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10+ Most Amazing Benefits of Money Plant in Homes

10+ Most Amazing Benefits of Money Plant in Homes

Money Plant Benefits for Homes

Just imagine any beautiful exterior setting of a house and you’ll see a vibrant green money plant twirling around or climbing on the walls almost ready to take over the whole periphery of the house. Undoubtedly the most familiar and conventional out of all the popular houseplants since decades, a money plant has various popular and beneficial attributes attached to it making it the most revered plant by the people in homes. Just like its name suggests, a money plant is believed to bring wealth and prosperity in homes helping it occupy a special place indoors as well as outdoors in almost every home in India. It’s a plant which never demands, but always offers multiple benefits to their owners.

Scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, a money plant is touted as a lucky plant which brings joy, wealth, good health, and positive vibes in a home. A popular indoor plant, people like to decorate their homes with them in the form of vines on the walls, window plants in pots, or may be in aquariums to give home interiors a lively and refreshing touch. With the least amount of care they require, these plants are perfect low-maintenance plants which like to grow on their own and don’t need enough pampering.

Apart from decorating and revamping the interiors and exteriors of homes, these plants also improve the Vastu of a place. A significant part of Feng Shui, this good luck plant increases the positive energies in a place and thereby improvising the overall Chi energy in a home or an office space.

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Money Plant Benefits

Money plants are well-known to impart numerous benefits to the people as well as to the living space where they are kept such as

1. Air purifiers

Just like every other houseplant, a money plant is also naturally imbued with air purifying qualities. It purifies the surroundings from the harmful chemicals given out by the electric equipments and the toxic gases and substances resulting from the pollution outside. The plant removes formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and toluene from the indoor air. It improves and increases the oxygen flow in the home environment and blesses everyone with fresh air.

2. Absorb harmful radiations

Every home in filled with toxic and dangerous radiations released by the electronic appliances like computers, television sets, WiFi routers, etc. which can sometimes lead to serious illnesses. Keeping money plants near these machines will reduce the harmful impacts of these radiations on the human bodies by absorbing them from the indoor environment.

3. Relieves stress

Money plant has an attached positive aura to them making them the most human-friendly plants ever. Their vibrant green and yellow colors calm the tensed nerves and relieve the mind from any kind of stress and anxieties. It improves sleep and infuses the human body with peace and happiness.

4. Improves Vastu of homes

As money plant has a factor of auspiciousness attached, it is very beneficial to improvise the vastu of a place filling it with positivity and happiness. Keeping a money plant in the south east direction in the living or drawing room brings positive energies in homes as Lord Ganesha is believed to reside in this direction.

5. Brings financial stability

Money plant is also known as Feng Shui Money Tree. The leaves of the money plant resemble the currency notes. Therefore, it is believed that keeping a money plant in the house will increase the financial stability in homes and enhances the energies of wealth and money.

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6. Strengthen relationships

As the money plant brings in positive energies and happiness in homes, it helps in strengthening the relationships among the family members. Any kind of negativities of tiffs among the members will get eliminated after this Vastu plant is placed in homes.

7. Increases good luck

Money plant is extremely popular as a Feng Shui plant in India and abroad. It is well-known to bring good fortune and prosperity to the place where it is kept and taken care of.

8. Improvises home decor

The large green and yellow leaves spread on the walls or in any corner of the house can definitely make anyone feel like it’s a walk in the woods. A money plant brings a touch of aesthetic appeal to the home decor.

9. Cleanses aquarium water

Growing money plants in fish aquariums make the water of the fish tank free from nitrates which are otherwise harmful for the fishes and other water animals.

10. Excellent plant for beginners

With almost no plant care required by a money plant, it makes an excellent low-maintenance plant for people for whom it’s the time at gardening. The plant can tolerate light to sever light conditions.

11. Neutralizes Sick Building Syndrome

A money plant has the power to offset the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome by absorbing the negative energies from the surrounding.

Ideal Directions for Money Plants in Homes According to Vastu

North Direction As North is ruled by the Kuber, the Lord of Wealth, it is an excellent position to keep the money plant in homes. It will open new growth avenues, brings good opportunities for jobs and businesses, and maintains a constant inflow of money.
Keep the money plant in a blue bottle and avoid putting t in the red or yellow containers.
East Direction It is an ideal direction to keep your money plant as it will help in expanding your social circle and creating contacts with influential and powerful people.
Keep the money plant in a green bottle.
South East Direction The South East is the best direction for money plants in homes according to the Vastu experts. This is the direction of Goddess Lakshmi and Venus planet both known for wealth and aesthetics.
Keep the money plant potted in the soil in this direction.
South Direction A money plant can be kept in the South direction as it denotes fame and expansion. The plant must be potted in the soil. But don’t let the money plant vines spread on the floor.
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The Final Note

So, reading so many benefits of money plants here, you must be feeling anxious to bring these amazing green friends home as soon as possible. It is intriguing to know about such wonderful benefits these plants provide in homes.Order these vibrant looking money plants on, a gifting website with a great variety of these air-purifying plants available at cost-effective prices.

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