Top 5 Rarest and Succulent Cakes that can make your Party Worth Visiting

An appetizing and attractive cake is always a quintessential centerpiece in every celebration. Whether it is a theme party or an ordinary get together, a grand wedding reception or a valentine’s day, a cake for that event must be truly exemplary and highly presentable so as to glue everyone’s eye on it. These days what people exactly look for is the Top Cake Flavors that can make their party memorable event.

Delicious Cakes

From being eye catchy and staggering, the cake for your occasion must equally yummy so that you get the same attention from your guests when they get a bite of it. There is no doubt that over the past few decades, cakes have gone more and more sophisticated with appealing floral designs, convoluted patterns, attractive colors and a seemingly endless number of flavors to choose from. But then it’s all about the taste! And you want your guests to relish every bite and just rave about your party! So, here are five most uncommon but truly luscious Top Cake Flavors that will compel your kith and kin to utter “wow!” at first bite.

•  Red Velvet Cake for the Real Expression of Love:

Aptly named for its rich red hue and smooth velvety texture, the Red Velvet Cake has become an iconic choice in every connubial occasion, whether it is related to marriage or a warm relationship. You get aptly gift it to your valentine or to your spouse on your anniversary. The deep red color of the sponge and the luscious cheese frosting can really make for a special moment while cake-cutting ceremony.

•  Lemon Cake to add a citrus tang to your celebration:

With this exceptional flavor of the cake, it would be a fallacy to say that cakes are only associated with sweetness and high calorie intake. Now, what gives it an amazing tang is the tartness of the lemon that compliments the sweetness of the cake. For those guests who are not all pleased with the cloying and sugary desserts, perhaps this is the perfect treat.

•  Cheesy Cakes that will melt in your mouth:

Well, having some cheese with bread in the breakfast sound good, but how about having it in a cake? Yes, if you are a cheese-lover, this variety is sure to double your appetite. As a perfect gift for every occasion, you can have options in it like the richly baked Oreo Cheese Cake and the fudgy Chocolate Cheese Cake. These are among Top Cake Flavors that you can find only on Giftalove.

•  Carrot Cake for a kiss of good heath:

That might sound peculiar, but the fact is that carrots were used in the cakes during the Middle Ages. Everyone knows how unhealthy the cakes are. To nullify this unhealthiness, here is an innovative blend of health and taste- the Carrot Cake. The carrot content gets softened when baking with the cake, leaving a ‘yummilicious’ effect on your taste buds.

•  Trendy and Colorful Fruity delights:

If the celebration is for your kids’ birthdays, who always seek for exclusivity, this is the perfect item for the fete. There is wide and never-ending variety of fruit flavored cakes that can allure your kids to nibble it at once!

These are few rarest flavors of cakes that we bet, you had never seen before. Well, you can buy them at, the most visited e-gifting portal for sending cakes and gifts across India. Here you can find attractive offers on all varieties of cakes.

Perk Up your Working Mom with these attractive Mothers Day Gifts!

There will be hardly anyone whose life is influenced by someone more than his mother. She strives day and night at home as well as at the office for your glee and contentment. She toils throughout the year but never asks for a leave. When you have your day off, you can clearly see her hassled with double the amount of daily chores, though it’s her weekly off too. For all she does for a happy family, she deserves something that can relieve from her stress.

Mothers Day Gifts Online

On this Mother’s Day, you have the golden chance and duty to show your gratitude to her with a suitable Mother’s Day Gifts for a Working Mom that is a perfect way to salute her amazing compassion, perseverance, benevolence and forbearance. If you are settled in a distant town or abroad, you must be eager to send Mothers Day Gifts Online to console her that at no point of time have you forgotten her.

Now, the problem is that you so much bewildered between numerous gift items that you are unable to pick on the apt Mother’s Day Gifts for your Mom. For your mom who is the true reflection of all she has brought to your world (including you), here is a plethora of most laudable Mother’s Day Gifts for a Working Mom that can make your mom feel privileged to have you as her son/daughter:

•   Black Table Top with a Mug for your special Mom:

You must have seen your mom preoccupied with the office work that she hardly gets time to have a snap in between. Often it has been noticed that the mothers who are engaged in serious professional commitments generally do have cravings for tea and coffee. It does not matter how much time you exactly are able to spend with your busy mothers, these eye catching table tops along with a customized coffee mug is potent enough to make your mom fall in love with it. Now, what makes it a perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for a Working Mom is that it can be converted into a personalized gift with your mom’s name or a beautiful message printed on the Table Top and the Mug.

