiful pop of red color! These are known to be wildflowers. The habitat it is grown in makes it strong enough to survive even in the harsh condition and is therefore a well known summer flower. Keep watering it and you will see the bright and beautiful color being able to attract bees and butterflies.

Scarlet Sage

20. Wishbone Flower

Wishbone flowers have dainty cup sized blooms and they grow in different colours including blue, purple, pink and yellow. They can perfectly fill the spaces in the flower bed. To keep the flowers bloom you will need to keep the flower bed moist but not wet.

Wishbone Flower