•   Dietary Pack as a Toast to your Mom’s Good Health:

Hours and hours of constant work pressure with least consideration for her routine diet is now a common thing for you to see. There might be instances she would simply skip her lunch due to shortage of time. This hectic schedule can actually take a heavy toll on her health. Now you can prevent her from being hungry all the day. A hamper of healthy and delectable multigrain cookies is something that she can easily munch on while doing her work.

•   An Attractive Handbag for your elegant mom:

Do you want your mom to look more adorable when she is at the office? A chic handbag with an appealing look and bright color can easily make her like that. In fact this is one of the loveliest Mother’s Day Gifts for a Working Mom.

•   Hamper of Dark Chocolates with a Warm Bouquet:

If you are living abroad there would not be single moment for you that can go without her concern. If your mom is suffering from anxiety, your worry will definitely increase. Best way to cheer her up is to send a Hamper of dark chocolates with a warm bouquet of pleasant blooms. While dark chocolate is a good stress-buster, flowers are the choice presents to take away all the gloom.

To surprise you mom on this Mother’s Day, you can send these Mothers Day Gifts Online via Giftalove, the much-visited portal for sending gifts online. You can rest assured of timely delivery of your gifts in best condition.

Add a Hint of Vivacity to the Birthday Bash with these Enticing Ideas of Birthday Gifts and Flowers

Birthday comes once in a year. For many of us, it is always the much awaited day of the year. Everyone has his own notion about his birthday. Some consider it as a reason to celebrate a year of ardor, enthusiasm and passion, while some have a broader view about it, and consider as a day of adding another year of fortuity, optimism and determination to their lives. Whatever be the notion behind, there is always reason to celebrate this important day of your life. If you are earnestly pursuing for the best gift for the birthday of your friend or acquaintance, who lives far away, the best way is to buy birthday gifts and Birthday flowers online via Giftalove, one of the dominant e gifting portal that operates in all parts of India.birthday giftsIt is well known fact that flowers are not only the ideal token of love, but also one of the most classy gift items for your loved ones. There is huge plethora of the ways you can present floral arrangements to your dearest friend on his birthday. Apart from that, you can easily combine these flowers with the selected gift items that go well your friend’s propensity and preference.

Here are few exciting ideas on how you can buy birthday gifts to enrapture your affectionate ones on their birthday:

  • Cakes n Flower combos to Serve love with delicate scent and delight:

Are you really bored with the same old ideas on birthday cakes and that give no new zeal to the celebration? So, this time you must try to give an interesting twist of taste and tenderness to the celebration by gifting the one you love the most, a brilliant combo of the cake of his favorite flavor, such as a pineapple cake, vanilla temptation cake or a butterscotch delight along with bright roses of various hues arranged in different patterns, just to make it grand gift for every celebration. This combo will surely make its recipient brimmed with ecstasy and passion.

  • Three Cheers for your Mom:

Well, one can never forget his or her mother’s birthday. After all, mother is the most special lady in everyone’s life. If you are living far away from your mom have decided to greet her a very happy birthday in the most resonant way, the best way to go about it is to send her a combo of trinity. Such a combo may comprise of a magnificent floral arrangement, a nice and fudgy birthday cake and a cute gift such as a small teddy, a personalized photo mug, collection of scrumptious chocolates or a day planner. The only thing you must consider is to buy birthday gifts and Birthday flowers online in advance for timely delivery.

  • Romantic Flowers in a Wonderful Mix:

If you want to celebrate the birthday of your spouse in a way that frames your love into a new dimension, this is the apt present for such an occasion. Amazing your loved one with a gorgeous flower combo will be a great idea as this combo is inclusive of all the vibrant hues of love.

These are few ideas on birthday gifts and flowers that can never be overlooked. You can really mesmerize your loved ones by sending them one of these birthday gifts and Birthday flowers online via, which is one of the leading online gifting portals that operate in all major cities of India. It caters to gifts, flowers and cake delivery in India and overseas via its wide delivery network nationwide and worldwide.

Trendy Mothers Day Gifts that will give your Mom a New Style Statement

The most auspicious day for mothers all over the world, that is the Mothers Day is just a month away. It’s the right time for you to start hunting for the apt Mothers Day Gifts for your dearest mom. As she deserves something quite extraordinary for what all she has done for you, it’s very important to pick out a gift that’s truly solicitous, ingenious that can be greatly exalted even if it is a little bit profligate.

Mothers Day Gifts

Now, if you are to shop for a present for your mom who is a fashion freak, and has a close eye on all the upcoming trends and vogues, selecting the suitable item from the available huge array of Fashionable Mothers Day Gifts can become a tad bit tricky. Here it is very important to note that this affair not all entails being a squanderer or a hard core shopaholic. You can clearly make out that moms never look on the price tags to discern the love of their kids.

A gift for your mother should be something that is sure to bring a bright smile to her face, as if this is thing that she needed the most. You can easily do so even if you have limited budget. All you need to do is to scroll down and have a glance at the exclusive range of trendy and Fashionable Mothers Day Gifts, as to get a clear insight of what can actually gleam up your mom’s face. You can easily buy online Mothers Day Gifts in India at Giftalove:

• Sheathe her iPhone in creased gold:

Well, that may sound a little bit weird, but it just looks startling! If your mom is having a latest version of iPhone and is in pursuit of a new and chic case for it, this can make for a perfect gift for her. An attention-grabbing hard-shell case has all that is needed for a modish look of an iPhone. The exclusively designed crinkled golden foil look is sure to give an extravagant feel. This splendid iPhone case is something that can make your mom’s hi-tech Smartphone all the rage among her colleagues or acquaintances.

• Share your sentiments with personalized sterling silver pendant:

Have you ever thought of celebrating your mother’s love in a way that adds to her excite and elation? If this is your intent on this Mothers Day, you can possibly make her ecstatic with a pendant that would serve as a timeless souvenir of your love towards her that will remain clung close to her heart. This personalized sterling silver pendant is customizable and you can easily get engraved your mom’s name atop it with a collection of all adjectives that describe your mother’s grandeur.

• Chiffon Satin Embroidered Suit:

If your mom is among those who are high on assuming modest trends I traditional attire, this can really please her. A maxi length Chiffon Satin Embroidered Salwar Suit( is something that she can wear in all social gatherings as well as family occasions.

These are some of the finest and Fashionable Mothers Day Gifts to please your mom. You can shop online Mothers Day Gifts in India at Giftalove, the highly preferred e-gifting portal that covers all parts of India.

Add Vivacity to Your Friend’s Housewarming with these Stunning Home Décor Gifts

Well, you must be thrilled after getting the news that your friend has recently renovated his home. Getting the house overhauled can be quite easy with the help of experts and few skilled masons. But planning the whole decoration of a refurbished house afresh can be quite testing. Perhaps, this is where your friend might have got haggard. How to select a certain variety of home décor item that acts as the suitable showpiece that can go well with the color of walls is one of the most frequently asked questions these days. And this is where your friend might have got stuck.

Home Decor Gifts

As a brainy bestie, you can be of great help to him. You must have been invited by him to a make visit to the housewarming party at his newly renovated home. This is the only chance to make him totally awestruck with your choice of the most apt Home Décor Gift that can make for a perfect showpiece to adorn his house. If you are confused a little bit with the mishmash of different uncategorized Home Décor Gift items that appear to you like a jumble of random clues, here are few unmatchable Home Décor Gift ideas that can help you a lot in deciding what exactly can go well with your friend’s home:

Catch the moment of spring inside a sphere:

Have you ever dreamt of grabbing the spring air and gifting it to your love one? If yes, then you can gladly do so now. If your dearest friend cherishes the pristine beauty of a landscape featuring cherry blossom trees and the lovable fragrance of the pale pink blossoms flowering on the branches, that gets diffused into the air with a light spring breeze, he would surely love such a thing. Even if he does not live near these scenic landscapes or if the springtime seems a long way to come, he can still enjoy that ambiance with this cherry blossom snow globe. To witness the utmost creativity of its designers, all you have to do is to shake it well, and enjoy the splashing of tiny flurries of bright pink petals all around the globe with splatter of crystal clear fluid inside it.

Globes that guide you to the current season:

These artistically carved four glass globe are truly a stroke of genius. Equally mesmerizing is the idea behind their making. Your friend can now have the feel all the four seasons of the year with these inimitable recycled glass globes made from recycled glass. What catches everyone’s eye is the decorative Trees of Enchantment which is creatures on every sphere using interior glass painting technique. These can make for exclusive adornments to be kept beside the window, or below the trickle vent.

Abode of the spring fairy:

Got amazed? Well, this is the perfectly engraved and beautifully painted wooden butterfly house. As an ideal Home Décor Gift for your friend’s housewarming, it can really prettify your friend’s sweet home. He can place it at his garden place to welcome spectacular delicate insects such as butterfly, colorful moths and ladybirds into your garden. Besides, it will also attract some cute birds of spring that often come to relish them.

These are few interesting Home Décor Gift ideas that go well with your friend’s home. You can buy gifts online at Giftalove, the much-visited online gifting portal that offers attractive gifting solutions for everyone and every need.

Give Your Mom a Scrumptious Treat with These Delectable Cakes on this Mothers Day!

Mother’s day is one such occasion when you can make your mom feel special by planning to do something extraordinary. Well, you must have celebrated this special day every year with flowers, embellishments, decorations and a lot of fanfare. If you are perplexed about how to go about it this year, here is an incredible suggestion. Why not treat your mom with a terrific and scrumptious cake?

Mothers Day Cakes

These days, you can find a wide range of exclusive Mothers Day Cakes that are specially prepared keeping in mind the warmth of a Mother. But you need to be really artistic at heart while choosing a cake for your mom. If your mom is a hard core baker, then your selection must be the ideal one, as to gratify her consideration for taste and presentation. If you do not want to be spendthrift, yet seek an arty option, best thing you can do is to buy Half Kg cakes Online at Giftalove.

If your mind is cramming with the monotonous array of repetitive choices, here is an exclusive range of delectable and presentable Mothers Day Cakes you can make choice to surprise your mom:

• Chocolate Truffle Cake:

Being a universal favorite, the Chocolate Truffle Cake is an epitome of intense temptation and delight. Dripped in dark chocolate, it will truly make your mom engrossed in its essence. A luscious, dark, spongy, warm and fudgy chocolate truffle cake is what exactly your mom needs on this special day. Its flavor is as good as its classy look and you simply cannot hold yourself from having a bite. This is one of the best Mothers Day Cakes that can really impress your mom.

• The Butterly Delight:

This lip smacking and gooey butterscotch cake is something that your mom had never thought before. Its texture is as smooth and buttery as your mom’s love. But never forget to relish each bite. Every bite of this yummy and fluffy cake will be a wonderful experience that your mother will cherish forever.

• The Taste of Red:

As one of the most amazing options on Mother’s Day Cakes, this tempting cake is oozed with sweet tang of rich strawberries. The rich red color will make your mom stunned at first sight. Each and every slice of this palatable cake is expertly baked to perfection as to strike a perfect balance between taste and design. You can also buy this as a Half Kg cake Online.

• A Bed of Roses to Feast Upon:

Got dazed? Well, this is exactly what the first look of this exciting cake suggests. This beautifully carved rose cake is truly eggless and is incensed with real roses. The countless roses engraved on the cake will truly leave an indelible impression of your creativity on your mother’s mind. And the taste is going to enthrall her senses. With the beautiful bouquet of red roses that you are to gift your mom, this can make for a perfect combination.

These are some awesome varieties of Mothers Day Cakes that you just can’t overlook. You can easily shop for them on Giftalove, the highly preferred online portal for sending gifts, flowers and cakes.

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Bright… Colorful… and Beautiful are these Blooms of Spring!

The warm and sunny month of April brings a lot of bright and beautiful flowers with it. These can be seen perfect to deck any corner of home/office or to surprise someone dear on a special day. You can find any of the following flowers perfect to outshine in the month of April for uplifting the home décor or to gift someone as here is April Flowers Guide.

spring flowers

April, the month with spring on full swing is the month of celebrations, parties, festivals in which flowers add a lot of life, positivity and colors. So why let the beautiful blooms of April blossom and fade when they can be chosen to brighten someone’s day or beautify a place? Buy flowers online at to uplift the home/office décor or to surprise someone with Flower Delivery in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad or anywhere else. So, this quick guide to some April Spring Flowers will help you choose the best blooms of the month.

Have a look:-

Stunning Lily Flowers:-

To bring the cool vibes in the month of April with stunning Lily flowers that are simply best. Wondering why so? Well then imagine an outdoor party or celebration full of white lily flower decoration. Or, imagine someone there on the door holding a decorative bunch of colorful lilies especially for you? Won’t lily flowers soothe your senses in both the cases? Well it will and that is why lilies are so much preferred in spring season.

Stunning Lily Flowers

Colorful Gerberas :-

The thought of Gerbera flowers strives with lots of colors and brightness which is complimentary to the spring season. So when talking about spring flowers, gerberas are sure to make into the list as they best compliment the bright, colorful and warmth of the season. Also, gerberas as gift are as beautiful as gerberas decorated in an attractive glass vase.

Colorful Gerberas


Elegant Tulips :-

For the people with classy taste, the best spring season flowers for them are Tulips and especially the white ones. There are no doubts that too bring the freshness and cool breeze, elegant white tulips are great. However as April or spring flowers, tulips of lighter shades like white, pink and yellow are simply best.

Elegant Tulips

Bright Sunflowers :-

Another complimentary spring flower choice is Sunflower. The big and bright flower is one of a kind that perfectly matches to the feel of the warm spring season. In fact, a corner of a house/office festooned with bright yellow sunflowers is sure to add life and appeal to the place. A bunch or bouquet of sunflowers will too work great in cheering up someone.

Bright Sunflowers

Beautiful Glads :-

Colors of glads and its vibrancy prove great as gift in the month of April. So as spring flowers, glads make a wonderful choice. You can find it awesome to gift someone or to accentuate a part of the home or office. The liveliness and cheerfulness of beautiful glads actually represent the season of spring the best!

Beautiful Glads

Spring comes with lively, positive and warm vibes so do these beautiful blooms. You can festoon any part of your home or office with such lovely spring flowers this season. Else gifting is great if flowers are so beautiful and affectionate.

To buy such lovely spring flowers for decoration or gifting, GiftaLove is one of the best online stores to explore. It offers lovely flowers in wonderful arrangements to shop this season. You can also be a great gift giver if explore the range of Flower combo like Flower with Cake(, Chocolates, teddy and more at the gift store.


Make Your Man the Happiest One with These Remarkable Men’s Accessories

There may be many reasons behind gifting a man. It can be his birthday, your marriage anniversary or a moment for celebrating his success. It may sometimes become really challenging to decide the perfect gift for the man for whom you always care. Men generally do have different personae which can be perceived through their distinct likes and preferences. Some of them are quite calm and composed while other can be flashy and flamboyant. Depending upon their general moods, you must decide on the most apt men’s accessories gift ideas.

A man who has a professional attitude deserves a sober but elegant apparel. On the other hand, the guy who is high on style, must get an exclusive piece from the wide ranging men’s accessories list that well suits his panache. Picking out randomly the perfect present can be quite challenging even for a person who has wide outlook on fashions and trends. No matter what the occasion is, there are gifts available on across the board men’s accessories list that is perfect for a holiday or a milestone event, or a normal occasion. You can easily work on the suitable gift for your man with these exclusive men’s accessories gift ideas:

•  A Chic Home Style Adjustable Cap:

If your plan is to gift a sporty guy, this can make for a perfect present for him. Made from 100% genuine cotton, this can make him feel the comfort of a cool shade while playing his favorite sport. What makes this cap an extraordinary pick is the rear of the cap that has a slide closure, instead of a snap closure, giving an ease of adjusting the cap to the desired size. This can also be given as a personalized gift by picking out one that has the logo of his favorite team.

A Chic Home Style Adjustable Cap

•  Long Sleeve Hunting Shirt For The Jungle-Lover:

If the guy is close to the nature and dies for the adventures of wilderness, a hunting shirt is a must for his glitzy wardrobe. This pure cotton shirt features a large size print of a jungle scene. He will definitely appreciate a new shirt that gives him a groove look and well suits his craze for safari. If a man has such a lively interest, that must be encouraged with a jazzy shirt like this one.

Long Sleeve Hunting Shirt For The Jungle-Lover

•  Spectacular Tainted Sunglasses That Go Well On His Flair:

Whether he is a professional guy or a casual college goer, these stylish and gaudy tainted sunglasses can really add to his flair. Besides, this is an ideal choice from the extensive men’s accessories list, for man who takes special care of his eyes and needs something for a comfy shade from the glaring sun. You can easily pick out an exceptional brand such as Ray Ban.

Spectacular Tainted Sunglasses That Go Well On His Flair

•  A Comfortable Sport Backpack:

A guy who is often out for long excursions and leisure expeditions, needs something to store more of the essentialities like water and refreshments. This ultra-comfy sport backpack not only offers more space but also high degree of convenience while carrying. Perhaps, this is a cool gift for any dude who loves to stay fit by exploring the great locations.

A Comfortable Sport Backpack

These are few attractive exclusive men’s accessories gift ideas that can suit any individual. You can easily shop for such amazing gifts on, the trusted online gifting portal that offers amazing deals on various gifting options.

What! You Didn’t Know How Cakes Can Beat Any Other Thing as Wedding Gift?

Your dear one’s wedding is approaching and you are still not sure about the surprise wedding gift? Well that’s ok for now as you are here reading this blog. Here this blog will guide you with awesome wedding Cake choices to find perfect as wedding gift for dearest one. And guess what? A Wedding Cake surprise would be a much extravagant wedding gift then any usual gifting option.

A creamy cake is served as best relishing sweet delight among loved ones for years by all. Over the years, cakes have turned out to be an inevitable part of any celebration. This is because of the relishing sweet and yummy creamy taste of cakes that is loved by all. In fact cakes can delight anyone of any age. You don’t need to be a kiddo for having a cake fascination.

Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Today in fact a cake can turn a simple day into a grand celebratory moment with loved ones. So despite of Birthday celebrations, cakes have become inevitable part of wedding celebrations among Indians too. So when there’s an approaching friend’s wedding or any dear one’s wedding, a 3-tier Cake with couple display on top will become memorable forever as no other gift would. Well then what are you still wondering when you got a superb Wedding gift idea? Oh, it might be the thought of buying cake from where? Well then it’s again the right place. The GiftaLove not only offers you the widest collection gifts and flowers but also offers most fabulous cakes online.

Here are some most preferred and best Wedding Cake suggestions to buy online here on this portal, such as:

3 Tier Anniversary Couple Cake:

Despite of buying usual couple perfume set, wrist watch sets, sarees, dinner sets and other such things again and again as wedding gift, a 3 tier wedding cake will be great. Know why? Well because this will be a cheerful surprise, it will make the moment memorable, a cake will be the unique gift as well as it will make all the guest come together to cheer up the couple in the start of their new phase of life. All that you need is to Order online Cake at GiftaLove for your dearest one.

Personalized Photo Cake:

This can be an awesome wedding gift surprise for your loved ones. Be it a 5 Kg Cake, 7 Kg Cake or 10 Kg Cake that you order for your dearest one’s wedding, it can be personalized with memorable photographs of the couple. You can get a picture collage of the couple on their wedding cake and surprise them on the D-Day as no one did for them. It will definitely be the most memorable part of their wedding celebration that they will cherish forever.

Designer Cakes:

Like any other designer variant of a product, cakes too come in designer varieties and much loved by all. In fact you will be amazed with the awesomely baked Designer Cake choices that a bakery store can offer. Such awesomely delightful, beautiful and flavourful Designer Cakes are available online at GiftaLove. You can explore an exclusive range of online designer cakes on the portal.

Cake with Flowers Combo:

Well if the idea of gifting just cake to loved one on their wedding does not impress you much then Cake with Flowers Combo is the gift choice to make. You can place order for a 2-tier or 3 tier cake online and club it with exotic flower basket arrangement or flower bouquet and complete the wedding gift surprise for the lovely couple.

Today, cakes have become an amazing gift apart of being an inevitable part of a celebration. GiftaLove helps you make celebrations special with its awesomely superb wedding cakes options online.

Explore Hidden Meaning of Mother’s Day Flowers Which You Never Knew Before

Mother’s Day is the day one recall the special person, your Mom, throughout the life that has implied a great deal to you over the course of the years. If someone is presenting flowers as gift on this special day, then they should be aware of Mother’s Day Flower meaning also before giving it. This makes tasks easy for you.

mothers day flowers

This year, 2017, one can celebrate the great day on 14th May that is commonly known as Mother’s Day. Customarily celebrated through nostalgic welcome cards, early lunch with mother, lyrics, or maybe colorful flowers, Mother’s Day welcomes people to praise their mother. Flowers are the cherishing and customary approach to show thankfulness to the Mother in ones’ life. Any type of flowers that communicates your appreciation and fits the beneficiary’s identity is an extraordinary gift to be sent on this special day. In case one has planned to give or send flowers to their Mother, then they should know the meaning of different flowers & its color that these carry along with them.

Here are flowers that may help to convey the message one need to communicate to their mother:

1. Carnations

Carnation is considered as the traditional flower that you can give to your mom on Mother’s Day. It shows love, faith, purity and beautiful. Pink Carnations shows love & thankfulness whereas red shows admiration.


2. Roses

Roses are one of the preferred Flowers for Mother’s Day that is available in many colors. Different colors signify different meaning in it and are considered as charming flowers. A bouquet of red Roses shows gratitude’s message.

  • Red Roses shows thankfulness and love.
  • White Roses shows purity, admiration, brightness and virtue.
  • Yellow Roses signify devotion & caring nature
  • Pink Roses is given for loveliness, appreciation and joy.

roses flowers

3. Sunflower and Gerbera Daises

  • Sunflower send message of respect, cheerfulness and respect.
  • Gerbera flower is given for its joyful look and many colors.
  • Daises are a true symbol of beauty.
  • Both Gerbera and Daises when put together indicates cheerfulness, beauty, purity, innocence and liveliness.

Gerbera flowers

4. Tulips

When a bouquet of Tulip is given to Mother, it brightens her day and convey love message that one wish to show on her. For the loveable mom, this flower shows coziness, comfort and happiness on the top of everything.

  • Red Tulips shows true love
  • Yellow Tulips delivers cheerful ideas
  • Pink Tulips shows affection and caring nature
  • White color tulip shows purity


5. Orchids

An orchid truly shows beauty, luxury, love, strength and refinement. This flower is preferred for its majestic and exotic appearance.

orchids flowers

6. Lilies

Lilies, the symbol of motherhood, are one of the preferred Flowers for Mothers Day that is available in many colors.

  • White Lily signify majesty and purity
  • Lily of the Valley represents devotion and humility
  • Calla Lily is given for its beauty
  • Pink Lily shows prosperity and friendship

lilies flowers

7. Mixed Flower Bouquets

This Mother’s Day, express your love to your Mom in a stylish way by presenting her a bouquet of mixed flowers. With this, one can customize the bouquet with her favorite flowers with vivid colors. A mixed flower bouquet is a perfect gift that one can give to their Mom on Mother’s Day. This bouquet can be kept as a centerpiece on table or as a showpiece during a social event.


So, if one is clear with the meaning for different flowers and its colors, it is easy for them to choose the best flowers for their Mom that reflects the caring and loving nature of yours towards your Mom. What color of flowers and its variety one select is their personal decision but thinking out of box is surely a heart-winning idea. This online gift stores gives you a wide range of choices for gifts. Likewise, one can also send or give Cakes, Chocolates, Jewellery, Dress Material and many other beautiful gifts.

Hurry!! Do not waste your valuable time and explore different sections of the portal and order now. Your Mom somewhere might be waiting for you so that she can cherish the moment.

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